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A little while after Hardison's broadcast, Zoe made her way over to the radio station and, thankfully, the squirrels were kind enough to let her right in.

"Good afternoon everyone, this is Zoe Winchester. We've gotten some more concrete information about the hurricane; I don't want to sound too alarming, but we are definitely in its path. It looks like Hurricane Finley is going to hit Fandom on Saturday, with winds of 100 miles per hour or more. I know many of you have been making preparations, but now that we know what kind of timetable we're working with, I strongly encourage you to stock up on food and supplies in case we lose power - make sure you have batteries, gas for your generators, anything you can think of that you might need if there's an emergency. Also, for any students in the dorms, Fosse will be coming around to nail plywood over as many windows as he can get to, so please help him if you can. I'm sure we'll all weather this just fine, no pun intended."

As she signed off, she had to admit, there was something a little refreshing about preparing for a normal kind of disaster.
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--yes, I know how to work everything, don't worry. Oh, good morning. This is Zoe Winchester, and I've been hijacked--very nicely hijacked, but hijacked nonetheless--by the squirrels to give you all the news from yesterday.

It looks like the school and dorms were quiet, but the town was plenty busy. The stereo at Groovy Tunes was playing a lot of instrumental music, no matter what Jono did, and Peter made breakfast for Kanan and Hera, and got to know Hera a little better, along with her history with Kanan. John Constantine was surprised by how many people were up and talking, but Kanan fed him and that seemed to help. Jessica spent some time dying her hair and texting people to let them know she was back in town, and Tamsin came by to talk to her, since they hadn't chatted in a while. Finally, the school trip neared its end, which means this broadcast will likely be a lot more lively next week. For now, have a wonderful week everyone!
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Sam: Hey everyone! This week, you're getting two Winchesters for the news, because Zoe said she'd punch me if I didn't let her help.

Zoe: Hey! You're not supposed to tell people I said that.

Sam: Then don't threaten to punch people! Geez.

Weetiny Radio! )
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Good morning, everyone. It's nice to be able to say that and know that everyone's here and not here and on a spaceship. Let's see how the aftermath of our latest alien invasion went.

And no, for those of you wondering, that's probably not the last time someone will be able to say that sentence around here.

Naked escape from a spaceship radio! )
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Ever since Susan came to her office, Zoe had been looking for anything she could find on these Auditors - in between answering world-ending phone calls and drinking heavily - and had come up with nothing. The drinking heavily probably hadn't helped, but it was keeping her calm, and she hadn't stopped being a soldier long enough to know that that was important in times like these.

She'd thought about making an announcement at the school, but this wasn't just affecting the students and teachers, and the more people who were aware of what they might be up against, the better. So, Zoe headed for the radio station, giving one of the squirrels a grateful look when it turned on the equipment for her without her even having to ask.

"Good afternoon, everyone. This is Zoe Winchester," she said, keeping her tone as calm as possible. "I apologize for the interruption, but I have some information on those who might be responsible for the disappearances that have been plaguing our friends and family. I've been informed that the people responsible for the current situation, if they can be referred to as people at all, are called Auditors. Unfortunately, that's all I know so far. I don't know why they've targeted Fandom's loved ones, or how they're doing what they're doing, and I'm hoping that's where all the smart folks here can come in."

Zoe sighed, getting quiet for a moment to maintain her composure. "If you've lost people, or your home, or entire worlds, then know that I am truly sorry. But I'd also like you to remember that trouble likes to find us, and we always send it back to where it came from in the end. Do not think of this as permanent, or there's no point in hoping at all. Gather what information you can, and as always, please stay safe. Thank you."

[NFI, reaction comments welcome!]
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Good evening, everyone. I've got a house full of family I haven't seen in ages waiting for me, so let's get this show on the road, shall we?

Things were still fairly quiet today, with so many people at home, but it looks like those of you left in the dorms had some fun. Calvin took advantage of the fresh snow this morning by building a snow fort and making lots of snowballs. Cara was his first victim, and when she decided to retaliate, it turned into a snowball fight which Bruce and Leda got into the middle of as well.

After the snowball fight, Bruce made hot chocolate in the fifth floor common room, for himself and for anyone else who came by. Zatanna was surprised to see him around, and Bruce explained that he cut his vacation a little short and came back to Fandom early. Bod got a warning from Bruce about the snowball fight going on outside, and Zatanna talked to him about not being able to get home easily, and making their own fun here, such as making a snowman later. Nico accused Bruce of hoarding all the good hot chocolate, which I hope was just teasing since I know no student would do that, surely. Elphaba talked to Bod about not being able to get home too, and agreed that everyone who's still around should stick together, and Zatanna made sure ELphaba got some of the hot chocolate, which Bruce agreed she was welcome to.

