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Vider: I think the squirrels have mistaken me for someone else.

Loki: Indeed. You are not the Ares-son at all. Though perhaps if I squint a bit… no. Still not.

Vider: I am definitely no man’s son. Maybe they’re kidnapping random blondes now.

Loki: Do not worry, you become used to it. Sometimes they provide you with donuts!

Vider: I could definitely use a pastry...and to not be stuck in a room with you.

Loki: You wound me! Have I ever done anything to harm you? In this incarnation. In the past six months?

Vider: Well, if you have to specify…

Loki: You are a rude little norse woman. Shall we begin on the notes. Note. Oh dear, there is very little for us this morning.

Vider: Maybe they were too drunk to spy yesterday.

Loki: That is quite likely. The only thing happening in the dorms would appear to be Nathan angrily attempting to read. Perhaps he did not know the words?

Vider: Maybe the text was annoying.

Loki: That does not mean you should glare at it.

Vider: In town, Stiles packed up to leave for college, and Kitty came by to say goodbye and give him gift cards. Mercy was also leaving, though she wandered around a bit beforehand. And at The Devil's Nest, Allie was in a bad mood and cheered herself up by watching Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

Loki: I could do that. Easily.

Vider: So could I. It’s just some cold water.

Loki: ...I do have a loyal twitter following. Perhaps now I have weekend plans.

Vider: Well, that and the picnic. Which we should be getting to.

Loki: Then you are in!
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I have the feeling that the Ares-son has once again been distracted by Call of Duty. No matter. I am perfectly able to do this on my own. Though I would like a bagel...

Oh, it would appear we are in our last week of school. How the time flew by. There was playing of football to celebrate in Flash's class. Or would have been had the lecture not been so long. It must truly be a complicated sport to play. I suppose that question could have been answered by the teacher, though. In the Seven Habits class, someone made the unfortunate mistake of allowing the teachers near power tools. Hopefully many of the students fled during the lecture for their own safety, lest they be stuck sharpening saws. I think it best no one seemed to speak with the teachers. Philosophy of Food ended with a discussion on what they had all learned and food that was not as fancy as previous classes due to the carnival. And the teacher was, indeed, available for dicussion.

In the dorms, we had Nathan sunning himself on the roof. No word on if this was a sad sunning or not. Eleanor was dealing with things the squirrels neglect to explain, but we can assume they were not too depressing since she is not on the roof. Celia came by to discuss nightmares and ice cream. Though I would hope not the combination of the two? And Jessica appeared to be having a good day in her room, contacting people as she got ready.

And in town, Irene was at the Perk, working on her class syllabus. She was interrupted by the Hatter to inform her of the wine cellar he had found and how they had both survived the rain of fish. Very sturdy umbrellas work. Kitty also happened by to explain the rains of various things and also Irene's class being necessary. You Midgardians are so preoccupied with fornication. How is it you manage to get a thing done? At the Devil's Nest, Allie listened to Meatloaf all night long. Which does not sound appetizing at all. Kitty was doing paperwork at Caritas, leaving Tino the bar. Where Jessica and Sia celebrate her good news and discuss more tattoos. And Minako questions Jessica's cheerleading successor and time differences between here and home.

But that is all we have! Try to avoid any sea-life next time, peoples of Fandom. Goodmorrow!
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Good morrow, peoples of Fandom! I am Loki and I have returned to bring you the news of the day.

First, we shall begin with the school. In Sports, Flash taught his students all about the wonders of baseball before allowing them to play. Though my notes seem dubious on the playing part. I am certain the teacher could have cleared that up. In the class where people most certainly do not learn things that will assist them save for poorly run criminal empires... Otherwise known as Seven Habits did their arts and crafts portion. With less anger directed at the students during the lecture I gather. Cheryl made Kathy nervous when she asked after her art. Though it could only get worse in the show and tell portion of the day. And should anyone have wanted to question the teaching, ah, methods, the teachers were indeed there. In Philosophy of Food, there was not any food. Instead there was a lecture on different cultures and the idea of food and how it might affect one's life. Wait, there is a correction, apparently there was shark meat for food. How. Lovely. The teacher then fielded questions from a nervous Evan about his class project.

Nothing seems to have happened in the dorms, though. So we shall skip over that.

In town, we had Mike at Caritas. Who spilled tequila on himself and was forced to remove his shirt. Kitty was pleased by this, heedless of health code violations. Though the zombie band would be more than that. So I suppose it is understandable. At the Devil's Nest, Allie forced Tiny behind the bar while gremlins played a card game. That is what my note says, do no question me on it. Kate noticed right away that Allie was not, in fact, Eric. Which may come as a suprise as I always mix up my vampires. Kate went on to inform Eric that he was a terrible uncle--uncle? Before he turned his attention back toward Allie still being a vampire. I wonder if they know Jubilee...

No matter! That is all I have been given today. So now I shall leave you to enjoy a latte and donuts. Goodbye!
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Ah, it appears that I am alone this morning. Fear not, peoples of Fandom, I have more than enough wit and skill to accomplish this feat on my own. Though the coffee was always appreciated...


At the school, the sports class was made to run an entire mile as some sort of punishment no doubt. They discussed the proper methods of stretching before being allowed to throw a ball. Though the teacher was still there should anyone need any assistance. In the always entertaining Seven Habits class, the teachers appeared to be surprised and frightened that anyone still showed up. Therefore the class was about organizing random things. Such as, ah, herbal remedies, images of fornication, and medical supplies. We hope. And should anyone truly wish to know more about such subjectmatter, the helpful instructors where there for them. Philosophy of Food talked about the atmosphere of a mealand how it might alter the experience. They then ate a feast at picnic tables to test it while the teacher made himself available for questions.

The dorms appear to be very quiet, so we shall skip over them.

In town, however, there was a birthday party for Elsa being held at the hotel. Happy belated birthday, Elsa! Kathy and Barry discussed their mutual dorkhoods and the email inviting those to the party. I knew I should have just said no to the rumors of mine brother becoming a sister and gone instead. Jalian also greeted Kathy. Anders and Barry pondered if fire would anger or subdue the ghosts with whom we share our summer abode. Rapunzel and Barry discussed her hair for it would be difficult not to and how a stylist might cut it. For some mysterious reason. Kathy and Rapunzel moved onto the food, finding mangoes to be quite delicious. Anders and Kathy were concerned about this being their first party, but hardly anyone could tell. Save for the squirrels. And now us. Barry suggested food to Eleanor before she said she wished to travel. Possibly only for the food. Eleanor informed Celia that singing was mandatory at such parties, but offered to assist her.

There were gifts presented before Elsa arrived. Barry greeted her with a song before growing shy and being teased on the matter. Kathy presented her with flowers and they discussed how few parties they'd had. Anders wished her a happy birthday only for Elsa to kindly inform him of the chocolate on his face. Eleanor and Elsa were of the mind that all parties ought to have a chocolate fountain at them. I must agree with that. After that, there was karaoke and birthday games such as I Never before they were all encouraged to sleep.

In the other parts of town, we had Elphaba sleeping on the job at Groovy Tunes. And at Caritas, Mike was attempting a deal with humor before Irene attempted to make him laugh with only moderate success. Tough luck, Irene. Perhaps next time.

But that appears to be all there for now. Continue to make news, good people. And I shall continue to read it!
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Alex: Good morning, guys and dames, Alex here with that cat Loki, bringing you all the news that’s fit to not print.

