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Good morning, Fandom! This is Annie Edison, reporting to you from WTFH Radio! I'm filling in for... Miss Tyler, who should not be trusted on radio this week asked me to come down today. It'll be like old times.

And I'd like to say hello to our esteemed school board members and benefactors who are still here! Though I have to say if you're taking a vacation, Fandom is a good place to do it.

in which annie covers for all y'all. you're welcome )
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*tap* *tap* *tap* *tap*

Annie: Hi, everyone! This is Annie Edison back on the airwaves to fill in for Rilla, who couldn't be here today. And I'm sure we'll... be reading really inappropriate things, I'm just realizing. Well that's.... *tap* going to be interesting! That's all right, we'll get through it.

*tap* *door opening*

Annie: Uh, hi. What are you doing here?

because when i fill in, this is what happens )
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Hi, everyone. This is Annie here with your weekly rundown of things that have been happening on island.

Um. This a very short stack of notes here.


Jack Carter was back in our room, Bruce was in the fifth floor common room with pizza and college football, where Cara told him about spending all her time over break training. Hopefully she's sleeping, too, because that's how you get sick. I swear something's going around.


Something has to be going around, because I have it.


I was at Goodvalor's, where- Why do you have to report on my cold, squirrels? It's not like it's serious, I just-



Thank you. Wait. Did I just get blessed by a squirrel? Anyway, Kitty was at Caritas, taping up zombies and trying to get office work done.

Aaaand that's it. Well, I guess that leaves me more time to do other things? Have a great day, Fandom.
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Happy Hannukah, everybody! This is Annie, coming to you from WTFH Radio, where the world still hasn't ended and I think most of us got through finals unscathed. Which is a lot to appreciate this holiday season. However, I don't appreciate yesterday's egg nog from the taps because it's really hard to wash your hands with that.

Now I know it's a quiet day, so it'll be a quick broadcast and then we can go back to checking out the cute reindeer.


Uhhh, school is out! So there was nothing. See, that was fast.


Over where things were actually happening, Topher was back from a trip and told Kenzi about going to space... I can't believe it, but I'm jealous of Topher. Till season two. Meanwhile Elphaba was packing for home, while Simon also just got back, which Mercy was happy about. And Butters- Hi, Butters!- hung out in the common room with some Christmas movies.


See, we are just moving right along! Mayor Cable had Jan with him at Wellspring Arms, I was trying to decorate Goodvalor's, and Kitty had Caritas open, where a bunny was working on the freezer.

...Maybe the squirels had too much egg nog yesterday, because I'm sure that didn't really say "bunny."

And that's all I've got for today, Fandom. Or whoever's left of Fandom, with break going on. Happy holidays, everyone!
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Everyone! Everyone! It's Annie! I'm back, and really confused. I've been trying to catch up on what happened, but there was kind of a lot of stuff, and I can't even find a radio podcast from Sunday morning, and...


Aww, I think the squirrels are trying to write it out. How cute. So while they're doing that, let's get through these last notes of the semester!

flo radio. floradio. i just wanted to type that. )
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Good morning, Fandom. This is Annie Edison with yesterday's news, but I'm trying to keep an optimistic bent on things because otherwise everything is really depressing.

in which i think annie has a little public meltdown. I THINK YOU MADE HER CRAZY, Y'ALL )
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Morning, Fandom! This is Annie with your Wednesday news and a warning that the causeway is messed up. I got in and out fine last night, and then this morning I went to get some things and I was trying to get back for half an hour. So... be warned. You might want to pack a lunch if you're headed to the mainland.

With that PSA over, on to the news!

you'd think a bde is on or something )

That's all I've got for today. Oh! And if you're interested in making something for our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, we're cooking today in the dorms, so stop on by and join the fun!
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Happy Wednesday, Fandom! This is Annie coming to you, still as the correct age. I don't really have anything else, I'm just glad to be my normal height and have boobs fit in my right clothes. If anyone asks me what I'm thankful for this year, that'll be what I say.

sleeeeeeeeeeepy radio )
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Morning, everyone! This is Annie here, broadcasting with my very temporary robot bundle of joy-


-and I'm sure she's thrilled to be here! Okay, I know there's nothing wrong with you and I know you just want to cry and I get that, but if you can just hold off long enough for me to get through this, I will buy you a pony.


Or let's just get through this as fast as possible!

who doesn't wanna hear a crying droid baby? )
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Happy Wednesday, Fandom! I'm not actually sure where the last week went. It's like I blinked and it was Halloween and now it's Wednesday.


