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Xander: Hey there, Fandom. Taking a break from boogieing the night away to bring you the news, this is Xander and W-- uh. Willow?

*the sound of silence*

Xander: Will? Huh, no Willow. Oh, wait, lemme check something.

*more silence, then a couple of aggrieved squeaks*

Xander: Nope, turns out that Willow-sized pile of squirrels in the corner was just... a Willow-sized pile of squirrels. Am I asking? I'm not asking. Clearly they drank the punch. Guess they weren't the only ones, 'cause it looks like it's just you and me tonight, Fandom.

*sound of a slamming door*

Willow: Hi! Hi! I'm here! Don't panic! I'm here with hereness and no longer there with thereness and by 'there' I of course mean 'the dance' which is where I have been this whole time. Well tonight. During dancetime. Prior to that I found other ways to occupy myself but my point is that I was at the dance, until now, when I am doing radio. Hi!

Xander: ...Hi. You were at the dance? Like just now? I didn't see you when I was leaving.

Willow: Um! Ha ha! Really? Because I saw you. From where I was. At the dance. But behind you which is why you got here ahead of me. Because... I was dancing. With Peter. Who was at the dance with me.

Xander: As opposed to with somebody else.

Willow: I'm just saying that I was at the dance and Peter was at the dance and I can't vouch for anyone else because I wasn't taking attendance. So news now?

Xander: Well, Bridge was there. Unless I was dancing inappropriately close to somebody else, in which case I'm so sorry, Other Person In A Green mask. Uh, and also Bridge. 'K, yeah, news now.

Willow: Of which we have tons!  )
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Good morning, Fandom. This is Lilly Kane, bringing you all the news that's fit for the airways.

Oh, who am I kidding? None of this is fit for the airways. Whatever. Pass the rum.

La, la, la. Booklearning.

In Music today, the class discussed what instrument they would bring with them if they had to move to a new planet, or something. I'm going to refrain from making the obvious joke here.

Combined Art Studio made decorations for the dance tonight, and the class went back and forth between angsting and hitting on each other as they did so. Typical.

Forensics worked on scene reconstruction from an arson using photographs. Celtic Studies read The Wooing of Etain. If it was The Wooing of Lilly, I'd actually care. And Speech 301 watched Wendy the Werewolf Hunter.

Skeeter asked her Journalistic Integrity students to share what makes them unique. She seems a little too interested in the lives of her students, but that's probably because that Venkman guy dumped her ass. Journalism 101/201 talked about, no joke, their BFFs.

US Government learned about the presidential power of appointment. Too bad I can't get the president to use his power to make Lyman teach his class without pants.

Driver's Ed played with bumper cars and got cotton candy. Seriously.

Janet opened up the library, and Cam's hungover ass came by to visit. Marty and Angela also made out on top of a desk. Okay, maybe they didn't, but they did talk or whatever they do because they're boring. Bel also thanked Marty for something. I think honestly. With minimal glaring on both sides. Weird. After school, the Ducklings had their meeting.

In the Cafeteria, Cameron was properly confuzzled by Callynanders, who were still in the bodies of Andersandbridge. Wait, what? I guess we'll get to that later. And then Victor and Walter were also confused. Shocking... but, no. Pippi and Walter ate some sloppy... okay, that must mean joes. Blair and Molly also hooked up for a meal, which is apparently not what they did when they went for their date, which may or may not have technically counted as a date. And I care not, because I graduated from middle school a while ago.

The Office was open, and Principal Rock Guy announced that the auditions for the school play are tomorrow, and that Boone won the Detention lottery, poor asshole.

Marty sent out a reminder that the Gun Club will be meeting Sunday at the Danger Shop.

Professor Calendar had office hours all by her lonesome. The Principal got a visit from Professor Dream, who volunteered to direct the school play. I have a feeling this play is really going to blow people's minds. Literally.

Zordon had office hours, and he's apparently still playing with MUD, so no one went to see him. Professor Foxy, I mean, Pierson, had office hours, which were attended by Professor Cregg and his TAs Janet and Liz.

During Student Council did some last-minute work on the dance, and discussed things like the Spring Break trip and tutoring.

DEN OF SIN. (The Dorms)

The morning, Kawalsky helped Cam nurse his hangover. Veronica and Piper also had some coffee and chatted about Veronica's big date with Logan. And Kiki delivered a Jingle Cats record for Faithful. I shudder to think.

