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Chuck: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've missed you furry little voyeurs.


Chuck: No, there's nothing wrong with being a voyeur. I like to watch on occasion.

Luke: Wow, I so did not mean to come in at that exact moment.

Chuck: It's fine. Where's Humphrey?

Luke: I ran into him in the hallway and he said he'd rather eat glass than do radio with you again. Something about kissing his sister...?

Chuck: I did not kiss Jenny. She's my sister too and, like, part raccoon.

Luke: Mmmkay, I'm not gonna ask for clarification on that.

Long radio is the theme for the weekend )

[Since it's been a while since I've done this: As always, Chuck's (and Luke's for that matter) comments are not my own OOC thoughts]
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Chuck: Yes, more rum for everyone. Save Humphrey, because he's a wuss.

Dan: Hey!

*sad squeaking*

Chuck: I know, I know. I'm going to miss you too.

Dan: You guys will still have me around. Doesn't that make you feel better?


Chuck: Nobody likes you, Humphrey.

Dan: For a second there I was sad you were leaving. *sigh* This is Dan and Chuck one last time with WTFH Fandom radio. Let's get on with the news so I can get away from the drunk squirrels.

Drunk squirrels are the best squirrels )
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Dan: What the hell are you doing?

Chuck: What?

Dan: With the crackers and ginger ale. It's weird.

Chuck: So's your face. My stomach hurts, is that illegal?

Dan: No...just weird.

Chuck: Just read the news, Humphrey.

Short news day is short )
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Dan: Good evening, Fandom. Glad to have you back in working condition. The last few days were rough

Chuck: Not for me.

Dan: Where did you go off to?

Chuck: I have absolutely no idea. But I have like a billion voicemails from work to answer now, so thanks for that, Fandom.

Dan: There's a lot of news to get through and Chuck very obviously has other things to do, so lets get down to it, shall we?

Sooooo many links )
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Dan: Good evening, Fandom, and Happy August.

Chuck: Don't remind me. I only have a month left to annoy you people.

Dan: Twenty-six days, actually. Not that I have it marked and underlined on a calendar with a bunch of smiley faces on it.

Chuck: Well someone's gone to the top of my "To annoy" list.

Dan: Goddammit.

August makes me sadface )
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Chuck: I am so not in the mood to do this, you have no idea.

Dan: Rough weekend?

Chuck: I am striking everything Thursday onward from the record of my life.

Dan: Can you...actually do that?

Chuck: Yes.

Insert something witty here )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom. Hope you didn't lose any money betting on the World Cup.

Chuck: Always side with the psychic mollusks.

Dan: Yeah, they're way more reliable than weather-predicting groundhogs.

Chuck: It's true.

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Dan: Hello, Fandom. For those of you that don't know, this is Dan Humphrey and Chuck Bass with WTFH Fandom Radio. I'm Dan. Chuck's the one with the scratchy voice.

Chuck: It's not scratchy. It's just deep. Some people like that about me.

Dan: Whatever. Happy Independence Day to all you Americans out there. I hope none of you have burned anything off or are trying to burn buildings down like some people.

Chuck: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Dan: You were trying to light whatever it is you smoke with a sparkler. Indoors.

Chuck: It's a holiday! I'm celebrating. And I've been drinking.

Dan: How have you managed to live this long?

Chuck: God must like me.

Dan: If that's true, I'd rather go to hell.

Fireworks and booze always mix well. True story )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom. This is Dan and Chuck doing the usual Sunday radio thing. Hope your vacation is going well so far.

Chuck: It's been like two days since classes ended, Humphrey.

Dan: Hey, bad things can happen in two days.

Chuck: Yeah, whatever, there's barely any news tonight, let's just get it over with.

Quiet day is quiet )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom. Happy Father's Day to you dads listening.

Chuck: Yes, today's the day we congratulate you for giving us issues.

Dan: I don't have any issues.

Chuck: Oh you're in denial. That's sad.

Dan: God, I can't wait until you leave.

It'll happen soon enough )
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Dan: Hello Fandom, this is Dan and Chuck with WTFH Fandom radio.

Chuck: Yes, we're bringing you the news of...absolutely nothing. Nothing happened.

Dan: He's not wrong.

Chuck: And yet I guess we should report on something.

Dan: Yeah, we kinda have to.

Cuuuuuuuuut )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom, it's Sunday which means it's time for radio with me and Chuck. Me being Dan.

Chuck: As if anyone listens for you, Humphrey.

