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*phone ringing*

Topher: Peter! Hi! Just in time for radio.

Peter: --WHY ARE SQUIRRELS MAILING ME NOTES? I'm kind of on a schedule here!

Topher: I know, right, mail takes forever, you'd at least think they could text it to you or something more efficient like that.

Peter: I mean I don't have time to do radio.

Topher: Oh. Well that's unfortunate. Well, maybe you'll change your mind.

twice the peter in this radio radio! )

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Topher: Tired. Can we get through this?

Peter: Naturally. As soon as you stop whining )
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Peter: So far, nothing terrible has happened yet.

Topher: far?

Peter: Well, last week, the child crashed in about halfway through our introduction. I’m giving it time.

Topher: She wasn't terrible. You guys were buds. And stuff.

Peter: She was, however, the harbinger of a weekend full of headaches.

Topher: Well, yeah. I can't find anything in the l-- my room anymore.

Peter: Please don't tell me that little slip means you've now nicknamed your room.

Topher: ...sure. Let's go with that. )
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Peter: I’d say ‘good morning’, but I’m fairly sure no one’s having one. I just managed to shake my child for five minutes to come do this radio broadcast, and I doubt I’m alone.

Topher: Your what?

Peter: Kid. Showed up, claims to belong to me and Nat.

Topher: ...ew?

Peter: Strange. Anyw--

*thunk* *thud* *creak*

Genevieve: Parents.

Topher: that her?

Peter: … No.

Genevieve: *sigh* I’m Genevieve, do we really need introductions? You’ve had all morning to cope.

Topher: …...what?

Gen: Parents of mine. You are.

Peter: … Oh god, please kill me.

Topher: Me too. Um. Please.

Gen: Can’t. You’ve got radio to read.

Topher: But -- but -- how!?

Peter: … Topher, for the record? You are banned from science. Forever.

this child has no business in a radio booth radio! )


Peter: Did she just shout at you facetiously?

Topher: I think so.

Peter: I think I like this kid.

Topher: Well, I don't.

Gen: Nobody asked you, mom.

Topher: Stop calling me that!
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Peter: Good morning, listeners. This is Peter Wiggin for WTFH, and this is my sidekick...

Topher: Hey! I'm not a sidekick!

Peter: My sidekick, Topher Brink.

Topher: Not a sidekick!

Peter: Topher, you can’t even lift a paperback novel or manage interaction more complicated than calling out for pizza. Sidekick it is.

Topher: Ugh.

Peter: You’ll grow to like it.

It's true, he will. )

Oh, and Kenzi was enthusiastic. Someone hold me, I think I’m about to faint in surprise.

Topher: Ask that squirrel to do it.

Peter: What, the burly one? No thanks.

Topher: Maybe that one there with the bracelets?

Peter: No, on second thought, I think my fainting spell is passing.

Topher: Good, so we can leave.

Peter: Yes. And right now, please and thanks.
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Topher: 'm sleepy.

Peter: And I’m thrilled to know about it.

Topher: Squirrels took my pillow.

Peter: I’m sure you’ll get it back if you throw a few nuts at them.

Topher: ...well, I don't have any.

Peter: Third drawer to the right.

*sounds of a brief scuffle*

Topher: ...and now they're using it as a plate. THANKS.

Peter: It’s not my fault you’re too hapless to deal with them.

Zzzzzzz radio. )
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Topher: You look tired.

Peter: And you look like you haven’t seen the sun in five months. Can we please move on and get this over with?

Topher: For your information, I went outside yesterday. I had to pick up a package. So -- okay!?

Peter: Whatever. Notes. Get reading.

In which Peter is tired and jacked up on adrenaline and Topher isn't helping. )
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Topher: Seriously? On vacation? SERIOUSLY? You guys are the worst. Ugh.

Peter: No rest for the wicked. Or in our case, the annoyed and the you.

Topher: Why don't I get an adjective?

Peter: Oh, you’re an adjective all by yourself.

Topher: Thank you?

Peter: No.

i have screwed up my sleep schedule beyond all repair radio! )
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Rebecca: You know, for a radio booth run by squirrels, I sort of thought it'd be more interesting.

Peter: I’m terribly sorry it isn’t up to your exacting standards.

Rebecca: I think I'll find the will to go on.

Peter: You’d better. You made me oversleep.

Rebecca: ...thank you!

