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Hi, I'm late, I know. That's because I convinced the squirrels to let me do this from my phone in bed. They told me to tell you guys not to try it. It's for their favorite broadcasters only.

*angry chittering*

Yep, that's what they said.

Graduation radio! )

So that's that. Yeah. Good job graduating to everyone who wasn't lame about it. Bye.
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Marty: What is this? Where am I? Squirrel friends, I hope you didn't lead me to some kind of murder studio. Is this a murder studio? I'm noticing... lots of paper and alcohol. Is this Big Brother HQ? Noooo... there aren't fancy enough chairs for that.

What's this say? 'Dani was at the Gig with a Pitchfork... Pocahontas was exploring all over town...' Oh my god. I'm in Big Brother HQ.


Marty: You want me to read these? On the air? No! I do not want to be complicit in the Big Brothering of my fellow prisoners.

*door opening and closing, followed by chittering*

Darius: Where the hell are we?

Marty: Some kind of broadcast studio full of tattletale notes about the events that we and the other kidnappees got up to over the course of yesterday.

Darius: Whatever. This one squirrel wrote me a note that says if I read these, he'll give me a bottle of alcohol.

Marty: ...Does that offer go for me too?


AU Weekend Radio! )
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Hi, Fandom. It's Topher again. You missed me, right? Obviously.

At school, Cassidy was working at the library. You guys know that happens every week, right? Why do we have to hear about it every time?


Yeah, yeah, whatever, I can't understand you today. In much more important news, I was at work at Stark Industries. Also April was listening to theater monologues at one of the bars, and at the other one, Bo was ignoring a ringing phone and talking to some dude named Sam about being new.

And in the dorms, Jim was hanging out in his room, while Anna watched sports in a common room and talked to Toby about the sports. Ew. And in a whole different common room, Cade watched bowling and scheduled a date or something with Jessica, who then talked to Emily about how apparently girls are better at bowling than guys. I find that hard to believe. Girls have shrimpy arms.


Ow! Get off me!

And then Emily told Cade that there are too many sports. Yes. Sports are the worst.

Except for chess. I like chess.
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Hi, Fandom. We all know that sleep-deprivation is happening this weekend. I don't like sharing a bed. Especially with people who kick. ...Sharing the floor with Billy was okay, though.

AU Kids Radio )

I'm done for the day, Fandom. Let's see if I can maybe go back to sleep. I doubt it.
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Is it just me or is there an out-of-the-ordinary amount of glitter in this studio?

Whatever, don't answer that, I'm too tired to identify chitters anyway.

there is glitter in my hair radio )
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'Kay, first off, I wanna thank all of you for being boring yesterday, 'cause I'm tired. Belated thanks, Fandom.

Nothing happened at school, obviously, because Saturday. Natalie's cat was wandering the halls in the dorms, and hopefully no one stepped on it. Or whatever. In town, Jono was asleep at the Boards and got a reward for his professionalism in the form of Natalie dropping off some coffee for him. I guess this was while her cat was unsafely wandering the dorms. I was constructing a hat at Stark Industries, which is the lamest thing I've ever been asked to build. Finally, at Caritas, April had a headache, which was probably exacerbated by the random newbie named Elektra ordering drinks and Jono whining about a friend of his -- maybe Natalie? -- and talking about travel opportunities April doesn't have. Meanwhile in the back room, Jessica and two of her friends were hanging out because apparently three people just can't fit in a dorm room anymore. Cade told Jessica about stealing a camel and how that apparently leads to detention, while Sia and Jessica talked about when karaoke is appropriate. Apparently last night was not that time. And to round out the evening, that newcomer from before, Elektra, decided to start some kind of fight with Jessica that ended badly.

Fighting with teenage girls? Seriously?

Wait, I've done that. Okay, never mind. Carry on.
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Hi, Fandom. And still possibly Denver. If you don't get that joke, it's because you don't listen to me as well as you should, and that's really your fault, not mine, so I'm not gonna explain it.