Elsewhere, Faith was scowling at the snow out by the docks. I know, I like it better when it's warmer too. At least the snow looks nice right now? And I have both of my stepsons at home now, visiting me for Christmas. Really, I don't think I can ask for much more than that, and those are all the notes I have, so I'm going to get back to them now. I hope everyone listening is having a very happy holiday too.
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Good evening, everyone. I apologize for not being here last week but, well, I'm sure you're all aware of what things were like in town. As for today, I'm not sure how I feel about the random gift of a blanket that I found this morning, but I'm willing to admit that it's keeping me warm right now. I don't know why it has sleeves though. People aren't really stupid enough to not know how to wear a blanket, are they?

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Good evening, everyone. It's good to be back here with you all, and I hope you're enjoying the... whatever it is that's falling from the sky out there. It wouldn't be right if we started winter off with snow, after all. That's just not how things work around here.

Radio is under heeeeere! )
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Good evening, everyone. I hope your weekends have started well, and that you're all feeling better than last week. Or, at least, different than last week. It's much better this week, trust me.

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Good evening, everyone. I hope you're all having a good a safe, non-disease spreading way, of course. I suppose I'll find out if you are in a minute here, won't I?

La la la cut! )
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Good evening, Fandom. This is Principal Winchester, sadly coming to you alone this week. I suppose I could have the squirrels kidnap a partner for me again, but I don't think that will be necessary. This time around, at least.

This is where the cut goes! )
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Zoe: Good evening, Fandom, and I suppose a special hello should go to all of the alumni who are here tonight. It's good to see all of you again...

Sam: Hey, stop with the poking! I'm coming with you, really.

Zoe: ...though, it's better to see some of you than others, I'll admit.

Sam: Uh, Zoe? Did you tell the rodents to kidnap me?

Zoe: I might have suggested that I could use a partner tonight. You wouldn't want me to have to read this big stack of notes all by myself, would you?

Sam: "No" is really the only acceptable answer to that question, isn't it?

Zoe: Absolutely. Have a seat and let's see what we've got.

Winchester Radio IS A LITTLE LONG. )
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Good evening, everyone. I hope you've all had a good week recovering from the presence of your friends and family. Now, let's see how our break week is starting off, shall we?.

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Good evening, everyone. This is Principal Winchester, hoping that you've all had a good start to this year's Parents' Weekend. I have quite the daunting stack of notes in front of me, so perhaps I should get started.


You know, I think I will take you up on the rum tonight. Hopefully this won't end with everyone's names blurring together.

And so the weekend begins! )
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Good evening, everyone, this is Principal Winchester. I want to thank Dan and Wallace for being here when I should have been on Friday - I had a situation with a vomiting toddler that I can guarantee not even her own father wants to hear about, so let's spare the details and just get on with the notes, shall we?

Without onions tonight, thankfully. )
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*sounds of far away gunfire*

And stay down you [microphone feedback] pieces of [microphone feedback] [microphone feedback]. God, now I really need a drink.


Oh, I didn't actually mean that, but thank you for the offer. I should probably stay sober if those fish things are going to be out there when I leave. Stupid [microphone feedback]--killing them once should be enough.


...Thank you so much for waiting to tell me that everything was on. I appreciate your diligence, really. Ahem. Good evening everyone, this is Principal Winchester. Sorry about the swearing, but, well, you've all got windows to look outside. Let's see how we all fared today, shall we?

Piranhas? Piranhas! )
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Good evening, everyone. For those of you whom I haven't yet had the pleasure to meet, I'm Principal Winchester, and I'll be bringing you the news this evening. Don't worry, no one will get detention from what I end up reading. Probably.

Principal radiooooo! )
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Zoe: Good evening, Fandom. Those of you who are still here, at least.

Dean: It's that time of year alright. I'll be heading out myself when we're done here.

Zoe: Don't remind me. That's the last thing I want to think about tonight.

Dean: You going to miss me?

Zoe: Oh no, I'm so excited about getting rid of you. *laughing* Of course I'm going to miss you.

Dean: Still nice to hear.

Zoe: Of course, I won't have to miss you that much because you'll come back to visit me often, right?

Dean: Do I even need to say it? Of course, if there's pie, it might get me to come back even more...

Zoe: I'll see what I can do about keeping the kitchen stocked up.

Dean: Awesome. So, we should probably start doing these notes...

Zoe: Yes, I suppose they're not going to read themselves, are they?

The news is under here! )
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Good evening, Fandom. Do any of you get nervous when I help with the radio? I certainly hope not, but I suppose I should get started and get this over with in case some of you do.

The news is under here! )
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Zoe: Good evening, Fandom! It's nice to have everyone in the same place this week.

Dean: Seriously. Now if we can just get a big delivery of RAID...

Zoe: I take it you don't find the new bugs entertaining?

Dean: You've heard the kind of music I listen to. What do you think?