Dan: Considering I'm the one reading 80% of the news, I'd say the majority pay attention to what I say.

Chuck: Sure, keep deluding yourself. Read some news.

Dan: I will. Assface.

Time for a cut )
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Dan: Hey, Fandom. Thanks for choosing me and Chuck again for radio.

Chuck: Yes, congratulations for being willing to put up with Humphrey's "Salinger is my hero", coffee drinking, New Yorker reading, pretentious asshattery for another semester.

Dan: Why? Why do you have to be so mean?

Chuck: Because I'm Chuck Bass.

Dan: I can't wait until you leave.

Chuck: Spoiler alert, you'll have to put up with me at Christmas and Thanksgiving for the rest of your life, brother.

Dan: Ugh, that still grosses me out.

Brotherly looooooooooove )
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Dan: You look...rumpled.

Chuck: Yeah.

Dan: Do I want to know what you were doing?

Chuck: Probably not.

Dan: I figured. Once again, Fandom, this is Dan Humphrey and Chuck Bass, bringing you all the news the squirrels deemed fit to report.

Chuck: Which is just about everything, no matter how boring it is.

Dan: True.

I'm in the mood for cupcakes )
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Chuck: God I forgot how much news new kids generate. You think they'd hide in their rooms or something.

Dan: Nothing's happened to scare them into hiding yet.

Chuck: This island is slacking.

Dan: ...Were you aware that you smell like a bar?

Chuck: Deal with it, Humphrey.

Dan: Nice Mother's Day attitude. For you new kids, I'm Dan Humphrey and the ass next to me is Chuck Bass and we're gonna update you on what happened in town today. And by "we" I mostly mean "me".

Chuck: I'm so glad you're beginning to realize how this works.

I apologize for Chuck's bitter drunk act. His mom's deeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaad. Except not really. )
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Chuck: The light's on, Dan. Tell everyone hello.

Dan: Hi! Hi! Hi!

Chuck: And to think you were shy about a half hour ago.

Dan: You gave me cookies!

Chuck: Yes. Yes I did.

Dan: Can I have more?

Chuck: After the broadcast, Daniel. It'll be your reward for getting through all this news.

Dan: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Bribery, that was the Chuck Bass way )
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Chuck: Okay, there's practically no news so let's get this over with.

Dan: You don't want to do an intro or anything?

Chuck: This is Chuck Bass and Bob Cratchet reporting for radio duty.

Dan: Dan Humphrey.

Chuck: Whatever, let's get this show on the road

Even short radio gets a cut )
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Dan: ...I can't believe you stopped my fake kids' crying.

Chuck: It wasn't that hard to do, Humphrey.

Dan: I have tried everything this week to shut them up. Everything. Singing, dangling keys in front of them, rocking them--nothing worked! It's all Anakin. As soon as he starts then Jaina joins in and then I feel like joining in. This has been the longest week of my life. And then you waltz into the radio station, murmur three sentences to them in your Ratguy voice and they shut up.

Chuck: And?

Dan: It's not fair.

Chuck: I can't help that kids like me better than they like you. Even robotic ones.

Dan: But you're Chuck Bass!

Chuck: Exactly, Humphrey. Exactly.

Oh, BDE radio )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom, this is Dan Humphrey with WTFH Fandom radio and with me as always...unfortunately...is Chuck Bass.

Chuck: Humphrey, nobody here would know who you are if you didn't do these broadcasts with me so I suggest you shut up and embrace it.

Dan: Whatever, can we get this over with please?

Chuck: That's perfectly fine with me. There's sleep I could be catching up on.

I am tired as well )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom, and Happy Pi Day.

Chuck: ...what?

Dan: Pi Day. 3-14. Like the start of number Pi.

Chuck: You're a dumbass.

Dan: It's my birthday in a couple hours, can you attempt to be nice to me today?

Chuck: Absolutely not.

Dan: *sigh* Well I tried.

It really is a dorky holiday )
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Chuck: Humphrey, you need to keep drinking. You're making me feel like a drunk.

Dan: I'm going to be honest with you, Chuck. I've been passing my shots to the squirrels.

Chuck: Why? Everyone's acting like a dumbass, we should join them.

Dan: I'm just not much of a drinker.

Chuck: You suck. We are not related.

Dan: No. No we're not.

Chuck: Oh, right. I'm the one from the future, not you. Remember this two years from now.

Dan: Can do, Chuck. Can we get on with the news now, please? There's kind of a ton of it.

Chuck: Fine, fine. Lemme refill my drink.