Yesterday involved some really unshocking sailing through Turkey, wow, who could've seen that coming? Cade apparently only barely made it back to the boat in time to go home, which would be more newsworthy if there weren't such a thing as portals. Jeremy had breakfast, which is newsworthy nowhere, regardless of technology. Kitty and Clint were boring and talked in bed about staying on vacation forever. Really? They like mosquitos and sunburn that much? And Karolina and Liara packed and then decided to go tan together, while Sparkle was also tanning but with a side order of telling Atton how happy he was that he had detention. Uh, kay.

By the beach, someone named Jack Frost was watching people swimming all grouchily without swimming himself. Seems like an easy solution there, dude. If you like swimming. And know how to do it. Cade and Olive had some girly conversation about clothes, Victor asked Olive what was up with the magnets on his face the other day, and Jessica teased Olive about her face, I guess. It is pretty weird. She looks a little like a squirrel. Also, Peter and Jessica both made fun of Cade's tattoo. Oooh, what's it say? Is it worse than mine? I mean, probably. Mine's awesome.

And back in Fandom, Natalie was studying in her room, while Evan decided to be maybe-social in the park with his dog and Dani fed horses coffee at the Gig. So you know what's up if your horse died suddenly yesterday.
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Hiya, Fandom! Uh... does anyone know why the squirrels are wearing bandanas and tiny sunglasses? The trip isn't until the twenty-fourth, so...


...Oh. I need to pack, then.

Today I cleaned at Stark Industries, April had an ugly new haircut at Caritas whereas Bo at The Devil's Nest just had an ugly hat, and Cassidy was sick at the library and ditto for Dani at The Gig. And in the dorms, Sia was packing for the trip in her room like a weirdo who prepares in advance, but was interrupted by Jessica distracting her.

Aaand done. I have to go shove an X-Box into a backpack. 'Bye.
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Morning, Fandom! And... possibly other places! I was just fiddling with the broadcast range controls, so it's possible we also broadcast to Denver now. If that's the case, hi, Denvernians. I'm Topher. I'm pretty awesome.

So literally nothing happened that wasn't in town yesterday, not sure why. Dani was chilling with horses at the place where the horses live, Onion and Victor went on a date and she gave him an iPad -- huh, I thought he already would have had one of those -- and then someone named Brice hosted speed-dating at Caritas, complete with people talking beforehand like as if fifteen whole minutes of socializing isn't more than enough. Emily didn't want to try it, but Bruce told her she could maybe pick up someone who got rejected, which seems like a pretty unfortunate crop of people to choose from. Derek and Mike apparently argued over whether Mike was allowed to bring people home -- can you guys pass me that rum? Thanks. Kitty I guess banned Derek from participating in the dates and made him sit at the bar, which seems rude, but so is Derek. Then there were five rounds of dates, and after that, it looks like everyone forgot how to use a door because way more people showed up for April's Caritas shift than I feel her personality really merits.

post-3MD radio! )
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Stop biting me. Stop it. It's not my fault you guys were bouncing all over town yesterday. No one told you you had to spy on me and Ace. It's your own fault for being nosy jerks.


Hello, Fandom, it's Sunday and this is Topher with your news/gossip. Here we go.

Cassidy was at the library with romance books. Gross.

Kitty and Alice had people over for some weird Apples to Apples rip-off game. Kaidan and Kitty talked about work like a bunch of boring people, Kitty recounted her life for Allie and talked about some new girl with a weird name that I'm not gonna try to pronounce, Kaidan and Alice continued to talk about the new girl, Clint and Alice talked about Clint's dog, Eric talked about zombies with Kitty, Stiles told Kitty about recent adventures with the police, Stiles and Alice talked about how Stiles gets free drinks at the twenty-one-plus bar, Mike and Kitty talked about how their lives are boring and need fun, Derek arrived and caused Kitty to talk at him, Stiles and Derek talked about Valentine's Day plans, Kaidan tried and failed to talk to Derek, Clint and Derek talked about Derek's sister, Jack and Derek talked about the rules of being a hermit, and Kaidan and Jack gossipped about Pinkie. This led to Pinkie asking Kitty what the point of the hangout was, to which Kitty said there was no point. Clint and Kitty discussed body piercings, gross, and Clint and Stiles talked about Stiles' safety, which I hope had nothing to do with body piercings because ew. The new French girl was being weird so Kitty asked her what was up, Clint introduced himself to her, and Jack asked how she was doing. Meanwhile Coulson and Kitty talked about snorkels and Coulson and Clint discussed dress codes, while Jake and Kitty talked about nicknames and Jake and Allie introduced themselves to each other.

