Boykissy Radio, April 5

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006 09:47 pm
[personal profile] fates_jaye
Omg, hi. This is Jaye, now with more sleep! Which is good, as there was YAY BOYKISSY. More on that later.


Shop class is taught by Sam who I could kiss, and Professor Skeeter ditches Journalism. So Not-Crunch doesn't get turned into anything. Aw. Sad cries. Speech works on their webpages, and Magical Theory works on their projects until Macbeth who is too angry to kiss crashes the class.

US Government talks about Supreme Court cases, Celtic Studies takes about some Fiona chick or something, and the Sociology courses do various quiz and paper-related stuff. Math works with factors, Anthropology talks about social stuff... like parties? And Self-Defense Class Not Club works with weapons... or something. Dunno.

Paleontology... holy crap, FEEDS DINOSAURS. Why didn't I hijack that class today? And Driver's Ed rides dinosaurs... Dr. Oliver, I would totally make out with you off the clock. Seriously. Gardening discusses plants in literature, though I don't know if that means their portrayal or if it means tree bark equals paper, but...

Professor Lyman who I wouldn't kiss because he is a teacher and that's wrong if dinosaurs aren't involved, holds office hours, and Angela who I did kiss visits. Professor Dream who is slightly creepy holds office hours, too. And Professor Harrington who I haven't seen, gets a letter from home.

In the library, Zero who I'd kiss and Angela who we covered already talk about food and Marty who I wouldn't kiss because he ships me with a film genre. And then Zero and Peter who I wouldn't kiss if you put a gun to my head or paid me a billion dollars, are cute. And Zero and Parker who's a good kisser talk about a book, and she and Rory who I would kiss if it wouldn't be weird, pass notes, and so do Rory and Angel who I'd kiss if his girlfriend wouldn't squash me like a bug. And Allie is there for an actual book, and can I say that I'd actually kiss Rory despite weirdness if it got us boykissy?

Living Conditions

We still have lemurs. Who sing and dance. Pippi had a couple incidents, and apparently Pip's lemurs are zombies. ...Huh. Moving on to living ones, they Safety Dance to Al's room. And Nadia's cat has to deal with "The Right Stuff". Like... New Kids? Oh my god, that owns. And it's probably a good thing Isabel interrupts Anakin's apparently lemur-induced angst.

Veronica, who I'd kiss except the radio hadn't once reported we did it in an alley, cooks for Nadia, John- who it'd be weird to kiss- and Aeryn- who omg, no- have a bad morning, and Nadia woke up dizzy. Wow, mornings suck.

Logan who I'd probably kiss if he's not a bunny, is cough cough, sick. I'm sure. Angel and Veronica visit. And Pippi seems to see something in the paper good enough to stick on the wall, and Bridgey who I'd kiss interrupts Sam's nap. Oh, Bridgey. You do not interrupt a girl's sleep. Trust me on this.

And Crunch who I've totally kissed a bunch of times sends E-mail, as does Angela. Did I mention I kissed her? She also gets flowers, and hangs with Cameron, where they discuss how confusing girls are. Oh, boys of Fandom, don't fool yourselves. You're just as nuts as we are. Crunch also works out with Pip who I don't know to report on kissing, and Parker. One day I'm going to throw a party in the gym and no one's gonna notice a difference. What, it's a social place where people get sweaty and hit things. See? Party.

Out and About

Lana who I could deal with kissing is early to work, but she's more cheerful today so I'll let her get away with it just this once. And Camulus and Orlin both stop in to see Agatha. Ooh! I will be in for the computer tomorrow, omg! And later she goes to see them. My notes are vague.

At the Perk, Jake who I'd kiss if his boyfriend wouldn't kill me, and Chloe who I'd kiss, arrange a shopping trip with Isabel who I'd kiss. And All and Sundries is open and... Have I met Edmund? I know I know the other guy, but I can't report kissy forecast there. Ivanova who could be kissable visits Edmund, and we just covered him. And Parker goes to Caritas to see Jarod, who I'd totally kiss, too.

At Luke's, Bel and Allie, both kissable, do some studying or something, and Allie also hangs with Nadia, who I'd make out with, and Pippi who I can't comment on as omg, my childhood.

And it was a violent-ass day in town. I'll drop the kissy theme as that's weird in the midst of gore. Unless you're into that. Which I'm not. It's Becky's birthday, and GOB celebrates it by having to go to the FTEC. And there's also something going on behind Luke's that has Weevil taking Allie to the FTEC.

Hm. If I were doing my drinking contest today, I think the explodination of the clinic would warrant a chug. However, alcohol is still icky for a while.

Random Crap that Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else YAY BOYKISSY!!!

And girlkissy, too, but I so don't care.

Before the event, John and Angel think it's weird their girlfriends will be kissing, Crunch tells Angel he's not his type, which... awww. Angel and Cal, who, by the way? I'd so make out with. They're cute. My notes say Kiki propositions Lana, to which I ask... dirty?

Anders brings popcorn, and Crunch... Oh my god, videotaped it for Veronica. V? What do I have to do to get a copy of that? Because I already said I'd make out with you. Nadia and Pippi apparently ignore their surroundings to plan a party and shopping, and Bel introduces Isabel and Piper. I'd make out with Piper, too.

Lana gets drunk. Amazingly, the drunkenness is from a spectator, and not a participant in same-sexkissy. Chloe brought her camera. Chloe? Same offer I gave Veronica. Callisto has to talk Aeryn into kissing her, WTF, Nadia and Angela talk about Marty, and Parker doesn't want to hear about Lana hugging Jarod. Okay, can't be kissing of the Jarod.

And we have the kissy. Angel and Bel seem to do okay, but Logan and Angel? Not so much. Because Logan is cough cough sick, and they're wimps who deprive me of the boykissy. Cally and Kara go for it, Aeryn and Callisto would have been more fun if Aeryn wasn't a loser, and Callisto and Veronica... Okay, that was pretty.

And I realize now that if all you know of me is what you hear on the radio, you probably think I'm a drunken whore. Hey, I didn't say I was going to do it, shhhh. Except in the case of photographic or video evidence of the kissy. On that note, night!

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