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Okay, people. We know what this is. Or if you're new, you don't. Either way, what we've got here is the newbie picnic, recapped here on Fandom's Pirate Radio.

If you're new, hi, the squirrels give people notes on what you've done. I hope someone warned you about that!

Newbie Day Radio! )
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So, I've got one note. Apparently Mike was pumped for the New Year at Caritas and Kitty had some questions for him about his excitement.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk. I'm Johnny Storm. Hot guy. Super friendly. Waiting for some kind of action and adventure to happen here when I'm not out of town for an extended Thanksgiving vacation. Seriously guys, timing.

Anyway, new kids are showing up next weekend and before that is New Year's. I'm pretty confident I know who has dibs on me come midnight, but maybe I can play matchmaker here on the radio today. If you just want to get in some final introductions before the new kids take over or if you're looking for some New Year's lovin', give the Torch a call here at the station. We'll chat. I'll set you up. It'll be fun for everyone.

[OOC: No seriously, Sunday's gonna be a quiet day for me. Please ping in and/or e-mail me if you want a set up of some sort.]
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Hi there, everybody. I'm Johnny Storm and I'm tied to a chair with garland. This is way kinkier than I expected from my broadcast today.

So anyway, while I'm carefully burning off this garland so I don't set off the sprinklers, the squirrels are going to hold up cue cards for me to read.

Flick and Isabelle decided to drop jellybeans off the dorm roof for some reason. Well, more like Flick decided to and then she joined him. Either way, jelly beans hit the ground.

And things were a little busy over at Barry's warehouse, where Barry was trying to science out all of the weird stuff this month. Which, yeah, good luck, guy. Fandom's gonna Fandom. Hannibal did a drop in and asked about what I'm guessing is a gift for Jono. So I'm not saying what it is. Be surprised! And Elsa dropped in to see if elves were following Barry before talking about Barry's Fandom experiments.

Okay, that's the end of the brief notes and I am free. Good timing. And now I'm getting out of here before anything else decides to get handsy with me. Even if it doesn't have hands.
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So..... Quiet day. Tino was covering things solo at Caritas and Kitty was doing stuff on her laptop at the Perk. That's it.

So, I guess I have some time to kill. I'm gonna go to the movies. Maybe see Terrible Employers 2. Anyone who wants to spend some time with me, feel free to stop by. I'll pay for popcorn.
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Hey, everyone! It's Johnny Storm, back in Fandom after an extended holiday. Time with the family, fighting off an alien invasion, you know, the usual. I hope you didn't miss me too much. But knowing the way this place is usually quiet over the weekend, it's not like...


Huh. That's a lot of notes. Well, okay, I guess I should just get started.

Hey, Johnny, good job missing all the fun! )
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Everyone is still kids, right? So you're not gonna care what I say anyway? But I'm still going to do my job because that's what heroes do. So let's do this.

Talkin' 'bout Kids Radio! )
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Morning, everyone. I've got some notes to read and some breakfast to get to, so let's do this because I'm hungry.

Seriously, if I get this done fast enough I'm going to breakfast. )
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And now, coming to you from WTFH, Fandom, America... The island's favorite new-time newscast in the style of old-time gossip columns, Pirate Radio!


Read live from the WTFH Studios in Fandom, America, today's broadcast stars Robert Benchley of the Algonquin Four as The Newsman! Pirate Radio is brought to you by the WorkJuice Corporation.

Hi, all my buddies. This is Robert Benchley with the news. Today's top story, Darby Donovan still hasn't made it on the Fandom stage, so it has that over New York. But that's about all you've got over them.

If you don't listen to the Thrilling Adventure Hour, I apologize for the complete lack of sense being made today. )
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I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I forgot about falling back. And I got here an hour early. And the squirrels decided to keep me busy and shared some rum. And now I might be a little drunk.

Never have a drinking contest with a squirrel, that's what I've learned today.

Slightly Drunk Radio! )
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My subjects. It's me, your Junior Royalty, Johnny Storm, thanking you for voting me as the specialist guy in my year. You guys are the best. And if you want any kind of makeouts or high fives as a thank you, you know where to find me.

But first, let's talk about the news a little bit.