I hate all of you people )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom. This is Dan Humphrey, back from a great spring break, and ready to report the news to you with my partner, who is currently a phone.

Chuck: I'm on the phone. Don't confuse the people here. They'll think I actually turned into one. I'm still in New York. And, no, it's not to avoid hugs, just in case some people were wondering. Trust me, I'm way more susceptible to getting them where I'm at now. I'm one waffle breakfast away from being part of the Brady Bunch.

Dan: Aww, you saying you'd rather be here with me?

Chuck: If only I could avoid you. I'm watching you play Scrabble in my living room with your insufferable family right now. And, by the way, tell your sister that fantastical is a word and not something Lady Gaga just made up.

Dan: What?

Chuck: Never mind. Get on with the news. I've got a game to win.

ngl I hate Scrabble. Risk is where it's at )
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*sound of a bunch of tiny fists knocking on a door*

What the--squirrels! Oh thank god you're here. You wouldn't believe--no, I can't even discuss it right now. It's too awful.


No, we're going out after the broadcast and I'll tell you everything there. People are used to me with monkeys, they'll think nothing of squirrels. I will say this involves Humphreys. So many Humphreys.

*shocked squeaking*

I know. No amount of booze in the world will make this okay. How did you get up to the penthouse with all that radio equipment? Never mind, you can tell me later. Here, give me the notes and I can get this over with.

In case it wasn't already obvious, listeners, this is Chuck Bass reporting to you from New York City. I don't even know why we're doing this considering all of you are on some Dollar Store vacation in the Bahamas or whatever but I'd rather do anything than go downstairs and talk to the people in the living room. So let's do this.

Dramatic Chuck is dramatic )

Okay, notes are gone. Let's go out, get drunk and I will explain to you why I am in hell. Goodnight to the two people that are listening and hope your spring break goes better than mine.
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Dan: I can't believe I'm spending my Valentine's evening with you.

Chuck: It's not like this was my idea of a thrilling evening either, Humphrey.

Dan: Yeah, I kind of expected you'd be knee deep in desperate women by now.

Chuck: I wasn't in the mood. You do know there's desperate women around more than one day of the year, right?

Dan: Oh that's a nice thing to say.

Chuck: You brought it up. I was just sitting here enjoying my candy hearts and ignoring you and then you had to open your mouth.

If you were looking for a love filled broadcast, you got the wrong radio duo )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom, and welcome to WTFH Fandom radio. You're joining us on a scarily normal Sunday evening.

Chuck: Well it is Superbowl Sunday. Even Fandom weird stops for football.

Dan: True. You win any money?

Chuck: Humphrey, you know gambling is illegal. But yes. I did.

Dan: Of course you did. The irony of you siding with the Saints isn't lost on me.

Woooo Saints! )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom. Don't check your calendars, it's really Saturday. We just swapped days with Drake because Chuck has something to do tomorrow night.

Chuck: Work, Humphrey. I have a meeting on Monday so I'm going back to the city tomorrow night.

Dan: I didn't realize you had a job.

Chuck: I have several. How many do you have?

Dan: ...one.

Chuck: No wonder you have to shop at Target.

Dan: What's wrong with Target?

I'm with Dan here. Target is awesome )
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Chuck: So there's no getting rid of you, is there?

Dan: It doesn't look like it, no. I'm sorry.

Chuck: As you should be, Humphrey. Let's just get this over with.

Dan: Okay then.

Mmm I've been drinking )
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Dan: ...I've seen some pretty aggressive squirrels in Brooklyn but I have to say they could take a lesson or two from you guys. I mean, I barely had time to put on a towel when you got me in the shower. Thanks for turning up the heat in here, by the way. It's, um, kind of freezing out.


Dan: Oh, no thank you. My dad told me never to drink with squirrels. It's a gateway to worse things. ...like shooting up with gophers.

*door opening*

Chuck: Why's it so hot in here--oh good god, Brooklyn, put some clothes on. Thai hookers wear more than you're wearing right now.

Dan: Okay, I don't even want to know why I'm not surprised by the fact you're familiar with Thai hookers. And I didn't mean to come here, the squirrels made me. Which, I know, sounds crazy but I got to pet one and I'm fairly sure they're not a figure of my imagination. Anyway, they said the guy doing radio tonight needed a new partner...

Chuck: You gotta be [feedback]ing kidding me. I refuse to do radio with this Goodwill shopping, manpurse toting, social reject from Brooklyn.

