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Raven [giggling]: Gooooood morning, Fandom. I hope everyone got a good night's sleep last night and is well rested for today.

Bel: Ah, I see we're in giggling psychopath mode today.

Raven: What is that supposed to mean?

Bel: You have more channels than my TV. And I have a pretty good cable package.

Raven: I do not know what you are talking about.

Bel: Whatever you say, Sibyl.

Raven: My name is Raven. Please be quiet. We must complete our task of reading the news, and then I must get to detention.

Half-demons in serious need of caffeine radio! )
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DRAKE: Good evening, Fandom, it's Double Demon radio tonight, since I dragged Bel along again. Say, buddy, why is your face bruised?

BEL: Don't ask.

DRAKE: You know making me use my imagination just makes it worse.

BEL: Shut up and read your notes. )

BEL: Now can I leave?

DRAKE: Depends. Do I get to kiss your boo boos and make them better?

BEL: Keep your hands to yourself.

DRAKE: *sigh* See what I mean? Tease.
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BEL: They have you doing the radio now? Don't they know they shouldn't encourage you?

DRAKE: What can I say, people love me here. So you going to help me or not?

BEL: I've done it before. I know the routine.

DRAKE: Show me how it's done, hot stuff.

BEL: ...shut up.

Double Demon Radio! )
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DAWN: Good evening, Fandom. This is Dawn, and I'm here with Bel, and we're here to update you on this singularly depressing Friday. Is it too much to ask that people stop leaving town? And then getting stuck wherever they're going?

Er, hypothetically speaking.

BEL: Yeah, it has been a pretty depressing day. We could always tie them up and stuff them in a closet or something. . . .

DAWN: Oooh, like what happened to Seely, according to his broadcast. And I thought it was just Angel who liked...not that I ever read...*clears throat* Maybe we could make it a fad? I could think of one or two people...or maybe not. *clearing throat again* Is there water? Anyway...

BEL: *long pause, as if there's a demon imagining a naked vampire or a naked vampire look-a-like in a closet* Right. Anyway. Where do we start? Cut for extreme wordiness )

DAWN: *pause* Do you think the deathwish goes with the hair?

BEL: He stopped by after she stripped him naked and knocked him out in a closet? Very brave, or very stupid.

DAWN: Maybe he just likes it...oh, hey, full circle!

BEL: Huh. We start with Angel naked in a closet, and . . . SEELY. I mean SEELY.

DAWN: Now I have to go scrub my brain! Thanks so much for that, Bel. Ewwwww.

BEL: Yeah, uh, me too. We should wrap this up so we can go home and, um, scrub.

DAWN: And on that note, we're done! Happy scrubbing, Fandom!

BEL (solemnly): Happy scrubbing.
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VERONICA: Good evening, Fandom! Tonight I bring you a very special edition of radio... with snakes!

BEL: Hey, Veronica. You doing radio?

VERONICA: No, I'm writing a spec script for Wormhole Xtreme using real life Fandom adventures. What are you doing?

BEL: Oh, cool, I was just watching that for the first time tonight. We just heard your voice and decided to pop in.

PHOEBE: Hi, Veronica!

VERONICA: Phoebe, have you been drinking?

PHOEBE: Oh yes! It was better than dealing with the snakes.

VERONICA: You know, I think the snakes are the most normal thing that's happened in Fandom in a long time.

NADIA: Veronica! There you are! Did you hear that Blair is sleeping with--hiiiiiiiii Bel . . . Phoebe . . . Cally!

CALLY: What, huh, what's goin' on?

PHOEBE: Who is Blair sleeping with?

NADIA: . . .

BEL: You said he had a thing for me. He doesn't!

VERONICA: You're sleeping with Blair?

NADIA: Are you jealous that Blair stole your demon?

VERONICA: He's not MY demon!
PHOEBE: He's not her demon, he's MY demon!

CALLY: Wait, who else is sleeping with Bel now?

What happens when a witch, a demon, a spy and a mechanic crash radio )

BEL: And that's it for the radio--Nadia, what are you doing?!

NADIA: It's . . . a diagram.

BEL: Of what?

NADIA: . . . Your sex life. See? I've got Phoebe in the middle along with Blair and Veronica.

VERONICA: I'm not sleeping with Bel!

BEL: And I'm not sleeping with Blair!

NADIA: But I saw you kiss him in sex ed.

BEL: Kissing doesn't mean anything! I kissed Veronica in Spin the Bottle--

NADIA: My point exactly!

