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People! Some of you know me, and that makes you cool. For the rest of you, this is Jaye Tyler. I rename people, I make fun of you and I tell everyone what you're doing. It's kind of my thing. So here, let's grab this stack of notes that thank god isn't as bad as what was happening yesterday and get to it.

First of all, there were zombie gremlins. That actually happened. This is a thing we all dealt with.

and to think, this was the quieter day )
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Well, good morning, I guess. This is Jaye from Niagara Falls, coming to you because the squirrels I think decided to go on some kind of bender to NYC for New Year's and ended up at my place with a stack of notes. Because it's not like I have to get to work in time to sell overpriced souvenirs to people who thought it'd be a good idea to go to waterfalls in late December.

Okay I totally have to do that but I don't care, so.

You have no school, so enjoy that while you can, but in the dorms, Mercy had NYE countdown TV happening in the fifth floor common room, where Raven came by to talk about time travel and how awesome Fandom is. And on the roof of emo, there was actually not a ton of emo as Flick teased Raleigh about being a good guy and they talked about how dead the island is during the holidays. Yeah, that happens. Then the new kids come in and you regret saying that.

In town I'm sure there was some big party-


Oh, no party, meaning I won't be too late to work. Where I won't be doing any actual work, mind you, because I am hungover, but Evan did do some work yesterday and put the classics on display at Book Haven, Eponine took down Christmas stuff at the post office to put up calendars, and Jono was back at the Boards and playing the Doors. I mean, you know they suck, right? Just checking. Dracula- ...really?- Okay, sure, fine, you have a Dracula on the island okay. He was a little freaked by Jono's new look, and Kenzi brought coffee except he can't really drink it anymore, oops. And Hannibal offered to help him readjust in a friendly-but-not-shrinklike way.

And that's all I've got, so now I have to go... Squirrels, you have to go, too. No no no don't make yourself comfortable! You have to get out and go home. Go home. Go-

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*sound of knocking*

I'm coming, I'm coming! I-

*sound of door opening*

...How the hell do you stalkers know where I live?


Hey, I will have you know my trailer is very nice, considering... it's a trailer. Did you hike here from Fandom? Are you... Are you broadcasting me right now?


Oh my god, fine. Just come in before my neighbors see me talking to squirrels like we're friends.

*worried chittering*

Are we friends? Uh, sure, I guess, why not. Just give me those notes. So, anyway, hi Fandom, town that I've apparently been talking to for like two minutes. I was supposed to be getting ready for yearly Thanksgiving hell, but noooo...kay I just found a bright side to filling in for radio while regular girl is... somewhere.


had to )
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Well, Fandom, this is Jaye, here with my last broadcast for a while-

*sound of a walnut hitting a forehead*

Thanks, guys. Tonight's my last shift at Caritas, so if you come in, you get a free drink! Because I don't care and my boss isn't here!

Anyway, classes are out so there's not much going on at school, aside from Anakin hanging in his office and finding out he's a grandfather. Again. Or for real. Or something. Mazel tov? Jaina congratulated him but that's weird since it was her who was born, and anyway Anakin's midlife crisis is more interesting.

And then in town, Kenzi was at Luke's, comforting herself over her living situation with ice cream, and Clint was worried and shirtless while working out at the gym. One of those things is a better mental image than the other. I'll let you guess which one. Natalie came by to start off her goodbyes, and Kitty texted him back regarding some pictures she was sent. Victor ignored some mysterious humming from the ducts at Stark Industries, though it wasn't reported that he was murdered by anything creepy, so. Good. And at the Devil's Nest, Derek was too busy frowning at his phone to care about the DJ. Or about Buffy coming to yell at him about reorganizing the booze. Sorry, everyone, no fight.

That's it for me, guys. Feel free to be mean to... I should probably figure out who's following me, huh? Well, I should be off to, you know, do that. Till next time!
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*dead air*

Um, hey, I've just been busy, uh. Staring at the squirrels. They have a lot of tiny shot glasses around and I'm not sure why and they're not sharing. Details or the rum.