And Ace and I synthesized repulsion gel over at Stark Industries, because we're badasses, and some bartender stopped by to get headphones before heading over to Caritas for April to make fun of him. Ha. No one told him to step on the gel, okay.
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You're kidding me with this list of notes. You saw that many dead people?


No, I wasn't making a reference -- I mean, okay, I was, but you don't have to tell me I'm not funny, that's hurtful. Gimme the notes.

dead people dying radio )
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Guys, what did we talk about? Waking me up this early is mean. Come on, what's another half hour on a Sunday morning?


That's rude.

Hi, Fandom, happy weekend. Let's do this.

Girls-to-boys radio! )

Well, that's all, Fandom. Enjoy your weekend of using men's rooms, ladies. And try to keep them clean, if you don't mind? Common courtesy.
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Are you serious with this stack? There are four notes in this stack. Couldn't you just save it for the Monday guy? Or do they have off for Martin Luther King Day?


Yeah, like radio gossip is more important than mail.

Okay, at school, Cassidy wrote some letters at the library. Whoo.

Nothing in the dorms, probably because everyone was asleep like I would've been if I didn't have work, but in town, I was at Stark's researching, uh, stuff to do next weekend, April did some homework at Caritas, and Bo was all twitchy after watching a movie at The Devil's Nest.

Super eventful stuff, I know. Happy basically-Saturday, guys.
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Wow, this again? And without Peter? You guys are getting desperate.

*angry chittering*

Yeah, whatever. Happy weekend, Fandom. Let's do this.

Yesterday in the dorms, Jessica was watching bad TV, which we know because the girl with the dinosaur complained about it and she has a dinosaur so clearly she has authority about everything. Sia -- are we sure that's a name? It looks like something a twelve-year-old would type after "G2G." Not very name-like -- wanted to know about Chuck Norris. I've never seen the appeal of that guy. Then Atton and Sia decided to steal the remote, which may or may not have worked, but Jessica was unperturbed enough afterwards to tell Atton facts about Chuck Norris.

In town, Kitty celebrated her birthday by being visited by her partly-naked boyfriend. Ew. No word on if the partial nudity was a result of her finally turning a reasonable age.

Meanwhile Dani was napping at that place where the horses are, which seems unsafe to me. Coulson was checking the safety of the MCA building, which seems like a solid plan to me, because wasn't that place previously run by a talking dog? I dealt with falling chocolate strawberries over at Stark Industries -- by the way, Billy, come over and you can have some, they're really good -- and at the Boards, Jono and Natalie played music at each other and didn't talk. Boring.

Finally, at Caritas, April threw darts at her college class schedule, so hopefully she has that saved on her phone or something. Electroclash and her talked about how it would make their jobs easier if someone could talk a student into programming an electronic beer dispenser. That sounds like a vending machine. I could make one of those. Look me up. Topher Brink. And then Coulson came over, and he and April talked about her superpowers of beer acquisition.

That makes the vending machine idea pretty pointless if you ask me. Unfortunately, they did not.

So... the end.
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So, short radio today, cool? Cool.


Nothing. Obviously. The picnic is today. Just seeing if you were paying attention.


Dolf was in his room, getting ready to leave. So was Lion-O. Karla was too, and Ender came by to teach Karla how to pack and talk about Ben's dad. Probably unrelated to the packing. Gabrielle wanted to make sure Karla wasn't sneaking off or whatever, whatever that means, and Warren was all grouchy because Karla was avoiding him. Don't worry, Warren, it's not so bad.

Annie was getting ready to leave too, and Rilla and her kid came by to talk about how they have to visit each other. Rilla and Annie. Not Rilla and the kid. And then Gabrielle came over and she and Annie talked about how hunting apartments isn't like hunting for deer. Which sounds pretty accurate.