In body-swapping news, Cally is now in the body of Anders, and Bridge is in Cally's body, or however that works. So where is Anders, then. OMG? Oh no wait, it says right here that Anders is in Bridge. Heh, that's dirty.

In Lee's room, Sam stopped by for tea and talk about robots or twins or something, and John stopped by for sex. What? Aeryn's gone, I can say that without getting beat up now.

Oh, and Nadia went out for a run.

Later on, Pheobe and Piper had sister time. And Molly stopped by Cam's room to cry on him. Hey, he's pretty hot and available now from what I hear. Good choice.

Alphonse got a visit from Walter and Victor.

OMG WAIT! BOYKISSING! Man, Bridge is going to be pissed when he gets his body back all gay-ified! Especially because he hung out in the common room instead of spending quality time with his girl body. So what if it is a rental, baby! See, John was confused! I can be too.

Parker also got ready for the dance, as did Angela, Pippi, Callisto, and pretty much every other person with boobs. Why am I reporting on this crap?

At least Veronica knew to get out of town. I know you can't hear this V, but do him already. Trust me.

Fandom Town, where the magic literally NEVER ENDS

In the morning, Giles mainlined caffeine after a night of reading.

At the FTEC, Paige and Alanna stopped by to make sure they still had jobs with the next Clinic administration, and that bitch that shot me came in to hit on the hot new, doctor. OH HELL NO. If there's a doctor in this town who looks like Bel, without the pesky girlfriend who could turn me into a frog, he is MINE.

At Efforton Manor, the blonde kinda hot guy who used to run a bar in town came to take Drusilla away on a vacation or something. Probably to drink the blood of kittens. No, seriously.

Orlin and Agatha had a pleasant morning after. Yes, that kind of morning after. Good for them, beats not being able to find your pants and having to drive home in a thong. They also went for breakfast at J,GoB.

At Empire Records Paige stopped by to see if she could snag a job there. How many jobs does she need? Anyone who needs that much cash that fast is going to end up in rehab or wearing concrete shoes by the end of the month. Trust me.

All and Sundries was open, so Marty came in to buy a corsage, and some turnips. Fetish, much?

In other news, Deb is closing the Dive, Cafe Fina was open but slightly empty, The Sin was open, and Artie opened Caritas so he could hang out with magicians and hookers. Got to love this town.

Le Dance. Or is that Danse? Whatever.

Callisto hung posters earlier in the day and took song requests. And then the party started.

The DJ Squad did a sound check and gossiped about Callisto, who they go way back with.

Phoebe and Bel met up near the punch bowl. No angsting near the punch bowl, omg!

Nadia and Pippi also chatted near the punch and talked about dresses before being joined by Walter and Victor.

Bel & Phoebe danced, as did Marty & Angela, and Callisto & Angel. Parker, Isabel, Alanna, Nadia, & Sam hit the dance floor for “Bitch”, with Marty. O-kay.

Peter, Sam, Isabel, Mac, & Zero discussed the possibility of Phil Collins being evil. Oh yeah, you know - zombies, snow monsters, the old psych professor, Phil Collins. That's a logical jump.

Chloe & Peter discussed punch, and Alanna & Isabel talked about Alanna’s cat. These broadcasts sometimes just write themselves.

Angela chatted with Sam, Peter & Isabel while waiting for her lovemuffin to return from... the bathroom or killing people or wherever he ran off to.

Alanna was jealous that Zero and Sam were both wearing pants. Is that dirty girl-love code?

Callisto & Angel practiced their lurking skills before hitting the dance floor. And speaking of being creepy, Chaperone Rita Skeeter got a flower and romantic note delivered from her estranged husband.

I think I just puked in my mouth a little.

The Tick and Hot Canadian discussed Justice! and their uniforms. Sam & Nadia both chatted with MacGyver. Josh Lyman & Fraser discussed the interesting attire of one of the DJs. And apparently, my Joshy was really hung up on the DJ's duds, as he also discussed them with Susan.

Rory was escorted to the dance by Anakin, her friend. You know, I actually believe her. I'm sure if she actually had sex some kittens would die or something.

Walter joined Nadia on the dance floor for a fast song, and did a slow dance with Victor.

Parker hit on the DJ, and Zero, Parker & Angela hit the floor for some girl bonding.

And... I'm sure other stuff happened, but I'm kind of not, you know, caring anymore. So good night, and remember, work with what God gave you. And if you end up with something that God gave someone else, work that instead. BRIDGE.

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