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Hey everyone, it seems our usual Sunday newsperson is enjoying the trip to Austria; I'm Sam Winchester, and I'm the lucky recipient of the squirrels' notes this morning. First, in town, Miguel got the staff to take down some decorations they'd put up in Luke's, and a shuttle landed outside the rocky bits--Jono caught sight of it and went to check out what happened, and found someone named Quark who accidentally landed here. Luckily, Quark knows about Earth, and Jono told him a little about Fandom specifically before pointing him to town. Once Quark got to town, Hannibal found him and talked to Quark about the island's lack of a casino. That is kind of surprising, now that I think about it, considering how much gambling there is in Maryland.

As for the trip, everyone gathered up at Portalocity and then headed off to snowy Austria. Paris and Summer talked about skiing, with Paris trying to give Summer advice to not hurt herself, and Magnus and Taako tried to set some ground rules for sharing a room, which mostly involved Magnus staying totally clothed while sleeping. Tony and Steve figured out who would get each bunk bed, and Deadpool started right in on drinking as he and Hannibal talked about where Hannibal is from.

That looks like all the notes I've got, so I'm hoping that means the squirrels will let me leave. If you're on the trip, have a good time!
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Good morning! If this is your first time tuning into the radio here, welcome to Fandom and I hope you're having a good experience so far. I'm Sam Winchester and I'm here with everything the squirrels caught you doing yesterday. It's a little weird, but you'll get used to it.

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Good morning, Sam Winchester here with your day-after-Christmas news. Things were quiet around the school and dorms, which is a nice contrast to last week. In town, Sarah was walking home from her portal, smoking a cigarette, and Bellamy caught up with her; he gave her some crap for smoking, but then they talked about how their respective holidays had gone before he invited her back to his place for coffee. Speaking of coffee, Jessica was at the Perk with coffee and a Santa hat, and Eliot came by. They also talked about how their holidays had been, since Parker has spent most of the time as a ferret, and they also talked about teenage superheroes.

And that's it! Have a good, safe week, everyone!
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Hey everyone, Sam Winchester here, and I hope that everyone listening to this is being as safe as possible right now. If these notes aren't filled with people taking care of themselves... well, it'll be just another day in Fandom, I guess.

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Hey folks, Sam Winchester here. I feel like having candles on my head inside the radio station is a terrible idea but they don't seem to be burning anything sooo... Fandom, what can you say?

In actual news, there were snuggies all over the place yesterday and the dorms were no exception. In the third floor common room, Dante was stuck in a reindeer snuggie, but that didn't stop him from finding a bunch of leftover holiday foods to eat. Four was annoyed by his penguin snuggie, and Dante was actually the one telling him to lighten up and just roll with the weird.

In town, Atton was looking over some papers and maps in his apartment, looking less than serious in his penguin snuggie, and Obi-Wan was trying to convince his pet that his reindeer snuggie was a good thing since they could pretend he was a reindeer. Mike was also rocking a reindeer snuggie at Caritas and Allie came in wishing for the days of ugly sweaters instead of the penguin snuggie she'd gotten stuck with.

The good news is, now we're all back to regular clothes! Except for being walking fire hazards. At least it'll be Christmas soon, right?
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Good morning, everyone. For those of you who are, uh, new to town, this is Sam Winchester, with your Sunday news. If you saw any squirrels yesterday, I hope you were friendly.

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Hey everyone! Sam Winchester here with some quick holiday weekend news. It looks like things were quiet aside from in town where Bellamy was catching up on some reading at Freedom Arms, and Isabela stopped by to ask him how last weekend went for him, fighting with a small child and all. It's probably a good thing that we're all so cute when we turn into kids, huh? Anyway, that's everything, so have a good week!
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Sam: Hey everyone! This week, you're getting two Winchesters for the news, because Zoe said she'd punch me if I didn't let her help.

Zoe: Hey! You're not supposed to tell people I said that.

Sam: Then don't threaten to punch people! Geez.

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Hey everyone, this is Sam Winchester, and either everyone had a really chill Saturday, or the squirrels had a really lazy Saturday.

