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Fandom Radio, Thursday, April 13th

Hey, Fandom. *Yawns* What up, it's Hardison with all the news collected by drunk squirrels. These damn squirrels don't seem to care I had a late night waiting for some folks to get home, so let's get through these before I fall asleep over the notes.

School was busy today with Pokemon Goin' headin' out to hatch eggs, with Deadpool tuckin' his phone into Peridot's hair an' lettin' her do the walkin' for him. Trouble brewed in Urban Survival, as Sparkle talked about squattin' in buildin's. For someone who is, an' I quote, 'a little distracted', he put together a damn fine lecture, so good job there, Sparkle. Tip found out about 'recreational squatters' which is the kind of concept that makes me wanna go on a hackin' spree. Then she an' Jalian argued over whether or not it was a good idea to trap your squat to keep other folks out. Ummm, I'mma say no, mostly cause most places 'round here have things against assault, endangerment, an' murder. Parker, if you're listenin', please don't set any more traps than you already have. Love you! Anyway, after class, Tip checked in with Sparkle by hittin' him in the face with a drawin', an' Jalian came over to tell him that family was stupid an' to work on his knifework. Okay then! Movin' along to the Library, Peridot was weirded out by the books just bein' plain books today. Fair, that does sound suspicious for this place. An' Atton met up with Sparkle at the Danger Shop to light neighborhoods on fire.

...That sounds like a damn good idea, Atton. Good job.

Dorms once again managed to not traumatize me by havin' nothin' happenin' in them today, but people were goin' to work in Town. It was Anders' first day at Furnado an' is tuckered out by lunchtime. Know the feelin', yo. An' Groovy Tunes had Lucille in a starin' contest with the Silence over the possibility of a stolen lunch.

Yo, bad form to blame somethin' for stealin' your food if you ain't got no proof. Just sayin'. Peace.