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Aly: "Before we start tonight, I have a very important announcement..."

Deadpool: "No she doesn't. She's been drinking. A lot."

Arashi: "Aly, you wouldn't!!!"

Aly: "My two cohosts have something to celebrate with all of you. My friends of Fandom, please congratulate your fine teachers on their marriage."

Deadpool: "Aly, you really need to stop drinking. And lay off the illegal drugs. It's scaring us now."

It's been swell, but the swellin's gone down )

[OOC: Thanks to you all for letting me recap for you over this past school year. It's been a blast!]
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Deadpool: "How exactly these squirrels found us, I'll never know. Hello Fandom! ...is this thing even working right?"

Aly: "I think they were following us the whole time. In tiny cars driving between your car's tires."

Arashi: "I dunno, there were those ground squirrels earlier.... Anyway! This is coming to you live from the Grand Canyon! Sorry there's no echo."

Graaaaaand Canaaaanyoooooon! )
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Faithful: "For the last time, good evening Fandom!"

Aly: "Because by next week, our friend will be back home. Are you looking forward to it?"

Faithful: "Yes, absolutely. No more crazy students or events, no more people willing to give me large amounts of good food, and no more television. Of course I'm looking forward to going home."

Aly: "Good to know you're looking forward to your leaving just as much as I am."

Faithful: "Oh yes. So what happened on this island today?"

Aly: "There was a party on a cruise ship."

Faithful: "Why wasn't I invited?"

Aly: "Because you aren't a teacher."

Faithful: "Harumph!"

Aly: "But there was probably some other stuff going on. Let's check the notes."

I've got nothing, you? )
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Aly: "Hi everybody! So this Aly and this black cat totally dragged me into the radio station because apparently everyone wants to hear from me. So hi!"

Faithful: "This is Faithful. Apparently, I'm as insane as my owner and decided to drag a total stranger to do radio with me."

Aly: "You're really cute though. For a cat. Are you sure you're not a demon?"

Faithful: "...Positive. Where are you from again?"

Aly: "LA."

Faithful: "LA...LA...LA." *snort* "That explains a lot."

Aly: *LONG pause* "What exactly are you implying?"

Faithful: "You know? Even I'm not that sure." *another long pause* "So who exactly did you grow up with?"

Aly: "Angel and Logan. Nosy like a cat too. Come on now, how do we do this? I went to this school, but only nerds did radio." *pause* "Umm, I mean..."

Faithful: "I'm going to pretend you didn't say that. Just read the pretty notes the squirrels left you and make up random stuff about people."

Today, in Fandom, the world turned orange. )

Aly: "Mmm, sugar. I could use more sugar. It'd be fun." *flips through notes* "Wait, we're done? Yes! Okay, crazy people of Fandom, you're all nuts. Cute boys? Look me up."

Faithful: "Room 326. Alcohol. Brain bleach. Shrimp."

Aly: "That's the cat. Not me. Just to be clear."

Faithful: "Exactly. Night Fandom!"

Aly: "Don't let the bedbugs bite! Or the gnarl demons, ick."
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Faithful: "Evening Fandom!"

Aly: "Friday evening even. Which makes it the weekend before finals."

Faithful: "Mwahahahaha!"

Aly: *laughing* "Those are the laughs of person and cat who don't have to take them."

Faithful: "We mock you. Hear us mock."

Aly: "Mockity, mock, mock. Should we read the notes or is the mocking enough?"

Faithful: "Can we just mock? I like mocking."

Aly: "Could mock the notes."

And lo, in the west, the mockery appeared. )
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Faithful: "Good evening. This is just a reminder that WTFH is a serious newstation that only announces serious news."

Aly: "Evening all. This is just a reminder that Faithful's apparently on crack."

Faithful: "I do not do crack. I'm a cat. It would kill me, and I'm too pretty to die."

Aly: "Mmm, I love the smell of hubris in the evening."

Faithful: "Like chicken. No, wait, that's taste. Can I have some chicken? I don't think I've had any in a while."

Aly: "Maybe when we're done, I'll get you some chicken."

Faithful: "So let's get started! We'll get done quicker and I'll get chicken quicker. I hope nothing happened today."

Aly: *laughter* "Honey, you missed out."

Faithful: "Did you just call me honey?"

Aly: "Clean your ears out."

Faithful: "...Who are you and what have you done with Aly?"

Aly: "What, does it annoy you?"

Fandom High. We know drama. )
Faithful: "..."

Aly: "What? Time for you to earn your chicken."

Faithful: "I get my chicken now?"

Aly: "It's not chicken from a student."

Faithful: "But is it chicken?"

Aly: "Yes. It's chicken. Do we have to keep talking about it?"."

Faithful: "Yay, I get chicken! Take that Jaime the Yapper! Ha! And remember kids, WTFH, a news source you can trust. No copyright infrigment meant."

Aly: "...you're officially insane. Night all!"

Faithful: "Night!"
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Before anyone says anything, I should tell you I hear there's a monster on the roof. Go check it out.

Other than that, you just have me tonight. I hope no one is too terribly disappointed. If you are? Go find that monster.

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