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Tony: Why didn't we go to the Bahamas?

Tyler: I didn't feel like going on vacation with the same people I see every day. You could call your plane if you really want to go somewhere.

Tony: ...true. Maybe tomorrow.

Tyler: Tony Stark, ladies and gentleman.
Damn you, Bahamas... )

Tony: How that rambling lunatic does this is beyond me.

Tyler: Let's call it a mystery for the ages. G'night.
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Deadpool: You know what today needs? Music. For some reason I have the worst ear worm of some Funky Cold Medina. I blame Chuck Bass. What? Oh right, this massive pile of notes.

I asked the guy, Why you so fly? he said, Funky Cold Medina  )

Deadpool: And I think that's it, kids! No more left to say. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

Tyler: We're done, we can go home, and Deadpool forgot to remind me Tony's a drunk. I call that a win. Night.

Deadpool: DAMN IT. I knew i forgot something!
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BEL: Veronica's trusting me with the radio again. I promised I won't mention her sex life.

Tyler: And this is Tyler. Bel dragged me up here for some reason. I won't blow anything up. Is there interesting gossip on Veronica's sex life?

BEL: Archie left then came back for her. So it's all romantic mushy stuff rather than anything torrid.

Tyler: That's oddly disappointing. So, what, we just read these notes, that's it?

BEL: Editorial comments never hurt anyone.

TYLER: I like the way you think. And everyone knows that if you hear it on the radio, it's true.

Cut for length: )

TYLER: And that is the news for today, and I believe my esteemed cohost has an important conversation to have, so I am signing off.

BEL: Oh yes. And I don't think Veronica will kill either of us this time, will she?

TYLER: We didn't even say her name, and I've been good. Mostly. Should we tell her we love her, just in case?

BEL: Archie might steal the taser and come after us then.

TYLER: And a sailor with a taser is a frightening thing. Actually, that's probably true.

BEL: We'd better get out of here before we accidentally say something embarrassing about Veronica's sex life.

TYLER: Do you think the taser is involved in it? I will leave you with that thought. Goodnight.

BEL: Good night, Fandom. Phoebe, I'll be home in a few minutes.

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