Dan: It's a messenger bag and I don't think I'm going to stand having my masculinity questioned by a guy who matches his socks with his tie.

Chuck: You know what? I'm just going to pretend you're not here.

Dan: So it'll just be like back at St. Jude's. That's familiar.

Chuck: Slide over the notes, annoying, loud, half-naked gust of air.

And to think they'll be brothers someday )
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Lois: Hello, Fandom! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend.

Chuck: I didn't do anything.

Lois: Yeah, me either. I was hoping other people had more exciting lives than us.

Chuck: Have you met these people? No chance.

Lois: Yeeeeaaaah.

Shortest radio ever still goes under a cut )
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Lois: You ice cream sandwich thief!

Chuck: Maybe you should keep a closer eye on your food.

Lois: It was in my hand, you thieving whore!

Chuck: I'm sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you over the deliciousness of this ice cream sandwich.

Lois: I hate you. I hope you choke.

That boy is a monsterrrrrrrrrr )
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Lois: Helllllo, Fandom, this is Lois Lane with WTFH Fandom radio. And Chuck's here too.

Chuck: Yep.

Lois: Candy hangover?

Chuck: I'm not seven.

Lois: Fiiiiine. Don't get pissy with me or I'll turn this broadcast around, mister. Don't think I won't.

My sister ate all the leftover Skittles and now I kind of want to beat her up )
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Chuck: As Homecoming king, I order you to take your top off.

Lois: I'm not going to do that, Chuck.

Chuck: That's treason! I will have my bitch punish you.

Lois: Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sam isn't gonna do that either.

Chuck: For the record, she said it. Not me. So I shouldn't get bitchfaced at tomorrow.

Lois: Are you drunk?

Chuck: Tiny bit, yeah. I bet if I were wearing my crown you'd listen to me.

Lois: I somehow doubt that.

Chuck is totes the best king ever trufax )
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Lois: ...I'm just saying, if I were a dude I'd use the word 'boning' all the time.

Chuck: Light's on, Lois.


Chuck: Oh, that's a good way to start a broadcast.

Lois: Shut up. Don't adjust your dial, folks. This is indeed Lois and Chuck on a Friday. We did a whole switcheroo thing this week. Probably for the best considering I'm going to the boondocks on Sunday.

Chuck: And I'm going back to New York City. You know, where the civilized people live.

Lois: Yeah, we're going to miss you. Except not.

They got super bitchy on me today, sorry )
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Chuck: Wow, Lois, you look tired. Find yourself a man?

Lois: Don't I wish. My roommate was a kangaroo all weekend.

Chuck: ...did I ever tell you how glad I am to have no roommate?

Lois: As if anybody would put up with you for that long.

Lame radio is lame. Shh I've been sick today )
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Chuck: Once again you people have found me exciting enough to listen to every week. I'm not surprised but thank you.

Lois: I maintain it's your voice. You could read a phone book and people would vote for you.

Chuck: True. I have turned on many a person with this deep growl.

Lois: *sigh* I shouldn't have said anything.

Chuck: You should know better than to stroke my ego.

Lois: I know, I know...

News under heeeeeeere )
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Chuck: Isn't this nice, Lois? You and me, doing radio again?

Lois: Yeah, I'm thrilled.

Chuck: Don't act like you didn't miss this.

Lois: I missed radio, not you. I don't even know why I agreed to this.

Chuck: Because I wanted you and I always get what I want.

Lois: Whatever. Hello, Fandom. This is Lois Lane and Chuck Bass and we are going to be bringing you your radio this evening. I take no responsibility for what the man next to me says during this broadcast. He's a liar and a pervert.

Chuck: Hey, I'm perfectly polite on radio.

Lois: See? You're lying already.

Can't think of anything to put here noooooooo )
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Chuck: ...I know, right? Clearly I am the superior Chuck around here and I demand a demeaning nickname be placed upon the new one.


Chuck: No, no. That's too demeaning. And kind of disgusting. Save that for someone I really don't like.

Oh hey. The light is on.

Well, Fandom, for those of you who don't already recognize my dulcet tones, this is Chuck Bass. I won't bother with a lengthy introduction because I'm sure the rumors will do the job for me soon enough. Right now we're just shooting the breeze because there's a lot of notes here and I refuse to do them by myself. So I sent the squirrels out to capture me a radio partner for the night.

*door opening*

Bones: --Dammit, I'm a doctor, not a DJ!

Chuck: Ah. There we go.

Bones: Are you the kid that sent those squirrels after me?

Chuck: Well I didn't ask for you specifically...

