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Damn, I should have saved some of that wedding cake. It was awesome. I could ha--hey! Squirrels! What are you doing in Connecticut? Oh, I guess you're doing wedding news. Who are you getting to report it?


Oh no. No way. I'm not doing it. I've got a hot boyfriend waiting for me and I'm going back to him right now. You are not wrangling me into this.

*more squeaking*

Not the sad puppy dog eyes! That's no fair! Ugh. Fine. Give me those notes. You guys are jerks. Hey, Fandom. This is Meg Manning reluctantly reporting you the news from Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Not that I'm reluctant about being here. Yay Rory and Anakin! I mean, I don't know the bride too well but I did fight robots with the groom and he's awesome so, yeah. I'm all for the marriage. Just not for reporting the news. The squirrels are jerks.

Wherin I write the word tortoise many times )

Great. I'm done. You squirrels are so lucky that I'm nice. Anyways, this is Meg Manning signing off and wishing you all a relatively tortoise-free night. Unless you're into that kind of thing. Goodnight!
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Lilly: Stop pulling my hair!

Caz: I will if you take back what you said!

Lilly: No! It's true!

Meg: Dick, do something about your son.

Dick: Tell your daughter to stop calling his mother a tramp.

Lilly: Stepmommy Veronica is a tramp! Mom said so!

Caz: My mom isn't a tramp!

Dick: Don't worry, Caz. Meg's just bitter because she found out she has to be a lonely single mother.

Meg: Dick!

Lilly: I'll have you know my mom is real pop'lar! She has men sleep over all the time!


Dick: Oh who's the tramp now, Manning?

Meg: ...Shut up.

This news is like novel length )
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DICK: Okay, we're here. I didn't get in trouble. You can go.

MEG: I don't think so. As if I'm going to let you do radio by yourself like this. You shouldn't be allowed to do radio by yourself when you're a teenager.

DICK: WHAT?! But Sam an' Dean got to do radio by themselves!

MEG: Sam and Dean are good boys. You are...I don't want to say evil but that's the only word that's coming to mind.


MEG: Oh don't even! I know what you're like. You gave me a box full of worms and dirt for my seventh birthday.

DICK: That was a present for you!

MEG: You dumped them in my hair!

DICK: Oh, yeah. That was funny!

Sadly this is pretty close to the bickering of the normal Dick and Meg broadcasts )

MEG: All done?

DICK: Yep!

MEG: Yaaaay. Alright, let's go back to the dorms. It's way past your bedtime.

DICK: Can I sleep with you?

MEG: Absolutely not.

DICK: Aw...
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MEG: The Packers weren't even in the Superbowl, you drunk ass.

DICK: This is why I brought you here, Meggles. So you can help correctify me when I'm wrong.

MEG: That's going to take all night.

DICK: I've got spare time.

MEG: Well I don't. So let's get reading.

What's this? Another citizen who isn't READY FOR SOME FOOTBALLLLLL?! )

MEG: See? Was that so hard to do?

DICK: Yes. Those last few minutes where you made me read the news was torture. I'm going to have to drink more just to forget I did it.

MEG: You're going to be sleeping in here again aren't you?

DICK: Most likely. The second floor of the dorms is so far away.

MEG: Well you enjoy that. I've got better places to sleep. Places that I'll be going to right now.

DICK: Fine, but you're missing out. We don't need her, do we squirrels? No we don't. We'll celebrate the Packers winning by ourselves.

MEG: *sigh* Bye, Dick. Bye, Fandom!

DICK: What she said with the goodbyeing!
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Yes, yes, squirrels. I'm back. Whoa, okay, let me sit down before you start playing with my hair! I even brought ribbons for you guys to use this time. Hi, Fandom! This is Meg Manning reporting for you tonight! Dick has some sort of a crisis going on and he's all flaily or something. I don't know. I just do favors when asked. Not dirty. See? I'm already turning things into innuendos. It'll be like Dick never not showed up to work.