I'm just gonna go ahead and read these notes then...

idk okay )
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-Okay, I'm coming, I'm coming. Though I don't know why I'm here. It's only Wednesday.


...No, it's not. It's totally Wednesday.


Where's whatshername, the unwed mother girl?


So this is Jaye Tyler, and apparently it's Friday and I have no idea what's going on, so I'm going to read some notes, go home, go back to bed, and start the day off all over again.

post-rifftrax radio! )
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Welcome to Thursday, people of Fandom.

What, you thought you were getting something interesting here? No. You thought wrong.

radioooo )
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So, it's Jaye, alone and without the aid of a screechy girl who's trying to control everybody's lives. And behalf of myself and WTFH, I just want to say... I didn't know the radio signals could do that, I have zero liability in this, and you can't prove that I'm responsible.

and with that disclaimer... )
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Jaye: Well, it's Wednesday, and I'm back again. Have fun with that, Fandom. I'd have been here last week, but there was this whole funeral thing, and-

*sound of a door opening, followed by shrieking*


Jaye: If I say no, will you please stop screaming?


Jaye: Uh. Thank you? Who are you?

Megan: I'm Megan. I'm one of your BIGGEST. FANS. Seriously. I campaigned for them to bring you back for like a whole year. Though I think they've kind of wasted you since then. You really should argue for more screen time. You're totally worth it.

Jaye: ...And I'm here with a crazy person who's even crazier than me. Okay then. Is it too early to fire today?



Jaye: Don't show off for her, what is wrong with you?


Jaye: That's cute and all, but I kind of have a radio to do-

Megan: I'm right here! I can totally help. Those classic old school multi-person radios really were the best. There was the one where you were drunk so Aeryn and Hermione had to keep hitting you-

Jaye: I don't remember that.

Megan: You probably wouldn't. *sound of notes shuffling* Let's start with school!

Jaye: I didn't say you could-

the screechiest radio you ever did hear )
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Happy Tuesday, Fandom and Fandomites. This is Jaye. Usually you get the guy with the arms, but today we're switching it up a little. I'm the one who'll mess up your names and make fun of you. Nice to meet you too.

and now i finish cleaning! )
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Happy Fourth of July, everybody. This is Ja-


Jesus! Did you bring firecrackers into the radio station?



No! No, you take those outside. At least till after the broadcast, what the hell.

*angry chittering* *door slamming*

Yeah, it's that kinda day.

i guarantee that is how my neighbors will wake me up btw )
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This is Jaye, and it really is Thursday again. I know the last radio totally throw my whole week off, and I hope it did yours too, because I don't really want to be alone in that one.

Anyway, these notes aren't going to read themselves.

*long pause*

Sorry, it's Fandom. I just had to make sure thses notes weren't actually going to read themselves.

radio! )
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Welcome to morning, Fandom. This is Jaye, and it's Friday, so basically I'm here to confuse your whole day. You're welcome.

gotta get down on friday )
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Hey, Fandom. It's Thursday, it's Jaye, and in case you needed reminding, yes there are still a bunch of teenagers living in bouncy castles. Hopefully that made the day a light brighter for of non-teens.


radio! )
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And it's Thursday again, apparently. Thanks to... that girl for taking over last week. There was a whole thing, with a runaway car and a teddy bear... You don't really want to know. Anyway...

now with less cursing )
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So that was a nice week off. Hey, there, Fandom. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Jaye. That girl who talks to her purse and makes fun of you on radio. You get used to it.

Notes, yes? Yes.

yes. )
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So this still doesn't look like a ton of notes. I probably shouldn't complain, since this happens every semester and next week people will do things like take an interest in classes and meeting new people.

But sometimes you like to complain.

Over at the school, Bo found her office redecorated with balloon weapons, and Kenzi came by to check the reaction. Because that's the natural response, sure.

At the dorms, Karolina was packing for a trip home, with her explaining to Liara that she's going to LA for the weekend, and Jim offered to come along but Karolina said she'd be back next week. So no trip for Jim.