Bones: What makes you think you can just go around sending squirrels to hijack people?

Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass. I can do whatever I want.

Bones: Am I like cat nip for egomaniacs or something?

Yes, yes you are )
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*loud crashing noises*





Chuck: STOP--OW! Fine! I'm going to miss you too!

Emmett: Do you mean it?

Chuck: Yeah, sure, whatever.

Emmett: That's so sweet--

Chuck: --you hug me again, I'm going to stab you.

Emmett: *sigh* Fine.

Caaaaaan you feel the love toniiiiiiiiiiiiight )
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Chuck: Okay, I'm tired. Let's get this over with.

Emmett: Rough day?

Chuck: Nope. Just high.

Emmett: Ah.

It's a perfectly good excuse to be tired omg )
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Emmett: Hellllllllllo, Fandom! This is Emmett Cullen with WTFH Fandom radio. And with me is---

Chuck: Emmett, I have told you a thousand times, I am not doing the cutesy radio opening with you.

Emmett: Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssse?

Chuck: Goddammit, no.

Emmett: Fine, I'll do it. This is Emmett Cullen and with me is *growly voice* Chuck Bass.

Chuck: My voice is not that deep. That sounded like a bad Deadpool impression.

Emmett: I was doing my Ratguy voice, actually.

Chuck: I don't sound like him either!

Oh Chuck, yes you do )
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Chuck: Hello, Fandom. This is Chuck Bass filling in for Katchoo and Lacey because...I don't know why. I don't even know Lacey and Katchoo is a bitch on wheels. I guess I'm just being a good person.


Chuck: Yeah, being stoned probably has something to do with it too. Makes me a more amicable person.


Chuck: Why thank you. If I hadn't paid a person to take the SATs for me I'm sure I would have gotten a high score on the vocab too.

*sound of a door opening*

Marshall: What's up, Barney Junior?

Chuck: Uh...

Marshall: Dude, I don't even know. I was watching reruns of Cash Cab and then I got attacked by squirrels.

Chuck: Okay, whatever.

Marshall: Are you high?

Chuck: Is your shirt covered in HoHo carcasses?

Marshall: Huh? Oh yeah. I like to eat snack cakes when watching game shows. Helps me think. The squirrels let me bring the box with me.

Chuck: Give me four of those HoHos and I'll let you stay.

Marshall: Deal!

I'm all hopped up on migraine meds so we'll see where this goes... )
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Emmett: Holy shit, I think this is the first time you've gotten here before me.

Chuck: Yeah, well, when the person you like to bother most has turned into a dog you find yourself with an abundance of free time on your hands. Don't get used to it. Thank god you're here. The squirrels will not stop squeaking to me about Deadpool

Emmett: Deadpool? Seriously? Why?

Chuck: I don't know but their comments are getting...graphic.

Emmett: Eeeeeeeewww. Anyways, hello, Fandom! This is Emmett Cullen and Chuck Bass with WTFH Fandom Radio. Um...I don't know how to start this off this week. Any suggestions?

Chuck: *sigh* I don't know. What's your favorite color?

Emmett: Blue! What's yours?

Chuck: Purple.

Emmett: Dude. Gay.


Chuck: The squirrels want you to know their favorite color is red like Deadpool's pajamas.

*angry squeaking*

Emmett: Sorry, sorry! They're not pajamas.

'Woke up quick at about noon, just thought I had to be in Compton soon... )
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Emmett: Helllllllllllo, Fandom! This is Emmett Cullen and Chuck Bass with WTFH Fandom radio.

Chuck: Emmett, there's something I need to do.

Emmett: And what's that?

Chuck: *sigh* Here's the five hundred dollars I owe you from the bet last week.

Emmett: Whoa! Didn't think you'd actually pay me, dude. Much less on air.

Chuck: I want Francine to make me brownies, dammit, now just take the money and shut up.

Emmett: Hey, not complaining.

Yes, the brownies are that good )
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*sounds of panicked squeaking*

Chuck: Blair! Bad girl!

Emmett: Dude, she's going to eat one of them.

Chuck: You are a naughty--I swear to god I didn't think I'd ever be talking to her like that outside of a bedroom.

Emmett: Sick.

Chuck: The squirrels are handing you a note.

Emmett: We didn't have this problem when the bunny was brought in here.

Chuck: That's because the bunny is a [feedback]ing wuss with bad hair. My friends turn into awesome animals, thank you.

Emmett: Can you control her long enough to get through this broadcast?

