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Whoa! I'm in, I'm in. Pushy freakin' rodents.


You heard me. ...great, I'm arguing with squirrels. Okay, let's see what creepy stalking you did yesterday over at the school. The Modern Workplace talked about drugs being a no. Which meant offering drugs to the students. You know, I mighta stuck around in high school for that. Some kid named Joker pretended to drink it before getting into a fight with Sholeh--seriously? That's a name?--about who was the real one. Pam didn't understand how Joker managed to drink it, so she took some and threw up. Stay classy, Pam. Yeul--I mean, are these misspellings or something? No?--tried to talk to Sholeh about last week, but she didn't remember being upset. That's a sure sign of everything being a-okay. Oh, and then Cheryl and Pam hallucinated a bunch of *BEEP*. I can't say *BEEP*? Are you *BEEP*ing kidding me?

*BEEP*ing weird. Fine, Chemistry decided they were chemistry and talked about changes. Coping with Change talked about staying calm. Which I'm sure works for some people, but I think a machete works better. And they had the kids float. Whatever that's supposed to mean. Flavours, Food Choices, and Menu Planning talked about their finals and what dishes they wanna do. Wow, that almost sounds normal.

At the library, Billy get *BEEP* set up for people to come and research anything strange. Which means the whole *BEEP*ing island. Some guy named Jamie stopped by to ask about books to prevent future dystopias and baring that, Archie comics. Yeah, he's totally gonna prevent that future. I can just feel it. Kenzi brought in Mia for kids books and job hunting, but didn't know who the *BEEP* he was. That is really getting annoying. I'll wring your furry little necks if it happens one more *BEEP*.

That wasn't even a swear!

*BEEP*ing squirrels. Joker asked Billy if magic could help. And I'm gonna step in here and say no. Magic's not gonna freakin' help. Then people researched. Or, if you're Joker, told Celia she's adorable. He also told Elisabeth to take a nap. Jamie was laughing at Archie comics, but Joker didn't think that was appropriate. Tell me about it. Those things aren't funny at all. Joker--okay, dude is all over the library--hoped that Hannibal was a scientist or something. He also got pissed at Bo and Tamsin for 'breaking time'. I wouldn't mind a little time breaking if it was them. Oh, and Josh was in his office yelling about his bracket. Tell me about it. *BEEP* Duke.

In town, we had that Stiles kid 'having a tough time' at the Trooper Station. Jamie stopped by to report his lost virginity and, I gotta admit, that's a good one. Furball number 1 showed up with lunch and then they hugged because of family stuff. Yeah, that's normal. Kitty stopped by to check on the kid with coffee before finding out about Derek's bad taste in clothing. Furball number 2 stopped by and apparently is a bloodsucker instead. Oh, that just makes perfect sense. Sure. Some chick named Lucy was lost in front of Ching Tai. Also getting lost was Kenzi and her kid--pretty sure the kid is new--on their way home. And then a disembodied voice named Kestrel guided them home. I don't even have enough time in the day to describe how wrong that is. I really don't. Over in the Park, Jack was feeding a duck when he bumped into the other bloodsucker, Allie. Better than that Eric guy. Gives me the bad touch vibe. Jack also told Kaidan that it was a novelty to see ducks. Dude. Kaidan, just stay away from the leech on legs, okay? Caritas had half price drinks from Mike and why the hell wasn't I there last night? And Allie was distracted at the Devil's Nest. Just what you wanna hear. Oh yeah.

But that's it, guys. I'm done with these mother *BEEP*ing squirrels.
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Seriously? You're gonna lock me in here to do this bull*beep*. And you're bleeping me?


I don't speak squirrel.

*More chittering*

Still not--you know what, let's just get this crap over with, okay? And you can stop with the *beep*-ed up pantomiming.

Oh, the bleeping. )
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Zoe: Good evening, Fandom. Those of you who are still here, at least.

Dean: It's that time of year alright. I'll be heading out myself when we're done here.

Zoe: Don't remind me. That's the last thing I want to think about tonight.

Dean: You going to miss me?

Zoe: Oh no, I'm so excited about getting rid of you. *laughing* Of course I'm going to miss you.

Dean: Still nice to hear.

Zoe: Of course, I won't have to miss you that much because you'll come back to visit me often, right?

Dean: Do I even need to say it? Of course, if there's pie, it might get me to come back even more...

Zoe: I'll see what I can do about keeping the kitchen stocked up.

Dean: Awesome. So, we should probably start doing these notes...

Zoe: Yes, I suppose they're not going to read themselves, are they?