Ben was leaving voicemails at Stark Industries. They were really awesome voicemails. 'May the fourth be with you.' Get it? Anyway Ender didn't think they were funny. Lame.

Toby had food or whatever at Goodvalor's, and Kenzi and Karla talked over at that gross store where Kenzi works.

Alex Cabot was getting ready to leave at her place, which apparently had something to do with some guy who did something and she was all upset about it. Okay.

Alistair and Max both left from the Causeway, but separately, and Max got accosted by a whole bunch of people and had to promise Cassidy he would keep in touch. Okaaay. Also he sat with Millie for a little bit, and then said goodbye to Karla and Cindy. And then Hercules left from there too, and Sarah was really jealous and kind of sulked at him. You know you can leave too, right? Bobby said bye too, and so did Cindy and Karla, who took the opportunity to brag about her awesome summer plans or whatever. And Warren made sure Hercules was going to keep in touch. So... cool.

Aaaand Gabrielle read some medical magazines at the clinic.

The end. I'm gonna go get tacos. Bye.
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*phone ringing*

Topher: Peter! Hi! Just in time for radio.

Peter: --WHY ARE SQUIRRELS MAILING ME NOTES? I'm kind of on a schedule here!

Topher: I know, right, mail takes forever, you'd at least think they could text it to you or something more efficient like that.

Peter: I mean I don't have time to do radio.

Topher: Oh. Well that's unfortunate. Well, maybe you'll change your mind.

twice the peter in this radio radio! )

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Peter, quit scaring the squirrels.

Yeah, there's a bazillion notes here and I'm reading all of them. Get excited.

oh god who let him do this by himself radio )

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Topher: Tired. Can we get through this?

Peter: Naturally. As soon as you stop whining )
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Peter: So far, nothing terrible has happened yet.

Topher: far?

Peter: Well, last week, the child crashed in about halfway through our introduction. I’m giving it time.

Topher: She wasn't terrible. You guys were buds. And stuff.

Peter: She was, however, the harbinger of a weekend full of headaches.

Topher: Well, yeah. I can't find anything in the l-- my room anymore.

Peter: Please don't tell me that little slip means you've now nicknamed your room.

Topher: ...sure. Let's go with that. )
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Peter: I’d say ‘good morning’, but I’m fairly sure no one’s having one. I just managed to shake my child for five minutes to come do this radio broadcast, and I doubt I’m alone.

Topher: Your what?

Peter: Kid. Showed up, claims to belong to me and Nat.

Topher: ...ew?

Peter: Strange. Anyw--

*thunk* *thud* *creak*

Genevieve: Parents.

Topher: that her?

Peter: … No.

Genevieve: *sigh* I’m Genevieve, do we really need introductions? You’ve had all morning to cope.

Topher: …...what?

Gen: Parents of mine. You are.

Peter: … Oh god, please kill me.

Topher: Me too. Um. Please.

Gen: Can’t. You’ve got radio to read.

Topher: But -- but -- how!?

Peter: … Topher, for the record? You are banned from science. Forever.

this child has no business in a radio booth radio! )


Peter: Did she just shout at you facetiously?

Topher: I think so.

Peter: I think I like this kid.

Topher: Well, I don't.

Gen: Nobody asked you, mom.

Topher: Stop calling me that!
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Peter: Good morning, listeners. This is Peter Wiggin for WTFH, and this is my sidekick...

Topher: Hey! I'm not a sidekick!

Peter: My sidekick, Topher Brink.

Topher: Not a sidekick!

Peter: Topher, you can’t even lift a paperback novel or manage interaction more complicated than calling out for pizza. Sidekick it is.

Topher: Ugh.

Peter: You’ll grow to like it.

It's true, he will. )

Oh, and Kenzi was enthusiastic. Someone hold me, I think I’m about to faint in surprise.

Topher: Ask that squirrel to do it.

Peter: What, the burly one? No thanks.

Topher: Maybe that one there with the bracelets?

Peter: No, on second thought, I think my fainting spell is passing.

Topher: Good, so we can leave.

