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Jack: Good Morning Fandom! This is Jack Carter with his last broadcast for 2011.

Jamie: Aww. This is our last broadcast? What are we going to do Sunday morning.

Jack: Well, I'm going to stay in bed and sleep. Why don't you find some other broadcasting team and annoy the [feedback] out them?

Jamie: You know you're going to miss me.

Jack: I am so not having this conversation.

Oh, yes he is. )
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Jack: Good morning Fandom! Jack Carter here along with-


Jack: A couple of penguins. Carrying a map.

Jamie: And me! Jamie Madrox.

Jack: Whom I'm blaming for all the penguins.

Jamie: Hey! Wasn't me. I just have Slim Jim eating weasels running around. No Penguins.

Jack: I... really don't want to know why you have weasels.

Jamie: Doesn't everyone?

Jack: I'm just going to read the news and pretend this conversation didn't happen.

News )
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Jack: Good morning, Fandom. Jack Carter here.

Columbus: Along with Columbus Ohio.

Jamie: And the much beloved Jamie Madrox.


Jamie: Why are you guys staring at me like that?

Jack: You really have a distorted vision of yourself, don't you?

Jamie: Why do you say that?

Jack: No reason. News?

News! )
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Columbus: Good morning Fandom! Columbus Ohio here along with Jack Carter for your morning news.

Jamie: I'm here too!

Jack: Yes. But you don't actually work here. You just keep showing up week after week and for some reason we let you in.

Columbus: And why are you wearing a multi-colored mowhawk?

Jamie: ... I don't want to talk about it.

Jack: Is that make up?

Jamie: Don't we have news to read?

Short News! )
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Jack: Good morning Fandom! I hope you all enjoyed your vacation because as of tomorrow it's back to work. If you can call going to class two to three days a week work. Or only teaching one class a week work.

Columbus: It's a great gig. I make zombies chase people for an hour and then I can spend the rest of the time gaming.

Jamie: Though I'm sure the entire school is saddened about my reign as acting principal coming to an end.

Jack: Yeah. We're heartbroken.

Columbus: I'm more crestfallen than heartbroken.

Jack: And the squirrels just want to drink rum.

Jamie: Maybe I'll get a plaque on the wall for my week long reign of leadership.

Jack: Yeah. That'll happen. Let's get to the news, shall we?

News! )
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Jack: Good Morning Fandom! I'm Jack Carter.

Columbus: And I'm Columbus Ohio for your morning news.

Jack: You might be asking where Jamie Madrox is. Well the explanation is simple.

Columbus: We locked him out of the studio.

Jack: It just seemed easier that way.

Jamie: But it didn't really work.

Jack: Crap.

Columbus: How did you get in here?

Jamie: Created a dupe on the other side of the door and had him unlock it. I had to spend ten minutes debating with him about the meaning of life but he eventually came around.

Jack: See, it's moments like this I really wish I could smack you.

Jamie: That would just make more of me.

Jack: You see my dilemma.

Columbus: Would now be a good time to remind you all if we don't start reading the news the squirrels will start throwing acorns?

Jack: Fine. Let's get this over with.

News! )
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Jack: Good morning Fandom! Jack Carter here along with a friend of the family. Say hello, Henry.

Henry: Hello Henry.

Jack: You know, I expected some snappier patter from a scientist.

Henry: Well, if I find any snappy scientists, I'll send them your way.

So exactly how many people can fit into this studio? )

[Big thanks to all the squirrels and all the work they did! You guys are the best!]
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Hello Fandom! Jamie Madrox here on this glorious morning. You might wonder where my wonderful co-hosts are.

[Sounds of muffled shouts and pounding on a door]

Well, I locked them out. It just seemed easier that way.

First off to all of you turning into men for the first time: Be careful when zipping up your jeans. That's the kind of pain that stays with you for a while. Stay tuned former ladies! I'll have other wonderful tips for you later in the broadcast.

Madrox Radio! )
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Jack: Good morning folks! I'm Jack Carter.

Columbus: And I'm Columbus Ohio.

Jamie: And I'm Jamie Madrox.

Jack: Technically he's not on the news team but he keeps showing up week after week anyway.

Jamie: You like me. Don't deny it.

Jack: Oh. No. I really don't like you.

Columbus: I think you're nice but I'd really prefer if you didn't show up every week.

Jamie: Yeah, that's not going to happen.

Jack: *sigh* Yeah, there's no way I would be that lucky.