It's the nicest news ever! )

That's it? Wow, nobody really did much of anything today. Looks like I picked a good day to do a favor. You guys done doing my hair? Let's see how well you did. Ooo! Nice French braid! Anyways, that's it for the news tonight. Night, Fandom!
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Dean: Good evening Fandom. Since my brother -- and my entire family for that matter are all off making merry at a wedding without me, I've got a different partner in crime tonight.

Meg: Hi, everybody! It's Meg, not Jo. Jo's at the wedding.

Dean: You're cuter than Jo anyway. Also cuter than Sammy.

Meg: I'm just going to say thank you and not try to question how I could possibly be cuter than Jo when we look exactly alike.

Dean: Same way I'm cuter than Alec. And have better hair. It's a thing.

Meg: Whatever you say, Dean.

Dean: You smell better than Sammy does too. Anyway, this shouldn't take too long, with half the island off at a wedding so-


Dean: What do you mean, remote reporting?

*more chittering*

Dean: You sent squirrels to the wedding?

*smug chittering*

Meg: I thought I noticed more paper than usual in here.

Dean: Did they at least send some of the good booze back with the papers?

*chittering* *hic* *chittering*

Dean: I'm taking that as a yes... *sighs* Guess we better get to it.

Fandom and wedding news! )

Meg: Yay! Yay for John and Aeryn, of course. Totally not because there was no more news to report.

Dean: I'll say yay to there being no more papers being squirreled at us. I need a drink now. *thoughtfully* So what do you do when you get drunk?

Meg: Me? I don't drink often. Alcohol makes me do things I wouldn't normally. Things that embarrass me when I'm sober.

Dean: Now this sounds interesting. Why don't we go back to my room and discuss it over a beer or two?

Meg: That sounds like a great idea. But you're not allowed to laugh tomorrow if I do something stupid.

Dean: I can think I can safely promise that the last thing I'll be doing tomorrow is laughing at you...
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DICK: Oh jeez...the room is a'spinnin...we might have a problem here, squirrels. I see the words on the page but they're all jumbly. It's a little better if a close this eye but worse when I close the other one. Why oh why did I drink all that tequila? Oh right, my brother was here. That's why.

MEG: Dick!

DICK: Whoa, did I pass out already or is Meg really here in a bathrobe?

MEG: The squirrels gave me a note saying that you were in no shape to do radio by yourself and then they practically dragged me here!

DICK: Those squirrels are very astute. Woo, big word!

MEG: I was in the shower when they gave me the note, Dick!

DICK: Awww, did the squirrels see somebody naked?

MEG: Shut up.

DICK: They boldly saw what only Duncan has seen before.

MEG: Shut up!

Loooong news! Where I enjoy talking to myself way too much )

MEG: Are we done? I can go back to the dorms and put on clothes?

DICK: What about my mozzarella sticks?

MEG: Fine. We'll find you some mozzarella sticks first.

DICK: Yay! Night, Fandom!
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DICK: Good evening Fandom! This is Dick Casablancas with WTFH radio and with me tonight is-why are the squirrels braiding your hair?

MEG: I don't know, they started doing it when I sat down.

DICK: You're Snow freaking White, I swear to god. With me tonight is always beautiful and totally not Jo, Meg Manning.

MEG: Meg, not Jo. Meg. I hope there's not a Beth and Amy involved here.

DICK: What?

MEG: Never mind, Dick. Why am I here again?

DICK: Hey, you wanted to get familiar with Fandom. I can't think of a better way than to sit in a room with drunk squirrels and report on the doings of the crazy people here.

MEG: The squirrels drink?!

Rum and squirrels and newbies, oh my! )

DICK: So, Meg, did this radio experience help you in your adjustment to Fandom?

MEG: Kids coming out of clouds, squirrels braiding my hair and Sulleys coming out of closets? Yeah, I guess I'm starting to get desensitized to the weird.

DICK: Excellent. We're all out of news Fandom so I will bid you all adieu. This is Dick Casablancas-

MEG: And Meg-Not-Jo-Manning.

DICK: -saying goodnight and don't let the gremlins bite!

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