Zoe: I think not even blasting good music from the Impala can save things, unfortunately.

Dean: Hence the need for giant cans of bug spray.

Zoe: I'd still take the bugs over people being missing, annoying as they are.

Dean: Point.

Zoe: Still, we can get some bug spray on the way home, just for you.

The news is here! )
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Thanks to last night's radio broadcast, Zoe knew that something buggy had been going on yesterday. However, after the last weekend, she was pretty burned out on insanity, so when the issue didn't sound mortal, she felt perfectly content to ignore it and hope it all went away after a day as so many things in Fandom often did.

It wasn't until she got to her office and found the entire main office staff waiting for her that Zoe realized she wasn't going to be able to just ignore this problem. She still didn't know why singing bugs were such an issue, until someone played her a recording of what they were singing.

Well, Zoe was a woman of many faults, but letting people be tortured in their own homes was not one of them.

After offering to let the staff stay at the Arms on the school's dime and being informed that the hotel wasn't a safe option either, Zoe came up with the only other idea she could think of early in the morning with no coffee in her and her ears still ringing from terrible, evil singing. When the office staff seemed all right with the plan, Zoe headed out to the radio station, figuring that some folks in town might like the offer too. Surely a little downgrade in comfort would be better than listening to these bugs?

"Good morning," she said. "This is Principal Winchester. It's come to my attention that some residences in town are having a little bug problem. Since the dorms appear to be unaffected, I feel comfortable offering the school's cabins to anyone who would like a quiet place to stay until the bugs go away. Anyone who is interested can meet me at the cabins today, and I'll handwavily get you settled." She thought about adding that she was sure the bugs would go away soon, but that seemed a bit like jinxing things. Maybe she really had learned a thing or two being here for so long.

[The cabins are now officially open for the adults! You can mod that when you got to the cabins, Zoe took down your name and picked your cabin for you. Have fun! :D]
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Thanks to the intrepid library researchers, Zoe had a better idea of how to try to beat the current craziness and get all of their missing folks back. Whether or not it would work...well, only time would tell on that one.

"Good evening, everyone. This is Principal Winchester with an important announcement. I need everyone who is capable of performing acts of magic to meet me outside of the school this evening to check on the mechanism that exists under the island. Please make your way to the school carefully. We'll all leave from there together to ensure everyone's safety, and I'll have further information for you there. Thank you."

[Aaaaand there's your announcement, magic team! We're handwaving the walk from the school to the device, so just head for the post linked above!]
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Zoe: Good evening, Fandom. There'd better be some of you still out there listening to this, or I am not going to be pleased. If you're outside right now, you'd better get the hell inside, because things are getting worse out there.

Grace: Mommy! Bad word!

Zoe: Someday, I'm going to have the time to teach you all about situational swearing, I promise.

The news is under here! )

It looks like that's almost everything except...all right, why do I have a note about people going down below the island? If any of you went on this little trip, come and find me tomorrow, because you'd better not have done something that stupid without a good reason. As for the rest of you, have a good night, and for the love of whatever higher power you believe in, stay safe.
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Zoe: Good evening, Fandom. I hope everyone's been having a productive Friday.

Dean: And having some fun too while you're at it.

Zoe: That too, but I have to give the responsible message first, being the adult in the room.

Dean: I'm an adult!

Zoe: Technically, I suppose, but emotionally and psychologically...I think the jury is still out on that one.

Dean: Hey, I'm totally emotionally a grown up.

Zoe: Let's see what the squirrels have to say about that this week, shall we?

News time! )
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Good evening, everyone. I hope you've all had a good Friday - or, at least, an interesting one with all the new...people in town. Judging from the size of the stack of notes in front of me, I'm going to assume I don't have to hope very hard.

It's news time with the principal! )
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Good evening everyone, this is Principal Winchester. Before anyone gets worried, nothing's wrong. I'm just taking care of the radio duties tonight. Let's hope none of you did anything I'll have to speak to you about later.

News time! )
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Zoe: Good evening, Fandom. And good evening to you too, Andy. I hope I didn't keep you waiting long.

Andy: No ma'am. Sam's not under the weather or anything is he?

Zoe: Oh no, he's just...very well occupied at the moment.

Andy: Oh?

Zoe: He's with his boyfriend. I could suggest a few things they might be doing right now, but I don't want him to make that face of his at me when I get home.

Andy: Oh! Um, good for him?

Zoe: Very good for him. And good for me, because now I can get a good look at what you all were up to today.

Andy: That seems almost like a government controlled media somehow...

Zoe: Maybe, but only for tonight. I won't be giving out any detentions for what's here. At least, I think I won't.

Andy: You wouldn't want Sam to feel guilty, y'know.

Zoe: Exactly. That's it completely, of course.

News cut! )
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Zoe: You know, you didn't have to drag us over here. I'm sure we would have come willingly. At least, I would have.

