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VERONICA: Good evening, Fandom! Tonight I bring you a very special edition of radio... with snakes!

BEL: Hey, Veronica. You doing radio?

VERONICA: No, I'm writing a spec script for Wormhole Xtreme using real life Fandom adventures. What are you doing?

BEL: Oh, cool, I was just watching that for the first time tonight. We just heard your voice and decided to pop in.

PHOEBE: Hi, Veronica!

VERONICA: Phoebe, have you been drinking?

PHOEBE: Oh yes! It was better than dealing with the snakes.

VERONICA: You know, I think the snakes are the most normal thing that's happened in Fandom in a long time.

NADIA: Veronica! There you are! Did you hear that Blair is sleeping with--hiiiiiiiii Bel . . . Phoebe . . . Cally!

CALLY: What, huh, what's goin' on?

PHOEBE: Who is Blair sleeping with?

NADIA: . . .

BEL: You said he had a thing for me. He doesn't!

VERONICA: You're sleeping with Blair?

NADIA: Are you jealous that Blair stole your demon?

VERONICA: He's not MY demon!
PHOEBE: He's not her demon, he's MY demon!

CALLY: Wait, who else is sleeping with Bel now?

What happens when a witch, a demon, a spy and a mechanic crash radio )

BEL: And that's it for the radio--Nadia, what are you doing?!

NADIA: It's . . . a diagram.

BEL: Of what?

NADIA: . . . Your sex life. See? I've got Phoebe in the middle along with Blair and Veronica.

VERONICA: I'm not sleeping with Bel!

BEL: And I'm not sleeping with Blair!

NADIA: But I saw you kiss him in sex ed.

BEL: Kissing doesn't mean anything! I kissed Veronica in Spin the Bottle--

NADIA: My point exactly!

BEL: --and everyone kissed Veronica at her birthday party!

NADIA: Okay, there is that. I kissed her then, too.

CALLY: Me too.

PHOEBE: I didn't . . . is it my turn?


BEL: Yes. Yes it is.

VERONICA: . . . Oh sure, why not. Come here.

(prolonged pause filled with muffled unidentifiable noises)

NADIA: You guys could always just have a threesome. . . .


CALLY: . . . I'll be in my bunk.


[ooc: this edition of LARP radio brought to you by me, [livejournal.com profile] sogothcally, [livejournal.com profile] demonbelthazor, [livejournal.com profile] future_visions and [livejournal.com profile] nadiathesaint (who also made the awesome icon!).]

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