Peter: Not really. Also, I think at this point, the sight - or thought - of you would make Topher cry. Anyway, let’s move on, shall we?

radio of spectacular bitchiness )

Rebecca: Not the most fascinating news items you've ever had to report? I'm shocked.

Peter: As much of a shock as it might seem, I don’t really give a shit who is or isn’t doing who.

Rebecca: I assure you, it shows.

Peter: But for the record, I hope whoever is doing who is happy to be doing them. That was it for today’s broadcast; this was Peter Wiggin and Rebecca Logan, currently not quite in the flesh.
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Topher: ...this is weird.

Peter: This is radio. We do it every week. You may remember it.

Topher: I mean I feel... never mind.

Peter: Jaye isn’t paying us-- not paying us-- to feel. She’s paying us to read notes. Chop chop, I have really important... homework to get back to.

Topher: Of course you do.

Peter: Look, the... homework came in this morning and I’m assured that it’s vital, okay? Let's move on. )
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Peter: Good morning, Fandom. I hope life hasn’t dropped any more evil dolls on your doorstep...

Topher: Do not. Talk to me. About the evil dolls.


Topher: NO.

Peter: Do I sense some trauma there, Toph?

Topher: They had huge eyes and I don't like them. I don't wanna talk about it.

Peter: Then I am terribly relieved to announce that we won’t. Moving on.

too tired for a witty cut tag radio! )
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Peter: Hello, good morning. Just for the record, yes, this is Peter Wiggin, and yes, you probably woke up with breasts this morning. No matter what your chest’s status was last night. We’ve checked that.

Topher: Make them go away I don't like them I don't like them...

Peter: Look, they’ll probably be gone by the end of the weekend. Stop going fetal position.

Topher: I just don't like them, okay?!

Peter: Yes, I got that idea on the walk over here.

Here's What You Did Yesterday. )
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Topher: So is this just a thing now? I mean, seriously, I hate this job. Are you sure we can't just let Peter --


Topher: Yeah, okay, had to ask.

*door, shutting*

Peter: Yes, I’m not any happier about it than you are, Christopher, but let’s leave the complaining for somewhere the listeners can’t hear it.

Topher: ...I keep meaning to make a remote for the mic or something. The squirrels never let me turn it off.

flailtastic radio )
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Topher: Ohmygosh! I really get to go first? Ohmygosh this is so cool. And it’s gonna be on TV and everything? Okay. Um, I’m Topher Brink, I’m a programmer, and I’m competing on The Bachelor this year because I’m just, like, really looking for a guy I can connect with, you know? And build technology with, hopefully. That’d be crazy awesome. Like, especially if we can build a --

Peter: *thump*

Topher: ...who are you? Are you competing too? It is MY TURN. OKAY? YOU CAN WAIT.

Peter: And that brings it home: there really are squirrels spying on you... and they are reporting their findings to the local radio. Myth: Confirmed!

Topher: What are you doing? This is MY introduction.

Peter: But the question is: are squirrels bribable with rum? Stay tuned, as we keep administering larger and larger quantities of rum to the squirrels and measure the results!

Topher: ...I'm not here to make friends. Do you know that? I am, like, here for one reason. And if you steal my spotlight... I will cut you.

Peter: Oz and I will be testing a grenade made entirely out of scrap today. You should come and see us work. Help us out! That’ll put you in the spotlight...

Topher: ...okay, that sounds sort of cool.

Peter: Excellent.

An overzealous Bachelor contestant and a Mythtern walk into a radio station... )

Peter: Want me to find the dictionary definition of orgies?

Topher: NO. I just, like, don't see why people are going around and being all *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* in people's faces. The point of this isn't to, like, make friends with each other. Oh my GOD.

Peter: Homo sapiens wouldn’t have achieved supremacy of the world if they hadn’t developed the ability to cooperate... friends that kill things together, kill bigger things together!

Topher: Ugh. Whatever. Okay? I am done with this. I just, like, really want to go in the hot tub. And get, like, face time. Okay? I am just... I am just DONE.

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Topher: LOOK. You guys keep kidnapping me and -- *yawn* -- it’s really, really not okay! Okay? I JUST WANT TO SLEEP.

Peter: … Topher? Why are you here? It’s my radio tryout - this is really not the time.

Topher: I really don’t like it any more than you do! Can I just leave, or...

*angry chittering*

Peter: No, seriously, squirrels.

Topher: ...the freaky pajama guy said not to anger them.