*angry chittering*

Okay, I'm going with the first one, for my own safety. Anyway, here's the news: the school and the dorms were quiet, and in town, Bellamy had a quiet shift at Freedom Arms, which he spent most of reading a magazine, and at the Gig, Dani was in a cleaning and reorganizing frenzy. That's it, so that's my cue to wish you all a good, safe week!
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Hey everyone, Sam Winchester here for what is thankfully looking like a small pile of notes, because I'm in a NyQuil haze, and it might not have been pretty if there was a lot to talk about. In the dorms, Mara was in the third floor common room reading the copy of meta for Twilight she'd gotten for Halloween - why, Mara, why? - and was comparing it to fanfic she'd read about people in her own world. Isabela came in, and they talked about exactly how terrible the books are. In town, Bellamy was reading a magazing at Freedom Arms, and Jono was dealing with a shipment of Christmas music at Groovy Tunes. Nope, it is way too early in the month for that - we've barely had Thanksgiving! Anyway, that's everything, so I'm going to head off before I get my germs on too many surfaces here. Have a good week!
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Hi everyone. This is Sam Winchester, and I hope you're all enjoying having electricity again, especially so you can see what kind of leftover Halloween candy you're eating.

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Hey folks, this is Sam Winchester with your Sunday morning squirrel news.

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Hey everyone, this is Sam Winchester here with your post-trip radio broadcast. Let's see how things went yesterday. In the last hours of vacation, Atton was up early, more than ready to come home, and Mara got herself a stone age hot rock massage. In the park, there was a T-Rex feeding display which Anakin had to be dragged away from by Atton and Obi-Wan, and the option to go bungee jumping was still available, although Kitty chose to feed dinosaur babies instead. I probably would have made the same choice to be honest.

Everyone came back from the trip safe and sound and uneaten by dinosaurs, and April decided to marathon some movies while she was unpacking. Freedom Arms was also open, and Bellamy was taking notes while working.

That's all I've got for notes, so that's all the time I'm going to take from you all. Have a great day!
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Hey everyone, this is your quick pre-break broadcast with Sam Winchester. It seems like everyone in the dorms was busy packing because the only notes I have are from town. Hannibal and Jono packed together; Hannibal tried to convince Jono to consider wearing something besides leather, and they talked about whether or not Fandom's weirdness will follow us. Please don't let Fandom's weirdness follow us. At Freedom Arms, Bellamy was dozing off behind the counter when Isabela came by, and they talked about Isabela's shiny elf friend Zevran and how Bellamy did with the Five Minute Dates. Wash also came by to check on him and they talked about making friends. Before packing, Jono was at Groovy Tunes, experimenting with not keeping himself so covered up, and Bob came by and got an impromptu music lesson. At Caritas, Mike was doing some stuff for his business behind the bar, and that looks like everything, so I'll sign off here so I can finish packing myself. See you guys on the trip!
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Hey everyone, it's Sunday, so I'm Sam Winchester, here with all the notes I can translate from squirrel-ese. In case anyone was wondering, doing this after being out of town for a while is, in fact, like getting back on a bike - it's a little shaky but everything comes back to you eventually.

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Hey everyone, this is Sam Winchester, and I hope your Sunday is going well. Let's see what the squirrels had to say about yesterday. There isn't any news from the school, and the only dorms news is that Ezra ordered some Chinese food and ended up with a boatload of Chinese food, which he happily shared with April in the second floor common room.

In town, Atton woke up on the floor, which seems at least a little reasonable for a Saturday morning. Sparkle came downstairs, and they talked about him taking over Demon Marcus since no one's running the place right now. At Freedom Arms, Bellamy was doing all kinds of things around the shop with a lot of energy, and Isabela stopped in to flirt and offer to give him a tour of her ship, 'if you know what she means.' Ah, squirrels, I'm pretty sure everyone knows what she meant. Finally, at Caritas, Mike was keeping an eye on the beer tap, because it was making weird noises, and Dante and Alana met up for shots and flirting and talking about their life goals.