Loki: As if we have anything to print here. It's a queer town.

Alex: That it is. That it is. Let’s begin, shall we? Sooner we’re done sooner I can get out of here and find me a smoke.

Loki: Doctor's orders! )
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Loki: No. It is far too early for this. We are not even in school at the moment!

Alex: Not to mention I didn’t get any sleep last night. Did anybody get any sleep last night?

Loki: Does Tumblr count?

Alex: ...no.

Loki: Then that would be a no.

Alex: Great. Well, then, let’s do this, in the event anyone can hear us over the singing. If you can call it that.

Loki: Really, it's more a rhythmic screeching. In the dorms, Karina was in a mood on the deck. One that included singing at bugs. Yes. We all know of them.

Loki: In town, we had Hannibal dealing with contractors altering his home. Jono was by to talk to him, but Hannibal declined to say anything of a personal nature. Eliot was also by for a delivery before it was decided this was a tolerable day. At the creepy mansion, Stiles was moping with the dog. I have seen that dog and doubt anyone can mope near it. Derek and he insiston fighting, then talking, then kissing. As is the way of Fandom interactions, I believe. Barry was in the warehouse district, blasting music to drown out the bugs. I do not think it possible.

Alex: Also in the blessedly singing-free town, Isabel opted to avoid the noise by taking a walk at the beach. Great idea, Isabel. At Turtle & Canary, Mike did crossword puzzles and had noise-blocking items on special, like someone with good business sense. Elphaba was looking up stuff about Australia, I guess, at Groovy Tunes, and Eleanor and Evan went shopping for pet supplies at Furnado, where I think Eleanor wound up with a new pet. Eliot didn't like the music at Luke's, and Professor Lecter ordered takeout, but he let Eliot decide what he got. At the Trooper Station, Stiles was back at work, and at Caritas Mike was wearing a wig, while in what looks to be my last note, Jack Priest covered Allie's shift at The Devil's Nest on account of her being a puppy. These things will happen. And I’m out of notes, but I don’t want to go back to the dorms. This is a problem.

Loki: Perhaps we could sleep in the park instead? Like vagrants.

Alex: Like camping! I like it.

Loki: Enjoy your weekend and be mercifully bug free, peoples of Fandom!

Alex: If we had the power, we would literally bless you to be so. Or banish the bugs or something. Sadly, we are but diminished shadows. Peace out!
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Good morrow, peoples of Fandom. It is I, Loki, here to bring you your news of the previous day's events. I beleive my cohost to be still sleeping or possibly battling in the underworld. One truly can never tell with the Greeks.


No, I don't belive ouzo was involved.

*sullen chittering*

My most humble of apologies. May we begin then? In school, we have Career Choices act as though it were a serious class with the harsh realities of the job market coupled with the lax standards of our beloved school. It truly sounds thrilling. They were asked to pick a job where a diploma was not needed. Pam and Cheryl were there to talk should your hope not have already been crushed.

Community Service and You met at the community center for a brunch gala, where they hoped to squeeze donors out of at least enough money to restock our glitter supply. Both the TAs and the instructor, Bruce were available. Of course. In Teamwork for Jerks, there was the discussion of what everyone had taken away from their experience. Though neither Jack of the feminine variety, nor Korra seemed pleased.

In the heroeing class, Kara had them take a trip to the onsen for relaxation and tactical reasons. I am certain so many students paid rapt attention to Cara giving that lecture. Then they---bathed heroically--no, I do not believe that to be possible. Kira and Kathy ogled those who were bathing. And now I suppose we know who we must keep an eye on should there be any nudity this summer. Oh, and one might be able to discuss such things with the teacher or her TA.

In the offices, Kate found herself dreadfully preoccupied by throwing crumpled paper at a dog while Electroclash attempted to lure in students with coffee and donuts. I do not believe that to be anything other than a trap.

The dorms appeared to be quiet, and town only has one note on Eliot at Luke's assuring someone he was not stealing at that very moment. Well of course not. It would be difficult to do whilst speaking on the phone with someone about it. Difficult, but not impossible.

But that is all, dear listeners! I hope you have a splendid day following our broadcast.
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Alex: But maybe I wanna sleep until two. Do you squirrels ever think about that? No. Of course not.

Loki: They never do. They only care that we read their carefully scribbled notes and make odd commentaries.

Alex: I’m not sure some of these were so carefully scribbled. This one still smells like rum.

Loki: The squirrels will eventually hit that point where they will be sober, right? If Tony Stark managed it…

Alex: We believe in you, squirrels! You have to have at least as much self-control as Iron Man! Probably.

Loki: It is a goal, at least!

Alex: Anyway, at the school, Career Class gardened in the Danger Shop, and the teachers thought it was too hot. Uh. They do know they programmed the temperature, right? There was a "lecture and you can't see my air quotes but imagine them, and then people had to wear overalls and sculpt topiaries with a chainsaw. People could talk to the teachers or get them more lemonade. Community Service went to a soup kitchen on the mainland, where they got some instructions from Bruce and then fed people before talking to their TAs or teacher. Teamwork class was about what qualities make a good leader, and I'm gonna go with 'being Nick Fury.' Alternately, Captain America. There was a lecture, and then a discussion of how leaders we'd known compared to a list or how we'd change ourselves to be better leaders. And then you could talk to the teacher or the TA. Want to be a Hero was about sneaking off, which sounds way useful actually, and students had to partner up and come up with excuses, then find somewhere private and come back without being obvious about it--oh that kind of sneaking off. That could also be way useful, though, fair enough. And then of course people could talk to the teacher and TA.

Loki: In the dorms... we only had Edward and his battle with a gremlin. No clear winner that we can see.

Alex: Usually it’s the gremlin.

Loki: Poor, poor Edward. In town, we had penguins attempt to take over Luke's before being frightened into the freezer by Eliot. Though I would assume it was far more comfortable in there for them. Nathan attempted to have a smoke in the preserve, but failed. It was probably for the best as smokers go to the roof. Fast Eddie's held a date between Clint and Kitty that devolved into competing at pool. And finally, Allie dealt with Tiny's arm motions and the YMCA at the Devil's Nest. I do not think I understand the connection between them.

Alex: There’s a dance thing. It’s really old.

Loki: ...it sound horrible and degrading.

Alex: Little bit. Well, that’s it for us, Fandom. Tune in next week when we’ll read more of your doings over the airwaves! I’m Alex, he’s Loki, we’re out.
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A thousand apologies to our loyal listeners for my absence last week. I know many of you must have missed my charming voice.


Oh, hush.

At the school, Careers met in a false version of Cheryl's home to learn how to be an heiress. They were allowed to try on clothes. Some enjoyed it so much that they were contemplating theft before discussing their personas. Oh dear. I do hope they didn't get caught by this. Community Service went to the library to read to children. No, I do not know the song you are humming, dear squirrel. Nor do I understand the relevance of butterflies in the sky.

Teamwork for Jerks were stranded in a hostile environment and forced to find their own methods of escape after a lecture. Jalian was concerned over radiation poisoning before both Kathy and Jack, presumably the female, assured them it was safe. Then they started in on fixing a space ship. Barry set about to the repairs while Kathy and Eleanor kept watch and Jalian was utterly useless at technology. Though Barry seemed to reassure her. Kathy offered her apologies for her actions while under the influence of the island. As many of us have been. Who Wants To Be A Hero paired off for fighting. THough Raven and Kathy first thought to warn each other about their powers, losing any element of surprise.

