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Welcome back, Fandom, to Wednesday night radio with Toby! So, it's finals week and I'm like, totally done for however long our break is. I know, right? It feels amazing to not have to do anything for weeks on end! *brief pause* It is weeks, right?

This calls for some serious celebrating. And like, field trips to visit Sky and do some sort of charity work.

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Oh *beep* why are you guys pulling me in here? It's not even Wednes- *chittering* For serious? Dude. I prolly shouldn't have drank all that you know...no I really don't. *giggles*

We gotta go fast before I fall asleep. Heeee. That's what he said. )
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Welcome Back, Fandom! It's Toby with your shirtless but still warm Wednesday radio broadcast!

*door slamming*

Lucas: You know, it'd be nice to be back for a day before the squirrels start stealing my shirt and dragging me in here.

Toby: Oh great, like I wanna hang out all night with you, boyfriend stealer!

Lucas: Look, I didn't steal anyone! There's not even any dating of any kind happening and I'm more than willing to leave.

Toby: Whatever, dude. If you're here, you're reading notes.

Lucas: Fine. What's first? *papers rustling*

This is what happens when I am exhausted )

*radio silence*
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Guys and Gals. Turkeys and Potatoes. I'm Toby with your Wednesday night Fandom radio!

So, it's the eve before Thanksgiving and what do we have to be thankful about? It's butt-ass cold and I ran out of glitter lotion, but guys, we are dead sexy and we have friends, good skin, and rippling muscles. Who's with me?

Pre-Thanksgiving with Toby )
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Welcome to Thursday Radio with Toby! I know, totally not my night, but things change, we've all gotta be flexible. 'Course, I'm being like, extreme with the flexibility thing by like, wearing a shirt. I know, right? I bet half of you don't even know who I am with a shirt on. It's like, my secret identity or something. Like if I was all fast I'd be a tan blur. But enough about me, let's get to the news!

Who recognizes a friend by the shape of their pecs, anyway? )
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Welcome, Fandomites to your Wednesday radio broadcast with Toby and Sky. Say hi, little guy! Oh my god, you squirrels cannot feed him rum! He is my responsibility and I am so not disappointing the professor. *sigh*

Let's get this broadcast done before the baby Ewok gets totes trashed, okay?

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Oh my Miley, guys, I was up way too late last night, I can't stop *yaaaawns* yawning. Let's get this done so I can work on outsnoring the roomie.

Quiet day is quiet )
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Oh my god, people. You are not going to believe this but- *sound of baby crying softly* OH MAN! Shhh, Palmy, daddy's here! *silence reigns* So, obviously I got stuck with the kid, but dudes, the squirrels are the best babysitters ever.

Let me just set this up *sounds of papers crinkling* Okay! We have a kid-friendly nest of like old notes and rum bottles! Let's get radio going before the airwaves cut out.

Toby should never procreate )

Thanks, squirrels, for all that you do and Good Night Fandom!
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Welcome back, Fandom, to Wednesdays with Toby!

First, let me just say I am totes glad to be out of that horrid mirror. It was so weird to walk in a closet and be looking out a mirror. At least I didn't see anything too embarrassing before I woke up safe in my bed.

It's break week, so everyone's probably like, sleeping and hiding from all the weird stuff that went down this weekend.
So let's get the hopefully slow night started, shall we? )
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Okay, so like, little squirrel dudes, you need to crank that little heater because my nips are gonna fall off it's so cold here!

*annoyed chittering*

Why are you saying 'it's on' like that? Am I supposed to be embarrassed that my nipples are about to freeze off because you squirrels think the weather is 'nice'? Don't make me set fire to your notes! I totes have a lighter from back before I forgot I was a smoker. God.

*sounds of a fan cranking up*

Oh my god, that is so much better, guys. Now let's news it up!

Toby should start wearing a shirt sooner than later... )
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*serious yawning*
Hey there, Fandom. This is Toby for your Wednesday News and Squirrel Gossip Hour. *yawn* Oh my god, I'm so sorry. The squirrels totes had to drag me out of bed for this one. Do you think those diseases in Sex Ed today were contagious? Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here!

My nap went a little long, shh )
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Welcome back, Fandom, to Wednesdays with Toby! No, it's not like Tuesdays with Morrie, 'cause I am so not like, going to die anytime soon. Unless you're all precog and you know something... But if the old people in town get all active, we should so change the name of the broadcast!

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Oh Fandom, you chose me! You picked me! You must love me! I am amazingly proud and don't forget that you're not done marking my name on ballets yet! I'm running for Student Council. My slogan is so awesome, too. Ready? *clears throat*

A vote for Toby is a vote for like, awesome snacks and hot, shirtless dudes.

I know, right? So awesome.

And on with the news! )
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Fandom! Hey, this is Toby bringing you your nightly news, squirrely gossip, and shirtless radio! Maybe if this was like, TV I'd get dressed. But you guys don't care if I'm all shining in the dim light of the station room, right?

Okay, so like, the furry little guys have brought me a big old stack of notes, so let's get this show on the road. Except like, not on the road because we aren't really leaving. Uh, you know what I mean.

Kittens, kittens, everywhere! )
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--So, like, how come you guys make sense and the little pixie dances around all confused? *sound of happy squirrel chittering* Seriously? Dude--oh it's on? *sound of busy chittering*

The squirrels tell me this is Jaydio night, but since I'm all hot and shirtless - as usual, duh - I get to fill in and make your airways that much hotter. Please tell me the beach is gonna small better soon. I don't think Kev and I can sleep out there again tonight.


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