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Hi. It's Jaye again, bringing you the wherefores and the whys of Fandom High. Also, my pictures of Barbossa-who-was-once-a-birdie turned out spectacularly.


Coach/Professor Ash wants his Art students to create him something sexy. Hey, we are all about propriety here at this school, don't let anybody tell you different. Meanwhile, there's hot chocolate and marshmallows in Math. Screw actual math, hot chocolate, hot damn! And in Speech, they play poker. Okay, none of you teachers are allowed to disappear before I can sign up for my next classes, you hear me?

Journalism goes over their final assignments, Geology discusses last week's work, and there's Open Lab for Professor Sidle's classes.

Classics does something, Cookery doesn't burn down the school, Lifestyle talks about travel and makes me cry a sad cry at the thought of having to go home for the holidays. Quantum Physics talks about the grandfather paradox. Is that anything like "I am my own grandpa"? Just curious.

Professor Grissom's classes do stuff, Professor Jackson's classes do more stuff, and there is stuff, stuff, more stuff and dodgeball. My notes said more, but I got bored. Oh, hush, I bet you don't even go to class.

In Study Hall, Kawalsky and John "Talkaholic" Crichton discuss a bowling class. Okay, I can't snark on that if I'm good with it. Callisto makes John blush a lot. Also, I want to get Lee Adama and Jake hopped up on coffee together and see what happens. We'll ignore Jake ignoring the coffee today. Call me, guys. You'll get a cut of the profits.

Beka's all kissin' on Phoebe, and then she talks art with Jake, who really just wants her body. It's okay, sweetie, I'm sure you're somewhere on her long long list.

Phoebe and Maia discuss Angelus' guilt or innocence, as do other people. It's the talk of the week, people. Get used to it.

In the Library, I'm told The Doctor has chemistry with Methos, who has a flaming salamander on his hand. *rereads* Okay... Parker wants to see Sam drunk, and I will get behind that. She seems all normal, but I bet after two shots, clothing's coming off. Parker and Zero talk musical careers and Geoff is looking for books of poetry.

In clubs, hockey practice is held in town, and as usual, there's more going on in the bleachers than on the ice. Seriously, team, you don't get your Christmas presents from me unless you show up. We also have the RPG club, which I'm sure no one would be interested in, and Theater Tech club has open mic night, where Faith dazzles with a limerick. I'd repeat it, but you know. FCC. Also, the newspaper meeting has nothing to do with the newspaper.

In the clinic, Alanna and Bel make visits.

Living Arrangements

Shep visits Paige in the common room, while Lizzie and Marty talk to Alanna in another one, and Marty puts out an E-mail to the Safe Walk people.

Rory confronts Tick about how he knows her monochromey doppleganger. If I think about that too hard, I'm going catatonic, so no. Just... no. Lily and Jonathan talk, and Crichton and Aeryn discuss living arrangements for the sea monkeys. Is that a euphamism?

Sam, Liz, Janet and Lisa have girls' time in 239/240. Calm it down, boys and girls. Vala and Cameron are sweet and then reunite, if you get my meaning, and I know all you smutmonkeys totally do. And Bel and Phoebe are tonight's emo couple. Congratulations, kids.

There's "incesty angst" happening at casa de Yahoo/Loz/Kadaj or Eenie/Meenie/Moe or what have you.

But let's face it, what you really want to know about is how Anakin got bitten by gremlins that stole his banthabell, then perched himself in the common room in a leather miniskirt, declaring himself a slayer and saying he would patrol after Final Jeopardy. Half the school shows up to stare. Jeez, Anakin, you couldn't just streak through the halls like everyone else?

Around Town

If you're wondering where Carmen Sandiego is, she's in the park. Talking to Kawalsky. Just in case you were curious.

At Red's, Ben asks about magic protection, but I'm still trying to figure out if that's protection from magic or protection with it. Either way, it sounds out of my league. And at our friendly neighborhood law office, Janet stops in. I'm not telling you why. Confidentiality and all that.

At the Emporium, John Crichton's buying cherry lollipops. *sounds of Jaye cracking up laughing* Oh my God, make your damn own joke. I think I just broke a rib. Medic!

At Phale's... Look, everyone is stopping by. See, simple. Marty talks to Aziraphale about his night, he and Angela are cute and talky, and Anya gets to work.

At the bank, one of the girls that looks like one of the other girls cases the joint makes a deposit. And Shane and Salmoneus talk hangovers and fiscal matters. Also in financial news, Chloe reports a robbery! Oh, wait, no, here's that pesky cash. In other news, I make plans to become Chloe's new best friend.

Jarod plays in puddles with Inara and Jack Harkness; Chloe and Krycek have coffee, the Jack who's new in town and I don't know his last name goes drinking at Spike's, and Maia spends so much damn time on the beach I'm just gonna buy her a tent.

Hey, Morgendorffer doesn't suck at her job. Tara and Marty have to tell me how their therapist is, Gob and Lilly practice a magic trick, and deliveries are made. Tah dah.

And in nightlife news, Caritas is busy as all get out, zomg. The Doctor is doing that cherry stem tying trick. Well, he tries. Hey, Doc, I was in the common room the night Rory Gilmore wowed us all. Just a tip. Speaking of Rory, she's still freaked by the Becky thing. And I just got word that Annie the vampire slayer has taken the stage. With songs from Annie. Oh, God.

That's it for me tonight. It's not you, it's me. I'm bored to death with all of you.

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