Thursday, April 6th, 2017

geniuswithasmartphone: (DJ)
[personal profile] geniuswithasmartphone
Hey Fandom, this is Hardison pretty much killin' times before I head over to the diner today an' have to sit through another Broadway production if I want a damn sandwich. So, hopefully y'all were busy today an' I can spend some time here annoyin' the squirrels before I head over to Luke's.

*Sounds of paper rustling*

...Well, a'ight then. That would be a no.

School had my perpetual favorite class, Urban Survival had folks volunteering at a shelter to watch the kids. How many of y'all came back an' needed naps? Dorms had some activity, which I'm scared to read about but...oh. Okay, Ringo was in the 5th Floor Common Room, watchin' men on rollarblades fight each other in slow motion. Well...okay then. You do you, Ringo. In Town, Lucille was nappin' at Groovy Tunes after some music put her to sleep an' Eliot an' Sparkle met up over a dog-gremlin battle to talk about family. An important topic that.

An' now, I dragged this out as much as I could, time to see what new fresh hell musical awaits me at Luke's.

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