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Becky: Hey, Merry Christmas, people. Or...y'know, whatever. This is Becky, and I actually have someone else here with me at the mic tonight.

Miho: ...

Becky: Be grateful, she doesn't usually do this kind of crap. Anyway, I wanna get out of here because Jarod got me booze and it's calling, so let's move onto what passes for news. Sound good, Miho?

Miho: *faint rustle as she shrugs*

Miho actually talks on the radio. It's a Christmas miracle! )

Becky: And that's it. We're done. It wasn't that bad.

Miho: *thinks it was*

Becky: Say night or something!

Miho: Something.

Becky: *sigh* Night. And come to the Sin if you're dressed as Santa! We can do reindeer for you!
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"This is Becky, and I woke up pissed off at the world. So, sorry, but I really can't bring myself to focus on much but my headache tonight, but I still wanted to do radio. Otherwise that kid with the hair might do it, or - ick - Rory.

School and Crap

In Jarod's class, the kiddies played capture the flag, and Jack talked to Jarod about something or other. I don't care.

In Arts and Crafts, they finished their scrapbooks, which they then displayed them. Then in History of Earth Music, they had a guest lecture, and River asked them a question, and Marty thought that Lucas was high. Probably, kid. Lucky Lucas. I wish I was high.

In Retail, they talked about what they'd sell if they had their own retail outlet. The world is full of "if"'s, kids. No one cares what you'd do hypothetically. Seriously. Just do it already or else stop talking about it.

In Baking, where I bet y'all poisoned each other, people brought in their own recipes. Uh huh. Poison recipes. Angela and Alanna talked to Piper about their poison.

And that earnest kid had pie for lunch. I want pie. Not poison pie, though. Did you hear me, kids from Baking class? No poison for Becky.

Dorms, and I don't care

This morning, Marty got a phone call, and Tyler talked to Jamie and Birdcage. Then Jamie went on to tell Nadia that her daddy is in town. Anakin was visited by that goody two-shoes, and Molly talked to Cameron about their weekends.

This morning, I woke up with a headache and my hair was sticking up in weird directions, and I had three cigarettes and a cup of coffee for breakfast. There. Wasn't that fascinating?

At the gun range, Pip threw knives. Did you use a visual aide? I find that putting up a picture of whoever you hate at the moment helps with aim. In any case, let's all hope that everyone came out of this with all their eyes still intact, as Pippi and River both stopped by to watch.

Walter and some animals were messy in the third floor common room, and Nadia was jumpy. Aw, kids, I didn't know that kinda thing was allowed in the common room. Three cheers for exhibitionism.

Kawalsky and Molly were all cryptic and I don't care, and Alphonse was visited by Pippi. Still not caring.

Rory talked about space hair with Jaye, and I wish I was making that up. Birdcage was cute at Jaye, too, apparently, and that I can kinda care about. Aeryn was visited by that hot psycho blonde, who was drunk. Ooh. Did they make out? You go, Aeryn.

Xander got a call from home, and again not caring. For some reason, Kawalsky filled Hairboy and Obnoxious Kid Who Is Fast's room with cups of water and duct taped their beds. Kinky, but not caring. Zero stopped by with her very exciting red hair. No, red hair is weird. You all are strange and boring people.

Cedric, Lana, and Jarod's girlfriend who is mean talked to Isabel. Then Jack couldn't sleep, so he went to bug Sam the girl.

Town, which is only interesting because I live there

So, the clinic was quiet for both shifts. Too bad. Not enough people get seriously injured in this town. It's creepy.

Cafe Fina and Caritas were both open, but no one visited either of them. Jesus, did everyone develop headaches today? Am I annoying you all by just talking on the radio? Well, that's just too bad, 'cause I feel worse than any of you, so you're just going to have to deal.

Braca did organizey things at Town Hall, Tim and Jude talked about family at Luke's, River stopped in at Weasley's, and Lana opened the bookstore. Don't care, don't care, don't care, and don't care.

