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Hello, Fandom. This is Lois Lane, reporting by herself again. I swear if that kid ever comes back I'm going to kick his ass.

Anyways, I'm tired so lets get this over with.

Lolz I should have probably wrote radio before I took sleeping pills )
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Gettin' real tired of this. Since when am I the responsible one? That ain't right.

Okay, Fandom, this is Lois Lane all by her lonesome again and not bitter about that at all. Let's get to the news and, so help me god, if there's another party to report, I'm gonna strangle people with tinsel.

Hell yeah, Christmas cheer )
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...okay, I guess he's not coming in.


How in the hell am I supposed to know where he is? All I know is that means we get to listen to decent music tonight.

Okay, light's on, thanks for telling me. Good evening, Fandom. This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom radio. I have no idea where my partner is but that's okay. I've done this alone before.

Cut for your convienence )
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Lois: Hello, Fandom! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend.

Chuck: I didn't do anything.

Lois: Yeah, me either. I was hoping other people had more exciting lives than us.

Chuck: Have you met these people? No chance.

Lois: Yeeeeaaaah.

Shortest radio ever still goes under a cut )
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Lois: You ice cream sandwich thief!

Chuck: Maybe you should keep a closer eye on your food.

Lois: It was in my hand, you thieving whore!

Chuck: I'm sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you over the deliciousness of this ice cream sandwich.

Lois: I hate you. I hope you choke.

That boy is a monsterrrrrrrrrr )
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Lois: Helllllo, Fandom, this is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom radio. And Chuck's here too.

Chuck: Yep.

Lois: Candy hangover?

Chuck: I'm not seven.

Lois: Fiiiiine. Don't get pissy with me or I'll turn this broadcast around, mister. Don't think I won't.

My sister ate all the leftover Skittles and now I kind of want to beat her up )
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Chuck: As Homecoming king, I order you to take your top off.

Lois: I'm not going to do that, Chuck.

Chuck: That's treason! I will have my bitch punish you.

Lois: Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sam isn't gonna do that either.

Chuck: For the record, she said it. Not me. So I shouldn't get bitchfaced at tomorrow.

Lois: Are you drunk?

Chuck: Tiny bit, yeah. I bet if I were wearing my crown you'd listen to me.

Lois: I somehow doubt that.

Chuck is totes the best king ever trufax )
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Lois: ...I'm just saying, if I were a dude I'd use the word 'boning' all the time.

Chuck: Light's on, Lois.


Chuck: Oh, that's a good way to start a broadcast.

Lois: Shut up. Don't adjust your dial, folks. This is indeed Lois and Chuck on a Friday. We did a whole switcheroo thing this week. Probably for the best considering I'm going to the boondocks on Sunday.

Chuck: And I'm going back to New York City. You know, where the civilized people live.

Lois: Yeah, we're going to miss you. Except not.

They got super bitchy on me today, sorry )
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Chuck: Wow, Lois, you look tired. Find yourself a man?

Lois: Don't I wish. My roommate was a kangaroo all weekend.

Chuck: ...did I ever tell you how glad I am to have no roommate?

Lois: As if anybody would put up with you for that long.

Lame radio is lame. Shh I've been sick today )
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Chuck: Once again you people have found me exciting enough to listen to every week. I'm not surprised but thank you.

Lois: I maintain it's your voice. You could read a phone book and people would vote for you.

Chuck: True. I have turned on many a person with this deep growl.

Lois: *sigh* I shouldn't have said anything.

Chuck: You should know better than to stroke my ego.

Lois: I know, I know...

News under heeeeeeere )
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Chuck: Isn't this nice, Lois? You and me, doing radio again?

Lois: Yeah, I'm thrilled.

Chuck: Don't act like you didn't miss this.

Lois: I missed radio, not you. I don't even know why I agreed to this.

Chuck: Because I wanted you and I always get what I want.

Lois: Whatever. Hello, Fandom. This is Lois Lane and Chuck Bass and we are going to be bringing you your radio this evening. I take no responsibility for what the man next to me says during this broadcast. He's a liar and a pervert.

Chuck: Hey, I'm perfectly polite on radio.

Lois: See? You're lying already.