BEL: --and everyone kissed Veronica at her birthday party!

NADIA: Okay, there is that. I kissed her then, too.

CALLY: Me too.

PHOEBE: I didn't . . . is it my turn?


BEL: Yes. Yes it is.

VERONICA: . . . Oh sure, why not. Come here.

(prolonged pause filled with muffled unidentifiable noises)

NADIA: You guys could always just have a threesome. . . .


CALLY: . . . I'll be in my bunk.


[ooc: this edition of LARP radio brought to you by me, [livejournal.com profile] sogothcally, [livejournal.com profile] demonbelthazor, [livejournal.com profile] future_visions and [livejournal.com profile] nadiathesaint (who also made the awesome icon!).]
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BEL: Good evening, Fandom, and welcome to the Bel and Dawn Show. As usual when Veronica isn't around, I've hijacked the radio, and once again I promise not to mention anything about her sex life or lack thereof. Continuing my tradition of lovely co-hosts -- except Tyler, because, sorry, dude, you're not my type -- I have Dawn helping me out tonight.

DAWN: Hi, Fandom! I'm not here to talk about Veronica's sex life either.

BEL: Everyone else is fair game, however.

DAWN: Uh uh. Some of us don't have sex lives.

BEL: What about you and . . . do I have to beat someone up?

DAWN: No! There will be no beating up! Oh my god, you're as bad as Buffy. Er, other Buffy, not this one, who is still in Tahiti. He was a good boyfriend. And as long as we're on the topic, no shovels, no fireballs, no threats, no shimmering him to the frigid home of the penguins...

BEL: You left out the fiery pits of hell. There's a nice ledge I know about. It's narrow and over a pit of lava....

DAWN: No! Bad half-demon, no redemption.

BEL: All right, all right. *muttered* Spoilsport. */muttered* Should we get down to business?

Snipped for length. )

BEL: Are you sure I don't have to beat anyone up?

DAWN: Yes, I'm sure, but thank you for asking. That's very sweet of you, in an overprotective psychotic kind of way. *kisses cheek*

BEL: *in a beaming sort of voice* That's just the way I am. I'm very protective. And sometimes prone to violent bursts of anger, right, Anders?

DAWN: Anders? I hear Portugal's nice...

BEL: I can shimmer there, too. Anyway, that's the end of our notes, so that's the end of the show.

DAWN: Night, Fandom, and if anyone has pictures of me from tonight, I'd like one to send to my sister to give her apoplexy. Er, I mean burn them.

BEL: Good night, Fandom. Phoebe, I'll be home after I stop by Anders's room.

DAWN: I give up.
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BEL: Veronica's trusting me with the radio again. I promised I won't mention her sex life.

Tyler: And this is Tyler. Bel dragged me up here for some reason. I won't blow anything up. Is there interesting gossip on Veronica's sex life?

BEL: Archie left then came back for her. So it's all romantic mushy stuff rather than anything torrid.

Tyler: That's oddly disappointing. So, what, we just read these notes, that's it?

BEL: Editorial comments never hurt anyone.

TYLER: I like the way you think. And everyone knows that if you hear it on the radio, it's true.

Cut for length: )

TYLER: And that is the news for today, and I believe my esteemed cohost has an important conversation to have, so I am signing off.

BEL: Oh yes. And I don't think Veronica will kill either of us this time, will she?

TYLER: We didn't even say her name, and I've been good. Mostly. Should we tell her we love her, just in case?

BEL: Archie might steal the taser and come after us then.

TYLER: And a sailor with a taser is a frightening thing. Actually, that's probably true.

BEL: We'd better get out of here before we accidentally say something embarrassing about Veronica's sex life.

TYLER: Do you think the taser is involved in it? I will leave you with that thought. Goodnight.

BEL: Good night, Fandom. Phoebe, I'll be home in a few minutes.
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BEL: In a fit of insanity, Veronica asked me to cover the radio tonight. She's busy getting lucky.

WILLOW: She is? I had no idea the local prison let the inmates out today.

MARIE: She's not going to hear this right?

WILLOW: Hopefully none of us are going to hear her.

BEL: She did mention something about downloading the podcasts, but hopefully (for her sake) she'll be too busy basking in the afterglow.


WILLOW: Bel! Some of us want to retain our will to live!

BEL: What? If she's gonna get some, more power to her. Archie'll be a happy man.

WILLOW: Are we sure he's human? Um, no offense, Bel.