The news is under here! )
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Zoe: Good evening, Fandom! It's nice to have everyone in the same place this week.

Dean: Seriously. Now if we can just get a big delivery of RAID...

Zoe: I take it you don't find the new bugs entertaining?

Dean: You've heard the kind of music I listen to. What do you think?

Zoe: I think not even blasting good music from the Impala can save things, unfortunately.

Dean: Hence the need for giant cans of bug spray.

Zoe: I'd still take the bugs over people being missing, annoying as they are.

Dean: Point.

Zoe: Still, we can get some bug spray on the way home, just for you.

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Zoe: Good evening, Fandom. I hope everyone's been having a productive Friday.

Dean: And having some fun too while you're at it.

Zoe: That too, but I have to give the responsible message first, being the adult in the room.

Dean: I'm an adult!

Zoe: Technically, I suppose, but emotionally and psychologically...I think the jury is still out on that one.

Dean: Hey, I'm totally emotionally a grown up.

Zoe: Let's see what the squirrels have to say about that this week, shall we?

News time! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, and we should say a special welcome to all of the guests on the island this weekend.

Dean: He means the ones who are usually dead, not the ones who have just moved to NYC and came back for a visit. Of course if he had that would mean he was saying welcome to himself...

Sam: Yes, I meant the usually deceased. Especially our own visitor.

Mary: Are you sure it's all right that I'm here with you boys?

Dean: Yeah, it's fine. I mean, the only ones here to protest are the squirrels and they don't mind, do you guys?

*genial chittering is heard*

Dean: See?

Sam: Yeah, I'm the only one they don't like.

Dean: They like you fine. Just as long as you don't let Scout chase them and keep the bitchfacing at them to a minimum.

Sam: Scout's back in New York with Peter, so they don't need to worry about that. And I'll try to keep the bitchfacing down.

Dean: Hey Mom, did Sammy tell you he's shacked up with his boyfriend?

Sam: Dean! Okay, clearly it's time to start the notes, before you open your mouth again.

News time! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. You know, I'm going to miss saying that.

Dean: Y'know there's an easy way of fixing that. Or at least putting it off.

Sam: I think it might be a little late to change my mind now.

Dean: Never too late, Sammy.

Sam: It is when all my stuff is in boxes.

Dean: Funny thing about that -- you can take things out just as easily as you put them in.

Sam: I know, but not until I'm in New York.

Dean: New York will still be there in a couple of months.

Sam: And Fandom will still be here when I come back to visit.

Dean: *grumbles something inaudible*

Sam: Here, let me start looking through the notes. The faster we get this done, the sooner we can go out for a drink or something.

*clings to the boys* )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. No, you don't need to adjust your radio, this really is Sam and Dean. We wanted to make sure we did our job before the island decided to turn me into some kind of animal again.

Dean: I'm totally emailing those yak pics to Peter by the way.

Sam: I'm totally breaking your laptop if you try.

Dean: I'll do it on your laptop.

Sam: I'll password protect it so you can't get on. Like when you're going to use it to search for porn and get viruses everywhere.

Dean: How's that working for ya so far Sammy?

Sam: ...better once I come up with passoword you can't guess, I think.

Dean: Never going to happen, Yakbreath.

Sam: Oh my God, just give me the notes to start with before I try to use them to beat you.

Winchesters on a Thursday? That's actually not so wrong... )
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Good evening Fandom. You've got me solo tonight because my brother is a yak and no one thought to make the booth here yak accessible. And no, the phrase 'my brother is a yak' is never not going to be funny. I'm getting the feeling judging by the size of the pile of this stack of notes, along with people being weirder than usual in class today that there may be some other non-yak related weirdness going on as well. We'll have to see if we can figure out what as we go, shall we?

Hell may freeze over before I finish this... )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I think I speak for Dean and myself when I say we hope everyone had a better Friday than last week.

Dean: At least one that doesn't involve needing a bellhop follow you around with a baggage cart.

Sam: Seriously. The notes look a lot more peaceful this week.

Dean: And shorter.

Sam: Here, give me the first bit and I'll see what we've got tonight.

News of the day is under here! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. Although, I guess it's probably not a very good evening for most folks.

Dean: Only if you let it. It's amazing what denial will do for you. *thudding sound* Oh for... move so I can throw this IN DENIAL bag out of the way.

Sam: I'd been hoping this crap wouldn't follow us in here tonight. So much for that.

Dean: The little squirrel-sized bags lined up by the empty rum bottles should've given you a clue there.

