Fandom Radio, August 2

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 09:17 pm
joel_sol: (it stinks!)
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Hi there, Fandom. I'm Joel. I open the theater, when I feel like it. The other girl is slacking, or hung over, or something, but I'm taking over now. Mwahahaahahahaha. Hahaha. Haha. Yeah, okay.

School is for losers

Jewelry learned about different stones- hey, is that suitable for TV, Astronomy learned about stars, which personally I find shocking. And Photography had... gremlin photos and talks of fire batons and glitter. *long pause* Crow, it's not nice to fake notes like this.

Kludge's Guide- oh-kay, that has to be a made up class kids tell their parents they're taking when they're really smoking pot in their dorm rooms, escapes from jail. Sure you do, kiddies. Sure you do. Computers picked teams for next week's thinger, and Stealth and Deception- seriously?- had a guest speaker.

In the cafeteria, RIver braved a microwave lunch, and Tempe and Joxer hooked up at lunch. Tempe and joxer? Why, parents, why?

And Alec was in the principal's office today. Mrowr. *pause* Um, to the hot principal. Not Alec. I've never seen him. For all I know he's attractive, I have no idea. You're better off asking Crow's opinion on that.

Communal living spreads disease

Someone named Tyler was in the gym, and Nadia, and... Pippi, okay, and the guy who's probably not as mrow-worthy as the principal except I didn't say that, and then there was a fight. Except they agreed to it and no one really got hurt, which makes it kind of lame.

There was cheerleader practice and- Wait, you have cheerleaders? Are practices open to the public or does that make me look pervy? And then some Lana girl hung in some room, and told Joker- I mean Joxer... No, I'll go with Joker. She told him and some Tempe person about MerPhoebe. People, if you're all going to have funny names, at least make it easier for me to mock you for it. I have to work hard enough without you people.

Okay, that's a lie. Forgive?

And there was things going on at the salle, which I hear comes from the French word meaning "Hey, watch where you point that thing", and in another common room, Sawyer and Tempe- see, again with the names- were "cuddly." I may have to retch her for a minute, don't mind me.

Better now. And then someone named Bridge, okay there, had a slushy machine. *pause* That Anders played with- *pause*- and Xander stole a sip from. *long pause* Yeah, you do that, boys. Anders told Xander he gives him headaches, Z decided to try her hand at the slushy machine if you know what I mean and I'm sure you do, and Z and Anders talked about their slushies. Also, apparently there is no green apple. Which is a good thing, because if you said there was green apple, I would have to stab you in the jaw.

Nadia who has a pretty name and I bet she's not hung out on the roof with Cally, and okay, Phoebe is a mermaid. I don't know, I like MerPhoebe. She and Angela were calm about it, as you are, Walter taught her about gillyweed... *long pause* And apparently MerPhoebe is awesome with being MerPhoebe. That's really cool, I hope it works out for you. It's good to see a young girl achieve her dreams like that. Really embiggens the spirit. Okay, I'm done now. Piper tries to dash her sister's merdreams, and Barbossa sang. I hope someone got a recording.

Willow and English Peter- I have never been so happy to be Joel in my life- were cute, Draco and Fat Peter got phone calls and Ranma has a headache and so do I.

And then we're back to MerPhoebe. Pippi checked in on Bel, Cally missed radio yesterday, Piper flailed, and Veronica was all omgwtf. Which I think is pronounced omgwtf. Sounds Norweigan. Tempe slept in Sawyer's room, and children, where is your supervision? And Piper, Bel and Lana talked about what to do about MerPhoebe. Kids, she likes it. Let the little fishy girl swim. I bet she's got nice tail.

Sam hung a hammock in Jack's room, and then we're back to MerPhoebe. I probably could have just gone ahead and organized my notes so it was all together, right? Well, I have a confession. I kind of don't care what I'm saying. I say it. I'm not even getting paid. You're all lucky I haven't made you listen to the soundtrack of the Killer Shrews. It's thriling, let me tell you. Archie and Veronica visited her, and so did Walter and Pippi. No word on the gillyweed.

And Peter Parker was stuck to his desk, with his girlfriend being very nice about it. I guess that all depends on why he was stuck to it, huh?

Okay, that was icky.

Society kind of blows

Over in that place called town, Jude opened Luke's. Never been there. At Weasel's- Weasley's, sorry... Actually, no, I like mine better. Molly and Pippi stopped in and- Really? Pippi? That's a name? Huh. Also, haven't been there, either. And at the church- which I've never been to since I didn't know we had it, Fandom being such a godfearing town and all- Sakurazaki hung out there for a while. Don't make me rename you all Bob. I will do it.

At Galactica Point- never been there- some chick named Jane sat around and talked to River. And then a mermaid swims- Okay, I'm going to take this as an homage to the 80's comedy Splish, because I'd like to escape this broadcast with some sanity. Dr. Forrester could never do what this town could, wow. And at All and Sundries- never been there- had some Doctor going in there to shop or something. Because that's generally what you do at a store. Anything else is something I kind of don't want to know about. And at Fast Eddie's- never been there- John, Aeryn, Rory and Anakin went bowling. And the owners of that place must be the most lenient people ever, god bless their negligent souls.

At the clinic which I've never been to, this guy wants that guy dead, and cigarettes are the new coffee. Take that, Pippi went by Cafe Fina to get Walter, and over at Caritas- huzzah, which I have been to!- things were hopping. As the kids say. Tyler was waited on by a teacher, which should make it the best school ever, and got Isabel to promise to call next time she went swimming. Can't imagine why. Tyler and Maureen talked about failed relationships, Isabel and Jarod talked about the coming weekend, and Isabel educated Maureen on some of Fandom's quirks. Forget the zombies and pudding rain, we have people named Joxer and Tempe and Pippi and it hurts my brain. Don't say it, Crow. Conner talked to Jarod about the weather and flirted with Maureen. I wonder which conversation he really cared about.

That's it from me, and thank god. We'll see you next time.

Fandom Radio, July 5

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 09:57 pm
[personal profile] fates_jaye
JAYE: Hi. This is Jaye. I'm going to say stuff now.

AERYN: No, she's not.

JAYE: You're not the boss of me!

AERYN: She's had a little bit to drink.

JAYE: Teensy bit. You shouldn't pull your hair back like that, Aeryn, it makes you look scary.

HERMIONE: Remind me why we're letting her on the air like this? She keeps making faces at you.

AERYN: I'm aware. I'll hit her when she's sober enough to feel it.

cut for length, cuz yeah )

JAYE: You both suck.

*sound of something hitting the floor*

HERMIONE: Did you hit her?

AERYN: No, she just fell over. Let's head back.

HERMIONE: We can't just leave her!

AERYN: Yes, we can.

HERMIONE: No, we... Oh, for heaven's sake.

*radio clicks off in the middle of squabbling*

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