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Willow: Hello Fandom! This is Willow Rosenberg who, as far as you know, is just in from prom and will be getting back to said prom immediately because she has found said prom to be very snuggly - um, I mean dancey and fun. So tonight's news shall be quick and pithy! Except for how there's a ton of it, but you get what I mean.

Xander: What she said. About the quick. I'll get back to you on the pithy once I've looked it up and verified that it means what I think it means.

Willow: I'll email you the meaning later. In the meanwhile News! LOTS AND LOTS OF IT! )
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Hello Fandom! This is Willow Rosenberg, reporting to you on behalf of WTFH where this week the W stands for 'Willow was in no way late for the Prom due to being distracted by how hot her boyfriend looked in a - ' Hey! Who let you in here?

VERONICA: The squirrels dragged me away from the prom and brought me here. Who let you touch the radio?

WILLOW: Who let you back on the island? Though I do not blame the squirrels for trying to control how many people you infected with your ickyness.

VERONICA: Clearly the squirrels were concerned about your inability to effectively communicate the news. They wanted someone who could actually communicate effectively with people.

WILLOW: Still not seeing how this means you get to touch one of these microphones.

On to the news! )

[ooc: Major, major thanks to all the link gatherers and to [ profile] marsheadtilt for the coding teamwork. Y'all rock in STEREO.]
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JOHN: Hello all you prom going girls and guys out there! This is John with an 'h' coming at you live. I've been to prom, I've lived prom and I've kicked prom's ass!

RITA: Oh, ick, you're here.

JOHN: What the heck are you doing here? Prom date stand you up?

RITA: No, I got bored. Are you doing radio? Who are you impersonating this week?

JOHN: No, I'm not doing radio. I'm attempting to liberate a small country in Europe through only the power of my voice. Of course, I'm doing radio.

RITA: You're doing it wrong. Let me see those notes.

JOHN: Hands off the goods, lady.

RITA: Oy, I wasn't after your "goods." It's your own fault for shifting that way.

JOHN: Anyone out there that's listening and who does radio? Is there a some kind of spray I can use to get rid of her?

RITA: Oh, hush. Now...*shuffling papers* let's see. There was some sort of...thingy tonight, wasn't there?

JOHN: Please tell me you're not planning on staying...

RITA: You obviously need supervision.

JOHN: You've obviously been hit on the head. I don't need supervision.

RITA: Yes, you do. Otherwise you might electrocute yourself or something.

JOHN: Don't you have to take your Metamucil or something? Keep you regular?

RITA: I don't know what that means. Now hush and tell the nice audience what happened in detention today.


JOHN: In case anyone was wondering, Professor Skeeter just proposed to me.

RITA: I proposed that you go away, yes.

JOHN: She gave me a ring and everything. But she demands I take her last name. John Skeeter? Sounds terrible. Rita Crichton? What say you all?

RITA: *sounds of headdesking*

JOHN: You're all invited to the glorious wedding! We'll be serving vienna sausages with cheese whiz, Rita's favorite!

RITA: And John will be a lovely bride.

JOHN: And Rita has a womanly moustache. Say goodnight, dear!

RITA: Enjoy hell.

[Co written with [ profile] imanaturalblond who I LOVE MORE THAN PIE AND CHOCOLATE AND PIZZA.]

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