Sam: Wow, we really are an island full of issues, huh? I think I could have lived without knowing that.

Dean: With the amount of rum they drink, it's not really that surprising.

Sam: Well, let's get through today's notes, and then we can leave them alone to wallow again, yeah?

Dean: Sounds good to me.

The entire island has issues. This is not news, but we're going to talk about it anyway. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I'm Sam--

Dean: --and I'm Dean Winchester. For those who don't know, I'm the older, better looking, more awesome brother. Sammy's the younger, more dorky gigantor of a little brother.

Sam: Gee, thanks, I feel so loved. And we are equally awesome, thank you.

Dean: That's always what the less awesome brother says.

Sam: Only when the supposedly more awesome brother is full of crap. Anyway, do you want to see what the squirrels have for us tonight?

Dean: Sure, see if you can get the notes out from under the pile of little rum bottles.

Sam: Great, it's going to be one of those nights.

Winchesters on a Friday? The world is all askew! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I think the squirrels are really happy to see you.

Dean: Because I'm awesome. Also, because I brought them a whole bunch of little bottles of rum that I pinched from places I've been staying on the road.

Sam: Hey, that's cheating. And bribing. And not being fair.

Dean: I can't bring back presents?

Sam: You can, but that just makes them like you more than me again.

Dean: I'm not seeing the problem here.

Sam: Remind me why I let you come in here with me? Because I'm starting to forget.

Dean: You didn't want to do this alone and Andy's out of town.

Sam: I guess that does outweigh you being a jerk. Here, school's out for another week, so you get to start, squirrel-lover.

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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, to both regular residents and visitors who are still here.

Skye: This is completely awesome! Can I have some of what the squirrels are drinking?

Dean: It's rum, and no, you can't. It'll stunt your growth.

Mary: I think that's coffee that's supposed to do that.

Maria: No, coffee makes everything go wheeee!

Sam: I'm blaming the fact that you know that on Peter, I think.

Dean: You're lucky you've got Sammy's crazy sasquatch genes if you're drinking coffee already.

Maria: It's only a little! I'm still gonna be super tall, I promise.

Cas: If I say I don't want to be super tall, can I try some coffee? Or rum?

Dean: No.

Sam: Tonight would definitely not be the night to experiment with how much of an angel you really are. Especially when we have lots of fun notes to read, right?

Cas: I can't read yet.

Sam: Then you can just follow along and help make fun of people as we talk about them. That's kind of the Winchester way.

Mary: Works for me.

Six Winchesters in one radio station. What could possibly go wrong? )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. We're a little old school here tonight - Andy went to spend the weekend with his brother, and apparently hasn't gotten back yet. Try not to hate him from afar for missing all the fun this weekend.

Dean: And for those who missed it, by fun, Sammy means the kind that is not.

Sam: The kind that was probably fun for the people who weren't affected, at least. It's amazing the store doesn't sell out of popcorn when these things happen.

Dean: I dunno. It's all still kinda messed up even if you're not.

Sam: Okay, yeah, sometimes watching your friends be crazy isn't entirely entertaining.

Dean: Crazy is much more fun when it's on TV.

Sam: Definitely. Not surprisingly, it looks like we've got plenty of news to get through, so I'll grab these and we can get started.

Ah, the lengthy aftermath of a period of insanity... )
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Sam: You know, I appreciate the gesture, but don't you have a job to get back to?

Dean: Dude, if I leave now, I'd get like an hour or so away and have to stop for the night anyway. I'll leave after I get some sleep.

Sam: So go get some sleep then. You don't have to follow me all night, I promise.

Dean: And miss meeting your new radio partner? Yeah, right.

Sam: ...Fine. Just don't mention the fight, or anything else, okay?

Andy: Hey Sam! You made it! I wasn't sure you were going- why do you have a black eye?

Dean: Don't ask me. I'm not allowed to mention it. I'm Dean, by the way.

Andy: Sam's brother Dean? Wow, cool. Awesome to meet you. I'm Andy.

Sam: Andy, hey, I wasn't sure if you'd be here already. We just got back into town and...judging from the light, we're already on, aren't we?

Andy: Yeah. I'm not even sure there is an off switch to this thing.

Sam: Do you mind if Dean sticks around while we do this? He's doing the stalkery big brother thing for one more night.

Dean: You'd think he was about to take out a restraining order on me or something.

Andy: No, man. That's cool. I mean, this used to be your job, didn't it?

Dean: It did. Little piece of advice. Never bet you can out drink a squirrel.