Can't think of anything to put here noooooooo )
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*there is a squeaky squirrel karaoke version of Womanizer playing when the broadcast begins*

Lois: *coughs* Hi, Fandom. This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom radio and--I SWEAR IF YOU SQUIRRELS DON'T STOP WITH THE BRITNEY-GODDAMN-SPEARS I WILL HURT YOU. Ow, my throat.

Chuck: Jesus, Lane, get your panties out of a bunch. They like the song. I like it too.

Lois: They didn't start with it until you came in here. Couldn't they move on to Circus or something? People, I didn't want to do it, but I had to call Chuck in because my throat hurts and you guys actually did crap today. *coughing fit*

Chuck: Gross.

Lois: Don't make me cough on you.

Chuck: Go ahead. I never get sick.

Lois: That's ridiculous, everybody gets sick.

Chuck: Everyone except me.

Lois: Diseases are probably afraid of what evil lurks in your body.

Chuck: Are we going to do this or not? There's sleeping I could be doing.

Lois: Fiiiiiiine. *coughs*

Banter is a funny word )
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Hello, Fandom! This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom radio! I hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas and got everything you wanted, including the illegal stuff. Not that I asked for anything illegal.

...Moving on.

Oh noes no more Christmas music playing 24/7 )
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Hellllllllllo Fandom! This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom radio. Are you guys enjoying the kickass weather? You should be. And we don't have school for the next two week! Man, this is awesome. I love the Christmas season.

I wish it was warm for realsies )
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What up, Fandom? This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom radio and, wow, I hardly have any notes today. Ah well. I get to sleep early tonight.

Sunday laziness )
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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Fandom! Hi to the people who are usually animals and hi to the people who are always people! This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom Radio. I can safely say I've never been happier to hate cats and be allergic to dogs in my entire life. I barely know enough about cooking to feed myself. I don't even know what I'd do if I had to feed someone else.

Anyways, onto the news!

Sunday Sunday Sunday! )
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HI FANDOM! This is Lois Lane reporting the news to you on the very last day of November! Where did the month go? Where did our Thanksgiving break go? Oh well, Christmas is around the corner. Mmm cookies.

Onto the news!

No, seriously. Where did the break go? )
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Hello, Fandom. Lois Lane here with WTFH Fandom radio. Is anybody here as addicted to watching the Food Network this time of year as I am? God, I love Thanksgiving. I hope I've made friends with someone who can cook me dinner because I can't do it myself and the General said that I have to stick it out by myself this year. You hear that, friends? I demand mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Anyways, onto the news!

Mmm turkey )
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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Fandom! This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom Radio! You guys were still boring this Sunday but, hey, at least there's enough news for me to squeeze a few drinks in. That's what is really importnant.

Quick and dirty radio. Hot. )
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Good evening, Fandom, this is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom radio on this lovely Sunday evening. Wow, you guys did a whole bunch of nothing today, didn't you? I guess most of the not-lazy people went to that wedding this weekend or something.

Boring cut is boring )
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Good evening, Fandom this is Lois Lane with *yawn*-H Fandom radio. How is it that we got an extra hour of sleep and I'm still freaking tired? I'm not a fan of this Daylight Savings Time.

Look, I just wanna go back to sleep so let's just get this over with, yeah?

Looks like everyone else was asleep too )
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Chuck: Wow. Could we turn down the main a tad, Skid Row?

Lois: And this is Chuck Bass! I ASKED him to be here with me today. Usually he just shows up and is all "I'm Chuck Bass" like that effing means something but you know what? IT DOES. IT'S LIKE MAGIC!

Chuck: For the record, when I came in here there was three empty bottles of rum and a squirrel squeaking what I'm pretty sure was "Thunder Road" at the top of it's lungs. I feel like I'm back in Tijuana.


Chuck: ...Whitesnake?

Lois: Don't be hating on the 'snake, son! Woo! News time!

The love of Whitesnake is canon, sadly )
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Hi, Fandom! This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom Radio on a blessedly trauma-free Sunday. It feels like it's been forever since we've had one of those. Well, there's not a lot of news tonight so let's just jump right in so I can go enjoy my last few hours of vacation.

Just wait until next weekend, Lane. Just wait. )
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Chuck: You can sit on my lap...

Lois: Ugh, go away Chuck! Great, the light is on. Hello, Fandom, this is Lois Lane with WTFH radio. In case it wasn't already painfully obvious I am not alone this evening. I am joined by Chuck, Marshall and a cute guy. You guys want to tell me why you're here again?

