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Hey, Hann--

Really? Really? Seriously? Ugh. Hey, Fandom. Miley Ray here. Guess what? William was in the library yesterday. Crazy, I know.

Okay, bye! Happy New Year's!

*loud sounds of camera shutters, then a click*
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Hey, Han--

Hang on. Hang on, someone's calling me. Hello?


Oh my god, you are kidding me. Seriously? I'm at a -- ugh. Hang on a second. EVERYBODY QUIET!


Good morning, Fandom! This is Miley Ray here, coming at you with a special remote broadcast of WTFH Fandom Radio, live from Malibu, CA! Hope the sun is shining back at school, 'cause it sure is here, so here comes the news, mkay? Lemme just pull up my email... there we go.

Not a ton happened at school yesterday, looks like, 'cause school's over. But in the dorms, a lot was going on! Petra was packing up her stuff and found fruitcake all over the place, and Jack was packing too. Cara was working on a punching bag at the gym, and my fantastic awesome amazing boyfriend Dave was using a fruitcake as a paperweight. Sounds fun! I'm so not gonna ask about the fruitcakes, though.

In the common room, Wesley had fruitcake too, which is where Mercy came in to ask about the fruitcake and tell him that she's a coyote. Okay! Then Alex came in too, and they talked about their plans for break. Fun!

That's it for dorms, so here's stuff on town!

Ronan was tweeting at the clinic. Ooh, I totally love twitter. Y'all should follow Justin Bieber, his tweets are amazing. Vincent had a fruitcake at Cafe Luke's, and Immature Jack came by to demand food as Vincent's Christmas present. Ugh. Really, Jack? Really? Tino covered for Jake at Caritas, Hermione drank coffee at the Perk, and Trick was taking a customer service exam at Portalocity when Ronan came in on a twitter break to make sure that the building hadn't been burned down.

I really hope no one needed anything at the clinic yesterday. OMG.

Anyway, that's all for today, guys! Have a great rest of break! XOXO!
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Hey, y'all! Miley Ray coming at you from WTFH Radio, here to bring you some radio. And before I get goin', I'd just like to tell each and every one of you to GO OUTSIDE AND PET THE POLAR BEARS! They're totally cute and I have no idea what they're doing here instead of, like, Alaska where they're supposed to be, but GO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEM.
Also, they're handing out Diet Coke, so, if you're thirsty…
you thought you missed her being hyper didn't you radio )
Cool! So that's all the news for today, y'all! I hope you had a totally great semester and that the rest of your finals go awesomely. Thanks for listening! Have a fantastic winter break and I'll see y'all in the spring. Till then, this is Miley Ray, signing off.
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Hey, guys. Yadda yadda yadda, WTFH radio, Miley Ray with the news of the day… let's get started, 'kay? Y'all smart types are gonna want to be in the library, I'm assuming, so get goin'.
why didn't I just write this in the morning radio )

Okay! That's all for today, folks! Remember: LIBRARY. Like, now, if you can. 'Kay, cool, bye.
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*sniffling, then a very quiet, uncharacteristic Miley-voice*

Hey, Fandom. Um, happy Tuesday. News time, okay?

At school, there were, you know, classes. Cultural Understanding talked about healing. Creative Arts worked on projects. Basic Strategy worked on bargaining.

William researched in the library. Yeah.

In the dorms, I, um, got a phone call.

Then in town, Leda was on the causeway and about to leave. Billy Kessler came to ask her about why she left him something. Early Christmas present? I... I don't know. And Karla wanted a goodbye.

At the clinic, Ronan wanted to find a way home.

Yeah. No. You really don't.

Emma showed up to ask for band-aids. And Izzy brought cookies.

Ender researched at Stark Industries. And Ben came by to, um. Kiss him hello.

Good. Yeah. People, um. Need that right now.

Arthur stared out at Galactica Point. Jaina came to say hi and they talked about weapons. Francine came by for a hug.

Vincent made a lot of food at Cafe Luke's. Imma-- Jack came by for a milkshake, and Billy Kessler came by for space ale.

Pinkie tried to leave but the Causeway wouldn't let her. Seriously? That's a thing? Oh, sweet niblets. And Kitty came by to reassure her. Which, um. I could really use. If anyone has some extra, um, reassurance. I live in 311.

Angelicatook the horses out at The Gig.

At the Devil's Nest, Jack was grumpy. Max came in for a drink. Huh.