In town, Victor spent his Stark Industries shift designing software and zapping orange slices... okay, and at the Perk, Kaidan had coffee and paperwork. He met Dean and talked about dungeons, injuries and classes they're teaching before Dean got his vent all over. ...Not dirty. The hugwolf- I mean Derek- was doing inventory at the Devil's Nest, but of course Stiles had to come to tease, and end up in a discussion about hugging stamina. And then Kitty texted Derek and somehow ended up with photographic evidence of the hugwolf just in time for her date night with Clint. ...Anyone want to forward those to me? Doesn't hurt to ask, right?

Till next week, when the newbies have invaded!
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It's break week, it's early, and I'm here. How much am I getting paid for this? Oh, right, I'm not. And I'm the boss. You know what, I'm going back to bed and we'll get to this in an hour or six-


Or fine, we'll do it now. God.

and lo, there was radio )
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Happy finals week, Fandom. Don't worry, you get a summer vacation of like a whole two weeks before you're back to class again.

Of your like four classes in one whole week, tops. What I'm saying is, remember that when you start trying to bitch about it.

i'm tired radio )
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Welcome to Wednesday, returned and always-here residents of Fandom. Don't go disappearing like that again. It's like the start of a scary movie. I don't like it.


Yeah, I know they have better reasons- Just give me the notes.

radio! )
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Hey, Fandom. All, like, two of you who are left in it. Let's get to some notes.

In school, nothing happened because all of Wednesday's teachers seem to be missing.

In the dorms, Kenzi hung in the lobby to see who was missing. The answer: everyone.

In the town, nothing happened because everyone's gone.

I would like to posit some theories that I've come up with after a long history of reading the Weekly World News. (Batboy lives.) First, everyone has been kidnapped by aliens and is being probed as we speak. Keep on the lookout for crop circles. Second, we're in that Stephen King story, the one where everyone who was sleeping on the plane is still around and everyone else in the world disappeared, and there were those big meatball things chasing them. If you see big meatball things, option two is the best bet. Third, they got up and left the rest of us here as a practical joke and that makes them total bastards. Fourth-

*sound of walnut hitting a forehead*

Well at least the squirrels aren't gone. I say if no one comes back by the end of the day, we all kidnap people from the mainland here to be our new friends. Deal, three people I'm talking to?
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This week is weird. We've all noticed that this week is really weird, right? And now I get to read notes about everyone I know having sex and broadcasting it to the whole island?

Yeah, this week is weird.

i feel like this got a little out of hand in places )
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Hey, guys. Everyone back to lying like normal today? I have to say, I didn't get hit with it, but everyone else did, so yesterday was pretty much my best birthday ever.


who's got a truth hangover? )
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-ow, ow, ow, the studio should be free space! You can't pelt me with nuts the entire time I'm here- OW. Don't you have a picket line to work?


Hello, listening audience. It's actually really bad that this is all getting recorded because I'm pretty sure I may commit murder by the time this is over. So, to recap, the rum's gone, it's not my fault, and... and there's a teal deer in the radio station. YOU DON'T HAVE TO RECAP ME DOING THIS.

You know what? You know what. I'm just gonna read these notes-

*sound of a walnut hitting a forehead*

la )

[Strike over! Play with it as you will, but the deer and Japanese squirrels can start being replaced by their regular counterparts now. Thank you all for playing!!]
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*mass chittering-*

...Uh, I guess I just interrupted a powwow here?

*secretive chittering*

Okay... I'm just going to pretend you guys aren't up to something and just get these notes over with.

here be radio )


Okay, okay, slow down. All I hear is a record on fast forward when you talk like that.

*angry. chittering.*

Look, it's not my fault there's no rum. It's someone off island being stupid, or something.

*firm, angry chittering*

I mean, I can pay you guys in nuts or something, I guess. You still like nuts, right?

*firm, angry chittering*

What do you mean, you're striking? You can't strike! You're rodents!

*massive chittering that sounds a lot like chanting "STRIKE!"*

Uh. Breaking news, the squirrels are on strike. I don't even know anymore.
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Good morning from somewhere not Turkey. Which I'm kind of okay with, since that trip didn't go so great for me. On a related note, I should thank that girl that gives people heart attacks by walking through walls but she was really kind of slow to get me out of that rowboat, so...