Peter: Yes. And right now, please and thanks.
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Topher: 'm sleepy.

Peter: And I’m thrilled to know about it.

Topher: Squirrels took my pillow.

Peter: I’m sure you’ll get it back if you throw a few nuts at them.

Topher: ...well, I don't have any.

Peter: Third drawer to the right.

*sounds of a brief scuffle*

Topher: ...and now they're using it as a plate. THANKS.

Peter: It’s not my fault you’re too hapless to deal with them.

Zzzzzzz radio. )
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Topher: Holy shit. Am I the first one here for once?


Topher: Yeah, but Peter's always the first one here. It's like his thing.

Jeff: … No! No! Squirrels--!

Topher: You're not Peter.

Jeff: … No, I just roomed with him when I went to school here.

Topher: No you didn't. That was that drug guy.

Jeff: Yes, I did! I did room with Peter. Squirrels, tell him!


Topher: That's not English they're speaking, you know.

Jeff: How long have you been doing this? How is it you can’t speak squirrel yet?

Topher: are so weird.

the flailiest radio you ever did see )

Jeff: You’re really weird, you know that?

Topher: ...I like Peter way better than you. Way better.

Jeff: Well, I like Peter better than you, too.
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Topher: You look tired.

Peter: And you look like you haven’t seen the sun in five months. Can we please move on and get this over with?

Topher: For your information, I went outside yesterday. I had to pick up a package. So -- okay!?

Peter: Whatever. Notes. Get reading.

In which Peter is tired and jacked up on adrenaline and Topher isn't helping. )
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Topher: Seriously? On vacation? SERIOUSLY? You guys are the worst. Ugh.

Peter: No rest for the wicked. Or in our case, the annoyed and the you.

Topher: Why don't I get an adjective?

Peter: Oh, you’re an adjective all by yourself.

Topher: Thank you?

Peter: No.

i have screwed up my sleep schedule beyond all repair radio! )
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Topher: ...this is weird.

Peter: This is radio. We do it every week. You may remember it.

Topher: I mean I feel... never mind.

Peter: Jaye isn’t paying us-- not paying us-- to feel. She’s paying us to read notes. Chop chop, I have really important... homework to get back to.

Topher: Of course you do.

Peter: Look, the... homework came in this morning and I’m assured that it’s vital, okay? Let's move on. )
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Peter: Good morning, Fandom. I hope life hasn’t dropped any more evil dolls on your doorstep...

Topher: Do not. Talk to me. About the evil dolls.


Topher: NO.

Peter: Do I sense some trauma there, Toph?

Topher: They had huge eyes and I don't like them. I don't wanna talk about it.

Peter: Then I am terribly relieved to announce that we won’t. Moving on.

too tired for a witty cut tag radio! )
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Peter: Hello, good morning. Just for the record, yes, this is Peter Wiggin, and yes, you probably woke up with breasts this morning. No matter what your chest’s status was last night. We’ve checked that.

Topher: Make them go away I don't like them I don't like them...

Peter: Look, they’ll probably be gone by the end of the weekend. Stop going fetal position.

Topher: I just don't like them, okay?!

Peter: Yes, I got that idea on the walk over here.

Here's What You Did Yesterday. )
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Topher: So is this just a thing now? I mean, seriously, I hate this job. Are you sure we can't just let Peter --


Topher: Yeah, okay, had to ask.

*door, shutting*

Peter: Yes, I’m not any happier about it than you are, Christopher, but let’s leave the complaining for somewhere the listeners can’t hear it.

Topher: ...I keep meaning to make a remote for the mic or something. The squirrels never let me turn it off.

flailtastic radio )
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Topher: Ohmygosh! I really get to go first? Ohmygosh this is so cool. And it’s gonna be on TV and everything? Okay. Um, I’m Topher Brink, I’m a programmer, and I’m competing on The Bachelor this year because I’m just, like, really looking for a guy I can connect with, you know? And build technology with, hopefully. That’d be crazy awesome. Like, especially if we can build a --

Peter: *thump*

Topher: ...who are you? Are you competing too? It is MY TURN. OKAY? YOU CAN WAIT.

