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Wotcher! This is Tonks, bringing you the latest and broadcasting for [livejournal.com profile] fandom_radio! Charmed, huh?

Lessons, for you lot who have to go:

The morning begins with an announcement from your esteemed principal, who is certainly not your pal. Er, perhaps I got that quote wrong somewhere. Oh, well. Anyway, kids, Monday is the last day to add or drop class. He reveals that you have a club fair today, and there’s a new head of security.

First-form maths is assigned to read. Quite honestly? I don’t think that’s quite the point of math classes. I’m sure the teacher is brilliant and such, but isn’t he supposed to be, maybe, teaching his students how to count without using their fingers?

Then it’s time for music, which I’m certain all of you love. The class seems to be rather crowded, at any rate. Anyway, the class is learning about music from other earthly continents, specifically Africa and Asia. And some other places. Harry Potter is in class, too. And for the record? He likes emo music. Excuse me while I go laugh. *sounds of faint snickering* Okay! Group two meets and they all talk about yodelling. I’m not making this up. I couldn’t, even if I tried. I share John’s opinion of yodelling. If you’re not from around here, trust me when I say it sucks. Group three talks monkeys and sphinxes. You know, Bridge, in some places, ‘sphinx’ is another word for a slut. Group four has a long, in depth discussion. Such an approach is admirable.

Art classes learn about Egyptian art work, which probably includes King Tut’s bed, King Tut’s chamber pot, and King Tut’s ‘Fonzie’ jacket. And, oh, look! There’s ancient Egyptian pottery. *sigh* Whatever happened to mummies? Everybody loves mummies. Don’t try to say that you don’t.

In speech, CJ Cregg is noticeably absent. My notes indicate that she might just be locked in a closet with Jack. And she missed a damn good episode of CFS. I hope someone recorded it for her… oh, wait! CJ finally comes out of the closet. Thankfully no one had to pull out their gun, not even R. Kelly.

Also, Forensics does some blood splatter analysis, and Drivers Ed learns about road signs. Always a good thing to know.

Journalism 101 and 201 learn about sources. According to mine, the teacher did not look happy. Also, Journalistic Integrity learns about libel. *beat* Which is much, much different than creative license, according to the teacher. Therefore, she’s giving you kids free permission to write nasty things on the bathroom wall, like her phone number. Then you can call her at home, when she’s only wearing her socks. And a smile.

I didn’t need that mental image.


Moving on quickly, to avoid scarring myself further, US Government learns about the Declaration of Independence. Yeah, um, God save the Queen and whatnot.

*shuffling of papers* Er, Phoebe takes control of Celtic studies, after usurping the royal throne behind the desk from the regal Camulus in a bloody coup d'état. That… usurper. She says Cammie was detained. I’m certain.

And, in Herbology-or-whatever-you-lot-call-it, the students learn about growth factors. Sounds fascinating.

Office hours are held by the teachers, including Grissom, Professor Pierson, Doctor Carter, and Justin.

Dean Washburn meets Benton Fraser, who is a Mountie. Cool.

The principal is visited by the cool Mountie. If you want to make a good impression, sucking up is easier. Just a word of advice. If you really want to win him over, give him some coffee. Everybody here likes coffee, right? Also Sam came by. He might respond favourably if she brought him some lemon drops.

Oh, and the Dean is playing God, when one of his minions newest employees drops in. Ironic.

Logan and Angel bond in the assistant’s lounge. I feel like it’s important for me to note that this was just male bonding, not male bondage, as Logan tells Angel about his encounter of the Darla kind. This leads to Angel being not happy.

The librarian seems to be having some problems with a book. He’s a member of a species that’s known to eat shit and grin about it, so I wouldn’t really expect him to be having too much luck with the whole reading-thing. Parker, Cordelia, and Nadia come around. Do I even know these people?

At lunch, Cameron flirts with Vala. He thinks she’s the prettiest girl in the cafeteria. It’s cute. Togusa inhales pizza. I hope that’s not meant literally ‘cause that has the potential to be disgusting. And Han comes for pizza and Buffy.

Meanwhile, Blair gets ready and contemplates going to the clinic. Later, he does. Also, Lyta was spotted going in..

Aeryn Sun bonds with a chicken. You know what they say about queer ducks flocking together.