Is there a way to get an online class in Squirrel 101? I want to know if they're agreeing with me or not.

in which short radio took me forever anyway )
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Good morning, Fandom! This is Annie Edison, as always, here with your news for Wednesday. And I'd just like to take a moment to thank everyone who made homecoming possible, and to ask WHO SPIKES GINGER ALE? SERIOUSLY.

let's have some 'thank god radio's short cuz lj makes me mad today!' radio! )
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Good morning, Fandom! This is Annie with your Wednesday's news. Hope everyone's recovered by now from break, and if not... well, you should get on that before homecoming.

non-embarrassing radio! )
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Hi, everyone! Greetings from Canada! This is Annie Edison coming to you remotely from where it's really kind of cold, but where we're helping build homes and getting pampered.

It's kind of great.

And with me is a squirrel with a Mountie hat! I have no idea if he came with us or if he's one of our... Canadian squirrel brothers, but this may just be the cutest thing I've seen.


You're welcome. *pause* You were thanking me, right?

vacation radio! )

[I'm SO sorry.]
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Goooood morning, Fandom! This is Annie with your few-days-past-Parents-Weekend radio! I'm looking over these notes and hopefully everyone's recovered, or has stopped missing people, and... well, you can join those of us whose parents couldn't show up back in the land of normal conversations!

*clears throat*

Anyway, on with the notes!

like so! )
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Gooooood morning, everyone! This is Annie Edison, your WTFH reporter and new Student Council President. Well, Co-President. I should be accurate there.

But I've been dying to say that since Friday.

Anyway. News, shall we?

gratuitous plug radio! )
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Good morning, Fandom! This is Annie coming to you from WTFH with all your news for today. And I want to take a moment just to say thank you for everyone who voted for me, and if you didn't... Well, you should have. And you're just going to have to deal with that.

short radio yay! )
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Good morning, everybody! This is Annie Edison, candidate for Senior Student Council Representative, coming to you from WTFH with all the news the squirrels could get. The really freaked out squirrels. One keeps dunking its head in a shot glass of rum. I don't know where the rum came from or who poured it and I don't think I want to know.

why yes i do make my own fun )
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Happy Wednesday, everyone! And welcome to all the new kids I didn't get to meet yet. We'll see if we can't fix that. This is brand new senior Annie Edison coming to you from WTFH in lovely Fandom, bringing you news full of new classes and new names!

I love this time of year.

we all do, annie. we all do. *mods everyone* )
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Hi, everyone! This is Annie, here with my last radio for you before the new semester. Just think, this time next week we'll have new students and therefore new friends, new teachers, new classes... And yes, Sam, I will beat you at all of them. Promise!

With that said, let's get to it!

There wasn't much going on at SCHOOL, but Rinoa was at the library with gloves on. Seifer then stopped in cheerfully to tell her that he's the new boss of Groovy Tunes. Congratulations on the promotion!

Then in the DORMS, Squall was taking calls because it's his birthday. Happy birthday! Rinoa came to gave him presents, and um, kisses. Sorry if there was an invasion of privacy there. Kate Daniels spent her day reading, and in the third floor common room, Topher was using ice cream to help with a black eye. I haven't heard of that before, but then again I've never had a black eye. Nathan and Topher compared stories of getting punched- guys, if I can suggest? Get punched less. I feel like I say this a lot. And Elle and Topher compared technologies at home while eating cookies, and Alex Russo joined in not only the snack-eating, but the cartoon-watching, too.

Squall the birthday boy was smiling while watching bad movies in the common room later, movies which didn't exactly appeal to Shira. They're not for everyone. It helps if you can joke during it.

And finally in TOWN, Bobby met Warren at the parking lot to check out his new car, and asked him to be his new roommate. One of the guests at the Arms kept locking himself out of his room, and Alice had a busy last shift at Groovy Tunes, with Leto listening to a mix she made, Kate Gregson coming in to check up on her and getting bonus Leto, and Seifer being made the new manager. I already congratulated you.

It was Emma's last shift at the Devil's Nest, too. I know I never met her, but I've reported on her every week, and this feels a little sad now. Kate Gregson made her promise to keep in touch, and Jack Priest found out when she's leaving so they could make plans for a picnic. Oh, that sounds cute. Eric gave Emma a going-away present with all the essentials, like a knife... Um, I'd just like to take a moment to say that maybe pepper spray is just a tad safer? Eric also got to say goodbye to Kate, and now I'm getting depressed.


This has been Annie Edison. Till next time, Fandom!
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Happy Finals Week, Fandom! This is Annie Edison, coming to you with news from the last official week of classes for the summer. And you know what that means... New school year! Be sure to hit the sales. Sure, they're crowded, but that's part of the fun! It's like Christmas for the scholarly!