Peter: You mean vice principal Deadpool? Oh, well, as long as we’re taking advice from him...

Topher: ...he makes fun of me otherwise. I think he’s making fun. I can’t really be absolutely sure.

Peter: He’s making fun. You know how I know that?

Topher: No...

Peter: Because he makes fun of almost everyone, and almost everyone makes fun of you. It’s a pretty big Venn overlap.

Topher: Can we just...?!

*paper rustling*

So here’s what you did yesterday! ) Can we leave?

Peter: The door’s wide-open. You know. If you’re willing to slip past the squirrel who’s still - snicker - making hand gestures....

Topher: can go first.

Peter: I don’t know. I think that squirrel could use a few lessons in expanding his repertoire.

Topher: Then he can take the stupid class that I got signed up for.

Peter: Come on, Topher. Get in the spirit of things! Here, I know a couple. What do you think about...

*door creaking, followed by a faraway girly shriek*
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Aaaand good morning, Fandom! We've got a few more notes here than last week, so hopefully the squirrels will be feeling a little less experimental today...

*sad tuba noise*

Put that down. It's not cute; it's just heavy. So. Let's just tear into these notes so I can get back to work bed, shall we? Over in the dorms, Natalie played the piano - I'm sorry I missed that - and Kate stopped by to discuss the absence of pianos in her homeworld. Or at least the lack of piano playing. Considering what you've told me, that doesn't really surprise me. Elphaba actually manages to succesfully run the gauntlet by identifying Natalie as someone who isn't Kate Gregson. Congratulations. I think you get a prize.

Stephanie went outside to enjoy the cold night air, while Luke shoved all of his roommate's things into the closet. People, clean up after yourselves in the future? It's just obnoxious not to.

Anyway, professor Madrox was in his office, where he got a phone call from someone named Jeff. Apparently the squirrels are throwing some kind of half-party, half-terrified-cowering-session up here. I have no idea why, besides that 'monkeys and lesbians' were the topic of conversation.

In town, Quinn enjoyed her new haircut at the hotel. Shira unpacked inventory at the Magic Box, while William enjoyed his tea at Stark Industries. Don't spill anything. Raven and Jono were on a date at Cafe Fina, and it was deemed 'only slightly awkward'. Good work, kids. You'll be moving one grade up the curve yet!

Kitty bummed around the Perk watching people when she was suddenly interrupted by Professor Gardner, who's taking a semester off from teaching you folks to serve drinks at Caritas.

Don't turn into an alcoholic, ex-Professor Gardner; it would be unseemly.

And that was all for yesterday's news! Have a good one.
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Good morning, Fandom, or what's left of you. Today's broadcast is going to be a short one, as most of you have probably run off home by now to spend time with your families.

*loud noise, as if someone is hitting a bunch of cymbals and a drum at the same time*



Thank you.

Anyway, here's what you guys did yesterday: Squall and Rinoa planned to go home, though not without dealing with a few personal issues first--








*clash* *THUMP*



*thunk think thwap blam*

...while elsewhere in town, Shira went merrily down to work--





(The rest of the broadcast is drowned out in a cacophony of noise)
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Hey, folks, good morning, and welcome back to the world of the living. Hope you've been spending the past few days recuperating I haven't from the last few weeks.

Anyway, I'm happy to report our squirrels are doing fine--

*loud chittering*

--and we're here to serve you up another big splat of the news of the day.

News! Get it here! )
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Morning, Fandom.

Now, I'm going to say up front: I wish I had better news to bring you. Something has landed on our island that seems to be out for blood, and today has been marked by some casualties.

I advise everyone to stay within the dorms or their homes and do whatever work they can, and don't answer the doorbell. There are some shifty people around who have been disappearing some of you.

Don't panic. Just keep looking. Maybe one of you can come up with a plan to interrogate one of them.

But now we move on to The news. )

Fandom, stay inside. Do your research. Don't go outside unprepared. We can still stop this, but we need everyone alive to do it, so please don't take stupid risks. We can't handle that right now.

And if you see a gaggle of strange men or women, for the love of god, run.
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*loud and excessive chittering*

Hello, Fandom. I'd like to apologise in advance for the squirrels. They've been hitting the rum a little hard lately, and I think they've started to display some paranoid delusions--


...and apparently now they want praise because they've managed to write 'Apocalypse Now!' on the walls in berry juice. Yeah, I think you're cut off for the night.