And that's everything I've got here, so I'll let you all get back to the rest of your weekends. Have a good one!
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Hey guys, this is Sam Winchester, and I'm blissfully on my own this week. Not that it wasn't fun to have a ton of people around last week, but I'm appreciating the smaller stack of notes, that's for sure. Some of these are surprisingly well written too, I'm not sure what that's all about.

It looks like things were quiet at the school. In the dorms, Xanthippe was digging around in the fridge of the fourth floor common room, and didn't seem pleased with her options. Dipper came in to watch TV, and when Xanthippe said she didn't understand how people lived with the fridge like it was, Dipper asked if she was an alien. Frank and Dipper talked about how plausible a show about a duck solving crimes is, and Gwen wanted Dipper to tell her what the show was about. Isabela was happy to see other people in the common room; she and Frank talked about drinking with breakfast, and she talked to Xanthippe about what a disaster the kitchen was, at least in Xanthippe's mind. Isabela also talked to Gwen about coming up with more questions to ask in Sex Ed, and how they can't get hands on lessons from Clint. Yeeeeah, not so much. Xanthippe was confused about why Gwen saved her leftover Chinese food, which sounds like someone's never eaten delicious, cold, leftover Chinese food. Gwen asked Frank more about his drinking habits, while Xanthippe was thrown by the fact that Frank has a lucky glass for booze. That sounds like something that would throw me too.

In town, Atton invited Sparkle over, and they talked about Sparkle's recent behavior and what he plans to do next. Bellamy was looking a little grumpy at Freedom Arms, and in the evening, Kitty caught the squirrels coming into the radio station with calligraphy tools. Ah, that explains the ink on some of these notes. That'll be... interesting in the future, I'm sure.

And that's everything I've got to read, which is so very nice. Bye everyone!
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Sam: --es, I remember how to run this stuff. It hasn't been that long since I've been in here, and I think I'm in better shape to be turning dials than you are.

*tired chittering*

I know, you've never worked your little paws so hard in your life. May I remind you that all the tons of people you recorded yesterday are listening, so I need the notes?

*weary, tired chittering and a flick of paper*

"Stuff happened, ask your friends." No, I need the real notes, come on. You don't have to do anything else, just take a nap or something.

*thudding noise*

Wow, you guys really were busy yesterday. Okay, so, hey everyone, this is Sam Winchester, and you might want to take a seat or grab a drink or something, because today's news is going to be a little... extended.

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Good morning, everyone. This is Sam Winchester, bringing you all the news the squirrels decided to write down yesterday.


Hey, let's not forget who coerced who into coming in here today. I expect at least a little rum out of this later.

Sam missed the squirrels, no matter what he says. )
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Zoe: Good evening, Fandom, and I suppose a special hello should go to all of the alumni who are here tonight. It's good to see all of you again...

Sam: Hey, stop with the poking! I'm coming with you, really.

Zoe: ...though, it's better to see some of you than others, I'll admit.

Sam: Uh, Zoe? Did you tell the rodents to kidnap me?

Zoe: I might have suggested that I could use a partner tonight. You wouldn't want me to have to read this big stack of notes all by myself, would you?

Sam: "No" is really the only acceptable answer to that question, isn't it?

Zoe: Absolutely. Have a seat and let's see what we've got.

Winchester Radio IS A LITTLE LONG. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, and we should say a special welcome to all of the guests on the island this weekend.

Dean: He means the ones who are usually dead, not the ones who have just moved to NYC and came back for a visit. Of course if he had that would mean he was saying welcome to himself...

Sam: Yes, I meant the usually deceased. Especially our own visitor.

Mary: Are you sure it's all right that I'm here with you boys?

Dean: Yeah, it's fine. I mean, the only ones here to protest are the squirrels and they don't mind, do you guys?

*genial chittering is heard*

Dean: See?

Sam: Yeah, I'm the only one they don't like.

Dean: They like you fine. Just as long as you don't let Scout chase them and keep the bitchfacing at them to a minimum.

Sam: Scout's back in New York with Peter, so they don't need to worry about that. And I'll try to keep the bitchfacing down.