In the offices, Electroclash was in and prepared to, ah, help any students who needed it. Kenzi spent her time in Bo's office redecorating it into something more interesting. I see that a hammock was involved. How interesting.

Oh, the dorms were most quiet yesterday. In room 329, Cade did not wake up as he normally did. He woke up as some creature called a nexu. Which cannot be good. Oh, and Flick spent some time on his laptop before giving up for the lure of procrastination.

Lastly, in town, Rapunzel went to the beach to swim before deciding to merely hunt for shells instead. Perhaps the water was too choppy. Kaylin happened by to see what she was doing. At Luke's, Eliot was was busy setting traps for his employees before he apologized to Vic before they even properly introduced themselves. Kenzi stopped by for dessert before they discussed his job outside of the diner. Which we may presume to be either more or less interesting than this island.

At Groovy Tunes, Elphaba perused the CD's. Caritas had Mike wondering about strip clubs before Electroclash had a beer alone. It sounds very much like brooding. Or alcoholism, one might speculate. It would appear that things were not well for the couple of Ben and Ender as the squirrels inform me that Ender unexpectedly turned into a lizard and Ben into a cat. Though Rikku was having a better day as she ran home to yell at Reno about a dungeon to explore. I am certain that would be of great interest to many people.

But that appears to be all, dear friends! Have a good day and do try not to melt in the heat of summer.
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Loki: It is, once again, another wonderful Saturday morning. Good morning, peoples of Fandom!

Alex: Yes, good morning! Let’s get this show on the road. I’m Alex, he’s evil, this is your moderately intrusive radio broadcast for the day.

Loki: I'm not evil! You're rude.

Alex: They can both be true.

Loki: Just read your notes, Ares-son.

Alex: You’re also rude, by the way. In school, Career Choices met at a TSA checkpoint to find out if being a drug mule is the career for them. Iiiiii'm gonna say no. The teachers talked, and Kathy was like WTF and Joker took a picture of her. Then the students had to smuggle flour past the TSA, which is at least easier than the real thing. I mean, I guess, I have no real experience with this. Barry made a pinata out of the balloons, which seems like a reasonable response, and Anders isn't from around here, 'cause he thought he could hide the flour in his boot like you get to keep those on or something. Joker had to be patted down 'cause he'd set off the metal detector, so that was a snag. Then Pam and Cheryl were there for the students to ask such questions as 'why?' Community Service and You met outside the school gates for a bake sale! Aw, I missed it. Bruce gave them a pep talk and wore business casual, and the squirrel seems really freaked out by this. Then they sold baked goods and again, I missed it, boo. The TAs were there for the talking to, as was Bruce, who, again, nobody freak out, was not wearing a tie. Teamwork for Jerks was about conflict resolution, so everybody was assigned a conflict with the person next to them and then they had to report back on what they'd learned and-slash-or talk to the teacher or the TA.
Loki: Conflict with someone with whom you work? How utterly relevant.

Alex: Touche. They went on a quest across a fake Preserve in hero class, which was supposed to be easy from the lecture but maybe not so much? They walked through the Preserve until they met a woman whose friends had been captured by bandits. So it sounds like they could help her or maybe not get cake, which blows. Then they met some small helpless animals whose home had burned down and a peasant family whose sheep were missing. And then at the end Cara explained the point of all this and they maybe got cake. And now I really want cake. Oh, and also Cara and Surreal were there for talking to purposes or whatever. Cake!

Loki: I would not be opposed to cake… In town, we have Elphaba at Groovy Tunes where she spoke with Jono concerning her setting thing on fire and veganism. Seifer was also by, recognizing her from his time here at school. So many returns, it would seem. At the Trooper Station, Kitty stopped by to discuss trips home and to dance classes. At Dite's, Hannibal stopped by to discuss condoms with Sparkle and how Anakin did not like him. I must wonder how connected those two things are.

Alex: They’re probably totally related, based on our reporting track record.

Loki: We ought to start a graph for these things.

Alex: And get cake.

Loki: Just as long as it is not a lie. I would be most cross were it a lie.

Alex: I bet the cake at the God of Biscuits’ is not a lie. To Jeff’s!
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Alex: Good morning, Fandom High! In case you haven’t figured it out yet, yes, this happens every day.

Loki: Is it not fabulous?

Alex: We think so! We promise not to take too many liberties--okay, no, we don’t promise that at all.

Loki: Consider it our payment for our time.

Alex: If you don’t want us to do that, well, why aren’t you bringing us doughnuts? Hmm?

Loki: Oh, a most excellent idea, Ares-son! Ahem, on with our notes. Over in the school, we had Community Service and You discuss charitable organizations and how to help people therein. That sounds dreadfully boring. Then we had Career Counselling where the teachers bickered over the class while the students stared on in awe. Barry and Joker discussed how amusing they were before serious talk of finding them help occured. Then they all made their usual introductions. In Want to be a Hero, Cara dashed any of the romantic ideas of heroism with reality. And oh, oh I like this one. They then made their introductions as well. I feel as though we ought to be drinking for this. Teamwork for Jerks began with an alien invasion, though the female Jack did warn that it was all a simulation. And so, they fought the aliens before getting into the usual introductions.

Alex: Also at the school, Kenzi was lurking in her office with a Nerf crossbow, because Kenzi. Anakin was in his office learning about the Jedi Civil War, because boring, when Hannibal came by wanting to know why Atton had been arrested. Turns out? War crimes. Yikes. Then Kenzi tried to sneak up on Anakin, because Kenzi, but he got the drop on her, because superpowers. But Kenzi doesn't need superpowers, because she has a Nerf gun. Too true.

Loki: I do not know the wonders of the, ah, Nerf, I must admit. Though it sounds like it ought to be related to the Norn.

Alex: This is a terrible oversight. I can fix that. In the dorms, Jessica was watching a movie about Thomas Edison and a monkey solving crimes and okay that sounds awesome. Loki--you knew about this movie and you didn't tell me? I'm hurt, man--wanted to know what Jessica was watching, and she gave him popcorn. Rapunzel was drawing birds on the deck, where she was joined by Ichabod, who talked to her about adjusting to this time period, and Jalian, who sharpened her knives. They talked about stabbing things, Jalian's unusual hair, and how Jalian's from California. Sounds like one of the scarier parts of California.

Loki: Is that not where those runaways are from?

Alex: I think so. Hey, Jalian, do you know those Pride kids?

Loki: Inform us of your potential connection through your next actions. Or on my Tumblr.

Alex: In town, Eliot refused to serve a bunch of tuna casserole at Luke's, so they fed them to the polar bears in the fridge. In other news, there are polar bears in the fridge at Luke's. At Needful Things, Seifer was working on some terracotta warriors, aaaaand that's all my town news. Disappointing. Is that all of my notes? *rustling* That’s all of my notes!

Loki: There there. There.

Alex: We’ll have to console ourselves with pastry.

Loki: It is a true hardship. Luckily we are warriors of old.
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Loki: It is the day of the welcome picnic! Do you think they are here yet?

Alex: I hope so. All their shiny little unbroken new kid faces.

Loki: They are all so young, are they not?

Alex: They are. We got old. How did that happen?