Harvey: I ran into Mr. Eriksen and he said he was too scared to go to the station by himself.

Marshall: I don't like clowns, okay? To answer your question, Lois, I automatically assumed you'd be unconscious in the clinic and that I'd have to do radio.

Lois: HEY! I am perfectly fine. Why are you here, Chuck?

Chuck: I just wanted to have sex with you.

Mmm long and rambly radio is long and rambly )
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Helllllllllllllllllllo, Fandom! This is Lois Lane with WTFH, Fandom radio. Bringing you the weird, the hot and the brain bleaching inducing events that happens in our fair town. You already know this of course, since I'm sure my broadcast is the highlight of your weekend. If it isn't well...you suck. So there.

Onto the news!

Fact: September is the best month ever )

Hey! It was a pretty productive Sunday. Color me surprised. Keep it up, Fandom. This is Lois Lane signing off. Goodnight!
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Helllllllllo, Fandom! For those of you who are just joining us, I am Lois Lane and this is WTFH Fandom radio. I have one new message for the newbies: Be afraid, be very afraid. I could be more specific but that would ruin all my fun.

New kids means new names for Lois to mispronounce )

Whew! You guys talked a lot. Nothing me and some rum couldn't handle though. Anyways, this is Lois Lane signing off. Night!
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Hiiiiiiiiii there, Fandom! This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom Radio. Thanks to that chick who filled in for me last week. Never take NyQuil with beer, folks. You'll go into a giant f'ing coma. Best sleep I ever had. I dreamed about sexy cabana boys fanning me giant leaves. Anyways. Enough about my fantasies.

Short news is short )

Well, there's no more news. I guess everybody is too busy doing each other. Well, fine. I'll get drunk with the squirrels. Break out the rum my friends! Night, Fandom!
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Hi, Fandom! This is Lois Lane, fresh off spending a couple of days in a locker, reporting to you from that place where the news lives. The squirrels are treating me a lot nicer today. I think it's because they saw me in my underwear. The perverts.

Oh newsie news news )

Annnnnd that's it for me tonight! I'm going to go to sleep. I have spent the better part of the last five days dancing my ass off. I am so tired.
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Hi, Fandom! This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom Radio and can I say that I love the whole cabin life? Okay, I wouldn't want to be there 24-7 but it's a nice change. I'm ready to get my fill of marshmallows.

Anyways, news!

Campfires, marshmallows and bug bites oh my! )

That's it for me, Fandom! Here's hoping that we still have tiny teachers tomorrow. I could use a class full of coloring and naptime. Night!
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Helllllllllo, Fandom! This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom radio on this lovely Sunday evening. I've got notes, I've got rum and I'm ready to report the goings on of Fandom to you. Let's get started!

Put something witty here )

That's it for me tonight, Fandom. Enjoy whatever is left of your weekend and make sure to be careful when opening your doors. There's sharks around, apparently.
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Lois: Hello, Fandom! This is Lois Lane, bringing you the news on this lovely Sun--

*sound of a door opening*

Lois: --day evening. What the hell are you doing here?

Chuck: You really need to tone down the social niceties. It's embarrassing.

Lois: You do know you're in the radio station, right? And I'm doing a broadcast right now?

Chuck: Yes, I'm aware. I've come to join in your little broadcast.

Lois: Oh yeah? Why should I let you stay?

Chuck: ...I'm Chuck Bass.

Lois: For some reason I find that to be a legitimate reason to let you stay.

Chuck: Excellent. Now scoot over. You can sit on my lap if you want.

Lois: There's two chairs in here.

Chuck: I'm not hearing a no...

Lois: No!

Chuck: Fine. No hurt feelings. Anyways, if you sat in my lap I wouldn't be able to get a good look at that outfit you're wearing. You're practically spilling out of that thing.

Lois: Not my fault! Everything I had was pirate wench-y!

This can only end badly )

Chuck: My god, you people were boring today.

Lois: We could go make it more interesting.

Chuck: I told you I'd grow on you. I'm Chuck Bass.

Lois: Shut up and turn off that microphone before I change my mind.