There’s a club fair where you’re kind of forced into signing up for stuff or you have to get a job. The latter is called “incentive”. Anyway, while there, two lovers meet up. Er, maybe they’re just friends. Whatever. They’d be cute enough together. So, Rory goes up to talk to Anakin – damn, I wish I had a friend named Anakin. I would totally call him Annie at every opportunity. Anyway, they agree to have a cute romantic dinner, and talk about Poe. Come on, guys; we all know how it’ll end. He’ll be whinging about his poor “lost Lenore”, and she’ll end up “sick unto death with that long agony”. The Ducklings table is crowded as everyone tries to make sense of its name. Also, Lana and Angel debate who has the weirder hometown. Bridge explains fight club to Sawyer, but I’m not allowed to say anything more about it.

The Dorms Where Your Parents/Legal Guardians/Commanding Officers/Parole Officers Insist You Spend Your Formative Years:

Pip, who wakes up a little stiff, and Walter get flowers. Meanwhile, Alphonse Elric receives a box full of unappetizing-looking spaghetti. It looks instant, so there is no way he can sound like pots and pans. Peter Parker gets calories in a basket. Cool. Guys, go hit up Pete for snacks. He has plenty to share. Victor Borkowski, which is a Polish name if I’ve ever heard one, gets a laptop from his Secret Sibling. Victor’s present rather makes the rest of them look dull – it’s like when your mum and dad send you sugar-free gum in a care package and the kid down the hall got a puppy.

Togusa teaches chickens to fly, even though everyone and their second cousin knows they can’t. He has a creative method of solving the problem, however. Or contributing to it. Animal rights activists? It’s time to take a stand against his Kentucky Fried Cruelty mistreatment of animals.

Parker posts vampire warnings. Parker? That might be considered libel. Why don’t you go check with the journalism teacher? If nothing else, she’ll help you spread the word.

All the cool kids go to watch TV on the second floor.

Except for Angel and Callisto, who are too busy with each other to spend a Friday night sitting around at school. Callisto tries to get him in a kilt – maybe she thinks he’d like a nice breeze? Angel responds by talking about stuff that makes his hands and legs sticky. I’ll leave it to you to guess what that is.

Bridge leads an adventure of epic proportions on the sixth floor. Godspeed.

And now, we interrupt this broadcast to bring you a song. This one goes out from Belthazor to Angel. )

In the fair city of Fandom…

Zhaan’s a rebel. It’s excellent that someone is so committed to revolutionize the system that she’s willing to start early.

Halloween products arrive at the Emporium instead of Valentine’s Day merchandise. Personally, I suggest that there is a costume party on Halloween. Anyway, Victor comes into the store and stocks up on snack foods, and Michael asks him about his boyfriend, which makes Victor blush. Then Ben comes in and introduces himself to Victor.

Ben Fraiser arrives in Fandom. He introduces himself to Jake Gavin, who abandons him for coffee. Personally, I’m shocked, appalled and impressed by such dedication to caffeine. Tex learns that, although he is quite able to read a dictionary, Ben is not capable of detecting sarcasm. Fortunately, nobody dies. Then the new bloke meets Aziraphale, which is always interesting. And Pogo/Jiji will be your new OTP forevermore. Later, he encounters Cam-mullusc, and Callisto. Again, I say: fortunately, nobody dies.

The mayor is spotted checking out the town clinic. Also, Darla comes in, looking like she’s been a bit knocked up.

After being mended by Wilson, Darla stops to talk to Crowley, who enjoys sucking on Kiki’s peppermints. That’s rather sweet, I think.

The theater is open, but no one’s there. Did ceiling tiles fall from the roof during a film or something?

It’s a generally nice night, and people meet in the park. According to my notes, Sean is not the greatest fan of Belthazor and Togusa plays with his best mate's hellhound.

Yazoo, Loz, and the other guy busy themselves around the pub.

At Caritas, Veronica and Phoebe get up to sing. Twice. CJ and Nadia sing as well. Pip, Weevil, Mac, Belthazor, CJ and Nadia were all spotted at the bar. Susan, the school's new counselor, is relieved to meet up with CJ. She soon makes the Doctor's acquaintance. In the lounge, Cole shimmers in with Phoebe, Piper talks to Veronica. Later, Gob has a magic act.

Well, I guess that's all the gossip news we have time for tonight. See you all on the other side. Bye!

[[*was so nervous*]]

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