I don't care.

Peter Is Totally Okay Radio. )

And that's the way to do it. Keep working, keep playing, keep dreaming. Whenever you have free time, stop by the library. Help us out. Fandom keeps a great deal of knowledge, and there's going to be something in here somewhere.


Squirrels, now you can play me out.

*dramatic music starts playing again*

Thank you, Fandom. Good luck, and good night.

*dramatic music keeps playing as Peter leaves the station*
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Topher: Ow! OW! Why are you GRABBING me? No. No. I DON’T WANNA BE BITTEN. GET OFF. GET AWAY FROM ME. Look, I’ve told you a zillion times, I DON’T KNOW WHERE PETER IS -- okay. FINE. OKAY. STOP IT. I will call him. Okay!? OKAY.


Peter: This is Peter. Topher, what do you want?


Topher: Um. There are some angry squirrels trying to eat my hair! I think they wanna know where you are.

Peter: … So you call me? Now they have my number!

Topher: ...I didn’t want them to EAT MY HAIR, Peter.


Topher: Look, can you just read those? Loudly?

Peter: Topher, no one’s going to eat your hair, because your hair is disgusting.

*pressing of holographic keys*

Topher: Is not.

Peter: No, it definitely is. Anyway, let me take a look at this... Minion )

Topher: ...wait, I’m out of pages. Is it over?

Peter: Yes, it’s over. Thanks for messing up my Thanksgiving already, Brink.

Topher: Anytime! Hey, can I talk to Val?

Peter: … Why?

Topher: I dunno. To say happy Thanksgiving or something? She seemed cool. But, you know. Scary. Also.

Peter: Turn off the radio equipment and we’ll talk.

Topher: Cool! Okay, I’ll --

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Good morning, Fandom. I hope I'm catching you all awake and ready for another school day. If not, grab a cup of coffee, open up your laptops, and enjoy your day off.

Here's the news, as brought to you by WTFH news!

The Day We Brought The News. )

And I think that's all you did today, so have a good one, and check in again tomorrow!
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Good morning, folks! It's time for your Thursday morn' broadcast. I have a--

*sound of baby crying*

--guest here today, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to keep this short. R's a hungry little kid.

*some creaking, then silence*

There we go. Child-fueled radio. )
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Good morning, Fandom! Peter Wiggin here for WTFH radio, bringing you all the news that's not fit to print, so we read it on the air instead. Hold on to your hats, because we've got an exceptionally short stack of notes for you!

The Amazing Small Stack of Notes Says... )
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Hello, folks! This is WTFH radio reporting on everything you did yesterday, great and small. Not a lot of activity in town on a Wednesday, I guess, so let's just get to these notes.

Short radio is short. )
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Good morning, Fandom. I've got a garbled message sitting on my voicemail from your usual host... *pause* ... 'Big Texas Butters' ... about being grounded. Apparently while our squirrels can tag along to Canada, Colorado is just one bridge too far.


Look, I don't like this any more than you do. And put the glitter flags down. I brought a shovel.

Back in the old homestead, Professor Madrox has usurped the school building and is currently redecorating the teacher offices. Professors? You might want to hurry back before matters really get out of hand. Pink fuzzy bunnies, meese and Jello have already been spotted, and it's only a matter of time before things get worse.

Elsewhere, Rapunzel is enjoying the quiet of the dorms - my thoughts are with you - with some cookies and a book. And that's it, because the rest of you were here. Formerly Newfoundland.

And now, cruise news! )

And that's all you did yesterday, folks. Professors? Make sure to call home and check in on Professor Madrox. I think the isolation might be getting to him.
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Hello, Fandom! I have no idea how these squirrels got here, or why one of them is pointing something labeled 'Marantz' at me, but I'm guessing that means we're up for radio today anyway.

So fine. Here's everything you've done on vacation, but first let's start with Fandom news!

Chloe spent the day in the clinic drinking coffee.

...And that's pretty much it. You're all here. )

Right, that's all, and I'll see you all back on Fandom next-- OW-- week. OW. STOP IT, SQUIRRELS. RUN OFF AND GO TELL SKYWALKER TO PUT SOME CLOTHES O-- are you still recording this?


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Morning, folks, and welcome to another WTFH broadcast. I'm sure you're all dying to find out what's been going on with your classmates in the past 24 hours, what with everyone living such fascinating lives.


Yes, of course I am. Now give me the notes.


