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John: Seriously? This is how they kidnap you?

Jaina: No mocking. Besides, it's not really kidnapping, it's more like coercion.

John: Yeah, I'm still gonna mock.

Jaina: *papers rustling* No, you're going to do something else )

[Much thanks to [ profile] missed_the_gate for the assist!]
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People, aliens, friends of Fandom - welcome! It's break up week on the island and I was texted a picture of an eye and told to be here tonight to meet my next bad romance. *chittering explanations* Sorry, still not up on my rodent. But I'm getting that it was a ruse - that's a hoax or deception for those out there in need of a thesaurus.

Anyhow, I'm John of the Sheppard variety and this is your news. )
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Well, it seems you get a second night of John Sheppard, Fandom. Aren't you lucky? Me, not so much, since I'm still living it up in the cabins. Don't worry kids, I won't hold you accountable in my class. So, let's do this thing.

Neeeeews )
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Hey Fandom, John Sheppard here totally of my own free will. I say this because there was a whole thing back in the day about being kidnapped by squirrels which I was not. *chittering* Sorry, I don't speak rodent, you'll have to write that down if you want me to interact beyond this cut tag. )
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Welcome Back, Fandom! It's Toby with your shirtless but still warm Wednesday radio broadcast!

*door slamming*

Lucas: You know, it'd be nice to be back for a day before the squirrels start stealing my shirt and dragging me in here.

Toby: Oh great, like I wanna hang out all night with you, boyfriend stealer!

Lucas: Look, I didn't steal anyone! There's not even any dating of any kind happening and I'm more than willing to leave.

Toby: Whatever, dude. If you're here, you're reading notes.

Lucas: Fine. What's first? *papers rustling*

This is what happens when I am exhausted )

*radio silence*

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