Dean: Hey Mom, did Sammy tell you he's shacked up with his boyfriend?

Sam: Dean! Okay, clearly it's time to start the notes, before you open your mouth again.

News time! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. You know, I'm going to miss saying that.

Dean: Y'know there's an easy way of fixing that. Or at least putting it off.

Sam: I think it might be a little late to change my mind now.

Dean: Never too late, Sammy.

Sam: It is when all my stuff is in boxes.

Dean: Funny thing about that -- you can take things out just as easily as you put them in.

Sam: I know, but not until I'm in New York.

Dean: New York will still be there in a couple of months.

Sam: And Fandom will still be here when I come back to visit.

Dean: *grumbles something inaudible*

Sam: Here, let me start looking through the notes. The faster we get this done, the sooner we can go out for a drink or something.

*clings to the boys* )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. No, you don't need to adjust your radio, this really is Sam and Dean. We wanted to make sure we did our job before the island decided to turn me into some kind of animal again.

Dean: I'm totally emailing those yak pics to Peter by the way.

Sam: I'm totally breaking your laptop if you try.

Dean: I'll do it on your laptop.

Sam: I'll password protect it so you can't get on. Like when you're going to use it to search for porn and get viruses everywhere.

Dean: How's that working for ya so far Sammy?

Sam: ...better once I come up with passoword you can't guess, I think.

Dean: Never going to happen, Yakbreath.

Sam: Oh my God, just give me the notes to start with before I try to use them to beat you.

Winchesters on a Thursday? That's actually not so wrong... )
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Good evening, Fandom. Dean's doing some serious big brother duty helping Zoe with Grace tonight, so you've all got me on my own. Let's see what everyone was up to today, besides being reminded that sometimes we don't do laundry enough.

The dirty clothes are aliiiiive! Clearly, we should have more naked mutinies and not get them dirty to begin with. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I think I speak for Dean and myself when I say we hope everyone had a better Friday than last week.

Dean: At least one that doesn't involve needing a bellhop follow you around with a baggage cart.

Sam: Seriously. The notes look a lot more peaceful this week.

Dean: And shorter.

Sam: Here, give me the first bit and I'll see what we've got tonight.

News of the day is under here! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. Although, I guess it's probably not a very good evening for most folks.

Dean: Only if you let it. It's amazing what denial will do for you. *thudding sound* Oh for... move so I can throw this IN DENIAL bag out of the way.

Sam: I'd been hoping this crap wouldn't follow us in here tonight. So much for that.

Dean: The little squirrel-sized bags lined up by the empty rum bottles should've given you a clue there.

Sam: Wow, we really are an island full of issues, huh? I think I could have lived without knowing that.

Dean: With the amount of rum they drink, it's not really that surprising.

Sam: Well, let's get through today's notes, and then we can leave them alone to wallow again, yeah?

Dean: Sounds good to me.

The entire island has issues. This is not news, but we're going to talk about it anyway. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I'm Sam--

Dean: --and I'm Dean Winchester. For those who don't know, I'm the older, better looking, more awesome brother. Sammy's the younger, more dorky gigantor of a little brother.

Sam: Gee, thanks, I feel so loved. And we are equally awesome, thank you.

Dean: That's always what the less awesome brother says.

Sam: Only when the supposedly more awesome brother is full of crap. Anyway, do you want to see what the squirrels have for us tonight?

Dean: Sure, see if you can get the notes out from under the pile of little rum bottles.

Sam: Great, it's going to be one of those nights.

Winchesters on a Friday? The world is all askew! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I think the squirrels are really happy to see you.

Dean: Because I'm awesome. Also, because I brought them a whole bunch of little bottles of rum that I pinched from places I've been staying on the road.

Sam: Hey, that's cheating. And bribing. And not being fair.

Dean: I can't bring back presents?

Sam: You can, but that just makes them like you more than me again.

Dean: I'm not seeing the problem here.

Sam: Remind me why I let you come in here with me? Because I'm starting to forget.

Dean: You didn't want to do this alone and Andy's out of town.