Fine, you thank her.



and then radio happened )
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Kitty: Uh, hi, Fandom and Fandom-on-vacation. This is Kitty Pryde, who got dragged out here by squirrels super early because obviously I needed some kind of payback for sleeping in and being nice and comfy while my boyfriend was doing this yesterday. Well I'm sorry, it's vacation.

Anyway, no idea where your regular girl is, but apparently we're broadcasting from breakfast aboard the Hydra today!

blame nick )
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It's Thursday, it's Jaye, and the week is almost over. Next week I'll be broadcasting from... You know, I don't even know where we're going. I just know that if someone says 'Here's a free trip!' you should take it.

Unless it's to like Tijuana or Bangkok or something, in which case you'll probably end up a drug mule so be careful there. The more you know.

la la la )
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It's Thursday. It's Valentine's Day. Take your pick of which one you're going to celebrate, I'll still read notes like normal anyway.


Why are you looking at me like you're sad? Don't tell me you're the one of those people all depressed over not having someone.


You're sad for me? I'm fine being single.

*squirrelly sigh*

I am not just saying that. Am I really getting pressure to find someone from a woodland creature? It's not like you have anyone either.

*slightly more girly chittering*

Oh. Okay, that is a little depressing.

i got a cookie as a reward for finishing this )</>
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Hey, everyone. It's Thursday, so this is Jaye, and-

*panicked chittering*


*panicked chittering*

You can ask me to pour if you don't want to! It's not like you can't do it anyway. I mean, you're drunk without me like, all the time! Okay. Okay, we're going to have to take some drastic measures. I'll just go ahead and break this bottle-


Dude, your friend has his head in a rum bottle! We might have to waste a little bit of it to get him out.

*firm, outraged chittering*

Okay, fine. Get me some butter. I'll read notes while you're doing that.

i don't even know, you guys )
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Hi, it's Jaye and it's Thursday. In related news, I don't want to be here this morning so let's just get this over with.


I'm the boss and I can skip a funny intro if I want to.


Me being the boss is not funny, shut up. ...Okay, maybe a little.

method radio! )
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Happy Wednesday, Fandom. I guess you all su-


Right, different day. You know what, we're just gonna call it Wednesday. It'll feel better when tomorrow's Friday. Like a surprise.

And now that I lost my train of thought, why don't we note things.

like so )
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Well, it's Thursday, which means it's not my usual day but it's when you get me anyway. Hello, new kids. I'm Jaye, and I'll be mocking you every week.

And who are you and what have you done with this town? I have actual notes. Let's get to them, shall we? I want to get to making up names for people.

new semester radio! )
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Well, I guess happy new year and stuff. You notice how we always say that and the next year doesn't really end up being any different from the last one? So why do we always say it's happy?

On that happy note, let's get to the first radio of the new year-


Well, yeah, Jono got it yesterday but these are the first 2013 notes so it's... You know what, never mind.

In the dorms, Alec took over the fourth floor common room with cereal and TV- I did that too, but it apparently wasn't noteworthy. And I was still in my pajamas when I did it. And it was one pm and I was hungover and had just woken up. So there.

Then because it's break and things are quiet then, we can move on to town. At 33 Apocalypse, Kaidan got the news that he can do more military things. That doesn't sound like any fun to me, but the squirrels think it does. Sam was braving the cold to skateboard around the boardwalk, because screw frostbite, and Bruce was still in town for the day, so he hung out at the Perk with a newspaper. Don't read the news, it's all bad. And about that fiscal cliff thing.

Over at the bars, Kitty was handing out the first drink free at Caritas, which brought Coulson in to talk about his New Year's and his divorce from his last job. You heard me. And over at the Devil's Nest, a hungover Max was offering deals on drinks in exchange for embarrassing stories. What makes me sad about that is that it doesn't seem like it worked.

That's all for me this week. Enjoy the quiet now. It's only a few days till the new kids make this place a madhouse.
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Uhh, hey, Fandom. Merry belated Christmas and I guess the squirrels took a day off, or maybe everyone went off the island for the holidays. Because I'm sure you all did things, like open presents and drink nog of assorted varieties, and probably ate a ton of food because you don't have to worry about bikinis for months still, but I don't have any information about it.