Jude was in the park with a duck, which is just sad, and Jay and Silent Bob loitered. Tim was emo at the beach and I am deeply unmoved, and Maureen asked Lucas for a job.

And that's it. Finally. I'm going to go hide in bed with the lights out at home for awhile. Go forth and be interesting, people, or I'll be forced to stab things in order to liven things up."
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"Hey, y'all, it's Becky Vartan and I'm here at the mic tonight. Look, I'm not drunk, and I'm not here with some hairy little monster or a prissy goody two-shoes who shares my face. It's just me. Deal.

School and Crap

So, in Lying, they got a lecture about dressing up for a role. And really, it's way important to make sure you all know who's gonna be what, 'cause there's nothing more embarrassing than thinking your whole whorde horde of girls is going as different things, and then you wind up with four call girls, three French maids, two slutty nurses and a dominatrix in a catsuit.

Meanwhile, in Retail, the kids chatted and then tried to sell people...the opportunity to fling turnips with a trebuchet.

That's a quote.

In Arts and Crafts, they made spoons and covers for their scrapbooks, and in Earth Music, they talked about how video killed the radio star, or something like that.

And in Baking, they made cheesecake. How special. Finally, in the cafeteria, Pip and Pippi talked about arms dealers. I think I like you two a lot more.

Dorms, Which House Annoying Kids

This morning, Nadia was disgustingly cheerful and spoke in other languages with Pippi. If I don't understand it, I fail to care about it. Meanwhile, Anders was introduced to empanadas and he and Pippi bonded over yo-yos. Kinky.

Marty woke up with Angela, Xander woke up with Bridge, and a box was shipped out this morning. How is this news? Do y'all really, truly care? 'Cause I couldn't care less. Speaking of packages, Muskrat and Helpful Sam got a present from their daddy, and it says here that something weird happened with it. Huh.

In the salle, Sak-girl practiced, and talked to Peter from England, who then gave a sword-fighting lesson to Pip.

Peter from England made out with Willow on the beach. Go Willow! Go get you some! Elsewhere, Molly was kinda pissed still 'cause Jamie? Kinda a tool, apparently. Just FYI.

This afternoon, Sam the Helpful Boy told Dawn Who Blushes a Lot about how Muskrat has disappeared. No! Muskrat, come back! Birdcage, go find him!

...people, I actually care. This is serious.

Um, so Aeryn was visited by John, and then John and Cameron went to the mainland to buy a shark. I want a shark! I would train it to bite people! Or, okay, that's not very nice I guess, so maybe I'd just train it to gnaw lightly on peoples' arms. That'd be really uncomfortable.

Speaking of people who should be gnawed on 'cause they're annoying, Rory got her dress back from Aeryn, whose taste just came into some serious question for me. And Hermione decided to go stick her head in a fire.

...I'm not sure why, either, but she did. I hope her hair didn't catch on fire, but if it did, I hope it was funny to watch.

Tempe was visited by Cally and Sawyer, and Veronica was visited by Archie. Tim scribbled to himself, and Muskrat is apparently wraith-like or invisible, or some other crap like that. Weird. But sad. Make him visible again!

Um. Not that I care that much.

Nadia visited Al and his kitty, and while I like to think that's a euphemism, I don't think it is.

In the fifth floor common room, there was cheesecake! Marie and Kawalsky caught up, and she discovered that Bel's ticklish - good to know - and Pippi enjoys cheesecake. Kawalsky and Pippi talked pasttimes, and then Demyx demonstrated his flexibility. Jesus. Right there in the common room?

Demyx, aside from being...flexible...decided to chat with Pippi about guys, and Willow talked to Marie about cheesecake identity and to Pippi about being clothed. Which, by the way? So very overrated.

Dawn puttered around in her room and That Annoying Peter Kid Who Wouldn't Let Me Shoot Him sent email.

And what Monday would be complete without prosthetic limb ball?

Town, Where the Important People Live

Cafe Fina was open today, though apparently no one felt like visiting. Ditto town hall and Luke's.

