WTFH, Thursday

Friday, August 14th, 2015 04:02 pm
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Anders: Hello again! It’s Friday,the squirrels are bossing me around, so it must be time for some news.

Edward: No… no rum today, thank you.

Anders: Still recovering?

Edward: ...The thumping in my head has quieted to a dull roar.

All right, classes were all about your final assignments, such as Driver's Ed, which saw you lot driving around ice cream. Sneaking 101 had the students breaking into a house to crack a safe, and lovely Cosette was restless at the library. Ah, I suppose we'll have to do something about it, if you're bored.

Anders: And in town, Lottie was excted to find a metal band based on a cartoon character. Cara’s back at work at Caritas, where Tino is sad about a bucket. And -- oh, this is nice -- we’re all invited to Hannibal’s house for a party tomorrow.

Looks like that’s it for us. So long for now.

Edward: See you next week!
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Good morning again, Fandom. Looks like it's just me today. Edward is ... Hmm. Not to be alarming, but are we absolutely certain everyone made it back last weekend?


Ah. Well. Probably he's having more fun than I am, then. Best to get on with it. At school, it was a movie day for Advanced Driver's Ed. Sneaking 101 got a movie day too, because Ezra was filling in for Atton. The movie was about cheating on the SATs, which horrified Kathy because cheating is wrong no matter how bad the test is. Kathy talked to Raven about that, and then checked in with Tali about her conversation with Liara. And in the library, Cosette had a quiet day other than the books doing trust falls. Suppose that's all right as long as they didn't do them on her head.

I was up on the dorm roof, where I got to meet Ringo and talk about weeding and siblings. In town, Hannibal got coffee and chocolate-covered strawberries for Jono at his house. Then they talked about healing and Jono's need for a purpose. Can't say I don't identify, there.

Over at Caritas, Cara was in a mood and Tino was smart enough to keep his distance. Dipper was listening to podcasts and investigating Locker 327 at Android's Dungeon, while Lottie was rocking out at Groovy Tunes. Jessica had some donuts for the troopers at the Trooper Station, but that led to violence because of a lack of jelly glazed. Guess no good deed goes unpunished. Hardison was acting a bit oddly and wearing a tiara at Luke's, and seemed confused when Drac came in looking for wormcakes.

And that's it for now. Have a good day, Fandom.

WTFH Radio, Friday

Friday, July 24th, 2015 04:20 pm
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Edward: Morning, Anders! [pause] Red light's on. Morning, Fandom!

Anders: Squirrels aren’t wasting any time today, are they? Good morning.

Edward: 's all right, suppose that means we can get this over with quicker. Ah, I see Advanced Driver's Ed has turned to evading the law. … Teaching students to evade the law, that is. I hope no one from the trooper station is listening to us at the moment. Sneaking 101 practiced their ability to get by unheard, as the teacher saw them finding a partner with which to evade strange creatures in a mall. I ain't sure what to make of that. At least Cosette had her fun with an hourglass full of jelly beans in the library.

Anders: Tasty, In town, the staff at Luke’s was obsessed with Tumblr memes, even though Hardison told them half of them were old. Well, that sounds harsh.Eliot didn’t get the joke, so Hardison started trolling him, At Caritas Cara found out the secret to Tino’s shot glass tower … and made him clean the glue off the glasses. Atton was in a bad mood when he stopped by, but talking to Cara about how she’d gotten Tino to cut it out seemed to help. Jessica mastered the internet system at the station to get some time off, while Lottie had to work around a bit of a tiff between the CDs by playing vinyl at Groovy Tunes.

Edward: Miss Sarah was apparently causing a ruckus playing music at great volume, which caused her neighbor Mr. Rand to throw a boot at her door. Well, that's one way of handling that sort of thing.

Anders: It’s definitely a way of getting your message across. That’s it for today . So long, Fandom.

WTFH, Friday, 07/17

Friday, July 17th, 2015 02:22 pm
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Edward: Never thought I'd be the one sayin' it, but isn't it a bit early to be that drunk, squirrels?

*belligerent spitting*

Anders:I don’t think they believe it’s ever too early. *shuffling* Oh, see, they’re sharing with me. They agree.