Sam: Yeah, that's not really an issue we have a lot anymore. I think I'll take these before the squirrels decide to change that.

Cut cut cut cut cut... )
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Sam: Good evening Fandom. I always knew we'd get to this broadcast eventually.

Dean: Our last broadcast. Well, my last at least. Sammy here can keep doing them if the squirrels really want him to.

Sam: I think the squirrels and I have come to a peaceful understanding. It might be good to quit while we're even.

Dean: Aw, where's the fun in that?

Sam: It would be weird doing this without you.

Dean Awww, I'll miss you too.

Sam: Oh shut up, you're gonna make me sound all mushy.

Dean: Hey, I cut a trip at Disneyland short to be here to do this. It's my last broadcast. You're allowed to be mushy.

Sam: Yeah, okay, I guess a little bit won't hurt. Here, give me the top of the notes and I'll get started before I get too far gone.

*sniffles* )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, and welcome to finals week.

Dean: Which Sammy here thinks of as kinda like Christmas. Dork.

Sam: Well, workshops finals are more like the Fourth of July. Fun, but not as exciting as the other times of the year.

Dean: I rest my case. Dork.

Sam: I take "dork" as a compliment from you, you know.

Dean: That just makes you a bigger dork.

Sam: Yeah, well, I'm going to roll around in my dorkitude then and start on the notes.

Dorkitude is totally a word. Bite me, spell-checker. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. You've all survived another Monday, congratulations.

Dean: And there was no overt weirdness to have to deal with, so it's all good.

Sam: It helps with this whole process when we're both human, I think.

Dean: And the proper gender. And age. And identity.

Sam: And in our right minds. You know, as much as ever.

Dean: All good things. We better get on with the notes before talking about it too much jinxes us.

Sam: ...yeah, that's probably a good idea.

It's Monday again? Already? )
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Sam: Uh, hey, good evening, Fandom.

Dean: Yeah, what he said.

Sam: Do you think it's safe to say everyone's going to be awake for this tonight?

Dean: I expect the Perk is doing a brisk business in coffee right now, yeah.

Sam: Probably about as much business as Caritas is doing in alcohol?

Dean: The smart combine both and have Irish coffee.

Sam: Now there's a good idea. All right, squirrels, hand those notes over and let's see how everyone else has been doing today.

BDE Recovery Radio! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. Tonight is a very special night.

Dean: It is. For several reasons. One my brother is no longer sporting four legs and a tail...

Sam: ...which means I can do more than bark tonight, thank goodness.

Dean: Not to mention he's stopped chasing the squirrels.

Sam: All I'm saying is they should know better than to taunt a puppy.

Grace: Puppeeee!

Dean: And that would be the other reason that it's a very special night. It's someone's second birthday today.

Sam: Someone who, if she's very good, might get to play with a big puppy before we take her home.

Dean: Say hi to everyone, Gracie.

Grace: Hi-hi!

Sam: Awww, good girl. Now, let's see if there's anything equally cute in the notes tonight.

Three Winchesters for the price of two! )
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Good evening Fandom! It's Monday night so that means the Winchester brothers are bringing you all the news that's fit for squirrels. Or at least I, Dean Winchester, am. My brother Sammy is here, but he's more of a puppy than usual, so pretty much you're stuck with just me.

Stay away from the squirrels, Sammy. )

And since the squirrels have stopped handing me notes and my brother is curled up in a sleeping ball of puppy cuteness, I'll say good night and just remember to check all cans of petfood to make sure it's not a student before using. Thank you.
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I'm glad everyone seems to have made it through the weekend.

Dean: It was a pretty awesome weekend.

Sam: It was a pretty weird and awkward weekend, Dean.

Dean: Not for me.

Sam: You realize it's going to be a while before I can go in the car again, right?

Dean: You're going to hurt her feelings, Sammy.

Sam: Oh God, don't make me think about the car having any feelings.

Dean: I can tell you all about how she feels after this weekend.

Sam: No, no you cannot, because I'm going to take my notes now before I'm permanently scarred.

Read more... )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, and hello to all the people who are tuning in to us for the first time.

Dean: We're the Winchesters; he's Sammy, the tall floppy-haired geek, and I'm Dean, his awesome and cool older brother. Welcome to Fandom, aka Weirdville.

Sam: And it's Sam, for the record. Someday, Dean will learn that without me having to remind him.

Dean: You'll always be Sammy to me.

Sam: And only you. No one else gets to call me that, except Dad. It just sounds weird.

Dean: You have weird ideas about what sounds weird.

