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Dean: I tell you, she will be totally impressed.

Karal: Why do I have trouble believing that? And when you said you needed me, I didn't think you meant to help with radio!

Dean: I do need you for this though -- I mean Sammy's in no shape to do his part tonight...

Karal: True. *slight pause* Do you truly think she'll be impressed?

Dean: Absolutely. If you want to really make sure, you can talk about how great she is and she'll know everyone will hear it.

Karal: I'm not sure she'd actually appreciate that...Could I say hello to her, though?

Dean: Go for it.

Karal: Hello, Evey!

Dean: There. Y'see? I bet she's blushing already.

Karal: Glory, if she isn't, then I certainly am. Umm, we could start the radio now? So I don't become even redder?

Dean: See, it's radio so if you don't mention you're blushing, everyone will think you're suave and confident. But yeah, we can start.

A hunter and a priest walk into a radio station... )

Karal: I think I have a headache, now. That was a great many people having a great many dates, and it didn't sound at all fun.

Dean: I try to have my dates one at a time. *pause* Unless we're talking threesomes, but that's something completely different.

Karal: ...I imagine everyone can hear me blushing. Can we not talk about threesomes? Please?

Dean: Err, yeah. Probably something else I shouldn't say in front of a priest huh?

Karal: Glory, not unless you want him die from embarrassment! And I'd rather not die, I was hoping to go and visit someone once we're finished here. Which would be hard to do if I were dead.

Dean: I hope that there's going to be making out this time.

Karal: There will be hot chocolate and possibly cookies, and that is all I'm prepared to tell you AND the rest of the island.

Dean: As long as that's not all you're prepared to do. Show Evey how flexible riding really makes you.

Karal: ...may I go now? Please?

Dean: Go. Say hi to Evey for me.
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Turtle: *heavy sigh* So. Good evening, Fandom. Turtle Wexler here, all by her lonesome for the news tonight because my boyfriend and partner in broadcast gossip has gone missing. I haven't quite figured out if it's because he's trying to avoid me or because he got stuck in that awful closet again, but, there you have it. I've called him I don't even know how many times, and I thought maybe he'd just meet me here, but no such luck. But you all don't need to hear me dwell on my problems, though, so I'll just get right into the news, a---


Turtle: ....Uhhhh, okay. Right. Well, thankfully, it seems the mob settled in just in time for us to finish our notes. Um...this is Turtle Wexler, reporting for WTFH Radio, and very, very confused at the current moment. I'm....going to go back to my room and hopefully get some sleep despite all of this and vow right here and now that, Karal, if you don't help Jeff get out of that alive, you'll never work in this town again!

Good night, and have a prosperous day.

[[ super-awesome and incredible thanks to my co-writers for the radio spanning timezones of epic proportions ]]

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