Edward: It's more the upkeep I'm worrying about. They've made quite the mess.

Anders: Mmm. Do you think we’re supposed to mop it up?

Edward: I'd settle for not being blamed for it.

Edward: Let's start off with school as per our grand routine; Advanced Driver's Ed saw class racing from one end of Miami to the other, much like last week. The difference laid in the traffic, but the squirrels are firm that no one was injured.

Sneaking 101 started the students off simple by making them sneak past deaf guards. Most of them eventually made it past, then told Mister Rand what they'd learned.

Anders:: Cosette was in the library, where she got a whole set of books of jokes about animal crackers. Now there’s a specialized genre. And at the dorms, Flick was beating up the heavy bag in the gym when Isabelle stopped by to watch and give tips! Helpful of her. Only Flick didn’t think it was and they ended up arguing and … oh. Sorry, Isabelle. Come find me and I’ll give you rum.

Edward: Ah, Isabelle's got her own rum, trust me.

Anders: Yes, but it’s the principle. In town, Hardison was science geeking about Pluto with his laptop at the diner. Lottie pretended to play drums at Groovy Tunes, despite the fact there were no drums there, and Cara was annoyed by Tino’s shot glass towers at Caritas. Oh and it says you had some rain falling directly into a plant at the Post Office.That’s … odd.

Edward: I did think it a bit off myself, aye.

Anders: I would too. And that’s it for today. So long, Fandom.

WTFH Radio, Friday

Friday, July 10th, 2015 03:10 pm
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Anders: It's another lovely Friday, and I'm here to read some notes with someone who is still not Cassandra. Let's get to it, shall we?

Edward: Is that who I'm to be from now on? 'Not Cassandra'?

Anders: Sorry. I’m here with my friend Edward Kenway, who is much cheerier than Cassandra and probably won’t grunt in annoyance even once during this broadcast.

Edward: Do you miss her, mate? 'Cos you're beginning to sound it.

Anders: No. *pause* A little. She’s … familiar. And if she’s here she’s not rounding up mages to feed us to bears, or whatever she does at home.

Edward: Bears? Seems a bit in the realm of cruel and unusual. *rustling* But let's get to it. In Sneaking 101, Mister Rand taught something about picking locks. Are we sure that's the sort of thing a sanctioned professor is allowed to teach? Then there was a bit about them breaking into hotel rooms. Whatever's useful, I suppose.

Advanced Driver's Ed saw the class racing towards the home of a friend of the teacher. No word on whether or not the exercise saw any success.

Anders: In town ... I think this note says there were a lot of places open with nobody in them. Those vainly waiting for customers on an island full of shut-ins included Hardison at Luke’s, who made the staff check the freezer for monsters. I guess you never can be too careful. Cara had shark shots,which involved shark-shaped gummy candies, on sale at Caritas, and Jessica was making paper airplanes at the Trooper Station. Glad to know things are that quiet otherwise, I suppose. You were late to the Post Office -- the squirrels are tattling,I see -- but then worked hard, and Lottie at Groovy Tunes, Dipper at Android’s Dungeon, and Barry at Stark Industries all had quiet days as well.

Edward: Takes the pressure off when you're… inconvenienced to work, at least.

Anders: So that’s it for us. Have another peaceful day, Fandom.

Edward: And try to enjoy yourself some, will you? G'bye!

WTFH, Friday, 06/26

Friday, June 26th, 2015 01:57 pm
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Good ... afternoon, Fandom. I'm here on my own today; it looks like Seeker Cassandra is off punching deer. Let's get on with it, shall we?

Nothing is going on at the school, but in Uzbekistan Yurt Jasper ate some dumplings from the cooler. My erstwhile co-host clanked around Kazakhstan in full armor -- seems rather impractical,I'd say -- and gets a visit from Face, who offered a flower and dinner plans.

And now I'm sad she isn't here so I could make her blush at that.

I stopped by to magnanimously offer her a day off to make up for that one I missed a few weeks ago, which of course she was suspicious of. But she took it anyhow, you'll notice.