Sam: My ideas are perfectly valid. Either that or you're weird and it's rubbing off.

Dean: For those who are new that are listening, this isn't the kind of weird I'm talking about when I say Weirdville.

Sam: Yeah, you're right, there's lots of other kinds - like squirrels who bring you stacks and stacks of notes about the day.

Dean: And that stack's not getting any smaller so you best start with the reading.

Parties and campfires and s'mores, oh my! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, from Dean and I and our special guest.

Dean: Say hello Gracie.

Grace: Hi hi!

Sam: Just don't touch any of the squirrels, and we'll be fine.

Grace: Bunneee?

Sam: No, they're not bunnies. And the bunny's not here any more, he's back to normal.

Grace: *disappointed* No bunneee?

Sam: Uh, maybe we can find a bunny when we go home? A nice one? Please don't cry here...

Dean: This is so payback for a certain little brother's puppy eyes...

Sam: I refuse to believe I was ever this bad. Her look is lethal!

Dean: Pay. Back.

Sam: Yeah, well, that just means you get to hold her and be the target of her looks while I start on the notes.

Two teenagers and a toddler radio! )
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*squirrel chittering*

Dean: What do you mean we're on the air? We can't be -- Sammy's not here yet.

*more chittering*

Dean: No, the show doesn't have to go on when I'm the only one here.

*insistent chittering*

Dean: Who the hell am I going to mock if Sammy's not here? Oh hell no. One of these buttons has to turn this thing off...

*sound of buttons being pushed, accompanied by panicked chittering*

Dean: Oh come on. This is a radio station. Why would it have a self-destruct button?

Sam: Hey, I'm sorry I'm late! I had to--I needed bunny supplies and--why are you trying to destroy the station?

Dean: Where the hell have you been? And why are you carrying a rabbit?

Sam: Um, because he's Peter and I didn't want to leave him alone in our room?

Dean: You're kidding. That's Peter? Seriously?

Sam: Does the bunny hair not give it away?

Dean: Dude, this isn't what they mean by going at it like bunnies.

Sam: I could have left you here alone all night, you know.

Dean: No you couldn't because then I would have to hunt you down and hurt you.

Sam: You wouldn't hurt me in front of a poor, defenseless rabbit, would you? ...Never mind, don't answer that and just give me my half of the stack.

Dean: Fine. Knock yourself out.

Sam: Fine. I think I will.

Chock full of brotherly love tonight, we swear. )
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Dean: Good evening Fandomites!

Sam: I hope everyone out there is in as good of a mood as Dean is tonight.

Dean: What he said.

Sam: Do I want to know what's causing the good mood, or is this something I shouldn't ask about for the sake of my sanity?

Dean: Uh, ask me after tomorrow.

Sam: ...that's my cue to take some of the notes and not ask at all, isn't it?

Dean: It'll give us something to talk about over lunch when you're hanging in the library.

Sam: I guess I can wait that long, if it means your mood will hold out too.

News with the Winchesters, la la la. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I hope everyone's recovering well from the weekend.

Dean: Yeah, what he said.

Sam: I'd ask if you enjoyed yourself, but I already know enough details and I'm afraid you'll give me more later.

Dean: Yeah, like you didn't enjoy yourself.

Sam: Except I'm not going to tell you anything about how much and in what ways I enjoyed myself.

Dean: Did I ask? Cause I don't remember hearing myself asking.

Sam: I'm just letting you know in advance, in case you feel like asking later.

Dean: I'm starting to think you want me to ask.

Sam: No, I'm good with you just handing me the start of the notes, I promise.

99.5% innuendo-free! )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I think I speak for both Dean and myself when I say we're very glad you guys decided you wanted to keep listening to us.

Dean: Because we're awesome.

Sam: Okay, the ego boost might be a small down side.

Dean: I said we, y'know. That means you too.

Sam: Yeah, but I don't tend to advertise it like you do.

Dean: I'm just stating facts.

Sam: We're kind of awesome, I'll admit that. Even if the squirrels still don't like me.

Dean: Aw, just bring by some rum and they'll warm up to you.

Sam: Maybe I'll try that next week. Tonight, I'm just going to politely ask for my half of the notes so I can get back to my room before it's tomorrow.

Twice the Winchesters, twice the fun, right? )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, especially to those of you who weren't around the last time we were on the air.

Dean: He's Sammy, I'm Dean. Winchester. We're kinda awesome.

Sam: Must you make everyone think it's okay to call me Sammy?

Dean: Fine. Don't call him Sammy. Unless you're related.

Sam: Unless you're Dean, just Sam is fine, I swear.