So instead, let's continue the festivities with a holiday favorite.

*cue a solid hour of The Yule Log*

[Because this is what you do when all the posts happen off island.]
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Jaye: Okay, I'm confused. I know it's break week, but we're not usually this quiet. I hardly have any notes.

Squirrels: Baaaaaa.

Jaye: ...The hell? I'm just going to go through these, and then maybe you can find the rest of the notes while I'm talking. Aaaaand it looks like all we have is in town. Over at Mooby Land, Jono and Max got bitten by gremlins and then traisped through town thinking they were... bears. Wearing Chicago Bears jerseys and grunting. And I missed this?

At the Perk, Jackson got glared at by Derek, and then Jackson got some weird nosebleed and they freaked. That's some powerful glare you've got there, Derek. At Demon Marcus, Hanna was happy to get a Coke from a polar bear to keep her caffeinated, while Kitty was weirded out by soda-delivering bears at Caritas. And Korra let her polar bear dog.... okay, yes, all those words do seem to be together on purpose. Anyway, she let it play with the polar bear, because why not.

How are we doing on those actual regular notes?

Squirrels: Baaaaaaaaa!

Jaye: Oh my god, where did you get that sock? Don't eat it! You're not goats!

Squirrels: Baaaaa?

Jaye: No, I don't want to taste the sock. This is probably the weirdest radio I've ever done, so consider yourself lucky I'm not gonna keep asking for more notes. Next week will be normal. Maybe.
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This is Jaye, and welcome to Wednesday. You're almost off school, kids and teachers, just keep remembering that. People who just live in town... sucks to be you.

50's haven't hit your broadcaster yet radio! )
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-and I hope you know that my dad's going to be wondering forever why there was a squirrel coming out of his liquor cabinet! And it's not even noon!

Oh, look, red blinking light. We're already on, great. So, hey, Fandom, this is Jaye, coming to you from scenic Niagara Falls where I'm trapped in holiday hell and now my dad probably think he's hallucinating because AA doesn't exist for squirrels yet. And of course I just had to follow the squirrel into my room where there's radio equipment, so guess what, I'm going to get to be the crazy one this year.


Shut up.

So, whatever, notes. There wasn't any school today because every once in a while we do pretend we're normal, so let's skip right to dorms where Hanna saved her Black Friday shopping for the computer like a smart girl. I was forced into the melee. Don't ask, butI saved a baby, got someone an LOL Elmo and earned a few bruises for my work.

Sia was trying to learn the meaning of Christmas from Lifetime movies, and Iiiiiii'm gonna guess she's not from these parts. Jessica set her straight and explained Black Friday, because those things are a little interlinked now, huh?

Then over in town, Kaidan hid under the covers at his house till he got a call to leave. I'd probably stay under the covers, to be honest. Millie was packing up Book Haven before taking off from town for good. Fare thee well... Is that a thing people say? I think I saw it in a movie once. And Alec settled in at Wellspring Arms with a book, because people aren't really in a mad rush to buy weapons from a place that won't sell them to you anyway, imagine that. He did get Alice coming in to meet her fellow coworker, though.

Mercy went over to Ink and Holes to get a new tattoo, but she had Yeul and Cade along to hold her hand. Afterwards Cade headed over to Caritas, where Mike gave him a discount for not endorsing bad life decisions. Does he have to pay back that discounted amount when Mercy decides this was a horrible idea years down the line? And at the Devil's Nest, Allie learned about the hell of Black Friday from a black-eyed Tiny, and Kaidan came to check in before leaving on his mission and Allie and Alice bonded over coming from horrible, horrible places.

Okay, that's it, now I need you out of my bedroom, squirrel.


*door opening*

NO! NO! THROUGH THE WINDOW- Don't even ask me how he opened the door-

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It's Wednesday, and this is Jaye. Which means that tomorrow... *sigh* Look, if someone could just like, knock me in the knee with a tire iron or something so I miss my portal today, you'd get my undying gratitude. And probably a lawsuit for my medical bills, but don't let that stop you.

let me put down my phone long enough to radio )
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Wednesday again? How did this happen? There's no one here who can mess with time, is there, because if so I need to talk to you.