Marty and Pippi went to Blood Gulch Arms, which I kinda think is great. The church needs a choir, and River and Demyx checked in on that, and Tim tried to meditate in the park. I wonder why it was only 'tried.' Did a duck interrupt you? Did that psycho blonde who kisses well come along and set stuff on fire?

Over in Caritas, Jarod's incredibly controlling girlfriend was there talking to him in a disguise, and Joxer and Kaylee were on a date in the lounge.

In the clinic, Janet wrote home and Dr. Cox - *snicker* - wrote personal ads for Tommy. Aw, Tommy, hon, you don't need to have your friends write ads for you. Just hop on down to the Sin. We'll treat you nice, 'specially since you patched me up awhile back and that scar looks almost good as new now.

And that's it. Keep it up, Fandom. You're thrilling the hell out of me. No, really."
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BECKY: Heeeeeeeeeeeey, Faaaaaaaaaaaaandom.

RORY: Don't do that. It's obnoxious.

BECKY: Do whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

RORY: Draw out your voooooooooooooowels.

BECKY: You just did it.

RORY: Why am I here? Seriously.

BECKY: Because I'm boooooored.

RORY: *sigh* And drunk.

BECKY: 'm not drunk. Just happy!

RORY: ...right, okay. Can we just get this over with?

BECKY: Fiiiiiiiiiiine.

So, one Alexis Bledel walks into a bar and has many, many drinks, and then she runs into a very sober and slightly younger Alexis Bledel and preys upon her good nature to do radio with her.... )

RORY: We're going to turn off our microphones now.

BECKY: Don' wanna!

RORY: Well, we're going to. Say bye-bye.

BECKY: Byeeeeeeeeeeeee peoples!

RORY: Bye, everyone! Keep the podcast, seriously, and I'll have pictures, okay?
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GREG: Hello, Fandom! Say hello, girlies.


RORY: Why am I here?

GREG: Fine, okay, that was Crazy Hooker and Uptight Girl.


GREG: ...or Becky and Rory, whatever.

RORY: Can we please just do this so I can go back to my cabin?

BECKY: Got a slumber party to get to?

RORY: No, but do you want to be here?

GREG: Anyways it's time to talk about workshops yay!

Cut to spare the flists )

BECKY: Are we done?

RORY: *sounds of pages turning* ...YES. THANK GOD.

GREG: Can I po -


GREG: Hmph.

BECKY: Say night-night, kids.

RORY: You're like a year older. Stop condescending.


BECKY: Just say goodnight, you prissy twit.

RORY: ...night, everyone.

BECKY: Byeeeeeeeee.
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BECKY: Hi, people, this is Becky and I get to bring you the news again. Isn't this fun?

GOB: Tons. Hey, kids, this is GOB Bluth. Why didn't any of you take my workshop?

BECKY: Oh my God, let it go. Seriously. I mean, just because my workshop is almost full and yours only had two people is no reason to pout.

GOB: I'm not pouting.

BECKY: You're sulking.

GOB: And drinking. Remember, if you're ever thirsty while sulking, come to Caritas, the best bar in town!

BECKY: Drinking is good! Everyone should drink more. Unless you're underage, I guess, since I'm supposed to be responsible or something. Um. Just say no, kids?

GOB: See, kids? You've learned something. Which you could have been doing in my workshop.

So, a former hooker and an illusionist bar owner walk into a radio station.... )
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"Hiiiiii, peoples, this is Becky an' I'm back from home. I am currently a teeny-tiny bit drunk. Just so's y'know. I know it's not obv'ous.


In the liberry, Tyler talks t'himself an' THAT IS OKAY. Don' let peoples judge you for craziness, Tyler! Sometimes talkin' t'ourselves is more int'restin' anyway. Anyways, Pippi an' An'kin check on him. Whatever.

