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*The broadcast begins with the opening to The Final Countdown. After a minute of introduction, a voice finally comes over the airwaves.*

Female Voice: And now, coming to you on WTFH Radio, a Reporter Named GOB!

GOB: Okay, here's your extra fifty bucks, get out of here.

Hello, Fandom! I got a bunch of notes faxed over with a note saying that the guy who was doing the Sunday broadcasts was gone, so they needed a pinch hitter to call in and do the show from home. And if there's one thing I love doing, it's stepping in and having a bunch of people listen to me, so I'm doing it.

So let's get right to it, because there's a lot of notes here with a lot of names I don't recognize and won't remember.

Whenever the phone rings, it's his cell. He's calling on a landline. Welcome to Recurring Gag I Didn't Realize Had A Flaw Until the Sixth Time I Used It Radio! )
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BECKY: Hi, people, this is Becky and I get to bring you the news again. Isn't this fun?

GOB: Tons. Hey, kids, this is GOB Bluth. Why didn't any of you take my workshop?

BECKY: Oh my God, let it go. Seriously. I mean, just because my workshop is almost full and yours only had two people is no reason to pout.

GOB: I'm not pouting.

BECKY: You're sulking.

GOB: And drinking. Remember, if you're ever thirsty while sulking, come to Caritas, the best bar in town!

BECKY: Drinking is good! Everyone should drink more. Unless you're underage, I guess, since I'm supposed to be responsible or something. Um. Just say no, kids?

GOB: See, kids? You've learned something. Which you could have been doing in my workshop.

So, a former hooker and an illusionist bar owner walk into a radio station.... )

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