Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Fandom Radio, May 17th

Thursday, May 18th, 2017 12:28 am
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Seems like longer broadcasts are going to be a thing again.

Now that introductions week is over, classes continued up at the School, Archaeology went to an ancient temple, Show and Tell went to the zoo, and Try Not To Die went to Jamaica, well, I'm sure at least one of those was dangerous. Ahsoka was displeased with a detour and Merrill fell in a river. Khadgar found books on trees in the Library though whether that means subject wise or literally is anyone's guess.

The Dorms were back to being quiet, but over in Town, there was lube missing at Dite's and Sparkle brought Kathy a stuffed koala...I'm not even going there. There were chickens and horses at Furnado and carnivorous plants at Convent Flowers, that will surely end well. Eliot was suspicious about Taako opening Fantasy Costco, but again, carnivorous flowers, though maybe the vampire slaying kit Summer found at Needfull Things would also work on those. I'm sure we can all relate to the Merchant of Miracles finding Turtle and Canary less than impressive, while the Post Office was lemon fresh and glittery and the music at Groovy Tunes was educational. Tino was nowhere to be found when Kitty opened Caritas...Atton did remember to let him out of the broom-closet, right? And Summer didn't know what to order when she stopped by.
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What up, Fandom, this is Hardison hittin' you up with all the news the drunk squirrels could be bothered to find.

*drunken cheering*

An' now it's time to get to the news cause encouragin' 'em isn't good for anybody. So, Introductions were over at School, which means classes were gettin' along. Resolvin' Conflicts Without Violence got to talk about the hypothetical situation of findin' out your family was sick with a highly contagious an' fatal disease an' what you'd do about it. Good to see this class is off to a cheerful start. Summer an' Hyacinthe paired up to talk about what they'd do, somewhere amongst all the flirtin'. Iron Fandom had a special ingredient in cherries an' a special guest judge in Eliot an'--wait, Eliot was involved in this? He seemed extra not impressed with the sous chefs that all look like him, an'--excuse me a second.

*Howling laughter that took up entirely too much time*

Ahem, sorry, I just had to-- *more chuckling* --anyway, Raven an' Kathy congratulated themselves on bein' more relaxed this week, but agreed to go right home an' nap after this, and Kathy accused Eliot of lookin' judgey. I know the exact expression you mean, girl.

Arts & Crafts made art outta popsicle sticks an' glitter an' I'm pretty sure the glitter's gonna be a constant theme. In the Library, the books set up some kind of racetrack an' made Peridot deal with that. Sorry Peridot. Then Summer came in, got weirded out by the books--same--and talked to Peridot about sharin' a class together before the conversation turned to talk about the Galactic Federation an' weird bug people.

An' on that note, I'm changin' the subject cause that ain't a conversation I need to think about. In Dorms--ahh hell, there's notes. Anyway, in Dorms, Dante--ahh hell--got left a bottle by Peebee in thanks for...somethin'. Ain't askin' what. Or what was in the bottle. Nope. Anyway, Peebee an' Dante flirted down the hall with one another an' then Ringo came by to ask about Dante's roadtrip.

Movin' to Town an' I escaped the Dorm notes relatively unscathed. Thank you baby Jesus. Anyway, lots of folks were at their jobs today. Tali--hey girl!--was at Stark Industries an' talkin' to JARVIS about rebuildin' a drone that had come in. Pick Your Poison featured Ino an' the scent of lilacs, which is pretty much how spring smells, I'm just sayin'. Coven Gardens is hirin', in case there are any newbies out there interested in workin' at a flowershop. It was also havin' a sale on anythin' that wasn't a rose or a mum. An' at Turtle an' Canary's, the Merchant of Miracles--that's a damn mouthful--was renovatin' the space for--somethin'.

An' that's all the news of yesterday folks. Hardison out.

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