In Arts and Crafts, kiddies make Little Wooden Boys. Okays, boys and girls, so here's the thing. I know it seems like a good idea at the time? But having splinters there just is not worth it. Try a popsicle, though! Is summer an' stuff, an' they're the perfect shape.

Anyways, they also make scrapbook covers an' Sak...Sakur...Saks...S interviews Tick and his Little Wooden Boy for her documentary, which is apparently a porn movie or something. Luna asks 'bout lil' wooden girls, and remember what I said about those splinters, boys. Blow-up dolls're much better! An' 'parently the kiddies named them. My toy like that is named Frank!

In Clockwork, John Connor plays with his, an' I could've sworn that there's an L in that workshop name but okay. Yay dirty in class.

In Baking, people make chocolate-chip cookies. Pip an' Jude talk about kitties are bad, an' I don't think I hafta really talk about the euph'misms there, right? But Anders an' Willow talk 'bout sports or something an' that's boring and not dirty t'all, so boo. An' Sam talks t'Anders about his hangover. Hair of the dog, honest! I'll be havin' lotsa tequila tomorrow mornin', oh yes.

Also! Dean Tick sends email, and has a vis'tor!

In the cafeteria, Tempe has breakfast for lunch and is d'lighted!

Dorms, where people should be sleeeeeeeeeping!

Very, very early this mornin', Archie and Lyta seemed t'be having scary dreams. Oh noes! Poor Lychie and Arta. Poor, poor kiddies. Oh, an' Joxer, too. I dunno who Joxer is, but poor girl. An' Cordeeeeeeelia an' Al an' that guy whose wallet I stole an' Bel. Poor girls an' boys. I hate bad dreams. Booze helps, though. An' sex. Yay!

S-girl gets rocks. Okay. Go you. In the first floor lobby, V'ronica an' Archie talk 'bout ghost stories an' John Connor comes by. Presum'bly after playing with his...clock in his workshop.

In th' fifth floor common room, there's an orgy or somethin'. Marie, Walter, Willow showed up, an' Seras talked to Walter an' Marie talked to Willow an' Willow talked to Walter an' Buffy an' Bridge an' Bridge talked to Seras an' Xander talked to Willow an' Willow talked to Pip an' Peter an' a of people talked and ate and prob'ly had sex as well.

An' Jack an' Cedric waked up together an' tha's kinda hot. Pictures, boys? I'll give you extra credit, since Mus'rat and Bir'cage were slacking slackers of...slackiness. Oh, oh, and there was more boysex yay! Connernanders did it! Huh. I thought that word used t'look different but whatever. Boys were all dirty 'n stuff yay.

Bir'cage thinks a lot, which is boring an' isn't sex with Mus'rat so I don't care. Maia gives her fishies yummy food while holding Lil' Wooden Boy, an' I'm not sure if tha's a euph'mism or not, but it sounds kinda fun. You go get you some, girl! You don' need to have company to have fun!

Is'bel gets her tiny, spiny boyfriend. See above 'bout how you don't need company for fun. If you wanna call it your boyfriend, more power t'you. Sam talks to Jack. Wonder if tha's dirty too. Go Jack! R'member what you learned in class!

S-girl works hard, an' then in the sally, she and Peter practice with swords, and Jude shows up. Kinky.

At the shootin' range, Seras watches Lyta. Kinkiness again!

Inna third floor common room, Peter, Conner, Nadia an' Seras watch soccer. Mmm. Soccer. Should watch more of that.

Joxer meetsLana an' they're weird. Girls, play nicely together. Ask Is'bel 'bout her spiny boyfriend if it'l lmake for good conv'rsation.


In the store I can't pr'nounce, Lana's crying. Cheer up, Lana! Have some booze! An' a bunchof peoples went to the spa.

Also, Tim opens Luke's, and Nadia and Walter were at Cafe Thingy.

In the park Tim and Pippi dance in the rain. Naked?

And Is'bel comes by Caritas to show Jarod her thingy from earlier, or somethin'.

Finally, in the clinics, Granny opens in the morning an' Trevor opens at night.