News! )
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Jack: Good Morning Fandom! This is Jack Carter.

Columbus: And this is Columbus Ohio.

Jack: And all of you are butt-ass crazy this weekend, aren't you?

Columbus: I don't think that term is approved by the FCC.

Jack: Well it's better than bat-[BLEEP] crazy.

Columbus: I just think that- Okay why is there suddenly saxophone music playing?

Jack: And it just started raining.

Jamie: Gentlemen. I assume you know why I'm here.

Columbus: To annoy us throughout the broadcast?

Jamie: I'm here to find the man who killed my brother. Kaiser Sushi.

Jack: Of course you are.

News! )
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Jack: Hello and Good Morning Fandom. I'm Jack Carter...

Columbus: And I'm Columbus Ohio. This is the morning news and-

*Door slam*


Jack: Who the hell is that?

Jamie: I'm back squirrels! Did you miss me?


Columbus: Judging by that reaction... I'd say no.

Jamie: Aww. They're just playing with me. Right guys?

Jack: Okay. I've never seen a squirrel snarl before.

Columbus: That was actually creepy.

Jamie: So what are you guys doing?

Jack: Well. We we're sitting here. In a news studio. With a bunch of notes to read-

Jamie: Ooo! Can I help?

Columbus: I don't see why not.

Jack: Oh, this won't end well.

No. It probably won't. )
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What? No party for me?


It's my last broadcast! Where's the streamers? Where's the cake? Where's the naked ninja jumping out of the cake?


A bottle of Rum. With a quarter of rum left. How thoughtful.


Eh. Go hump a nut you filty animals. Evening kids! It's news time!

Insert Clever Cut Tag Here )
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Evening Fandom. It's me, Jamie Madrox and tonight I'm surrounded by some very tired squirrels.

*tired chittering*

Well why don't you guys just go to sleep?

*more tired chittering*

No. You don't get extra nuts and rum before bedtime. It's not healthy.

*And even more tired chittering*

Okay. But when I'm done? You go right to sleep. Okay? Good. Now let's get all snuggled under your blankets and will start our little story time.

Once upon a Fandom... )
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Jamie #1: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Coming Attractions!

Jamie #2: This isn't coming attractions. This is the news.

Jamie #1: Where we review all the trailers for upcoming films!

Jamie #2: Are you deaf? This. Is. The. News.

Jamie #1: It's kind of like Siskel and Ebert except Siskel isn't dead and no one is fat like Roger Ebert.

Jamie #2: This is going to end up with me wearing a wig, isn't it?

Jamie #1: Let's roll the first clip shall we?

IN A WORLD.... )
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Good evening Fandom. No. This isn't Jamie Madrox. I might sound like Jamie Madrox but reallly I'm just a duplicate he created so he could go out and have fun all night while I get stuck here going *BLEEP*ing blind trying to read some chickenscratch notes by some *BLEEP*ing rodents.

That's right Fandom. You go out have fun without me. I have my bitterness and a bottle of rum to keep me happy.


Talk about a complete reversal from last night's broadcast )
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*Five minutes of barking, yowling, yipping and chittering*

*Then a beep*

Jamie: -no way am I doing that.

Dale: It's the only way we can effectively combat the zombie menace.

Jamie: Have you looked at us? I mean, COME ON! You're a freakin' BUNNY! I'm a Chihuahua!

Worf: Size matters not in battle.

Jamie: So when they step on you and die a flat kitty pancake, that's acceptable to you?

Worf: To die in battle is the-

Indiana: Highest honor. Yeah, kid you've only mentioned that a dozen times.

Jamie: What are you going to do? Pounce them to death?

Dor: Um. Everyone? That red light thing is on.

Worf: Yes. And I have activated the universal translator circuit so we may be understood.

Jamie: You mean you pressed the blue button. Wow. That's impressive.

Worf: Says the rat-dog who couldn't find it.


Dale: Mr. Madrox that will be quite enough. We have duty to relate the daily news items to the public and assure their safety.

Indiana: Yeah, C'mon kid. Let's get this broadcast over before the zombies find us.

Jamie: Fine. And for the record? I hate you all.

The news. Now with talking animals! )
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Hello Fandom! Tonight on the news I feel like shaking things up, so everything is going to be in multiple choice and short essay questions.

That's right. Today's news is a test. Kind of like something you'd find in Cosmopolitan magazine but with less chances of getting laid. Please sharpen your number two pencils and get your papers ready. Questions will not be repeated and there's no potty breaks.