Town was a bit busier. Cara was bored at Caritas, while Lottie fought boredom by lettingher dog choose the music at Groovy Tunes. It went about as well as you'd expect. Atticus was sweaty and uncomfortable at MHA because the AC was broken,and there's an invention I'll miss when I go home. At Devil's Nest, Derek had a Ladies Night sign but no ladies. But he did have a shirtless Jack, who talked bar business with Derek, and Mike, who called the state of affairs a "sausagefest." Well. That's ... a descriptive idiom. Stiles was there to flirt, and -- Maker's breath, squirrels, you can't just drop the phrase "engagement cock rings" into a note like that. But apparently that's what they talked about. Jack also taliked to Stiles, mainly about Derek and his puppy face.

And that's the last note. Have a good day, Fandom.

WTFH Radio, Friday

Friday, June 19th, 2015 04:31 pm
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Cassandra: Congratulations. You have made it to the last day of your summer classes, and now we will be forced to report on it.

Anders: Don't sound so happy about it. You're practically dripping with glee.

Cassandra: You also appear ecstatic.

Always thrilled to get dragged out of bed by rodents radio. )

WTFH, Friday, 06/12

Friday, June 12th, 2015 10:49 am
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Cassandra: Squirrels.


Cassandra: Remember, we are at peace as long as you behave.

*more chittering*

Cassandra: But I fully encourage you to bite Anders if he actually comes.

*sound of shuffling and a door opening*

Anders: -- wasn't trying to shirk! Andraste's ass, quit dragging me -- Oh. Hello, Seeker.

It goes as well as normal. )

WTFH Radio, Friday

Friday, May 29th, 2015 05:01 pm
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Cassandra: You did not get me this time, squirrels. I wake up early now.

Anders: I've given up trying to avoid their furry entrapment.

Cassandra: That sounds unlike you.

Anders: I know. Maybe Templars would have better luck with me if they tried throwing acorns.

Cassandra: And spilling rum on your clothes.

That's such a waste of good rum. )

Anders: I hope he enjoyed the visit. And that's it. Quiet week. No one did anything else?

Cassandra: I am sure they did, but if so, they did so while avoiding the prying eyes of the squirrels.

Anders: For which they get my admiration, at least. So long, island.

WTFH Radio, Friday

Friday, May 15th, 2015 04:05 pm
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Cassandra: … Apparently the squirrels bothering us is becoming a regular occurrence.

Anders: I sent them to kidnap you so I could see your charming face again. Was that bad?

Cassandra: Do not joke about such things unless you would like to see your own charming face rearranged, mage. Ugh.

In which Anders likes his charming face where it is. )


Anders: And that's it for today, thank the Maker.

Cassandra: Indeed. May Andraste's blessings be with you all, locals. We are leaving.

WTFH, Friday, 05/08

Friday, May 8th, 2015 09:52 am
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Cassandra: Ugh. Why did you bring us here again, squirrels?

Anders: Look at them. They're laughing. They think it's funny. Evil creatures.

Cassandra: I usually believe the Maker had a plan in making all of us, but these squirrels lead me to doubt.

Anders: The Maker wants us to overcome adversity. Which seems to include squirrels.

Cassandra: Ugh.

The BFFs read the notes. )

Anders: That looks like everything. Is it everything?

Cassandra: I believe so. If not, I am perfectly happy to set fire to whatever remains.

Anders: Don't suppose you'd let me take care of the fire?

Cassandra: I hardly believe this is an appropriate time to start waving your staff around, mage.

Anders: Now that sounds guttery. G'bye, Fandom. Have a good day.

Cassandra: Ugh.

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Cassandra: *sound of a scuffle* What is the meaning of this?! Why are you assaulting me--

*pained chirping*

Cassandra: Release me! (pause) --Mage.

Anders: Seeker! My favorite person! So kind of the squirrels to bring us together like this.

Cassandra: Ugh. What is this? Explain it.

Anders: I don't think there is an explanation. As far as I can tell the squirrels drag people off sometimes, and make them read about what happened the day before so everyone can hear it over the radio-thing, and then they let you go. It's some kind of ritual of theirs.

*chittering and rustling*

Anders: See? They're shoving paper at us now.

Cassandra: If we read these, they will go?

Anders: I can only hope.

Cassandra: (disgusted noise)

The merriest radio couple ever! )

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