...not wrapped around an acorn.

Damn, it's hard to get good help around here, isn't it?

And here we go radio! )
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Good morning, folks! I hope you've enjoyed our incident-free week thusfar, because you never know when something's going to come back and bite us in the ass. This is Peter Wiggin for WTFH, telling you all what you've been up to yesterday, inside and out.

Slightly More Upbeat Radio. )
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Morning, folks! This is Peter Wiggin, and I'm back on the air for another semester, pouring through these squirrel notes in search of the truth. Or at least, the few kernels of news actually worth knowing.

But let's not waste time and get started, shall we?

Pretending To Be Cheery Radio. )
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G'morning, Fandom. This is Peter Wiggin, reporting for WTFH and running my second audition of the year. I hope hope hope you'll find this broadcast interesting and informative. Because that's what we're here for.

Ever So Genuine Radio. )
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Morning, folks! I hope you've all got a very good night's rest. It's break week, after all. Who needs a sock hop to party?

Anyway, here's what you did yesterday that the squirrels found fit to print.

Quinn planned out the new school year yesterday, like a smart little camper. Alexander took some time to pack up and get himself ready to bust the hell out of here. Nathan didn't put nearly as much thought into any of it - he was busy poisoning his lungs on the deck. And in news that's sure to bring a smile to everyone's faces, Sam Puckett is no longer a honey badger. And apparently the events that lead up to this have once again horribly traumatised Topher, which means I think he has immunity from getting punched in the face by girls for the day.

But just the day.

A whole string of mourners set up outside Sookie's room, as she was getting ready to leave. Raven is the first one in line for a teary goodbye. Emma is next, though she comes bearing promises of orgies. You have to give it to her, the girl knows a party. Bobby the I'm-taking-he's-the-boyfriend offers Sookie some goodbye snuggles, while Karla supplied the goodbye pouting. Thanks, Karls. Simon offers his big sib a goodbye, and Rinoa just wants to make sure Sookie sticks to this place like rubber.

Professor Columbus Ohio tried to escape the island yesterday morning, with failure as his only result. Ow. I'm sorry, professor, that's got to sting. Elsewhere, Professor Ghanima discusses the pregnancy of someone called Alice with someone called Leto. I don't know who these people are, but it sounds a little talkshow-y already. Then Leto reassured Alice right after - which is slightly more touchy-feely, so maybe we should just leave those kids to their private lives. On the causeway, Karla got her boyfriend a minivan for their anniversary. Wow, sis, you sure know how to make a man happy. Minivans are the manly man's choice in transportation. You're a lucky man, Warren.

*brief silence, snickering in the background*

...In working news, Butters is working on what I presume is his very own tinfoil hat. Nice going, Butters, buddy. Angelica was early at the Gig, while Alex Russo bustled through her last shift. Victor tried to go through his summer vegetable collection before summer takes a hike into the sunset, and Momoko was also hard at work during her very last shift.

Jake got horse feed at Caritas, and I suddenly feel a lot less confident about their mixed drinks. Across town, Jack Sparrow had a half-off-for-graduates special going on, which Sookie took advantage of. Then Jessica took advantage of Sookie.

The chance to talk to Sookie.

Finally, Sookie made her last goodbye visit to Eric, owner of that fine establishment. I'm sure it was emotional.

And speaking of emotional, that's the end of today's broadcast. I hope you have a good time today, and don't feel afraid to let those tears flow.
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Good morning, Fandom, and welcome back to your Tuesday morning broadcast. WTFH has plenty of news for you, and I'm the man to bring it.

*angry chittering*

There's a bottle of rum by the door. I wonder who's going to get to it first...

*... frantic chittering and feet hitting the floor*

There we go.


Professor Hermione talked about the difference between protesting and boycotting, and the class discussed whether either would work. They can, actually, but you'd have to be politically savvy enough to understand when to use one or the other. Professors Alistair and Morrigan discussed the importance of dressing appropriately. That involved discussing why they wore the things they did, as well as making an outfit themselves. I'm sure it was very educational; I know Kate and Mercy were all about the comfortable and practical.

Sounds like someone needs to start their own fashion magazine.

In Winter Sports class, people had their choice of curling, movies about curling, or curling while watching movies about curling. Say about Professor Bond what you will, but he keeps life interesting and encourages the creative process.

