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It be Sunday, I be the pirate, 'n let me get this out o' the way early--I HATE YE ALL.

Stuff happened. Ask yer friends. )


*tiny squirrelly drum roll*

Our new broadcasters fer the spring be: Emmett Cullen, J. Jonah Jameson, Katchoo & Lacey, Jamie Madrox, Arthur Pendragon, Turtle Wexler, 'n Sam 'n Dean Winchester. Congratulations t' ye all. Don't be expectin' payment.

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Saturday, January 7th, 2006 12:31 am
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This is the Hero of the Spaceways, Han Solo, welcoming you back to Fandom High! We got a great semester plotted and laid in. *sound of an engine warming up* Preflight’s run, let’s lift.

Our First Port of Call is the classrooms.

Classes aren’t in session yet, kids. Today’s big educational news was class sign ups Hope you got in early because the fun stuff went fast.

Oh, and Sara Sidle had office hours and Jenny stops by Eighth's office.

Meanwhile, Back in the Crew Quarters:

Phoebe Halliwell, Callisto and Marty all have StuCo election posters up. Didn't we just do this?

Angel has a poster too, for a Magic show at Caritas, which he's talking up to Crichton while playing with Sean. Then he talks to Janet about their little sibs. Good luck with that gig.

You're a chatty bunch. Guess it comes of the break.

In the Fourth Floor Common Room: Isabel and Cameron watch cartoons and talk. Angela comes by and talks about UFOs and their little sibs. That's going to be a popular topic. Right behind "what classes you got?" and "the new kids." And Yuffie patches Cam up.

Cam and Aeryn spar. Alanna's in the Gym too. Then Cam talks condoms with

Ivanova & Lyta and Jack & Aeryn talk.

Janet, Harkness, Cam and Kiki find their little sibs. And boy is Harkness friendly.

Rory moves with help. The help later meets new kid Peter Parker.

Aeryn is sneaky. Paige is annoyed and dirty with Harkness. Jaye is tired after last night. And neither one of you swung by 402 to let me help...

Marty and Angela carry out that ferret threat that EVERYONE heard.

Lee has a Naked Slumber Party! And gang, soon as I set this headset down, I'm right back there.

Out in port:

Spike makes arrangements with Lilah before he leaves, and Darla finds out he's gone. Dru's emo in the park, because Spike's gone and Darla comes to visit. Sunshine's taken over the duck pond. Good, maybe he can get Snookums.

Justin's in the park, too with Lyta.

Angel and Ivanova shop at Wonka's.

At the Perk, Harkness and Rose bond. Sam got a call from Harkness and shows up and Isabel stops by.

The Brothers now own the pub.

Sara talks about her holidays with Aziraphale and Ivanova goes to the Emporium.

*hesitates* Aww Chewie, I told you to set the prof someplace safe before you left! Thanks for getting him, Phoebe.

Tex explains what happened to Red.

Caritas is hopping tonight.
GOB gives a magic show

Angel talks to a lot of people. Yuffie meets a lot of people. And Veronica, Cordy and Pippi sing which is what people DO in a karaoke bar.

On the Commboard:
Okay, the phones are very strange today from all I'm hearing. Everyone is getting everyone else's messages. So, um, anyone who got a message from me? Ah, hells, make of it what you want to.

I'll TRY to hit the high points. Talk to your friends. In person.

House has had it with the weirdness on his machine.

Xander's having a crisis of confidence, as everyone seems to think he's gay. Blair Sandburg is having much the same.

Lee Adama was on the phone all day, enjoying propositions, declarations of love and gross robot bodily functions. Not to mention the rest of us over for the nakedness.

Phoebe got the ferret sex message and had a long talk with Bel afterward.

Crichton's voice mail is full too, with everything from ferret sex, monkeys, naked slumber parties and more ferret sex. Crichton, buddy, are you running a petting zoo or what?

Harkness gets ferret sex fall-out, a couple propositions, discussion of his butt by the new principal, a routed one for Dr. Pierson, a couple refused dates and a Paige propositon, which he takes up.

Angel is getting voicemail too. Ferret-sex, an invitation from the principal, threats, rejections, love pledges, class suggestions and refusals of dates and invitations.