Loki: We are ageless gods of a forgotten era. Who now enjoy Tumblr and PS3. In the library, Sholeh had a party. Oh. Oh, those poor books. Sparkle informed Hannibal that he was not pleased by the number of people leaving before it was suggested he make new friends. Zhahar was concerned about the food before Hannibal assured her they were fine before offering herbs for her travels. Yeul was concerned she was late before Evan assured her otherwise. Once again with the food, Zhahar apologized for not making favorites for her guests. Evan then explained to her that he had a dinosaur because Gert was not returning. Cecil then attempted to introduce Foucault to said dinosaur. There does not appear to be blood on these notes, so we shall assume it went well. Sparkle then gave Zhahar presents for her and her sisters. And, luckily for Cecil, there was food for Foucault. I am uncertain what Foucault might be. I will go with a possom here for the sake of radio. Constantine informed Zhahar that he would have ditched the no food in the library rule had he known she could cook. Those poor, poor books.

Alex: I think our books have seen worse.

Loki: That doesn't mean they should!

Alex: Very true. In the dorms, Topher was packing up to leave and Billy offered to help. Bay asked if he was leaving already, and Topher asked if she had graduated, too. She did, and also, she's his roommate. That's the kind of astute observational skills we expect, Topher. Jackson was all packed up and waiting for his portal, and Cordelia came to say goodbye before she left, too.

Loki: Oh, but who will I torment now?

Alex: Pretty sure that’s me.

Loki: Oh right!

Alex: In town, Eliot was teaching the kitchen staff at Luke's how to make a sandwich--they didn't know before? Yikes. Seifer--I probably screwed that up--was drinking coffee at Needful Things, and Stiles was not really doing work at the Trooper Station. Sorry, Stiles, I just read the notes they give me, hope I didn't get you in trouble there! There was a special for old people at Caritas, and Stiles stopped by with birthday and sorry about the sexile doughnuts for Mike. Aaaaand that’s all my notes. For those of you who are new, yes, the squirrels see all. And then we tell everyone about it!

Loki: With only minimal embellishment.

Alex: Unless we feel like it.

Loki: Have a good day, people of Fandom! Enjoy the free food.

Alex: It’s a theme.
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Loki: It is graduation day for those either more or less fortunate than ourselves. I have not yet decided which.

Alex: Usually stuff blows up and stuff, so more. Definitely more.

Loki: Yes, but they are being sent off into a nebulous world of adulthood.

Alex: Some of them are sticking around all summer. Because why not?

Loki: I suppose you make a fair point there. Shall we?

Alex: We shall. In school, the teachers didn't bother coming up with a final for The Modern Workplace and You because I guess they figured their students have met them and wouldn't bother showing up or whatever. But they did show up, and had to run an obstacle course because why not. Chemistry did have a real final, in which they were put in jail and had to figure out how to escape using chemicals. That's pretty neat, actually. Coping with Change featured Chamber or whatever he calls himself now telling his students to seek therapy and letting them talk, and in Menu Planning class Professor Lecter introduced everybody to Mr. Wayne, because he was hosting their dinner. More on that later. And then everybody prepared food. In office hours news, Electroclash held those, but they were mostly devoted to making a packing list.

Alex: Aaaaaand it looks like nothing happened in the dorms. Really? The night before graduation? You guys are boring.

Loki: Perhaps they were busy with… things. And stuff.

Alex: Yeah. Sounds legit.

Loki:In town, we had Eliot attempting to discuss a chili recipe with a friend at Luke's, but sadly it did not work for him. Perhaps a better subject next time? At Book Haven, Liara was terribly busy rescuing books from pigeons. Well. If they are the typical New York pigeons, not even an alien invasion can make them move. Ben returned from places unknown to get ice cream with Ender. Oh my, it has been some time since they graced our notes.

Alex: Wow, blast from the past.

Loki: Do you think they are truly old now? The notes do not give enough detail on this.

Alex: Maybe they have like, beards and stuff now. Weird.

Loki: Why does that make me shudder so? Oh, and there were posters around town for the charity dinner we have been hearing so much about from the squirrels. It took place at the Community Center with a distinctly floral theme. Hannibal guessed that Eliot was indeed new in town before the subject turned to growing seasons. How... interesting for them? Bruce also took the time to talk to Eliot, thanking him for his time before not at all explaining what sort of charity this was for. Raven who is not a student spoke with Hannibal about the oddities of the island and then the menu at hand. She also spoke with Bruce about how good it is to donate to charity. Yes, I am certain there must be some sort of enjoyment there for so many to do it. Then again, I am also certain there must be some in not. As so many do not donate.
Rosalind was there for the people watching apparently, but Bruce still complimented her on the suit she wore. Bruce was also there for anyone who wished to talk to. Such as Rilla who introduced him to her parents. Oh, they must be moving terribly fast now. The students spent their time crafting floral themed courses before serving them to their guests.

And finally, at the Devil's Nest, Nikolai made quite the gaffe with a comment about crosses to Allie. Perhaps he recovered from it gracefully?

Alex: I’m guessing not. Maybe she ate him.

Loki: ...I think that would be the more interesting of the options presented to us. So we should choose that.

Alex: And then she ate him. You heard it here first, folks. And before anyone can correct us or anything, we’re out! Congratulations to all our graduates, don’t forget your cap and gown, and uh. Go armed.

Loki: Best of luck to you all!
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Loki: Could you imagine how many holidays we would have should we celebrate everyone coming back from the dead?

Alex: They’d have to have one for me. Actually, they should have one for me. But would we have to celebrate all the times Jean Grey’s come back from the dead separately?

Loki: Perhaps it would be best to consolidate the X-Men. And the Avengers, come to think of it.

Alex: You could have, like, X-Men Resurrection Awareness Week. Actually, that’s another thing they really should have already.

Loki: Let us be honest… it would need to be a month.

Alex: And not one of the shorter ones, either. Oh, hey, the microphone’s on. Hello, Fandom High!

Loki: Oh, that was not kind, squirrels. It is not as though you have much for us to read anyway. So the rush is uncalled for. At school, we had very little as finals are next week. The Modern Workplace discussed how to talk yourself out of jail. Should that not work, I would suggest lock picking. Chemistry continued to watch the show in which a man with cancer makes meth wile Cade hoped they would learn how to for the final. Oh. Oh, Cade. Perhaps it is best your brain is fried. Coping With Change discussed self expression while Flavours, Food Choices, and Menu Planning had a mock run through. I continue to mourn my not being in said class. And in her office, Electroclash reasearched vacation destinations. Something I think we all have need of.

Alex In town, Eliot found out about the 'free booze for squirrels' policy at Luke's Diner, and was displeased--trust me, man, it's better than the alternative. At Caritas, bird-themed drinks were on special, and Derek came by to tell Mike he's gonna be sexiled next weekend. TMI! TMI!

Loki: And why does that note have glitter on it? You are wasting precious glitter!
Alex: It’s like a lot of glitter, too. In the dorms, Isabelle celebrated having a room to herself by shoving the beds together, and Celia dyed Easter eggs in the third floor common room.

Loki: Oh! We could decorate an egg for each X-Men who returned to life. A few dozen cartons should be enough, right?

Alex: I dunno, there have been a lot of X-Men. And does X-Force count?

Loki: ...I think I would include them. And, should we truly have an eye for detail, we could do each egg in the style of the costume they had when they died.

Alex: I like it. Okay, we’re gonna need to find somewhere with cheap eggs, and steal--I mean, borrow some art supplies…

Loki: I have never liked you more than I do at this moment, Ares-son. Good morrow, Fandom!

