Thursday, April 20th, 2017

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So when did Leroy get busy with a gremlin?


Oh, now you lot don't want to talk about something?


Why, yes I will read these notes.

Classes at the School involved go-karts and rocket launchers in Driver's Ed and flower arranging in Home Ec. I know which of those sounds more enjoyable. Meanwhile Khadgar put away books in the Library. Thrilling.

Something actually happened in the Dorms, namely Rey selling Prom tickets in the Lobby, while over in Town, Raven listened to shouty music at Groovy Tunes, Eponine pressed-ganged gremlins at the Post Office, Tony ate jelly beans and talked with Steve about the octopus in his pants at Stark's, kinky, which is an excellent lead in to the conversation about Japanese porn Dante had with Kathy while she cleaned up Dite's. Finally, Kitty was also cleaning at Caritas.
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Hey Fandom. *Yawns* Yo, I am tired. Are these Thursdays startin' earlier or what? I vote we all go back to bed for another few hours an' try again later.


I don't care what you think is a good idea, Leroy. There was a squirrel/gremlin hybrid down in them rooms. You don't get a vote on anythin' anymore.

Anyway, School is havin' its final classes this week. Urban Survival sent the class to evaluate different spots in town for livability. Useful, yo. An' in the Library, Peridot was checkin' each book to make sure none of 'em were missin' pages. That sounds like a story there, but I'm not askin' further.

Dorms had Gratuity in the Lobby readin' about cryptozoology when she wasn't sellin' prom tickets.

*More chittering*

You need to mention this to your mice friends? I don't even wanna know what you're talkin' about, Leroy. Anyway, last we got Town, where folks were workin' hard. Groovy Tunes was weirdly violent with Lucille chasin' little blue men with a pair of scissors. That seems dangerous for everybody. Then Jenkins was talkin' disco balls an' Netflix at The Magic Box which are two topics I ain't sure I ever saw together before. An' Furnado was the site of poor Anders transferrin' from a regular-size bunny back to a person, which at least meant he was on time for his shift!

An' that's all the news I got for you folks today. Hardison out.

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