Sam: I guess that does outweigh you being a jerk. Here, school's out for another week, so you get to start, squirrel-lover.

The news is under here! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I hope everyone's enjoying being back to normal again.

Andy: Back to normal? Were things abnormal again this weekend?

Sam: Yeah, a lot of people turned into kids. Were you out of town?

Andy: Yeah. Webber wanted me to come visit.

Sam: Well, you picked a good time. It was like sugar high central here.

Andy: Did you turn into a kid?

Sam: Yeah, I usually do. The island never leaves me alone when this kind of thing happens.

Andy: Did you spend it in a sugar high?

Sam: Not the whole time, although I did consume more whipped cream in one afternoon than was possibly necessary.

Andy: Worse ways to spend an afternoon.

Sam: True. There are worse ways to spend a weekend too. Here, I'll get started on the notes, 'cause I'm sure this was the topic of the day.

Time for the news! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. It's nice to see we're not being rained on now like we were...yesterday? Today? I don't even know what time that was, to be honest.

Andy: I'll get you a watch for your birthday.

Sam: It would have gotten chocolate all over it if I'd been wearing it last night.

Andy: Point. But you could have wiped -- or licked -- the chocolate off and then you'd've had the time right there.

Sam: I guess. You weren't even fazed by it all, were you?

Andy: Nah. Now if it had been acid rain, yeah, but chocolate, that's just good messy fun.

Sam: I'll admit, the marshmallows were a nice touch, if you could catch them before they hit the ground.

Andy: Weather should always be that tasty.

Sam: Here, let me grab the notes in case we end up getting an encore of precipitation tonight.

News time! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, to both regular residents and visitors who are still here.

Skye: This is completely awesome! Can I have some of what the squirrels are drinking?

Dean: It's rum, and no, you can't. It'll stunt your growth.

Mary: I think that's coffee that's supposed to do that.

Maria: No, coffee makes everything go wheeee!

Sam: I'm blaming the fact that you know that on Peter, I think.

Dean: You're lucky you've got Sammy's crazy sasquatch genes if you're drinking coffee already.

Maria: It's only a little! I'm still gonna be super tall, I promise.

Cas: If I say I don't want to be super tall, can I try some coffee? Or rum?

Dean: No.

Sam: Tonight would definitely not be the night to experiment with how much of an angel you really are. Especially when we have lots of fun notes to read, right?

Cas: I can't read yet.

Sam: Then you can just follow along and help make fun of people as we talk about them. That's kind of the Winchester way.

Mary: Works for me.

Six Winchesters in one radio station. What could possibly go wrong? )
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Good evening, Fandom. I seem to be partnerless this week, and I suppose I could banter with myself or the squirrels, but that's not really what you all tuned in for, is it?

If it is, uh, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

News time! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I hope everyone's on the road to recovery from this weekend.

Andy: Yeah, what he said.

Sam: Tell me you didn't run into any of those creatures and that you stayed safe?

Andy: I didn't run into any creatures and stayed safe. Was droid baby watching all weekend.

Sam: Okay, good. Seriously, you're much better off. As for everyone else...well, I guess we're going to find out, aren't we?

Post-BDE News! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I hope everyone had a good, normal weekend.

Andy: In other words, you hope everyone left the island for the weekend?

Sam: No, I hope everyone had a good time here while I left the island.

Andy: Well, good time is a lot easier to have around here than normal.

Sam: True. So, I hope everyone had a good time this weekend.

Andy: Did you?

Sam: I did, yeah. I went to New York to see my boyfriend and--

*ding ding*

--and I'm being texted. Sorry, I thought I turned that off. Heh, I think Peter knows he's being talked about.

Andy: What did he say?

Sam: That he misses me and...other things I'm not reading out loud.

Andy: Yeah, like... Can you even do that?

Sam: That is something only Peter gets to know. Here, give me some notes to read before I get embarrassed or something.

On to the news! )
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Sam: Hey, Fandom. Uh, good evening and all that. I feel like it's been a while.

Andy: For a lot of people it has been. Weird, weird, weekend.

Sam: Weird, bad weekend. Were you okay?