Dean: You're telling Dad he can't call you Sammy?

Sam: He doesn't seem as adamant about it as you are. No one does. I guess it's all right though.

Dean: Damn straight it's all right.

Sam: Do you know what the biggest problem is with being on the radio? No one else can see how much I'm rolling my eyes at you at the moment. Why don't you give me the notes before you start bringing up more embarrassing names?

Dean: Sure thing, Sammy.

Does brotherly banter ever get old? We say no. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. Or, at least, good evening to those of you who are still here.

Dean: Yeah, this is always a sucky kind of time.

Sam: I think it gets worse every year, considering how many graduates we know.

Dean: Well, I think a lot of us grads are still going to hang around for a while.

Sam: You say that like you have a choice.

Dean: Just because I'm doing what I want doesn't mean I didn't have a choice.

Sam: I meant I'm not going to give you a choice. I'm going to make sure you stay until the very end.

Dean: Yeah, you're not getting scarily obsessive here or anything.

Sam: If our situation was reversed, you expect me to believe you'd just let me go?

Dean: I wouldn't get all stalkery over it. Besides, advantage of being the older brother. I get to leave first.

Sam: I'm not getting stalkery. I like to think I'm getting brotherly, to be honest. And you might get to leave first, but...I'm taking the notes first. So there.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye... )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, and happy break week.

Dean: Hope you guys had as awesome a day as we did.

Sam: Even if our awesome day did come with the concern that our dad's been replaced by a pod person.

Dean: Your concern. I was too busy enjoying the ballgame.

Sam: Hey, I had fun too. I'm just saying, that was a completely normal way to spend the day.

Dean: You mean it was a completely awesome way to spend the day.

Sam: Okay, it was pretty awesome. I should have a birthday every week.

Dean: Dude, it was half my grad present too, y'know.

Sam: Yeah, but you're not allowed to graduate every week.

Dean: You're not allowed to have a birthday every week either.

Sam: Well, I guess we're in for a summer of interesting Dad-surprises then. Here, give me the notes, and I'll get us started.

Even when there's not much going on, they can still get long-winded. )
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Dean: Evening, Fandom.

Sam: If I say "Happy Finals Week," am I going to get glared at?

Dean: No, but I'm sure eyes are rolling all over the island in response.

Sam: Classes are almost over, people should be happy.

Dean: I'm sure people are. But not about big bad tests.

Sam: The tests here aren't so big and bad. Some of them aren't even tests!

Dean: Some are though.

Sam: Don't tell me you're worried about any of your finals. You shouldn't be.

Dean: Nah, I've a fairly easy semester for my last. But I'm sure others out there are.

Sam: Well, if anyone out there is nervous about their finals, just remember that it'll all be over soon.

Dean: And then you can be nervous about graduation.

Sam: You are so not helping.

Scary finals discussion within! )
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Sam: Good evening, everyone. At least, as good as this evening can be.

Dean: Yeah, what he said.

Sam: I think the hatred for this evening is pretty universal across town, and let me tell you, it doesn't get easier when you go through it for a second or third year.

Dean: It sucks out loud.

Sam: I say we get through the notes and go have a drink. Or, if Dad and Zoe are listening, go find a healthy way to deal with our annoyance.

Dean: In this situation having a drink is a healthy way of dealing.

Sam: I'm so glad you said that, and not me.

Yes, even Sam and Dean miss their kids. )
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Sam: Good evening Fandom, especially to any gremlins who might be listening. We are not at all weirded out by the idea that you listen to the radio, really.

Dean: We've got squirrels as reporters. Gremlins as listeners seems just as normal.

Sam: I honestly don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that that logic makes sense to me. Here, give me the top of the notes. I don't want to keep our new friends from their entertainment.

You know how when you type the same word over and over again, it starts to lose its meaning? That's what 'zombie' feels like right now. Zooooombie. )
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Sam: Good evening, everybody.

Dean: Yeah, what pissy here said.

Sam: You of all people can't expect me to be in a good mood, Dean.

Dean: That would be you being overly involved in my sex life.

Sam: You're calling me overly involved? After all the unnecessary interest you've taken in my sex life?

Dean: Is this really the right place to have this conversation, dude?

Sam: ...no, probably not. But that doesn't mean you're getting out of it.

Dean: Whatever man. Just get on with the notes.

Pardon the bickering Winchesters, please. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. Happy Monday, or Happy Almost-Tuesday.

Dean: Almost-Tuesday?

Sam: Dude, I don't know, I'm trying not to put people to sleep before we've even started.