Peter: And that brings it home: there really are squirrels spying on you... and they are reporting their findings to the local radio. Myth: Confirmed!

Topher: What are you doing? This is MY introduction.

Peter: But the question is: are squirrels bribable with rum? Stay tuned, as we keep administering larger and larger quantities of rum to the squirrels and measure the results!

Topher: ...I'm not here to make friends. Do you know that? I am, like, here for one reason. And if you steal my spotlight... I will cut you.

Peter: Oz and I will be testing a grenade made entirely out of scrap today. You should come and see us work. Help us out! That’ll put you in the spotlight...

Topher: ...okay, that sounds sort of cool.

Peter: Excellent.

An overzealous Bachelor contestant and a Mythtern walk into a radio station... )

Peter: Want me to find the dictionary definition of orgies?

Topher: NO. I just, like, don't see why people are going around and being all *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* in people's faces. The point of this isn't to, like, make friends with each other. Oh my GOD.

Peter: Homo sapiens wouldn’t have achieved supremacy of the world if they hadn’t developed the ability to cooperate... friends that kill things together, kill bigger things together!

Topher: Ugh. Whatever. Okay? I am done with this. I just, like, really want to go in the hot tub. And get, like, face time. Okay? I am just... I am just DONE.

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Topher: LOOK. You guys keep kidnapping me and -- *yawn* -- it’s really, really not okay! Okay? I JUST WANT TO SLEEP.

Peter: … Topher? Why are you here? It’s my radio tryout - this is really not the time.

Topher: I really don’t like it any more than you do! Can I just leave, or...

*angry chittering*

Peter: No, seriously, squirrels.

Topher: ...the freaky pajama guy said not to anger them.

Peter: You mean vice principal Deadpool? Oh, well, as long as we’re taking advice from him...

Topher: ...he makes fun of me otherwise. I think he’s making fun. I can’t really be absolutely sure.

Peter: He’s making fun. You know how I know that?

Topher: No...

Peter: Because he makes fun of almost everyone, and almost everyone makes fun of you. It’s a pretty big Venn overlap.

Topher: Can we just...?!

*paper rustling*

So here’s what you did yesterday! ) Can we leave?

Peter: The door’s wide-open. You know. If you’re willing to slip past the squirrel who’s still - snicker - making hand gestures....

Topher: can go first.

Peter: I don’t know. I think that squirrel could use a few lessons in expanding his repertoire.

Topher: Then he can take the stupid class that I got signed up for.

Peter: Come on, Topher. Get in the spirit of things! Here, I know a couple. What do you think about...

*door creaking, followed by a faraway girly shriek*
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Awww, squirrels. Why you gotta drag me in here again? You missed me? Is that it?


Fine, be that way. I don't need your love! I don't need anyone! Except for these notes. And that rum. Maybe my swords...

In which Topher beats Britta on being the worst. )</>
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Topher: Ow! OW! Why are you GRABBING me? No. No. I DON’T WANNA BE BITTEN. GET OFF. GET AWAY FROM ME. Look, I’ve told you a zillion times, I DON’T KNOW WHERE PETER IS -- okay. FINE. OKAY. STOP IT. I will call him. Okay!? OKAY.


Peter: This is Peter. Topher, what do you want?


Topher: Um. There are some angry squirrels trying to eat my hair! I think they wanna know where you are.

Peter: … So you call me? Now they have my number!

Topher: ...I didn’t want them to EAT MY HAIR, Peter.


Topher: Look, can you just read those? Loudly?

Peter: Topher, no one’s going to eat your hair, because your hair is disgusting.

*pressing of holographic keys*

Topher: Is not.

Peter: No, it definitely is. Anyway, let me take a look at this... Minion )

Topher: ...wait, I’m out of pages. Is it over?

Peter: Yes, it’s over. Thanks for messing up my Thanksgiving already, Brink.

Topher: Anytime! Hey, can I talk to Val?

Peter: … Why?

Topher: I dunno. To say happy Thanksgiving or something? She seemed cool. But, you know. Scary. Also.

Peter: Turn off the radio equipment and we’ll talk.

Topher: Cool! Okay, I’ll --


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