Andy: I woke up Saturday with two strangers in my room who yelled and flailed at me, and then locked myself in my room for the rest of the weekend.

Sam: Ouch. I'm sorry man, that sucks. You were probably saved from a lot of extra weirdness that way though.

Andy: Yeah. My life's weird enough normally, y'know?

Sam: Everyone's life is weird enough without weekends like the one we just had, I think.

Andy: Well yeah, but our lives are weirder than the average weird.

Sam: And still, this place finds a way to up the weird so we'll never forget things are strange. I know I could live without that, and I'm willing to bet half of these notes are about people who feel the same way.

How many times can we say the word 'weekend' in one broadcast? Let's find out! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. Happy almost-Mardi Gras.

Andy: Have you ever been to Mardi Gras, Sam?

Sam: No, that's pretty far from my idea of a good time. I mean, it might be nice to go once just to see it all, but that's definitely my brother's deal more than mine.

Andy: I think it would be pretty awesome -- all those people just having a good time and dressing up and just having fun?

Sam: By drinking and smoking and doing God only knows what else. Still, I see where you're coming from.

Andy: Someone should give you some Mardis Gras beads, get you into the spirit.

Sam: Wouldn't I have to flash them first? Isn't that how it works?

Andy: Or, y'know, have someone with you who can just ask for them.

Sam: Or do the flashing thing in my place. I think I like that idea even better.

All the news that's fit to read! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, from your much less itchy Monday night hosts.

Andy: You smelled better last week though.

Sam: You make it sound like I didn't shower this morning or something.

Andy: Well you didn't shower in hot fudge at least.

Sam: I think I'd be pretty happy to not smell fudge at all for a good few weeks.

Andy: You do know it's Valentine's Day this week, right?

Sam: ...okay, I'd be pretty happy to not smell fudge after this week is over. I can make it through the holiday, I think.

Andy: I'll be happy to take care of your share.

Sam: Yeah, because chocolate is definitely what you need on top of your naturally hyper state.

Andy: Well it can't really make me any more hyper...

Sam: I'm going to remember you said that when you're bouncing off the walls.

Andy: Are the walls going to be rubber? Because that would make me bounce higher!

Sam: You really are one of a kind, you know that?

On to the news! )
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Sam: Good evening, and happy Monday, Fandom. I hope everyone's doing okay today.

Andy: Dude, have you been pigging out or something? You smell like chocolate.

Sam: No, I haven't been pigging out. After this weekend, I don't want chocolate for a good, long while. I think maybe I missed a spot when I showered or something.

Andy: Well that explain why you're looking kinda... polka dotted.

Sam: No I don't! It's all in your head.

Andy: Scout got fleas?

Sam: No! At least, I don't think so. I'm sure it's nothing. Sorry about the smell though.

Andy: Hey, could be worse. You could smell like a wet gremlin or something.

Sam: You always manage to find the positive of a situation, don't you?

Time for some news! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, and congratulations everyone on surviving another invasion.

Andy: These keep happening when I'm away.

Sam: Trust me, you didn't miss anything fun this time.

Andy: I'm not sure an invasion is supposed to be fun. Unless it's like a British music invasion or something.

Sam: Some things that invade are less messy to kill than others. There's going to be a lot of smelly laundry going around for a while.

Andy: So stay out of the laundry room is what you're telling me. Good to know.

Sam: Also? Stop leaving town, so you can see this stuff when it happens. Some of it's fun, I swear.

Andy: Sorry. Webber wanted to hang out some more. He kinda wants me to hang out every weekend.

Sam: Well, tell him you want to hang out here sometimes too. You know, assuming you do.

Andy: I do. He just... he's kinda adamant about it.

Sam: ...I think when we're done here, you and I are gonna have a little chat about how to say no to brothers.

Andy: So you say no to Dean a lot?

Sam: Enough that I don't see him every weekend. Here, let me start on these notes, and you can tell me all about what's up with Webber when we're finished.

One post-invasion radio, coming right up! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I'm so glad we have the power back for this. I don't think I have the lungs for yelling through town.