Alex: Yeah, bye, guys! If you don’t hear from us for a while, we’re gonna be kind of busy.
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Loki: It is finally spring! Though I must admit that I rather liked the winter this year.

Alex: You’re a frost giant.

Loki: Yes.

Alex: So you would.

Stupid frost giants. )
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It is quite nice to be completely myself for this, I must say.


Ah, of course. We are all very glad you are normal as well.

At the school, we had the Modern Workplace busy racing cars. Yes, seriously, it would seem. Perhaps it is merely a metaphor for the fast pace of the modern era? Chemistry continued their marathoning of that show about meth. And Coping with Change discussed everything that had happened with them lately, getting a few of them out in the open. Flavours, Food Choices and Menu Planning prepared for their final with will be flower themed. That does sound quite good. Electroclash, our illustrious counselor was having coffee in her office when Sparkle wondered why anyone would stay here. A very good question, I would say.

In the dorms, Jessica--Hello, Jessica!--sold tickets to the prom. And the money goes to replenishing our glitter supply! In the Fourth Floor Common room, Isaac was watching horror movies. Jessica questioned whether or not he had homicidal tendencies, though Joker insisted the movies were so bad they were good and approved of Isaac's choice. Celia and Eleanor had ice cream and discussed boys. I did not know that was truly a thing that happened.

And finally, in town, Tiny was enjoying ABBA at the Devil's Nest.

Well, that appears to be all, gentlefolk. Enjoy the prom! Support the Student Council!
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Alex: Good morning, Fandom High! We’re here to bring you all the news fit to--uh, be scribbled in tiny notebooks by drunk squirrels. That sounded better in my head.

Serrure: *with a much less dramatic French accent* Many things do.

Alex: Um. Who are you?

Serrure: Serrure. I have done radio with you? Are you well, Alex?

Alex: ...all things considered lately, sure, let’s go with that. On with the show!

Serrure: For the best. In the school, I am almost certain the squirrels have made up classed for this radio. But who can tell what happens in their minds? Modern Workplace had Cheryl now be 'Cherlene' and Pam eating 'mentos' as they discussed 'talent'. The class performed like they were America Idols as the teachers bickered and fought between themselves. Chemistry attempted to explain the nature of this island by adding crazy people and crazy towns. Coping with Change had Cecil and 'Jono with a Xorn helmet'?

Alex: See, Loki would have understood that.

Serrure: Oh clever, a pun on my name.

Alex: What? Never mind, I can’t believe myself.

Serrure: The class then discussed all the changes they could do without. Flavours, Food Choices, and Menu Planning involved piano playing this week rather than cooking. In the Library, Billy coped with the lack of heat with a blanket. And finally StuCo met to no doubt discuss another glittered abomination.

Alex: In the dorms, Sia was doing homework in her room. Boring. Atton stopped by to ask her about Cade being weird, and Jessica invited her to a party and gave her a lollipop. Nobody gave me candy. But it turns out the invitation extends to all of us, because Jessica hung up posters in the dorms inviting everyone to the party. It’s tonight, bee tee dubs. Uh...quote-The One Who Speaks With the Voice of Many-end quote (can I call you Onesie? I’m gonna call you Onesie) was meditating in her room when Joker came by to ask about Eleanor. Onesie told him Eleanor isn’t here any more because she was, um, destroyed, and Joker took that about as well as you’d expect.

I have concerns.

I also have one more note, telling me Jackson was in his room with a headache and a nosebleed and wow do I ever hope that’s not related to the other thing at all.

Serrure: I had one this morning. How strange.

Alex: Aaaaand now I have more concerns. In town, Derek took his dog for a walk in the preserve, where he was tackled by Stiles which is apparently weird but doesn’t sound any weirder than any of their other interactions this intrepid reporter has reported on. At Caritas one of the pi-rats defended its right to stay on the rum shelf against Mike’s attempts to evict it, while at The Devil’s Nest Allie just needed them explained to her.

No, but can we get back to how Eleanor was destroyed and there’s someone with a total supervillain name in the dorms?

Serrure: I think you're being a little dramatic, Alex.

Alex: Or maybe I’m being just dramatic enough.

Serrure: Perhaps you need to sleep more before we do this again.

Alex: Maybe I’ll go take a nap now.

Serrure: Bonne journée!

Alex: I have no idea what you just said, but sure, that. Later, Fandom! I can’t believe I miss Loki.
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Ah, it would appear to merely be the squirrels and I this week. Try to contain your disappointment.

At the school, we had Pam doing cocaine rather than teach about the Modern Workplace. I... don't think that is useful for teaching. But to each their own, I suppose. Everyone was paired off to learn to blackmail each other. Joker, like most of us, was deeply concerned, but Yuel thought it best to let her be happy. I am certain this will not end poorly for anyone involved. Chemistry had a movie before they watched Alka-Seltzer in action. How. Exciting. Coping With Change was taught by a now adult Cecil who had the students discuss how to ask for help when they need it. Joker was once again concerned, asking if Cecil was re-aged, much to the man's confusion. Eleanor wished to know where Jono was, but was informed the flames had taken over his face. Which tends to be his general state of being if I recall correctly. In Flavours, Food Choices, and Menu Planning, Hannibal was once again male and teaching about prostitutes. And something about cooking books. I feel as though I have missed a number of things.

In the dorms, Elsa was on the third floor looking for food in the common room when Amelia showed up to be given food and discuss a squirrel. Kathy was next, wondering if the pie meant a birthday before agreeing with Amelia that pie is superior to cake. I would say I prefer ice cream to either of them.

And finally, in town, we had an unsettled Liara at Book Haven and possibly also unsettled Mike at Caritas who was cleaning up broken glass. Allie was late at the Devil's Nest as she was busy patrolling the town. Kitty stopped in to discuss what was happening in town and how they hoped they weren't going to end up in yet another dungeon. And finally, Derek was a sick burrito at his home before Stiles brought him Jell-O. I was unaware of the medicinal qualities of Jell-O.

But that is all, gentle folks of Fandom! Try to stay yourselves this week.
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Loki: Must we return to school? Can we not just stay here?

Alex: Can we go back to Bali?

Loki: Bali was nice…

Alex: I’m just saying. No one said we have to go back to school, right?...except my dad.

Loki: And my brother.

Alex: Ugh. Why couldn’t they be not actual gods? Back on the island, in town, Sparks? Sparks was at my aunt's store, which still sells candy--which would come as news to her, I think--looking up colleges when he got a call from Cade, who didn't need bail money, but to be told what an elephant is and talked out of stealing one. Preemptively preventing needing to give someone bail money, I like it. And at The Devil's Nest, Allie played Candy Crush. See? The island is boring, let's go back to Bali.

Loki: It was wonderfully warm yesterday in Kuala Lumpur. And many elected to stay by the pool. Elsa read over her geometry book and even made a compelling story to go along with it once questioned by Joker. Eleanor was wondering about Elsa's glove wearing, but it soon turned to their respective home's weather. Joker and Eleanor discussed how this vacation was precisely what they needed to get over the winter. Which wasn't that bad, you know. The snow was rather lovely if you ask me.

Alex: Okay, but you’re a frost giant.

Loki: That's speciesist. Or is it racist. I am uncertain the nuances of such things outside of Tumblr where I could call you a Nazi.

Alex: Whatever.