You will however get extra points for spelling your name correctly. )
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Radio 3-6

Jamie: #1: Good evening Fandom! Tonight WTFH Radio and Multiple Madrox Productions are proud to present a blast from the past! That's right kids and critters! We're doing old timey radio. You see folks back before this thing called the internet there was radio!

Jamie #2: Actually before the internet there was game consoles. And video games. And before that there was mainframes but you couldn't do anything fun with that. But even then we had TV. And before that it was black and white TV. And then before that-

Jamie #1: Yeah. Okay. We get the picture. Shut up and go get in costume.

Jamie #2: You realize that no one can actually see the costume.

Jamie #1: Will you just put on the dreadlock wig?

Jamie #2: But-

Jamie #1: Shut it! And now for your listening pleasure, I present the Old Time Radio Madrox Players in "Fandom Island Events"

Music: Dramatic Organ Music

Jamie #2: That's your title?

Jamie #1: Shut up and get in character.

Old Timey Radio! This can't go wrong at all! )
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Hello Fandom and my fellow cruisers! It is I, Jamie Madrox once again here to tell you of the inane details of our lives. Why? Because it's what the pirate used to pay us to do. Alas Barbossa... we'll miss your rascally ways. And your rum.

*sad chittering*

Yes. I know. I'm heartbroken too. Now I'll have to buy my own alcohol. *sighs* Let's get started shall we?

Going to the chapel and we're... going to get MAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAARRIED! )
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Evening Fandom. Here are today's top stories. Such as they are.

News )
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Hello Fandom! Jamie Madrox here. I'm pretty much counting on everyone here either being fast asleep or doing things that would make their parents die of shock because it involve nudity and for a small portion of you some sort of scary fetish that would be innappropriate for me to use while being monitored by this FCC shock collar that I'm wearing.

Actually it's just a regular dog shock collar but somehow the squirrels got it on me when I wasn't paying attention and one of the squirrely bas-


YEEEEOOOW! -has the controller. I hate to say this but I think I miss the grumpy guy with the forehead.



This will be a shocking broadcast. I just know it. )
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Jamie: Good evening Fandom! Tonight I have an unwelcome guest in my studio. You've seen him! You've avoided him! You walk the other way when you see him coming your way! Give it up to Forehead Guy!

Worf: I am Worf. Not Forehead Guy.

Jamie: You're on my show. I get to call you whatever I want.

Worf: No. No you don't.

Jamie: Whatever you say Skippy. I'm the guy with the microphone.

Worf: And I am the man who can break you in half.

Jamie: ... Worf you say?

Worf: Yes.

Jamie: Right! Then let's get to the news, shall we?

Now with 90% more accurate news! )
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Jamie #1: Good evening Fandom! It's me, Jamie Madrox, With all the news that has been scribbled out by the tiny paws of inquisitive squirrels with tiny press hats. You have to wonder what makes squirrels pry into our daily lives and why they find it so interesting.

Probably because they just like humiliating us.

*chittering of agreement*

I thought so. Shall we get to the news? )
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Good evening Fandom! Jamie Madrox here with the latest in ShamWow technology. Yep I gotta tell you this thing absorbs like nothing else. It's available where ever fine on seen on TV items are sold. Get yours now!"

And now for the news you crazy law enforcement peoples! )
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Jamie #1: Hi kids! Jamie Madrox here along with my good friend... Me! Jamie Madrox!

Jamie #2: Actually I'm just a duplicate of yourself. Why do we have to be friends? I kind of loathe talking to myself.

Jamie #1: Don't listen to him folks. Really me and all my dupes get a long very, very well.

Jamie #2: Just not in the naked sense because that would be creepy.

Jamie #1: Ew. On that note let's get to the notes, shall we?

Jamie #2: Right... Except for one thing. They're all in French.

Jamie #1: What?

Jamie #2: I think the squirrels are sabotaging our tryout.

Jamie #1: Acorn eating bastards! Ha! Well that's okay. Luckily I'm completely proficient at French.

Jamie #2: No we're not.

Jamie #1: Just shut up and read the notes.

Jamie really should consider using Babelfish )
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Newbie Day News

Jamie #1: Good evening Fandom! For those of you not from this planet or time period this thing you are listening to is a ray-dee-oh!

Jamie #2: BING! Radio! An electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signals like sound! It's like magic.