Andy: Would one of us had got a bell to ring like town criers used to have?

Sam: If by "one of us" you mean you, then yeah, probably.

Andy: Well, you have the bigger lungs obviously -- there's more ribcage there for them to fit inside -- so you'd be too busy yelling to ring it.

Sam: ...on second thought, maybe I would do the ringing while you yelled.

Andy: Actually, considering what me yelling can sometimes totally want to be the one yelling.

Sam: Yeah, okay, I'm going to go back to being glad we have power. And heat on top of it.

Andy: Maybe I can get a bell and ring it over the radio?

Sam: We could try that next week. Consider that your warning, Fandom.

It's the return of adorable psychic boys radio! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, and hello to anyone who might be tuning in for the first or second time.

Andy: What he said. Welcome to the crazy.

Sam: Awww, it hasn't been that crazy yet.

Andy: Well no, not for Fandom. But Fandom normal is crazy compared to a lot of places. That's what makes it fun.

Sam: Everyone I've met so far seems to be taking things in stride instead of being freaked out by everything. That's a good sign.

Andy: Yes. Though maybe they're just in shock.

Sam: I don't think they'd be as friendly if they were in shock.

Andy: Point.

Ah, newbie energy never gets old, no matter how long it makes the radio. )
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Sam: Uh, hey, good evening, Fandom. I hope everyone is enjoying their break and staying safe.

Andy: And had a great Christmas or other winter holiday.

Sam: Judging from the stack of notes, it looks like a lot of people might still be at home, so that whole staying safe thing goes out to them too.

Andy: Still enjoying the holidays then.

Sam: We can only hope. Unfortunately.

Even short radios still get cut! )
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Sam: Good evening everyone, and happy almost-Christmas.

Andy: Yeah. And happy Solstice or Yule as well.

Sam: Oh, it looks like it was a very happy Yule, judging from these notes. The holidays that have drinking are always good.

Andy: That's the spirit, Sam.

Sam: I meant for the people who celebrate them. Of course those would be your favorite holidays too.

Andy: I like pretty much any holiday, actually.

Sam: Does that mean this is your favorite time of year?

Andy: It didn't used to be when I was younger. But I try to make the best of it now.

Sam: Well, all joking aside, I hope you have a good holiday this week, whatever you do.

Andy: Likewise, Sam.

Sam: And now that we've been dorks at each other, I'll get these notes started, before the squirrels start making faces.

So many parties, so little time... )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I hope everyone's finals are off to a good start. Or work, I guess, if you're not part of the school.

Andy: And just remember there's only 10 more shopping days 'till Christmas, so if you're not concentrating on finals, you might want to concentrate on that.

Sam: I think I'm all done with that, surprisingly. How's your shopping going, if you're doing any?

Andy: I'm pretty much done too. I like to get it over with so I can concentrate on having fun.

Sam: You? Concentrating on the fun part of anything and everything? No, I find that hard to believe.

Andy: I'm going to drag you along into the having fun part too. Kicking and screaming if I have to.

Sam: That's totally unnecessary, really. But I appreciate the thought.

Andy: Fun is always necessary, Sam.

Sam: Maybe for some people, but not for everyone.

Andy: See that? Is proof that you need dragging along.

Sam: Yeah, well, we'll see how well the you dragging me part works when the time comes. For now, our fun consists of living it vicariously through the notes about others.

Fa la la la la, la la la la! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. We're a little old school here tonight - Andy went to spend the weekend with his brother, and apparently hasn't gotten back yet. Try not to hate him from afar for missing all the fun this weekend.

Dean: And for those who missed it, by fun, Sammy means the kind that is not.

Sam: The kind that was probably fun for the people who weren't affected, at least. It's amazing the store doesn't sell out of popcorn when these things happen.

Dean: I dunno. It's all still kinda messed up even if you're not.

Sam: Okay, yeah, sometimes watching your friends be crazy isn't entirely entertaining.

Dean: Crazy is much more fun when it's on TV.

Sam: Definitely. Not surprisingly, it looks like we've got plenty of news to get through, so I'll grab these and we can get started.