No, I'm not still hung over from last week. Shut up.


You so were not just trying to be nice.

radio yay! )
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It's Wednesday, this is Jaye, and I am extremely hungover. I come from a family full of Republicans. Let's just leave it at that. You know what, stuff happened. Ask your friends.


*grooooooan* Fine. But I'm not gonna be enthusiastic about it.

tipsy radio! )
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Happy Halloween, Fandom! This is Jaye, and I'm apparently planning on spending my day living only on fun size candy bars and suckers.

And before you ask, yes, the squirrels are stealing anything with nuts in them. Thieves.

spooky scary )
[personal profile] fates_jaye
Happy Wednesday.


Yes, that's my whole opening.


No, I don't need more than that. They hear me every week. They know the drill.

my head hurts )
[personal profile] fates_jaye

I know, I know, I miss vacation, too.


Oh, wait, no. I don't miss Africa, I miss vacation. There's a clear difference. So. Notes. Reading. Right.

that is how radio works, yes )
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Oh my god, will you shut up I am on vacation and oh look the red light is on which means we've live! Good thing there's probably no one hearing this, right? Because everyone's in Africa.

I see we have a few new people around town today so let me take a minute to gloat. I mean, fill you in: we're in Africa and you're not...

bless the rains down in africa )
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It's Wednesday, I don't have any family members in town, let's do this.


What's that? Your aunt's still in town? ...Well it sucks to be you.

here, have some jaye-dio )
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And now we're back to normal. It's Jaye on a Wednesday and all is good in the world again.

This stack of notes isn't very big, but I think that's about normal. Everyone's hiding in preparation for the hell on Earth that is a ton of family members descending on the populace like zombies or rabid monkeys or something.


Yeah, sure, just pour it in my coffee and we'll pretend it's socially acceptable.


In Combat there was sparring, and... something about hair on fire and Snoopy dancing. Typical Fandom class. After class Cade stopped by to warn Jaina that his uncle would probably recognize her. No pressure or anything. Mad Science and you discussed whether discussed whether or not they should use massive chemical weapons. NO. The answer is NO. Ethics also went... ethical, talking about how if something's really popular, does that make it okay to do. Like people getting fed to lions and stuff. The answer is no... unless it's entertaining. Which is probably why it's popular.

And Pajama Club decided they can tell their parents this is a service organization. Called the Pajama Club. That'll totally work.


Dorms were boring again, so over at Stark Industries, Victor was brooding with country music. My first thought is to wonder if someone got broken up with. He said it was all JARVIS' fault when Olive came in, ad then they talked about Parents Weekend. Shhhh. I've decided if we stop talking about it, we can pretend it's not happening. Hanna was kind of paranoid over at Demon Marcus, and at Caritas, Kitty was experimenting with whipped cream vodka. Both acceptable ways to deal with... the upcoming... things we're not talking about.

And that's all the notes. Godspeed, Fandom, and good luck.
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It's Saturday, and this is Jaye. Yes, we're just straight up messing with you this week. It's fun for us.

There's not much going on, so I should breeze through this quick and let you all get back to your... whatever's going on today.

saturday jaye-dio! )
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It's Wednesday, I'm Jaye, and as of right this second I don't think there's anything weird going on. Then congratulations, Fandom, you're doing better than you were a week ago!

i have had a headache for two days )
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"Sorry to interrupt your day of fun girlparts you didn't know you had before, but the votes have been tallied, and if you're Rilla Blythe, GLaDOS- which is the worst spelling I've ever seen for that name, your parents should be jailed- Loki Laufeyson and Alex Aaron, Olive Penderghast, Jono Starsmore, Yakko Warner or me, congratulations, you'll be broadcasting radio for the fall semester. And thanks to all the voters who meant I had to recount like fourteen times because it was just that close. Yeah. Thanks a lot.

"We now return you to your regularly scheduled girliness."

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