Loki: Zoe went to the central market along with Grace and Cosette, though Grace was less inclined to a respectable pace. Both Kitty and Cade did a little shopping in Suria KLCC while Sia got souvenirs in Little India.

Alex: In the evening, Cordelia was trying to pack like a responsible person or whatever, while Sia blew that off and went to the spa instead. Maddie got carded at Lounge at the Park, which blows, and Kitty and Isabelle went dancing at the Sultan Lounge. Together? Did anyone tell Clint?

Loki: I am certain he will hear should he listen to our radio broadcast.

Alex: Well, that’s all the notes we have for you, here from Kuala Lumpur, where it’s warm...and I definitely need to pack up my stuff.

Loki: Pack all your souvenirs, peoples of Fandom! And return to the cold of winter.

Alex: You could sound less enthusiastic.

Loki: It's my charm. No fault of mine that you are immune.

Alex: Ugh. We’ll see you back in Fandom, guys!
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Loki: Well, we survived the children of last weekend. I hope our faithful listeners were not too concerned.

Alex: Yeah, thanks for not checking up on us or anything. Not.

Loki: Well, it was a very intensive Call of Duty marathon…

Alex: True. And I totally beat you. So whatever.

Loki: *huff* I let you win. He totally did not let him win. )
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Loki: ...Alex. I believe we have a problem.

Alex: Does the problem involve all the stranger children I saw on the way here, because then yes, we definitely have a problem, lock the door.

*rustling and screeching of furniture being shoved around*

Loki: Do you think we can hide here all weekend?

Alex: ...maybe. Did you bring food?

Loki: … Perhaps if we flee immediately and then stock up, we will not be found?

Alex: Good plan. Let’s do it. And let’s get through this...mountain of notes as fast as possible--

Loki: Good morning and fair warning, peoples of Fandom!

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Ah, it would appear that it is just me this morning. No matter! I do not need the Ares-son to fail at insulting me for my morning to be complete.


Oh, be silent.

At the school, we have Modern Workplace discussed how to handle trips to HR. Apparently puppets were involved. They then watched a movie that horrified Elsa. Luckily, both Cecil and Joker were there to assist her. Chemistry learned how to explode bubbles. I believe this is a bank robbery about to happen.

Coping with Change discussed the varieties of change out there before they gave examples. Flavours, Food, and Menu Planning talked about sweets this week, oh how nice. But then they were interrupted by someone shouting about snickerdoodles. Sparkle explained the prevailance of disembodided voices on the island as of late. Zhari spoke with Hannibal after class with no details given, so I suppose it would be private. And then Hannibal found Sparkle eating buttercream. We all would.

Student Council met to discuss the theme of the Valentine's Day dance. I cannot tell much, but that it will be glorious. Even though Cecil had concerns.

In the dorms, we had Isabelle in her room, looking over dresses for the weekend before Raleigh arrived to question the state of the room and her dating choices. Does this mean he wishes her to date him then?

And, finally, in town we had Stiles was looking through old files at the Trooper Station when he was visited by a food bearing Derek and then a less than impressed Tamsin. Kitty was at the Perk, researching the new oddities afflicting our island. Atton was brooding on the beach before he was interrupted by the vision of another brooding there along with him. How curious. At the Devil's Nest, Allie was listening to loud music to ignore the voices. And at Caritas, Mike danced for a girl who turned out not to be there anymore.

That is all there is, good people. I hope your day is filled with far less madness than suggested in the notes.
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Alex: Oh, is this going to be a thing again? Because I would like to file a complaint, where do I do that?

Loki:Perhaps the alcoholic squirrels can point you in the right direction!

Alex: I should just learn to deal with it, huh?

Loki: It could have been Doom as your partner.

Alex: Ugh. You always know how to make it worse.

Loki: It is a gift! Ah, there are the notes now.Such a gift )
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Loki: There is no need to push! I would have gone willingly!


Alex: No, look, Saturdays are for sleeping after staying up all night playing Call of Duty, we’ve been over this--oh it’s you again.

Loki: Now I see why I must be dragged here. To put up with you.

Alex: It’s a conspiracy. A conspiracy of squirrels.

Loki: At least they knew to provide bagels this time. Good squirrels.

Alex: It’s progress. Goooood morning, Fandom. For those of you who are new, welcome to the only place in the multiverse where two actual gods can be pushed around by drunk squirrels. For the rest of you, eh, you’re probably used to it. I’m Alex, he’s evil, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Return of Bickering Gods Radio! )
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You are keeping me from the free food and possible new individuals, squirrels.


I find no forgiveness in my heart for you, no. Give me the notes so that this will be painless. Ahem. In the dorms, Atton took a nap in one of the common rooms before being woken up by Natalie to discuss pancakes and post-graduation plans. She managed to surprise Emily while discussing Twi'leks with Atton. Are they anything like the Shi'ar?

And then in town, Ben and Ender--


--Bender then, found they were unable to leave until September. Sparkle brought an animal to Dite's shop before Karina arrived and then was concerned about the legality of her presence at the shop. I'm certain the police are on their way now. Electroclash was at the Perk, mocking the barista with April. At-ah--Freedom Arms? Truly? There is no shame. At Freedom Arms, Alec dealt with a number of animal traps. Mike was late to work at Caritas because over at the Devil's Nest, he spoke with Allie about his day. She then went on to discuss Candy Crush with Eric. Oh, that game is evil. I will stick with the soothing nature of Angry Birds, thank you.

But that is all there is, peoples of Fandom! Enjoy your picnic.
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I do not understand the need to constantly tell people that the fourth is with them. For it will be gone on the fifth.

It is a strange day.

No matter! We have... very little news to report. Oh dear. In the dorms, Natalie put up a collage she made when she was someone else. Peter stopped by to discuss plans and his cologne advertisments. Do not buy that cologne. It smelled of desperation and the shores of New Jersey. Topher awoke with a hangover and was greeted by Kenzi who warned him to bring a weapon to graduation. Well then. I know where I will not be going today.

In town, Sam played chess on the internet rather than do her job at Portalocity. At the Arms Hotel, Mary learned that there were knife marks on the desk. Perhaps she might approach the police? And, finally, Mike was at the Devil's Nest, advertising for soon to be graduates of the high school.

And that is all, gentle people! Have a good day!
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Loki: I do not understand why Ikol was allowed to speak on radio last week. It would appear there was nothing to speak about.

Alex: I was in New York, so, don’t look at me. I had nothing to do with it.

Loki: I was in a hellish dungeon.

Alex: Why didn’t you stay there?

Loki: ...you are a cruel creature.

Alex: Yeah, yeah, yeah, takes one to know one, whatever, let’s do this.

Loki: Onwards!

Godlings Radio! )
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Alex: I think there should be a rule that seniors have to do radio the day after the prom, since this stack of notes is all their fault and I haven’t had nearly enough coffee.

Loki: But the glitter!

Alex: I didn’t get to see the glitter. Because I’m a sophomore.

Loki: Well, then. Next year, we shall have to outdo ourselves. Again.

Alex: More glitter?

We Should Not Be Allowed to Name Anything Radio! )
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I have discovered these things called Cadbury Eggs. I--I think they may contain some sort of magic as I cannot stop eating them.


No, I will not share with you!

*angry chittering*

I will curse you to walk the earth as a sad, pathetic being if you touch them while I read this notes. I truly will.