Now with that sound piece of advice, let's get to your notes, because I'm sure you're all excited to take your finals...

annie may be insane. )
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Uh, hi, everyone. So at first I was disappointed that we moved back to the dorms so quickly, but I looked over my notes and I'm thinking now maybe that was a good thing. Away from the big creepy rock is good. Let's just get to it.

this is where i'd ordinarily say it's shark week radio... )
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Hi, everyone! I tell you, I hope you're having a better day than me. There have been nothing but technical difficulties here. No matter how many times you push a button, it won't work, that sort of thing. I'd say it's the fault of the drunken rodents with bad handwriting, but I think it's really a glitch in the equipment. Hopefully it fixes itself soon.


Ow! I said it wasn't your fault!

suck it, lj. suck it so hard )
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Hi again, everyone! It's Annie again, after a week off. Hope you didn't miss me too much. I mean, you probably didn't realize I was even gone, but, you know, if you did, that'd be nice...

Anyway, let's get to the news! Because it is really cold and the thought of having to go back to the school for classes is somehow making me feel even colder. so the faster I need, the sooner I can get indoors. Yes, I know I'm from Colorado, and no, it doesn't matter.

and is my computer smelling burnt? yes, yes it is! )
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Hi, guys! And ooh, we have new students who haven't heard me before! Hi, new people, my name's Annie, and I can't wait to meet you! But for now you'll have to settle for me reading off all the things that you did, which I promise isn't creepy at all.

definitely not )
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Hi, everyone! I hope you're enjoying your break, I know I am. Leaving school and then coming back to school in May... kind of messes with your sense of timing after a while. Sometimes you just need a week off before you remember you used to have the whole summer off.


There's not much going on in the dorms which is good since LJ decided to go down like a cheap Tijuana hooker, so here's hoping people aren't still living in the cabins because they didn't get the meme. Sov was packing to head home for the rest of the summer. Have a good time, Sov!

That's it. Seriously, can someone maybe check the cabins, see if people are maybe hanging out?


At MCA, Hook was doing some redecorating the involved... traps. So anyone who might be going to MCA, consider this your friendly neighborhood public service announcement. Mary made plans to go to Vegas to see about a friend of hers at the Arms, and Emma was cranky at the Devil's Nest. But she had Jack Priest coming in to ask about her plans, and Effy came in to catch up, so hopefully that helped her mood.

Sookie apparently wasn't aware that she's working at Cafe Luke's now, so she was a little confused when she went in to work today. Robin was bored enough at Caritas to try balancing shot glasses on her head, and the squirrels don't tell me whether or not she was any good at it. I'm thinking they cleared the area before they could find out. Alice was completely on time to her shift at Groovy Tunes, which the squirrels are very insistent about, and Momoko spent her evening with some pastries at Cafe Fina. Leda and her friend also tracked her down there after spending some time at the clinic, getting Millie to deal with the friend's flu. Which means I will be staying away from Leda and her friend because I am not spending the summer sick. I still have classes to worry about.

That's all I have tonight, so enjoy the rest of your break, everyone!
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Good morning, Fandom! This is Annie here with your Tuesday news, and I'm maybe still patting myself on the back for yesterday so I don't have a witty opening. Let's just get to the notes then. I'll be nice and personable, I promise, starting... now.

whee surprise!drunk!radio! )
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Happy Wednesday, Fandom...ites? Fandomians? Do we have a name? Can we come up with one, if we don't? Anyway, hi, fellow people who live in Fandom. This is Annie bringing you all the news that is fit to talk about this fine morning.

and that news was as such )
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Hello again, everybody. This is Annie with all your Tuesday news. Hope you're all enjoying your cabins. ...I'm still wondering what a Menudo is. I think I'm going to have to Google it.

and then there was radioing )
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Hi, everyone! It's Wednesday again, so this is me, Annie, coming to you from WTFH, bringing you today's... notes... which are covered in... Squirrels, is this cat fur on my notes? What have you all been up to?


Pretend I can understand that. Actually, since you can both understand me and write, maybe you can get to work on a Squirrel to English dictionary. Get back to me on that.

on to the rest! )
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Hi, everyone! This is Annie, who you all voted onto radio for the summer. Which... I've never been voted onto anything before. I've been voted off stuff plenty of times, sure. I kind of feel like I should demand a recount, but um, I'm on radio! So I'm going to enjoy it and thank you all!

So, while I continue to get over that, why don't I just go on with my notes?

yes, let's do that )
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*radio clicks on*

Oh. Somehow I thought everyone was joking about the squirrels and yet... here you are. And you are not the weirdest things I've heard about in the last 24 hours- no offense, but you are holding a pen and yet you have no opposable thumbs, little guy- so I am just going to move on from this very strange opening.

Hello, listening audience! My name is Annie Edison, and I'm going to be reading notes for you all tonight. Let's get right down to it and I can tell you all the news you need to know while you're probably still all bleary-eyed because it's Monday morning. And if you're still so bleary-eyed to not notice we're not in Iceland anymore, well, surprise!

and then there was an audition! )

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