[See what you people force me to do when you don't do anything on Sundays? :P ]
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Hi, Fandom! This is Lois Lane reporting to you on this lovely Sunday evening. I don't have much to say other than boy am I glad that there were just squirrels and no polar bears in the station when I walked in. Squirrels I can handle. Bears not so much.

Laaaaaaaazy Sunday )

And that's it for me tonight, Fandom. Be more exciting next Sunday. I mean it. Night!
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Hello, Fandom! For those of you who weren't already aware, this is Lois Lane reporting to you this lovely Sunday evening. Well, lovely for Antarctica. Man, I can't wait until the island moves again. This is like Russia only with less vodka and more penguins.

There should be some vodka drinking penguins... )

That's it for me tonight, folks. Enjoy your classes tomorrow. I'm going to sleep in until noon just to spite you all. Night!
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Hi, Fandom! This is Lois Lane once again reporting to you from the place where the squirrels like to drink. I apologize for not being around last week. I caught a case of the knocked unconscious. But, hey, I heard that tall guy who filled in for me had a good time.

Speaking of good times, the squirrels are having a ball signing my cast. Too bad that instead of writing their names they're writing down all the school OTP's. That stands for One True Pairing, for those of you who are internet illiterate. Sam/Lucas, Squirrels/Teyla, Ned/Pie...yep, they're all on there. I'm a walking US Weekly now.

Deadpool/Mountie, Barney/Dean Jones, John Sheppard/Pointy Hair... )

Are you guys quite finished? Well, I'm done reading the news and I'd like to go home sometime tonight. I'll have the thing on for another couple of weeks, you can add more next Sunday. Look, give me the marker and I won't whack you with this thing. GIVE IT!

Ahem. Thank you. That's it for me, Fandom. Enjoy your week off! Night!
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Hello, Fandom! Weird weather we're having, huh? You know, I called my dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day and I told him about the whole volcano thing and he said I was just trying to make excuses to come home. Okay, one, I don't want to go home because this place is awesome. And two, I'm not lying. You all can vouch for me. Of course if anyone tried to vouch for something like that in front of the General they will probably end up having a couple of sessions with the US Army's finest psychologists. You'll even get a nice squishy room to stay in.

...And I wonder why I can't keep a boyfriend.

Anyways! News!

I feel the earth move under my feet... )

Okay guys and gals, that's it for me. I'm gonna go back to the dorms and hopefully I won't have to surf across a lake of lava to do so. Night!
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Hellllllllo Fandom! This is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom radio. It's Sunday night, I've got a drink in my hand and my underwear isn't missing. Thank god. And not only am I joined by our fabulous radio squirrels, I am also with tiny albino monkeys. Who don't have a taste for rum. That's a shame. Oh well, more for me.

Let's hope the tiny monkeys don't carry tiny ebola )

Anyways, that's all from me Fandom. Stay cool and check for tiny monkeys in your bed. Night!
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You like me, you guys really like me! This is me, Lois Lane, reporting to you from the place where the squirrels get drunk for Fandom Radio! I am not drunk. At least not yet. My dad always said "Don't accept liquor from rodents, Lois." Oh wait...I think what he said was "Don't accept liqour from Russian infantrymen, Lois." Same thing. I think.

You think of something to put here )

That's it for me this evening, Fandom. Get your crap all moved into the dorms and don't fight with your roommates. You shouldn't fight with anybody who has such easy access to your closet. That's a good tip from me to you. This is Lois Lane saying goodnight!
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Alright. Found the radio station, a drink is in my hand and that big red light is on which means that it must be time to start! Hi, Fandom! This is Lois Lane, new student, bringing you the news on this lovely Sunday evening. What the fu--


Okay, I swear to god I only had, like, four drinks at the bar. I usually don't start seeing squirrels with wee fedoras on until I've had at least ten.

*more squeaking*

Yeah, I don't speak squeakenese or whatever the hell--Lois Lane, you're talking to a squirrel. And referring to yourself in the third person. You know what? Whatever. I'm just gonna roll with it. That's just what I do. I'll worry about the therapy bills later. Note me, Senor Squeakum.

...Oh wow, my drunken hallucinations spell better than I do.

Better than seeing pink elephants I suppose )

Well, my new furry rodent friends, I'm afraid our time together has ended. Unless I get hired to do this every week. Then it'll be the start of a beautiful friendship. But for now that's it for me, Fandom! Goodnight!

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