That is what I thought. Ahem. In the news of school, Fandom Invasions went to the library for their research where the teacher thanked out librarian for his assistance in teaching. Sexual Education spoke on their experiences with the flour based children. Improving your Skills spoke on what I can only assume was a purely hypothetical invasion of an alien force. Perhaps hypothetical Skrulls? They discussed what skills they needed to deal with the situation. Shiloh shelved unruly books in the library and Student Council discussed prom.

In the dorms, Topher turned back from a gopher in Victor's room. Oh, I get it. Topher Gopher. Jack Frost spent his time in the fourth floor common room deciding it a snow storm was needed for Easter before telling Toby about his plans to mess with the Easter Bunny. I did not know that such a bunny truly existed.

In town, Hope wrote a letter to her boss at Turtle & Canary before Mike arrived to gather supplies and invite her to a party. Buffy--such an odd name--arrived in town, looking for her house. Mike approached her, to discuss coffee, parties, and her psychotic nature. Kitty also met her, taking to discussing driving skills instead of matters of mental health. At Caritas, Mike once more promoted his party in order to lure in customers. At the Devil's Nest, Allie was quite put out by her game making her wait an hour before she might begin again. Eric incquired after the game, finding it to be called Candy Crush. I... may need to find this for my phone now.

But, no matter. That is all the news we have, gentle people. Have a pleasant weekend.
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Loki: Oh, no more deer? They had been rather pleasant once you got past the disturbing staring. How sad.


Loki: Oh, be silent.

Alex: I like the squirrels. Missed you guys. Glad the rum is back.

Loki: But the deer could be used to pull a sled!

Alex: I think they’re still around, you just have to talk a lot to get them to show up. Shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Loki: ...no bagels for you.

Alex: I’d rather have a Pop-Tart anyway.

Bickering Godlings Radio! )
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I am almost certain I haven't given a soliloquy worthy of your presence. No, do not give me forlorn looks. I was simply stating a fact.


Very well, you may stay. But please leave my donuts alone. This will not take long, I assure you. Ahem. At the school, Fandom Invasions dealt with an attack of flying, purple people eaters. Are they related to Skrulls? Sexual Education spoke of communication being important. Oh, and Barton's class was cancelled due to illness. Oh, I hope he does not blame me for that.

Nothing happened in the dorms. Perhaps everyone was busy with the disappearance of the normal squirrels?

No matter! In town, Cable packed to leave the island. Jono stopped by to inquire after his future plans and they discussed teaching. Does this mean he will be at that Jean Grey School? Anakin the elder also stopped by to discuss the children and enabling of Deadpool. At Dite's, Sparkle attempted to converse with the squirrels before Kenzi appeared to ask what day it was. Friday, Kenzi. It was Friday. There is a song for it if you wish to subject your ears to it. At Caritas, Mike attempted to research Jello shots while there was shooing of teal deer out of the bar.

No, I will not shoo you out of here. You're far more pleasant than goats, so perhaps I shall keep you.

At the Devil's Nest, Allie was at the door while the deer loomed. Kaidan was deeply confused by their presence and then informed that they may be undead by Allie. Eponine also arrived to debate gremlins versus deer. I beleive we all know which is better.

But that is all I have. Come, teal deer. We shall see if you can pull a rickshaw for me.
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It would appear that I am alone this morning. Oh, well. It would appear there was more coffee and donuts for me.


You may have one donut. Only one. There you go.

Mmmm. Donuts. )
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Loki: However did you squirrels manage to sneak along on this trip?

Petra: And what did I do to make them wake me up this morning?

Loki: Perhaps they wanted the news from our amazing Student Council?

Petra: I could buy it. As long as someone keeps bringing me these Turkish coffees, I don’t care.

Loki: I believe I shall second that. It's like I am chewing directly on the coffee bean.

Petra: We need these at home. I have decided.

Coffee is of terrible importance, okay? )
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Loki: Ah, the beginning of spring break.

Alex: The sounds of people shoving all their stuff in a bag, only to get where they’re going and realize they forgot something important. Everybody remember your toothbrush? What about your phone charger?

Loki: ...Phone charger! Odin's beard, I knew I forgot something.

Alex: Dude. What would you have done when your phone died?

Loki: Gone to Latveria to acquire a new one.

Alex: Makes sense.

Loki: Yes, I am sure it would be quite the fun adventure.

Alex: And that’s the whole point of Spring Break, really.

Doctor Doom wouldn't have an issue with that trip at all! )
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Alex: Good morning, Fandom! I’m Alex, and he’s evil, and we’re here to bring you the news! Now if only someone would bring us some doughnuts.

Loki: Or a bagel. I believe I wish to go to New York for one now.

Alex: I miss bagels. Real bagels...how long does it take to get to New York from here?

Loki: If we ask mine brother, not terribly long.

Alex: ...do you think we could send him to get us some bagels?

Loki: We would need to order extra so that they are not devoured--

*angry chittering* )
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Loki: I do not think it necessary to shove, squirrels. I was well on my way to arriving.

Atton: Can we do this some other time? I'm still hungover from yesterday's hangover.

Loki: ...you are most certainly not the Ares-son. Unless he has grown more surly and less blonde.

Atton: Hey, who are you calling surly? I'd be a beacon of sunshine if these squirrels hadn't dragged me in.

Loki: Of course you would. You have a cheery disposition, I am most certain of it.

A Former Assassin and a Trickster God walk into a bar... )
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Loki: Why does my head hurt so? What have I done to deserve this?

Alex: Caffeine withdrawal?

Loki: I do not liiiiike iiiiiiit.

Whiner God Radio )
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Loki: Ugh, I wish to sleep, squirrels. Why must you torment me?


Loki: Ugh, I will never forgive this. Why could you not wake mine cohost?

*more chittering*

Loki: Fine, but I will demand coffee after this. At the school, Fandom Invasions discussed the benefits of having common sense. Though I must say that common sense would be quite different where I am from. The students paired off to discuss what the best course of action might be in given scenarios. In Sex Ed, they watched a documentary on the life of--no. I will not say that word on radio. Nor in any relation to mine brother. Ew.

Loki: In Improving Your Skills, they discussed the use of weapons for defense. They were allowed to practice and spar as they wished. Kate Bishop was of help to Sparkle on using a bow, and Gert spoke with Stiles concerning the helpfulness of pets with sharp teeth. Yes, I rather like Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder.

Loki: Student Council met for the first time this year. There was pizza. I quite liked it. There was also discussion of a multicultural fair. There were also cheerleading tryouts. People arrived to talk and wait to audition. Gert did not wish to be there, but Sparkle was excited to wear a skirt and yell at those who play lacrosse. I do not think boy cheerleaders wear the skirts. Maddie was deeply concerned by all of this, and Jessica spoke with her on how I made her do all the work. Yes. Yes, I did. And then they tried out!

Loki: In the town, we have Alec battling the dangers of a nail polish hydra at Wellspring Arms. It was Evan's birthday, but he was the one giving gifts to Sholeh. I do not believe he understands the wonder of a birthday. Priestly redecorated Cafe Luke's as it was apparently wrong. Mike offered a free drink at Caritas for those who sang 'hair metal'. That sounds unfortunate and smelly.

Loki: Allie was at the Devil's Nest, playing the Angry Birds. Oh, I love that game. I cannot wait for the next version. John made certain they card at this bar before inviting Allie back to the library. Perhaps for a romantic liason? Navaan insisted that she merely lost her ID, but Allie refused to believe it, only granting her a pineapple juice. She then enaged in dirty doctor talk with John. Which was far more than any of us wished to know of their private lives.
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Good morrow, Fandom! My name is Loki and I bring you the news of the day. Well, the news that these brave squirrels decided to bring me.