Jamie #1: My name is Jamie Madrox-

Jamie #2: BING! A Mutant from Earth-618 that has the ability to use kinetic energy to create duplicates of himself.

Jamie #1: And that other voice with the constant "Bings" is a duplicate of myself who will help all you newbie students by supplying additional information so this broadcast makes sense. Hold up. Earth 618?

Jamie #2: BING! Earth-618! A parallel universe where Jamie Madrox comes from. It's completely the same as Earth-616 except that it has us (Jamie Madrox) and all the shrimp taste oh-so-slightly like chicken.

Jamie #1: You made that up didn't you?

Jamie #2: BING! Hint to newbies: Most of the time? Radio LIES!

Jamie #1: Or at least I do. Shall we get started?

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Once again it's a Friday night and it's just me, some squirrels and a couple bottles of rum. Yes, I'm drinking with squirrels. In any other place that would just sound weird, wouldn't it?

Anyhow let's just see how today went for everyone, shall we?

Looks like it's vewy vewy quiet )
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Jamie: Hey Fandom! Jamie Madrox here and much to the squirrel's dismay it's time for today's nude news.

*amused chittering*

Shut up. It's cold in here. Put that measuring tape away!

Barney: When I said I wanted to verify the streaker sightings, I didn't think I'd have to see you naked.

Jamie: Hey everyone! It's professor of Awesome Barney Stinson! Well if you didn't want to see me naked you shouldn't have come here.


Wait. Why are you here?

Barrney: Please, as if I trust you not to make up some long-winded story about all the students streaking through the park while birds and squirrels and other freaky woodland creatures braided their hair.

Jamie: I'd be completely offended if that statement wasn't mostly true.

Barney: You might've earned points for creative lying, but...why does the squirrel have a trombone?

Jamie: Shhh. That's for our holiday spectacular that's coming up later in the show. Trust me. It'll be Legend-

Barney: HEY! That's my line! *clears throat* Dare I say it'll be legend-WAITFORITANDIHOPEYOU'RENOTLACTOSEINTOLERANTBECAUSETHENEXTPARTIS-Dary!

Yeah, this broadcast is begging for a content flagging )

[Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] suit_of_awesome for being a fabulous co-star]
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12/14 Radio

Good Evening Fandom. It's Jamie Madrox here reminding you only have 10 shopping days until Christmas if you follow that whole Christianity thing. Personally I'm a Presbyterian so really we're just in it for the presents.

Jamie #2: Enough with Christmas!

Jamie #1: Okay. There's a guy who looks like me wearing a yarmulke. What the hell?

Jamie #2: I'm the duplicate you sent to Israel over a year ago.

Jamie #1: Oh! right! How that turn out?

Jamie #2: We converted and I just got back. Bit of advice? The kosher meal on Pan Am may be "kosher" but it ain't really "kosher" if you know what I'm saying.

Jamie #1: Wait. We converted? Does that mean we got circum-

Jamie #2: I don't want to talk about it.

Jamie #1: I'm not sure whether or not I should say "Ow" or "Ew".

Jamie #2: Considering our Mohel was a sheretz mekori notef mugla? Go with "Ew".

Jamie #1: See this is why it's good to be Presbyterian. You don't have to learn Hebrew and your penis is relatively safe. Also? You only need to change your oil every three thousand miles and rotate your tires to get into heaven.

Jamie #2: Tisdayen.

Jamie #1: I have no idea what that means but considering the hand gesture you just made I'm gathering it's not good. So on that note...

The News! Where hopefully we won't get smited! )
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Wednesday Radio

Good Evening Fandom. Jamie Madrox here on Wednesday. Not Friday. I have no reason why. It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma and then deep fried in secrecy and served with a side of rice and beans. Yes. It's a mystery chimichanga. Soon to be served at your local taco bell for a dollar ninety-nine.

Mmm. Rice and Beans.

Anyhow... )
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Hi Fandom. It's Jamie Madrox. Feeling those holiday blues. Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is coming and it's sent me down into a holiday funk that even feeding all of Peter Parker's underwear to feral guinea pigs can't even fix.


It's the holiday blues radio. FEEL MY EMO! )
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*sounds of feedback*


*sounds of various buttons being mashed*

*more feedback*

I don't know how you bloody muggles can use this stuff. Can't you just point a wand at your throat and yell "Sonorus" like normal people? Nooooo! You have to use bloody wires and eckletricity and- wait. What does that red light mean? Did I get it to work?

Bloody thing.