I'm coming home. I'm coming home. Tell the island via squirrels, I'm coming home. )
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Happy Sunday, everyone! And I know it's happy, because you get to listen to the sweet sounds of my voice.

DC Radio! )
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So, if anyone needs some fireproof luggage for the way home that can resist concentrated temperatures up to several thousand degrees, have I got a sale for you. Just ignore the notes saying, 'Not Smart Enough,' and 'Abandonment Issues,' and 'Commitment Phobic,' and my personal favorite, 'Daddy's Least Favorite.'

That last bag is a total dick.

Let's talk about what happened yesterday before these dick bags started following me around.

Dick Bag Radio )

And that inspires me. And the fact that a satchel saying 'Wannabe Drunk" just hit me in the head confirms it. Anyone wants to party for the last morning here, let's go get plastered and maybe shove some cheap booze in all this free luggage we're getting!
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Ladies, ladies who are gentlemen, and gentlemen, I bring you yesterday's news. As you figured out from either Kira's broadcast yesterday or looking down and seeing that things have changed, we're at a time when men are men, women are maybe also men, and a few women are still women. Unless I specifically mention that they're still a lady, it's safe to assume that they're a guy right now. Or that I just didn't know. Or I forgot to mention it.

This radio is a guy right now. )
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What's literally smoking hot and doing radio on a different day than usual? That's right, it's me. Parents leave and I come back. Coincidence?

Big thanks to Kitty for covering yesterday, but I'm paying it back ASAP.

It's like my regular radio but about 12 hours later. )

Okay, you know what? This is depressing as crap. I'm going to go get some cupcakes, then I'm going to take them to the dorm lobby, and anyone who needs cheering up gets one, a hug from me, and a pep talk.

Let's face it, Fandom High, the hero you need right now is the Human Torch, and I'm not going to let you down. Get ready to be cheered up.

[OOC: The Lobby Cupcake Cheer Up post is totally happening in the morning and will be SPed due to work. You will be able to mod getting a cupcake and a hug, though.]
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Hello, Fandom! Johnny Storm here, your self-appointed King of Dates. There's plenty of news to get to, but before that, a question to the girls I dated last night.

Hey girl... How you doing?

And now the news!

If you want more details, just read 3MD. It's 99% of the links. )
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Okay, okay, I'll read it. Just... just lay off, okay?

Ahem. Hello, my name is insert name here.


Look, I don't know it, okay? I didn't investigate or whatever. Fine. Whatever. My name is John Doe and I am here of my own free will. I was not kidnapped by squirrels who don't remember where they put the rum. However, if their rum is not found in the next two hours, they will lay waste to this town and school news.


The first card said "this town and" and the second card said "school news." Do you want me to--


Okay, I'll just keep reading.

Tabula Radio )

Burn down the rubble. Oh, wait, there was another card with the threats. They will lay waste to the town and burn down the rubble. So people of wherever we are, help them find their rum or despair.

Oh, I forgot to mention it, I spotted this cabinet that says "RUM" like five cards ago.


Yeah, it is kind of weird that there are those two empty spaces in the cabinet. You guys probably got to that before the memory thing happened.


No, dude, I've always had these super pointy boobs. It's cold in here. So I'm going to get going now that everyone's happy. By the way, I'm throwing a Let's Make Some Mistakes We Won't Remember Party on the third floor of the dorms today. I'll supply the refreshments, you guys supply yourselves! Especially the cute girls.
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*YAWN* Sorry everyone. Holiday weekend plus late night last night equals a tired Torch this morning.

Tired Radio )
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Oh my god, squirrels really do run this place. This is amazing and creepy and weird and awesome.

Anyway, hi! I'm Johnny Storm, world-famous superhero on my world, apparently attention-whoring radio broadcaster here. But my attention whoring serves some purposes. I'm here to inform with all of the juicy gossip the squirrels - I again repeat, SQUIRRELS - have handed me. And I'm also here to make sure you get to know me. So hey there, you with the radio. Just so you know, I'm talking directly to you. Especially the ladies. Sorry, fellas, it's just the way I swing, but I still appreciate fan letters and Gary Stu fanfic from you, too. Just strive to make it flattering and not creepy. 'Kay?

Okay then, let's get this news train moving!

You realize that it's a bad thing to give this guy a microphone, right? )

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