Er. No thank you, I am not fond of rum.

”I )
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Loki: This is not the day you normally demand my presence, squirrels.

Alex: How observant of you. It is, in fact, Saturday, day of sleeping until one. Why am I awake? Besides squirrels.

Loki: ...are squirrels not reason enough? For I will not share my latte.

Alex: I gotta get the squirrels to let me stop and get coffee. Dammit.

Loki: You may have a donut, though. I am not completely heartless.

Alex: Do any of you squirrels want to test this doughnut for poison for me? No. Eh, I’ll risk it.

Loki: They're filled with the jellies of a fruit grown only upon the base of Yggdrasil. Or raspberries. Possibly just raspberries.

Alex: Tastes like raspberries.

Raspberries. Mmmm. )
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Loki: I remain uncertain as to whether or not I like this new year.

Alex: Why? It hasn’t done anything to you yet.

Loki: Precisely.

Alex: Oh, wait. Kim Kardashian’s gonna have a baby this year, so. There’s that.

Loki: ...Perhaps Ragnorak is coming this year then.

Alex: Yeah, I wouldn’t rule it out.

Loki: Yes. Nor would I. It appears we only have people doing things in town yesterday. With Jessica working on something secretive at Stark's. And then Derek pretending to not here the horrific screeches of the creature known as Bieber. Miss Pinkie Pie stopped by in order to express her joy over their joint teaching venture and how friendship works.

Alex: He’s teaching a class on friends? Well, the guy is very popular...

Loki: ...intervention time?

Alex: I think we’re beyond that. Mike came in and was disturbed by the music--me too, Mike, me too--and Kitty offered to cheer Derek up with shopping. I dunno if that’s gonna work...

Loki: As long as he does not birth a Kardashian, we should be safe.

Alex: Then it would really be the apocalypse.

Loki: And not even the fun kind!

Alex: Definitely not the fun kind. Or the kind with fish lips, even. Wait. Kardashians...okay, maybe yes to fish lips.

Loki: Does that mean Namor is involved?

Alex: Nah. Too snobby. Anyway, that’s all the news for this week, Fandom! Be less boring!
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Loki: We are back here again. But of course we are.

Alex: Did you have something better to do?

Loki: Perhaps I did! I might have had plans to spend my holiday in Asgard.

Alex: Do you guys celebrate Christmas? Because we don’t, and it’s a ripoff.

Loki: No, but I am certain there would be mead.

Alex: I don’t care about mead, I just want presents.

Loki: If there is enough mead, you can steal your presents!

Alex: ...sounds legit. Anyway, let’s get started. In the dorms, Jessica was watching the gremlins fight when Topher came in to explain to her why this was better than them biting people. She needed that explained? Peter emerged from his room after somehow managing to miss Christmas entirely. Was he a houseplant or something?

Loki: On this island, I would not be surprised.

Alex: Let’s just go with that. He was a houseplant. Sure.

Loki: In town, Cade used the natural inclinations of the gremlins to stage battles between them for money. Are wagers made upon these battles? I would very much like to be involved if that is the case. Surreal questioned him on how long it has been going on and we are to believe only today. He then explained to a fellow called Porthos why the denizens of Fandom fear the gremlin as much as they do. At JGOB, Kitty watched gremlins battle outside as well. Barton was also there, but he was in a most foul mood until he spoke with Kitty. I do not understand how his mood was different from normal.

Alex: Beats me.

Loki: He is very much like that supremely angry cat upon the internet.

Alex: ...I can see it.

Loki: And that was all there is to read today, good people of Fandom!

Alex: Hope you’re all having fun on vacation! Later!
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Loki: Oh, you are here. I did not bring extra coffee for you, Ares-son.

Alex: Like I would take coffee from you, anyway. It’d probably be poisoned.

Loki: It is peppermint mocha.

Alex: ...gimme.

Loki: Oh, but it is poisoned. With deliciousness.

Alex: Then I’ll definitely pass because that’s probably what you named something that’ll melt my insides.

Mmmm. Mocha. )
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Good morning, peoples of Fandom! It is I, Loki, here to bring you the news of yesterday. For the squirrels will not leave me be until I do. Odd how that works, do you not think?

Squirrels. Squirrels everywhere. )
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It is the day of turkey and eating far more than one needs! Hello, hello, Fandom! It is I, Loki bringing you the news of yesterday.

Not that there was terribly much of it. Holidays, I venture, slow people down.

No matter! Here are the notes of the day! In the school we had Model UN spoke of the importance of education in various countries. Yes, that would be a bit difficult in Asgard where the prowess with a sword trumps prowess with one's mind. P.E. ran through live fire drills. Oh. Oh dear. That sounds difficult. Victor and Topher agreed to work together to smite the course inflicted upon them. Tactics spoke of the importance of allies and ... hand turkeys. I am uncertain what those are, but they do sound unfortunate. Hiding in Plain Sight did a reinactment of the first thanksgiving that the squirrels doubt is historically accurate. Perhaps they were there for it as well. And, finally, Sholeh was in the library, researching recipes.

Oh, we have more notes? In town, Jessica was at Stark's, cleaning pudding out of a laptop. That... how would one put pudding into a laptop to begin with? It seems awfully difficult. Shira was thoughtful at the Magic Box. Without any pudding involved.

At Cafe Luke's, Karla had taken control of the place to cook for today. Please do not eat anything she has made. I have warned you now for the safety of your innards, lest they be rotted out from the sludge she proclaims to be food. Thankfully, others volunteered to assist in this plight. Zhahar spoke with Rapunzel about not having seen each other in some time. Evan and Yeul peeled potatoes and spoke on the reason for the holiday and why he cannot go home for it. And then Rapunzel and Yeul spoke on the need to make everything and stay awake today.

And that is all there was, dear peoples of Fandom. Enjoy your feasting and do not allow Karla to feed you!
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Loki: Ugh, I think I have eaten too many of your Midgardian sweets.

Alex: No such thing on Halloween. You’re just a wuss.

Loki I loathe you with great intensity--ohOdin'sbeardeverythinghurts.

Alex: Tch. Weak. Have another Reese cup.

Consume Sugar Responsibly Radio! )
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Good morning, fellow inhabitants of Fandom Island! It is I, Loki of Asgard who brings you the news of yesterday!

Are you not pleased?

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Loki: Hello, island! We are in Africa!

Alex: And no one’s killed anyone else yet! Somehow!

Loki: We can always hope you are devoured by lions before the week is out.

Alex: Nah. Lions are like my spirit animal or something.

Loki: Unfair. I have a magpie instead.

Alex: Your magpie weirds me out.

Loki: You only say that because he watches you sleep in a terrifying manner.

Alex: Exactly. Can’t you make him stop that?

Not at all! )
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Loki: Hello again, Ares-son!

Alex: Loki. Did you have fun, or at least manage to refrain from murdering Thor again, last weekend?

Loki: Mine brother met... out other brother here. I can't imagine it was easy to converse with yourself.

Ikol: *CAWS*

Alex: I’ve never had this problem. I think there’s a guy who kinda looks like me, though.

Loki: Oh, no. He is much more attractive.

Alex: Hey!

Insults and coffee radio! )

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