Cut for lots of shouting and multiple characters )
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Evening Fandom! It is I! Jamie Madrox. You can't see me at the moment but I'm wearing a top hat with red and white stripes. Why? Well that should be apparent in just a moment.

Down in Virginia, across the causeway,
There is a small island. (If you know the way.)
You can't always get there by boat or by plane
But once you arrive there, you are never the same.

The island's called Fandom, which you already know
And the is the news, so sit tight! Let's go! )

Friday Night Radio

Saturday, October 20th, 2007 02:18 am
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Friday Broadcast: Parents weekend.

Jamie: Hello Fandom. This is Jamie Madrox.

Layla: And I'm Layla Miller! I know stuff!

Jamie: I told you not to talk.

Layla: Yeah. Like that was going to work.

Jamie: Fine. I didn't want to do this but..

Layla: Why are you turning on the ten second delay? I'm not going to say anything bad.

Jamie: Yeah, right. I'm not a complete idiot.

Layla: Could have fooled me.

Jamie: *sigh of exasperation* Let's just get this over with.

And then there was the news... )

Jamie: Is that it?

Layla: Nope. In breaking news Mary blames Ed for her spinsterhood.

Jamie: I'd think of something clever to say but I'm brain dead.

Layla: I knew that.

Jamie: Oh shut up.
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Hello Fandom. This is Jamie. On Friday night. Yes, I'm shocked too.

And since you've heard me rant like a ranty thing that rants already on that subject we're just going to jump into the news and see what happened today...

Instead I've decided to take poetic license with the news today. *clears throat*

Beneath this small link/You will find news in Haiku/I may be insane )

Oh thank god! I'm done! Next time? Iambic pentameter bitches!
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Hello Fandom.

Yes. It's Jamie Madrox.

On Wednesday.

Not Friday.


*hushed voice* It's the squirrels! I thought at the beginning that it was some ratings gimmick where the station switched my schedule around but it's much-much deeper than that! It's a conspiracy on such a high scale that it goes all the way into the school and up to-


Oh! Hi guys! *nervous laughter* Just... ah... getting ready to read the news.

*suspicious chittering*

Um. Right. see? The news? Got your notes right here! I was just doing the pre-show chatter! Nothing else! Ha! Ha! Ha! Shall we begin? Yes! Let's begin!

And so it begins... )

And that it for me tonight. And the squirrels. Who aren't really trying to take over the world by looking fuzzy and cute.

*slight pause*


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Good evening Fandom! This is Jamie Madrox and welcome to tonight's broadcast! On Friday! Not Wednesday like my first broadcast! Friday! But if you tuned in last week I wasn't here. Why? Because the fat cats at WTFH keep changing my freaking day around! Apparently trying to do something as high brow as interpretive dance on the radio isn't a big ratings grabber and those capitalistic pigs are trying to muck things up.

So this is how it is, eh WTFH? One little flub and that's it. Are you going to start changing my broadcast schedule around every week and not let the listeners know? Are you going to tell me to air next week's news which possibly has dinosaurs and then ruin the linear flow of my show? And then you'll probably replace me mid-season with some stupid teen comedy where the lead actress is sleeping with Rupert Murdoch! THAT'S HOW IT'S GOING TO BE HUH?! WELL I'M NOT GOING TO PLAY YOUR LITTLE GAMES! DAMN YOU FOX! DAMN YOU ALL TO- Oh wait. Wrong network.


Fine. You want ratings? I'll give you ratings! )

Fandom Radio, April 4

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007 10:53 pm
[personal profile] fates_jaye
Jaye: This is Jaye, and I have the best notes ever. Because they start with Rikku, Seely, Alec, Hamlet and Zero getting detention. People! I got to announce detention again! I think Principal Zoe loves me.

cut for length. because the little 'Jaye:' bit is there for a reason. )

Jaye: And I think that's it.

Jamie: [Feed me. Yo quiero Taco Bell.]

Jaye: Detention for you.

Jamie: [Not until you feed me.]

Jaye: How about we sign off and you can fend for yourself?

Jamie: [How about we sign off and then you can feed me. Otherwise something might happen to your little action figures.]

Jaye: More detention!

Jamie: [You can't- ZOMG! Squirrels!]

*More sounds of yipping, scampering and acorn throwing*

Jaye: I so win. Night, Fandom!

[Preplayed with the very wonderful [livejournal.com profile] multi_madrox. And yes, we modded a radio button. La.]

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