Angela is chasing her messages. She's the one for whom the ferret-sex was intended. Enjoy it, doll. She also gets poetry, rejection and Lee Adama in his underwear.

Cally is just getting ferret sex messages. Poor kid.

Dr. Grissom is getting told not to tape the sex--not even the ferret sex--or that with his little sister Pippi. Offers of money and lingerie come his way, as does the question of why House and Wilson feed him muffins. *sighs* Folks, I just read 'em, I don't write 'em.

Krycek got the usual ferret sex. Also, Cally in handcuffs, hired by Wonka, Lee Adama in his underwear and pizza.

Chiana was hired by Wonka's propositioned by Paige and told of secret love.

Bridge is getting calls about Ferret Sex, a refusal from Krycek, a call for help from his little sister, and a reprimand about the ferret sex.

Aeryn is deciding who to kill. Cam and Crow, looks like you're high on the lady's list.

Maia got called and came out of it a TA and got propositioned by Sawyer.

Janet made a bunch of calls but lost her temper over the ferret sex and TMI from the Doctor and Parker.

Quinn hit ultrasonic frequencies in her outrage over all the OMGWTF moments she says she's having.

Chloe suspects gremlins in the sudden declarations of affection and oversharing.

Anakin is afraid of his voicemail after it broke his brain several times and outed him and Rory as True Loves.

Draco is fed up with ferret sex.

Barbossa is having a good voicemail day.

Parker hates Alexander Graham Bell. She's not into posters, guess.

Jaye got too much ferret sex, but got into the spirit of it and made calls herself.

Rory is traumatized by Marty's ferret sex among other things.

Lindsey got warned and propositioned.

Piper is weirded and mad. Alanna, step clear for a few days.

Shep, pal, you didn't get me. But CJ got you.

Vala, like her clone Aeryn, is mad and confused. Cam, just a hint: candy, flowers and expensive jewelry.

Cam is having the usual: ferret sex, naked slumber parties and condoms.

Callisto is very confused. Gremlins, a couple propositions, and more confusion.

Dream was offered Celtic lit and got a couple settling-in messages.

Sam faced the horror of ferret sex and naked slumber parties. And confronted Jack about it.

Lana got some odd calls, and did the nice thing and called back.

There's a lot of Ferret Sex, naked partying, condoms, misdirected propositions and the new Principal is putting dents in the wall of his office.

Sydney and Nadia dress up. Looking good, ladies.

Isabel has many strange messages and decides to just take a walk instead of dealing with porn tapes and robots and gremlin spit.

Izzie feels sorry for herself.

Lyta returns the odd ferret-sex messages.

Jessica, despite leaving her bra somewhere, is very polite as she returns messages.

Nadia lost her temper over the ferret sex and other weirdness.

Walter gets asked out by Angel. Join the club, buddy.

Molly is so confused she flees straight to Kiki.

Yuffie can tell something is up, but that doesn't stop her calling back:

Victor calls back, like the rest of us should. It's the civilized thing, folks.

Nadia and Sydney plot revenge.

Jack Harkness is way too friendly to his little brother, Clark Kent.

Alphonse? Yep, perplexed by the messages.

Pippi wonders why Angel is calling her about ice hockey and tries to call her big brother.

Cordelia Chase gets and makes several calls. She ends up back in bed from exhaustion.

Voice mail has defeated
with pizza and ferret sex.

Geoff Chaucer has nothing but propositions in his voice mail. Lucky man.

Attention please. Lorelei Gilmore-Danes is neither the police not into robot threesomes.

Darla? A message about being a Big brother.

The Doctor ends up knowing too much about Jack's sex life, which makes him think of CJ. So he calls her.

Professor Lyman is convinced the town is insane by his messages. Give us a couple weeks and it will all sound normal.

Strange calls for Mr. Phale and for Dr. Wilson.

Wonka hires too many people.

Jarod tries to ask Rose out, and is derailed by ferret sex and other stuff.

That's all they sent across my comm board folks.

Until next time, this is the Hero of the Spaceways saying "Clear Skies and Happy Landings. And watch out for the ferrets."

*sound of an engine going to lightspeed.*

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