Chuck: I make no guarantees.

There's mention of hamster sex in here, not gonna lie )
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Emmett: Hellllllllo, Fandom! This is Emmett Cullen and...and...an empty seat. Hello, empty seat. How are you? You look nice today.

*sound of a door opening*

Chuck: I'm here!

Emmett: Screw you, empty seat, Chuck is here! Dude, where have you been?

Chuck: None of your damn business, that's where I've been.

Emmett: Your hair is everywhere.

Chuck: I was in a rush now shut up.

Emmett: You smell like sex.

Chuck: Shut. Up.

Daddy issues upon daddy issues under here )
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Emmett: Hey, Fandom! This is Emmett Cullen and Chuck Bass bringing you the news during this now...I was going to say sex-free day but I honestly doubt that's going to stop now that there's no more weird-ass pollen.

Chuck: No, definitely not going to stop.

Emmett: I'm surprised you weren't laying in bed with a bag of ice on your junk when I came to get you.

Chuck: Why does everyone keep saying things like that to me? I am capable of showing restraint, you know.

Emmett: Chuck, the only time you and restraint have been together is when someone's got you tied to a bed.

Chuck: *laughs* Okay, you've got me there. Being tied up is fun though.

Emmett: Oh man. I like that too.

Chuck: Now I'm all distracted.

Emmett: Dammit, I am too.

Pfft, like and Emmett and Chuck need sex pollen to be perverts )
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Emmett: You love us, Fandom! You really love us!

Chuck: No duh. Everybody loves me. Or loves to hate me. Either way, people like hearing the sound of my voice.

Emmett: In case you didn't recognize our voices this is Emmett Cullen with Fandom's local villain Chuck Bass, who I am ninety percent sure is drunk right now.

Chuck: I should be, I started drinking at 10...

Emmett: That's not so bad.

Chuck: ...in the morning. How could you tell?

Emmett: The fact that you walked in smelling like scotch and shouting about how you "Weren't going to take any boring bull[feedback] from the lame mother[feedback]ers that make up Fandom's population" sort of gave something away.

Chuck: Heh. Oh yeah. I remember that now. That still stands! I should have an air horn or something that I can dismiss boring news with.

Emmett: I'm sure you'll let us know in your own special, drunk way.

Chuck: Damn right I will.

Just look what you voted for )
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Emmett: This is gonna be fuuuuuuuuun! Emmett and Chuck, radio'ing it up.

Chuck: I immediately regret this decision.

Emmett: Aw, come on! We're gonna be like Regis and Kelly! You're Kelly, obviously.

Chuck: That is not helping.

Emmett: Oh lighten up, Kelly.

Chuck: I hate you.

Emmett: "I hate you" is Chuckenese for "Let's get it on". Yeah, I heard about Dean. I'm taken though, sorry.

Chuck: Can we please just get this over with?

Emmett: Don't get your panties in a bunch, Kelly.

Oh, the bickering )
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Emmett: Helllllllllo, Fandom! This is Emmett Cullen sitting on the deck of a really big boat with some squirrels--

Chuck: Pale scary guy!

Emmett: And Chuck Bass! Who smells like tequila, sex...and weed. So basically a weekend in Tijuana.

Chuck: Wow. You've got, like, super smelling.

Emmett: Are you drunk?

Chuck: Kind of, thank you for noticing.

Emmett: Well, since you're already here you get to help me read notes.

Chuck: Ooooooookay then.

Lots of notes means I get to use two people. So there )
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Emmett: What up, Fandom? Emmett here and holy [feedback]ing god, you guys were hilarious today. You truth telling bastards, making asses of yourselves. You can't pay for this kind of entertainment--

*door opening*

Chuck: Will you please stop touching me? God, I feel like I'm being groped by furry carnies.

Emmett: Dude. What are you doing here? Shouldn't all of you hum--people be embarrassing yourselves with your truthiness?

Chuck: Believe me, there is nothing more I would like to do than to go back to my room but these [feedback]ing squirrels wouldn't leave me alone. Apparently you need help. Not that I mind because I like the attention that radio gives me. It makes me feel like gossip girl and--GOD DAMMIT.

Emmett: *laughs* It makes you feel like a girl?

Chuck: THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT. I'm [feedback]ing leaving--

Emmett: Uh. I don't think that wall of squirrels is going to let you leave.

Chuck: You're a giant, can't you make them move?

Emmett: Probably. But this is going to be too much fun.

Chuck: [feedback] my life.

Long radio is long )

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