An' that's it for meeeeeeee. Gonna go pass out or drink more. Nigh' nigh' Fandom!"
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"Hey, so this is Becky, and I'm broadcasting to you on the radio all by myself. Wow. This is so exciting. Really. I might not sound thrilled, but I am. All kinds of thrilled. I may have just peed a little out of excitement.


Workshops, and what the hell is wrong with you people with the voluntary school stuff?

So there was Arts and Crafts, where people made paper flowers. Christ, how old are you people? Do you play with crayons, too? Apparently there's scrapbooking done in there too, and a girl whose name is way too long to bother with asks Tick for help before everyone presents their bouquets. I'm sure everyone's mommies are very proud of them, and perhaps they got cookies for being such good boys and girls.

...'cept in Baking, they actually have cookies. Go figure. Anders and Willow are clearly on drugs, as they think their cookies are mocking them. Stupid kids. This is why you don't smoke something just 'cause one of your stupid little friends passed it to you at a party. Always hold out for the good stuff.

...oh, wait, I'm a teacher. Um. Just say no? Or something?

Jude's in a good mood, which rhymes kinda, and Sam who is a girl is...what the hell, too injured to bake. That's lamer than the excuses I used to use to get out of class. And what the hell, Pip apologizes for being a gosling, which I think is like a baby fish, right?

In Clockwork, people make houses or something.

Also, Vice Principal Pierce has office hours, and so does Principal Hot Mountie's girlfriend. My less-hot and worse-dressed good twin stopped by.

And in the cafeteria, Pippi and Nadia have hot, sweaty sex. Or a conversation of some sort.

Dorms, where you losers live

'Kay, so on the fifth floor, Pippi and Demyx talk about what they like on their pancakes. Oh, I bet you talked about that, you kinky kids.

On the fourth floor, Bel talked to Dawn, who talked to Cedric, who also talked to Bel, who talked to Tyler, who talked to Cedric, who talked to a fox and Isabel, who talked to Bel. Jesus, people. Just make the notes clear - 'these people had an orgy.' No need to include all this fake 'talking' in it.

And on the fifth floor, Pippi and Phoebe talked, Jude and Phoebe, and Pippi and Jude. Threesome. I can dig. Just use protection, kiddies, 'cause Auntie Becky ain't babysitting.

So, speaking of kinks, sounds like John is kinda into pudding, his girlfriend dominating and in a skirt, and having sex in places other than bed. Niiiice. Not the best I've seen by far, but definitely registering on the scale. Birdcage and Jaye also wake up together and talk about what Birdcage should totally do - namely, sex up Muskrat. For those who missed detention, that would be Alec and Dean. Can't tell 'em apart, don't care to, and so they're keeping their costume names. Dawn and Sam also get it on - or, fine 'talk,' whatever, ditto Willow and Muskrat.

Nadia wakes up from a bad dream, and is sexed by Walter. Or comforted. Whatever. Xander and Isabel talked about sex - or had it, who knows - and River came by with fish.

...I have no idea where to go with that, except that it sounds like there's a flooding problem in the dorms. Stay warm and dry: bunk with others. There. There is my PSA that I fucked up earlier.

Walter and Seras have a long conversation about vampires - which, by the way, are awesome in the sack. And Janet and Liz talked. Probably about sex.

Y'know, people kinda say I have a one-track mind. I don't see it, personally.

And also, Tempe has a kitty. I'll be snickering over here. Anders writes a letter - an erotic letter, I bet - to someone.

In the gym, Cam says hi to Molly or something, and explains the signs to Tyler, whatever the hell that means. Meanwhile, Molly talks to Janet and Liz. Pip figured out that being a baby fish was bad for his muscles, and Alanna talked with Janet and Molly. And Birdcage finds out that Cam is not pudgy, and Molly is not single. Then he overshares with Tyler and Sam. Tyler also overshares with Peter and watches River.