John: I still say you should've let me shoot them.

Zoe: You can't shoot them, they're a necessary evil. If they touch Grace though, I think we could get away with injuring them.

John: We could always see if we can make squirrel tail hats come in style.

Zoe: Oh, I like the way you think. I do believe we're getting little squirrel glares now.

John: Not exactly the most intimidating thing I've ever seen.

Zoe: Definitely closer to the "adorable" end of the spectrum. I suppose we should take their notes before they try to look fearsome and hurt themselves.

All vacation news, all the time! )
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Andy: What do you mean Sam's not here?

*squirrel chittering*

Andy: Where is he then?

*more chittering*

Andy: What do you mean you're too scared to tell me?

Zoe: Am I late? I must be, it looks like you're already getting started. Sorry, you must be Andy.

Andy: That's me... I'm sorry ma'am, I was expecting Sam Winchester...?

Zoe: Sam's...not feeling well today, so I told him I'd come and help you out in his place. I hope that's all right?

Andy: Of course! Just... Sam's going to be okay?

Zoe: Oh, yes, he'll be fine. Did I miss anything before I got here?

Andy: Just me trying to get the squirrels to tell me where Sam is.

Zoe: And the squirrels were uncooperative? How shocking, really. Why don't I go ahead and get us started?

This is why we don't let the principal on the radio except for emergencies. )
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Zoe headed for the radio station for the second time this week, but when her broadcast started, she sounded happier than she had in days.

"Good afternoon, Fandom. This is Principal Washburn with some excellent news. Thanks to all of the brave people who went up against the statues today, the angels have been trapped, and are no longer a threat to anyone. The teams who went looking for information have been handwavily called and told that it's safe to come home, and a team will be going out this evening to the stasis chambers, to bring everyone who went missing home.

"As always, I'm very proud of everyone, for sticking together, for helping each other, and for once again proving that there's nothing that can hurt the people of this town without being brought down and destroyed. You should all be very proud of yourselves as well."

[Away team folks, you can be back in town as of this afternoon - yay portals! Please keep playing in your finale threads if you need to.]
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As soon as she'd finished reading the letters she'd received, Zoe headed straight for the radio station, ignoring the squeaking and chittering of the squirrels as she sat down and turned everything on.

"Good afternoon, this is Principal Washburn. Don't change the station - I need everyone to listen to this. As some of you have noticed, there's been an unexplainable increase in missing persons over the last few days. I want you all to know that a little while ago, I received some letters - from cities all across the globe, dated throughout the early 1900's.

"Something on the island is sending people into the past. From these letters, I don't know what it is, and I don't know how it's working. But the one thing all the letters have in common is that they mention angel statues. They all say that the statues were there when they were taken.

"I want to encourage everyone to exercise caution when going through town. If you spot any of the statues, please stay away from them." Zoe knew full well that request wouldn't work on everyone, but it was worth the shot anyway. "Once we've figured out more about what's going on, I'll let everyone know. But for now, please stay calm and stay safe. Know that those who are missing are all right, and we will figure out a way to get them back. Thank you."

[Aaaand it's now common knowledge that the angels are involved. Go forth and do what Fandom residents do best! One of these days, by god, people will listen to Zoe.]
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When Zoe came over the radio this time, she sounded much, much happier than she had the last time.

"Good evening, everyone. This is Principal Washburn with a very important announcement: a cure has been found for the virus. I repeat, a cure has been found for the virus, and is currently being made at town hall. Those who have been sick are receiving the cure as we speak, and are on the way to recovery. Everyone who is not currently at town hall needs to come by and get some of the cure as well, just in case. I look forward to seeing everyone there."

[Obviously, you can handwave coming to get your dose of tea, but if you want to play out coming by and getting some, please go here.]
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It took Zoe a few minutes and some pleasantly helpful squirrels to get the radio equipment going, but she didn't sound at all pleased when the broadcast started.

"Good evening, everyone," she said. "This is Principal Washburn. I have an announcement to make, and I know I usually limit myself to the school for this sort of thing, but this is something everyone needs to hear. Earlier today, one of our students, Bart Allen, passed away in the town hall clinic. Bart was a strong young man, and I have no doubt that the doctors and healers at the clinic did everything in their power to try to help him.

"In case it wasn't glaringly obvious by now, this sickness is not the average flu. I've already said this once to the students, and now I'm telling everyone - if you're sick, go to the town hall. Do not stay in your rooms, or your houses, and think that everything will be all right. The only way we can be sure that no one else will die is if we all help each other stay as well as possible.

"I've seen this town band together under the strangest circumstances, and just because we're not up against something we can shoot at, it doesn't mean we can't still be there for each other. I'll be keeping Bart and his friends in my thoughts, and I hope that all of you will do the same."

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