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"...really think the microphone is on. If it was, the little light would be - oh there it is. Hello! I'm the Doctor, which you probably knew. Saturday night, and all. At least I think it's Saturday. The squirrels could be lying, but at least they're squirrels again. Squirrels who report on the intricate details of everyone's lives is one thing, but grown men and women who report on the intricate details of everyone's lives is incredibly creepy. Well, outside Los Angeles and London.

Let's see what we have here. )
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"Hello Fandom, I'm the Doctor and you're listening to a radio broadcast. That may seem fairly matter-of-fact to most of you, but if the men at the door and these notes are any indication, the island's animals have turned human. I've turned human before. Not all it's cracked up to be. Let's hope, for the animals' sake, it doesn't last.

Humans, humans everywhere )
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"Hello Fandom! The Doctor here. Yes, another Saturday night. Well, not like last Saturday night. Was a bit busy. There was a thing. Well, four things. Well, four things and a lizard. It's strange how often that happens. But I'm back and I'm here and I'm reading notes given to me by squirrels with notepads, pens and fedoras.

Aww no more turkey )
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"Sorry! Hello. Hello and sorry. Running a bit behind today. Lost track of time which, if you know me, is pretty funny actually. Not funny ha ha so much as funny weird. Let's not waste any more time, shall we? Wouldn't want you all to miss out on the ins and outs of everyone's personal lives.

Late radio is late )
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The Doctor: "Hello again! Here I am, right on time. You'd think the whole 'being on time' thing would happen more often, but it doesn't. The squirrels that are here tell me that there are squirrels at a wedding somewhere else, and it's newsworthy, so you'll get local news from me and wedding news from someone who probably doesn't have dress sense as good as mine. Off we go!

Now with 100% more wedding coverage! )
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"I'll have you know I'm missing a perfectly good wedding reception for this. No, I didn't go earlier, but I like to make an entrance and I could hear the music from the TARDIS anyway. It's no Puccini, but it makes for good dancing. Really, no one wants to see me dancing in public. Hello, Fandom! In case you've come down with temporary amnesia brought on due to shock or too much alcohol, I'll fill you in. This is not your conscience, nor is it the voices in your head if you happen to have any. I'm the Doctor and you're listening to WTFH pirate radio. Sadly without a pirate. I suppose I could wear an eyepatch and get an accent to fit in, but not tonight.

I'm going in search of canapes after this. Love little bite-sized food. Well, I wouldn't call it food."


"Well, you could, but this is coming from someone who has the same staple diet as a desperate Survivor contestant."

And even then, they don't get any rum )
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The Doctor: "Oh, is it Saturday again? Must be, because I'm the Doctor, this is WTFH radio and squirrels are the bane of the universe. Yeah, you heard me. Oh, don't protest, you know it's true. I could be on Raxacoricofallapatorious and you'd find me with those notes on a Saturday night. Alright, come on. I have a soft spot for squirrels. Allons-y!

Parents Weekend 2008 )
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"Oh, look at this. Another Saturday night, spending it in the company of squirrels, smelling of rum and reading gossip for all to hear. It's almost like a routine! Haven't had one of those in a while, unless you count saving the world on a regular basis. Can't have that. The routine, not the world saving.

Let's get it over with. )
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"A microphone! Brilliant! I can use this to broadcast to my love that I'm coming for her. DON'T WORRY ROSE. THE DOCTOR'S COMING. Then we can get married and you'll be Mrs Rose The Doctor and everything will be fine!

The squirrels have told me that I have to narrate today's events as part of the unlocking mechanism so I can use the radio equipment to pinpoint Rose's location."

*chitter* *THUD*

"Those are the notes? That's note a few pages of notes. It's a novella verging on the edge of being a novel! But for Rose, I must. I must go on. I know I can do this. I'm the Doctor."

Previously, on Fandom High )

Stay tuned tomorrow for more drama, passion and intrigue from Fandom High, Fandom High Dorms, Fandom Town and Fandom Town Emergency Clinic and, from the creators of all of the above, keep an ear out for all new trials and tribulations from the all-new Fandom Junk Yard, coming to a radio near you.

This is the Doctor, saying goodnight Fandom, and Rose, if you can hear me, THE DOCTOR IS COMING FOR YOU."

[OOC: I'm now dead from code, but don't worry, my evil twin will be back next week.]
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"Ah, peace and quiet. The problem with working on highly advanced technology beyond the understanding of most species is that every once in a while, it'll get revenge by playing 'I'm Henry the Eighth I Am' on repeat for a day or so until you apologise. Anyway, radio, let's see wht you've been up to, because it has to be more interesting than the second verse, same as the first.

The squirrels are worse than fangirls )
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"Look at me, having a routine and everything. Anyone would think I'm settling down. Bah, not me. I'm not the settling down type. But since I'm here, might as well see what you lot have been up to.

Just another lazy Saturday )
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"Hello? Can anyone here me? If anyone's out there, this is the Doctor. I'm in the Dark Forest on Nemesis Island. I'd give you my exact location and how I'm transmitting so only Fandom can hear it, but, well, it's complicated."


"No, I'm not lost. I'm looking for something. It's very complicated, busy, Time Lord stuff. How did you get here anyway?"


"'It's complicated?' You catch on fast, don't you? I really don't have time to read your notes tonight. There are things happening. Well, four things. Well, four things and a lizard. That seems to happen a lot."


"Alright, fine. I read the notes, you tell me where to find the lizard. Let's get on with it."

Busy, busy town tonight )
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"What's this then?"


"Yes, I can see it's a radio booth, but what are we doing here? You said you needed me for something vitally important. At least I think that's what you said. You weren't saying something about acorns and the mambo, were you?"


"Ohhh. I don't know, I'm not much for broadcasting. Well, there was that one time, okay a few, but they were for very good reasons, like freeing the people of New Earth and that one time because I was very, very bored."


"Well when you put it that way. Is that light meant to be on? Oh right. Hello, Fandom! This is the Doctor. Who are we broadcasting for? Right. WTFH radio and does anyone smell rum? I swear this place smells like rum. Hang on a second. Yep, even the desk here tastes like rum. I just tried it. Old school rum, not any of the new flashy stuff. There are notes? I can't just talk about my day or play some music? Could get some Britney Spears out.

Okay, you're the boss. )

That's it! I'm the Doctor, you've been listening to WTFH radio, I'm off to get some ice cream - no, not rum and raisin - and will leave the rum-swilling to the squirrels. Here, have some music."

Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know that something wasn't right here?
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Deadpool: "Welcome to the radio tonight folks, we have a special guest tonight. Everyone, welcome Doctor... What is your name?"

The Doctor: "The Doctor. Definite article, capital letters, the lot."

Deadpool: "Neato! Now we have to make this quick, I got Kid to go down for a nap and she could wake up at any time and run off to get in another fight. She makes me so proud sometimes."

She really does! )

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