Dean: You're planning on being boring?

Sam: Of course not. I think we have too many notes to be boring.

Dean: Well then. You should get started, don't you think?

Sam: One of these days, I'm going to make you go first, and we'll see if it makes the world go off-kilter.

Now with 100% more bathroom news. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I hope everyone's enjoying being back to the right size and age.

Dean: And didn't embarrass themselves too badly.

Sam: I don't remember seeing a lot of embarrassing things going on, so I think that's a good sign.

Dean: You were too busy competing with Peter to see who had the biggest puppy eyes.

Sam: Hey, when you have a skill like that, you've got to use it every chance you can get. It's practice.

Dean: Uh-huh. I think if I had to judge, Peter out-puppied you.

Sam: Honestly? I think he did too. Clearly, I need more practice.

Much more chatter thisaway! )
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Dean: Good evening, Fandom.

Sam: I hope, for those of you who were fighting yesterday, that it's a painless evening as well.

Dean: No pain, no gain though.

Sam: Wow, way to channel Dad there for a second.

Dean: Dad knows what he's talking about. And when was the last time you sparred?

Sam: Whenever the last time we did it was, I guess.

Dean: Dude.

Sam: What? It's not that big of a deal for us these days.

Dean: Until you get your ass kicked because you're out of practice.

Sam: You haven't been practicing either, have you?

Dean: More than you.

Sam: I could probably still kick your ass.

Dean: In your dreams.

Sam: That sounded like an invitation.

Dean: Any time, anywhere.

Sam: You know, I'm going to remember you said that after we're done here.

Don't worry, they're not going to fight now. Probably. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I think it's safe to say I'm not the only one wishing I was back on a cruise ship right now.

Dean: Yeah it was a pretty awesome spring break.

Sam: It was a warm spring break.

Dean: Being in the Caribbean does that.

Sam: If I say it's kind of nice to get back into the swing of classes though, are you going to glare at me?

Dean: More like roll my eyes.

Sam: Good, I think I can deal with an eye roll.

Dean: Geek.

Sam: Awww, thanks Dean.

They mock because they love. )
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Sam: Good evening everybody. I'm going to assume this is getting back to town somehow, so hello to you guys too.

Dean: So where have you stowaway squirrels been hanging out?


Sam: Make sure you stay away from the bar, or you'll freak out the other people on the ship more than I'm sure we already have been.


Dean: Don't worry. I'm sure we can sneak you some rum.

Sam: Yes, I'm sure Dean can sneak you some rum too.

Dean: See, this is why I'm the favourite.

Sam: I'm not even getting booze for myself. I'm not getting it for the squirrels either.

Dean: Yeah, considering what happened the last time you went drinking, maybe you better work on your tolerance first.

Sam: At least I can't end up in jail on the ship. I think.

Dean: Just the brig. Does a cruise ship have a brig?

Sam: Maybe you can be the one to find out, instead of me.

Dean: Hey, I'm not the jailbird in the family.

Sam: I'm never telling you anything ever again. Seriously.

Dean: Sure you will.

Sam: Yeah, we'll see about that. I'm going to start on the notes before you make me sound like a total delinquent.

Snippity snip snip... )
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Dean: So Saturday was Valentine's Day, yesterday was Cheap Chocolate Day... that makes today... yeah, I got nothing. It makes today Monday. Happy Monday, Fandom.

Sam: Maybe it's Recover From Eating All Your Cheap Chocolate Day. Not that I know anyone who'd do something like that in one sitting.

Dean: I certainly didn't. I bought enough to last me until... well, at least Wednesday.

Sam: If you get a chocolate hangover, I'm going to laugh.

Dean: Dude, no such thing.

Sam: Yeah, we'll see about that.

No, they're not cranky...yet. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, and welcome back to those of you who were...away this weekend.

Dean: That's one way to put it.

Sam: A nice way of putting it, I figured.

Dean: Better than a lot of ways I can think of.

Sam: I'm trying to be positive since it's all over. You can think of it like that, can't you?

Dean: Or I can try not to think about it at all.

Sam: Or you can do that, yeah. Do you want me to get us started so you have a distraction?

Dean: Go for it.

Snippity snip snip. )
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Dean: Good evening, Fandom.

Sam: Except to those of you who don't deserve to have a good evening.

Dean: Who pissed in your Cheerios?

Sam: I don't want to talk about it. I mean, I'll probably have to with the notes, and I'd like to only have to think about it once.

Dean: O-kay... That time of the month, Sammy?