Ah, the lengthy aftermath of a period of insanity... )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, and welcome back to those of you who went home or somewhere else over the weekend.

Andy: Hopefully everybody's out of turkey induced comas by now.

Sam: And still enjoying leftovers, unless you have a brother who eats everything like I do.

Andy: You just need to get a bigger turkey then.

Sam: Or twice as much pie. I think that might end up being half the meal someday.

Andy: You could split the difference and maybe get like turkey pot pies.

Sam: know, that's actually kind of an intriguing idea. Consider yourself invited to Thanksgiving next year.

Andy: Cool.

Sam: Here, I'll get started on the notes before the squirrels start throwing papers at us. Don't think I don't see you guys thinking about it.

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Sam: Good evening, and happy early Thanksgiving, I suppose.

Andy: Works as a greeting.

Sam: People seem to be getting geared up for Thursday already, so we might as well start the greeting early too, yeah?

Andy: Gobble, gobble.

Sam: *laughs* Heh, that's the spirit. Let me start looking through the notes, and I'll see how many of them might make us hungry this week.

OMG is it pie time yet? How about now? )
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Sam: You know, I appreciate the gesture, but don't you have a job to get back to?

Dean: Dude, if I leave now, I'd get like an hour or so away and have to stop for the night anyway. I'll leave after I get some sleep.

Sam: So go get some sleep then. You don't have to follow me all night, I promise.

Dean: And miss meeting your new radio partner? Yeah, right.

Sam: ...Fine. Just don't mention the fight, or anything else, okay?

Andy: Hey Sam! You made it! I wasn't sure you were going- why do you have a black eye?

Dean: Don't ask me. I'm not allowed to mention it. I'm Dean, by the way.

Andy: Sam's brother Dean? Wow, cool. Awesome to meet you. I'm Andy.

Sam: Andy, hey, I wasn't sure if you'd be here already. We just got back into town and...judging from the light, we're already on, aren't we?

Andy: Yeah. I'm not even sure there is an off switch to this thing.

Sam: Do you mind if Dean sticks around while we do this? He's doing the stalkery big brother thing for one more night.

Dean: You'd think he was about to take out a restraining order on me or something.

Andy: No, man. That's cool. I mean, this used to be your job, didn't it?

Dean: It did. Little piece of advice. Never bet you can out drink a squirrel.

Sam: Yeah, that's not really an issue we have a lot anymore. I think I'll take these before the squirrels decide to change that.

Cut cut cut cut cut... )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I hope everyone is safely out of their post-Halloween candy comas.

Andy: I hope everyone still has lots of Hallowe'en candy left.

Sam: Yeah, that's just what you need is sugar.

Andy: It's not exactly a need. More like a... seasonal indulgence.

Sam: You can make Halloween candy last all the way until Christmas if you try hard enough. Or will yours be all gone by the end of the week?

Andy: I'll probably have some left. And if not, I can always ask people to share theirs with me.

Sam: Just try to make sure they'd actually like to share their candy?

Andy: Everyone should share. It's the polite thing to do.

Sam: Lucky for you, most people here are naturally polite. We should probably start sharing the squirrels' notes...and I think that sounded a little funnier in my head.

Mmmm candy... )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I'd just like to take a moment to say that despite rumors to the contrary, I am not Chuck Bass' bitch, and certain people should not agree with him on air to say that I am.

Andy: You're way too tall to be somebody's bitch.

Sam: I think I like that logic a lot. Also, my brother kind of has first claim. You know, on principle.

Andy: You're your brother's bitch? Or your brother is Chuck's bitch?

Sam: know, I think I'm going to say all of the above, if only because Dean is outside of the radio signal now.

Andy: Did you have a good time with him visiting this weekend?

Sam: Yeah, with him and with everyone else. You'll see next year, once you know some alumni.

Andy: Like you.

Sam: Yeah, as weird as that is to think about.

Andy: And then people can talk about you being a bitch when you're outside of the radio signal too.

Sam: ...hey, look, the squirrels have our notes. I think I'll take a look at those now.

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