In a place that's not in the gym, 'cause holy shit, Veronica and Piper talk about the oversharing on campus. Uh huh. Or sexing. Whatever.

Nadia's in her room, and Veronica and Walter come over for another threesome, apparently. Tim's high, and again, drugs are...bad. Yes.

Bel and Phoebe 'talk,' and so do Parker and Isabel. Cedric on the other hand, gets a present from Isabel. I'll bet. Peter and Greg talk about a, and I quote, 'beverage chiller.' Tell me that doesn't sound like it's kinky.

John and Aeryn talk about marriage, and Aeryn, honey, why are you thinking about being so restrictive? Go sow your oats, sweetie. You're hot. Don't settle for pudding man. Elsewhere, Veronica sends a probably-dirty email to Angel, Seras and Nadia have phone sex or something, Pippi and Peter have rooftop sex or something, Lana...spent time alone...and Nadia and Jamie had, ahem, roomie time, and so do Al and Walter.

And then there's Veronica and Bel talking about their feelings. Probably dirty feelings. Up against a wall, maybe.

On the fourth floor, Luna does 'arts and crafts - riiiight - and Briar and Xander help out.

On the second floor, there's another orgy, as Rory who is such a prude that I'm surprised to hear she was there talks to Bridge and that girl whose neck I bit, Alanna 'checks on' Bridge, there is a kitty, and D'anna talks about sex with Bridge.

Town, which is awesome as I live here

So, Chloe, Clark and Lana all totally do it in Giles' shop, or something, and the troopers wanna see some action. I didn't even touch that one, people. River flips her shit at Tim - did he say that one word in bed too, honey? I know the feeling. And All and Sundries is open for all contraception-purchasing needs. And, y'know, other stuff, but whatever.

In the clinic, Granny is making something, Susan's got a date, and Trevor's bored with the porn on his TV.

Or something.

In Cafe Fina Walter and Alfred 'talk' over lunch, and in Caritas, Seras bitches to poor Jarod about her day, and Parker is frustrated with him.

And then Parker sleeps with Jarod. Literally and figuratively. Actually not making this one up, people. Finally, nice to see you're getting lucky, Jarod. You deserve it, sugar. Miho might make you pancakes in the morning, brunette girl whose name I just read but can't be bothered to read again.

And that's it. Happy screwing, Fandom!"

[ooc: Yeah, I took a few liberties. :) I wasn't sure what people wanted broadcast of the truth stuff, so if you'd prefer that I edit something in more clearly so that your character will remember it, drop me an email (becky.vartan@gmail.com) or in the comments here, and you can assume it made it into radio from that point on, as it WILL get put in. :)]
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GREG: Hi, Fandom! This is Greg, bringing you yet another Gregtastic radio broadcast this fabulous spring night. And tonight I have a special guest! Everyone say hi to Crazy Hooker!

BECKY: It's Becky.

GREG: Right, Crazy Hooker.

Cut 'cause long )

GREG: Anyway. We're done. Go ruin your lungs, Craz...Becky.

BECKY: Have fun playing solitaire on your computer tonight, sweetheart.

GREG: Bye Fandom! *pause*...aren't you going to say bye or anything?


GREG: ...okay. *click*
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Rita: Good evening, Fandom. Professor Ms. Rita Skeeter here, broadcasting live to you all. And this week, I'd like you to welcome a new friend of mine to the microphone, Ms. Becky Vartan.
Becky: Hi.
Rita: Now, come on. Surely you can muster more enthusiasm than that.
Becky: Hi...people.
Rita: Very well.

Cut because I am slightly insane, and it shows. Also, omg, Becky, watch your language. )

Rita: Oh, shut up, you cow.
Becky: I'd like to see you make me, bitch.
Rita: Is that a challenge?
Becky: I could take you.
Rita: Oh, please.
Becky: Seriously. Don't make me get my -
Rita: *mumbles something*
Becky: Moooooooooo.
Rita: I'm a bit literal at times. Sorry. And that's all from us, Fandom. Goodnight!

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