BEL: I do know he's not a demon.

MARIE: Can we stop talking about Veronica's sex life and start the news?

WILLOW: Can we stop talking about Veronia's sex life, you know, ever?

BEL: Sure, where should we start?

Cut for Length )
BEL: Good night, Fandom!

WILLOW: Good night, Fandom!

MARIE: Good night!
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MARIE: ... if we get caught? Hm, I don't think that button did anything.

WILLOW: Oh how's Veronica going to know? It's not like she's smarter than me.

MARIE: I haven't met her, but I'm sure you're right. *pause* Um, does that red light mean we're on the air?

WILLOW: Oh! Okay. Um, hi, Fandom! This is your pirate radio broadcast, which you can tell because I'm wearing a poofy shirt. Well, not that you can actually tell that, but take my word. There's also a skirt but I don't know if pirates wear skirts. I don't ask. That seems personal.

MARIE: She really is. I can see her. And I don't know if pirates wear skirts. Maybe we should call Barbossa next Thursday and ask.

WILLOW: Sometimes guys wear kilts. Do you think Barbossa is Scottish?

MARIE: Around here? I'd believe anything. *sound of someone attempting to whisper* The announcers usually give their names.

WILLOW: *sound of someone not successfully covering the microphone* They do? Oh poop.

MARIE: Uh huh. *sounds of a pencil scratching on paper*

WILLOW: Okay. Um. Then I'm... Rowan... no that's too obvious. Ash? No. Pine tree? Wait, how on earth would somebody be named pine tree?

MARIE: I dunno. Sounds kind of weird to me. Anyway... um... Hi, Fandom, I'm... Julie, your cruise director announcer for this evening, here with my friend...

WILLOW: Um... Michelle... Aldrin? *sound of badly covered mike again* That was so dumb! No way do I look like a Michelle or somebody Aldrin!

MARIE: *whispered* It doesn't matter! *normal voice* Your regular radio host couldn't be here tonight, so we're filling in. You want to start... Michelle?

WILLOW: *far too long pause* Oh! Um, yes. That would be me.

omg long! )


BEL: And I don't need alone time for spanking.


MARIE: Dirty!

BEL: On second thought.....

VERONICA: All right, everyone say good night!

WILLOW: Good night!

MARIE: Good night!

BEL: Night.

VERONICA: Barbossa, we need to talk about better security down here.

*dead air*

[ooc: so much love to [livejournal.com profile] willbedone for co-writing and a special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] demonbelthazor and [livejournal.com profile] marsheadtilt for their guest appearances! sorry if we missed any luau links, but that post was over 2000 comments!]

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Saturday, May 20th, 2006 12:27 am
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FAITHFUL: Good evening! To take a break from all the boring human announcers, I'll be doing your radio tonight. For those of you who don't get it: I'm a cat. Meow. New students, neither you or I are insane. Well, you might be insane, I'm just a talking cat.

BEL: And I'm a demon. Just for anyone who didn't know.

FAITHFUL: Right, news. Screeeeech. Note to self: Claws on microphone are bad.

BEL: Don't break anything. Veronica will kill us.

FAITHFUL: It's her fault for forgetting to get a replacement before she went out of town.

BEL: She had other things on her mind. Like what she's doing to Archie now. *snicker*

FAITHFUL: ... Yuck.

And now for the ... news )
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Veronica: Good evening, Fandom, this is Veronica. I've been off the island all day and I just got back, so I have no idea what you've all been up to. Bear with me since I haven't had a chance to review my notes.

Bel: So this is where you do the radio from. Huh, pretty cool.

Veronica: You're still here? Thanks for the lift today. I'll talk to you later.

Bel: I wanna stay and do the radio with you.

Veronica: *sigh* Why?

Bel: Why not? I've always wondered what it was like behind the scenes here. Like where you get your dirt from and stuff. Besides, you owe me for the ride.

Veronica: Fine. If you're gonna stick around, make yourself useful. Hand me that batch of notes, please?

Cut for zomg length. )

Bel: Okay, okay, you can put the taser down.

Veronica: I'll put it down when you leave.

Bel: Fine, I was just trying to be helpful.

Veronica: Yeah, yeah. Just go. Goodnight, Fandom. Hopefully we'll all get our clothes back tomorrow.

Bel: Good night!

[ooc: MAD PROPS to [livejournal.com profile] demonbelthazor who wrote the majority of this broadcast while I was out having a *gasp* life this evening.]

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