Professor Rogers was all about the homemade pizza yesterday. I couldn't complain. And William didn't spend a lot of time in the library, for a change - he came in, then tore out like a bat out of hell.

Wonder what he's up to.


Kate Daniels wasn't so fond of the phone call she got yesterday. In more adorable bleugh news, Momoko and Spock dealt with a cat and a dog eating some shoes in their room.

*angry chittering*

Excuse me, 'a kitty and a puppy nomming on some shoes'. I know, verbiage is important.

Dearest Kenzi was apparently a raccoon last week, but now she isn't. Good work, Kenz. Miley turned up to aid the helpless Kenzi with her clothes-problems, and Kenz also gets some rescuing help from the dashing Roy. Toby just kind of stares. Rude, kid. Then he takes some time to introduce himself to Roy.


Momoko was almost late to Cabot and Associates, but she managed to dash in just across the finish line. Alex Russo had quiet time at the Magic Box, and Angelica looked after her horses.

And that's pretty much all for town news, and news in general. Have a good day, Fandom. Make it count.

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Hello, Fandom. I'm hoping everyone's patched up and back on the horse after what happened last week. Remember that it could have been a tragedy, but it wasn't. Many of you worked tirelessly to avert what could have been, and I think I speak for most when I say thank you.

I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't done as you did. I certainly wouldn't be talking to you right now.

It seems almost banal to return to the store-openings and classes of our regular schedule. But maybe it's time for life to return to normal in earnest.

This is what we call 'Locke Radio'. )
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Good morning, Fandom. I hope none of you folks have gone near that rock the administration's warning us about - sounds like trouble to me.

But I don't see any point in dwelling on it right now. Life goes on, and it went on yesterday, listeners, so we've got a whole new pack of news up here just for your benefit.

Slightly Depressed Radio. )

And that's it for yesterday's news. People of Fandom, stay away from the campgrounds. I'm positive the administration isn't kidding.
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Peter: Is it just me, or did yesterday feel just a little... empty? No?

Must be imagining things. Oh well. Here's what you did yesterday. I know you're all very excited.

Professors Morrigan and Alistair made everyone run for their lives in class. Just in case you felt you were missing out, not taking Professor Gardner's PE class, right? So: plenty of running, followed by some mild resting. Likewise, cooking class kept things nice and simple with a movie.

In personal news, Seifer read a history book in his alcove, and Kate, Queen of the Third Floor, wallowed. No doubt because of the cabins thing.

And in town, Angelica cleaned up the Gig, Momoko tackled the new files, Alex warmed the shop with her powers - useful - and my buddy Butters kept things on the downlow. That's the slang, right? Oh yeah. And finally, our good boss Mister Sparrow argued with the DJ. Sounds like it got rough, ouch, boss.

[Posted for Peter because LJ hates the Dutch. True story.]
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Good morning, everybody! Hope you all had a good, nice, non-traumatic, productive weekend! I sure did. Looks like you might be sleeping off your hangovers, though, 'cause this stack of notes is pretty small. Oh well. Can't have a prize-winner every day, right?

Very Earnest Radio, Rly )

For the love of God, squirrels, your team won! You can be a little more-- *kzzzt*


She's taking her time making up the reasons, to justify all the hurt inside...
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Hey there, Fandom! I hope you've all snapped back to your normal selves-- *thwock* --as the squirrels certainly have, because it's been one rollicking weekend, hasn't it?

*dead silence*

But nevermind. We've got info on what you guys have been doing all day yesterday, and I'm sure you're dying to hear it. )
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Good morning, Fandom. It's a bright new day, and we've collected quite the bright share of-- *thwock* ow --notes for you. Haven't we, squirrels, who need my eyes and who seem to have mistaken me for a pirate?



It's a Not-Pirate Radio! )
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Good morning, students! I'd like to thank you all for voting me into this position-- ow-- and I hope to acclimatize to our hard-working staff-- OW!-- as soon as possible. I know we all appreciate their-- CUT IT OUT-- input and dedication to the craft of kidnapping people news-gathering.


No, seriously, do that one more time and we're done here.


I'm looking at you. Ahem. Sorry for that interruption, everyone. Hopefully it won't turn into a regular problem. Everyone needs some time to get used to each other, am I right? Good.

So here's everything you did yesterday. Within reason, of course.

Way Too Smug Radio. )

Anyway, that was all the news fit for the airwaves! Thanks again for voting me in -- you won't regret it. Have a good one!

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