Sam: You are so not helping right now.

Dean: Can't help if you don't tell me what the problem is, dude.

Sam: Look, I'm sorry. It's not that big of a deal. Not enough that you have to go and mess with anyone, I mean.

Dean: There's someone I need to be messing with?

Sam: ...oh look, the squirrels have our notes. I'll go ahead and take the top.

Yes, because simple distractions work so well on Dean... )
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Sam: Good evening Fandom, and welcome to the start of another week.

Dean: Hey, at least Monday is practically over, right?

Sam: We're almost one day closer to the weekend, yeah.

Dean: Exactly.

Sam: But that also means there's still almost a whole week of classes to get through.

Dean: You're going to bring people down, dude.

Sam: You know, I'm not the only person here who likes school.

Dean: Yeah, but most people like the weekend better.

Sam: Especially when they have a birthday during one?

Dean: Hey, it doesn't hurt.

Sam: Here, I'll be nice and start. Consider it a late gift.

It's Monday again? Didn't we just do this like a week ago? )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I hope no one's still in hiding after the madness of yesterday.

Dean: I think everyone should just assume every message was a wrong number and treat them as such.

Sam: Especially if they were really, really dirty. At least, that's what I'm doing.

Dean: Denial. It's a wonderful coping tactic.

Sam: You get used to it after a while around here.

Dean: Seriously.

Sometimes, phones are not your friends. Sorry, folks. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. I hope those of you who are addicted to your coffee are doing well.

Dean: Yeah, hi. For those new to the island, this is the brothers Winchester, bringing you all the news that's fit for squirrel notes.

Sam: The squirrels seem glad to see you, at least. I swear, I'm only doing this as long as I don't get bitten.

Dean: You hear that Peter? Biting isn't one of Sammy's kinks.

Sam: That's not--something I'm going to talk about right now.

Dean: I'm just trying to be helpful.

Sam: Be helpful when we're not on the air in front of a bunch of new people, please?

Dean: Hey, I wasn't the one who brought up biting.

Sam: I didn't mean that kind! I--look, the squirrels have notes, maybe we should read them.

Dean: Might be an idea before you dig yourself any deeper.

It's almost scary how much they enjoy this. )
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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. At least, those of you who aren't on the school trip.

Dean: And if you are on the school trip and listening to this, what did you do to get that good of reception?

Sam: Considering the engineering prowess of some of the students here, I wouldn't be surprised if they rigged something up.

Dean: Point.

Sam: If any of you are listening, I hope you're enjoying yourselves. Judging from the notes we have, you're either not missing much, or the squirrels decided to be lazy today.

Dean: I don't think it was the squirrels being lazy. So much as the rest of the island.

Sam: Well, it's not like there's much to do without classes.

Dean: Dude, we have got to get you some better hobbies.

Sam: I have plenty of hobbies. I haven't been that bored, really.

Dean: If you really had enough hobbies you wouldn't be talking about classes all wistful like.

Sam: You can't say the classes here aren't fun.

Dean: When they're not completely insane.

Sam: Those can be fun in their own way too.

Dean: You think anything labeled school is fun.

Sam: And I'm not wrong. But since we don't have any school to talk about, why don't you hand over the notes, and I'll see what there is that's newsworthy.

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Sam: Good evening, Fandom, and happy holidays.

Dean: Hey, what's better than pennies from heaven? Showers of chocolate coins!

Sam: I had a feeling you'd be outside grabbing all the coins you could get your hands on.

Dean: I'm not the kind to look gift chocolate in the mouth. Or something.

Sam: You took the wrappers off first, didn't you? I don't want to have to take you to the clinic later.

Dean Dude, please. I'm not brain damaged you know.

Sam: I don't know, the tattoo ink might have affected your brain.

Dean: Do not mock the sacred tattoo.

Sam: I'm not mocking. I'm just commenting, that's all.

Dean: No commenting then.

Sam: That's my cue to start, isn't it?

Insert your own earworming Christmas song lyric here. )
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Dean: Good evening Fandom, from me and the aspiring hermit here.

Sam: You know, no one seems to mind that except for you.

Dean: I'm sure I can find at least a few others. Someone whose name begins with "P" for example.

Sam: You're both too biased for me to count your opinions.

Dean: We're not biased. We're right.

Sam: Do we really have to argue about this now? I mean, aside from the fact that you're not right at all?

Dean: We can argue about it later. And I am so right. Righter than right.

Sam: You're right about one thing only - we'll be arguing about this later.

They can stop arguing long enough for the broadcast. Probably. )

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