At Karla's, uh, store where she works, she was smashing snow globes. Billy Kessler, Izzy and Shira joined in. Cassidy wanted hugs. Yeah, that's another thing I could really use right now. Sam Winchester came by and heard that Dinah was gone. I... don't know Dinah, but I'm sorry. Merlin also heard about Dinah and told Karla to be productive. Raven told her to be careful of the broken glass, and Ben brought hugs.

Lucky Karla.

Okay. That's it. I'm, um, going back to sleep. 'Bye.
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Hey, y'all! Hope everyone's having an awesome fantastic amazing week like I am! Miley Ray here, bringing you the news of yesterday! Let's get started, 'kay?

hyper oblivious almost-a-birthday-girl radio! )
Okay, that's all the news for the day, guys! See you tomorrow at my birth—
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Hey, y'all! Miley Ray here again, bringing you the news so you don't have to go out and get it yourself! Or something. It's a good thing. Promise.
Let's start with school!
why do i thread so much on my radio days radio )
Oooookay, and that's all the news for the day, guys! Till next time, this is Miley Ray Stewart signing off!
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Hey, y'all! Miley Ray here for your weekly dose of energetic Southern charm in the mornings! How are you guys doing today? Well, I hope it's good, and I guess now we'll find out, 'cause here comes yesterday's news!
too much energy radio! )

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Hey, y'all! Miley Ray here again, bringing you the news of the day, so hip-hip-hooray, 'cause we're gonna learn all the news! …Yay!
Halloween Radio! )
Okay, Fandom, that's all the news for the day! Catch you next week, here on WTFH Fandom Radio. Have a great week, y'all!

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Hey, y'all! Miley Ray here again for your Tuesday morning news, so you don't get the blues, 'cause I'm… wearing new shoes!

Whatever, I haven't rhymed for a couple weeks, so we're going with that.

Madly in love with pop star self radio! )
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Hey, guys! Miley Ray here, welcoming y'all back from your fabulous fall break! And if your break wasn't fabulous, um, my condolences. Welcome back to school!
Let's jump into the WTFH Fandom Radio news, 'kay? And heeere we go!
Vaguely scared of glitterflags radio! )
Well, that's all for yesterday, guys! Till next time, this is Miley Ray Stewart signing off!
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Hey, y'all! Miley Ray here again, bringing you the news of what you were up to yesterday, 'cause I care. And 'cause these squirrels are much more aggressive than the ones in Tennessee.
For one, the ones in Tennessee don't drink apple juice. That's apple juice, right?
So here we go!
Lots of Ks in today's broadcast! )
Mysteries, y'all.
So that's all the news we've got for today, everybody! Till next time, remember to brush your teeth, charge your phones, and tune in bright and early on Tuesday for more of the WTFH news! Catch ya later!
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Hey, y'all! It's Miley Ray coming at you live on the airways from the WTFH radio station, on the corner of Minotaur Lane and Black Swan Drive, Fandom, Maryland, zip code --

Well, I don't know what the zip code is.

But here I am! So let's get started with classes, y'all.

Damn, that's a lot of laundry in tonight's radio. )

Ooh, wait! We now have a breaking news bulletin! This intrepid squirrel comes bringing a note that on Saturday night, Fandom will be hosting a recital for talented students of all grade levels! So get those sign-ups in! 

...and if any of y'all can square-dance, let me know, 'kay?

Alrighty, Fandom, that's all the news for today! But till next time, remember to brush your teeth, do your laundry -- as Bod, Ben and Topher so thoughtfully reminded us -- and get your dancing shoes and guitars and whatever else you need ready for Saturday! This is Miley Ray Stewart, signing off.
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Hey, y'all! It's Miley Ray again, coming at you from WTFH Fandom Radio, here to bring you the daily news so you won't get the blues, and…
I like kangaroos.
*irritated chittering*
Come on, you guys! I'm really trying here!
Clothes-obsessed radio! )

So that's all for today, guys! Now, if we could just get back to the discussion of leg--

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Hey, y'all, it's Miley Ray comin' at you from WTFH, which keeps the news hopping around this island like a frog in an icebox. Here we go.

Deliriously Tired Radio! )

Okay, guys, that's it for me. I need a nap and some loco hot cocoa, stat. Till next time, this is Miley Ray Stewart, signing off. But before I go, enjoy this awesome song by Han--

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Aww! You guys are so cute! I am telling you, back home in Tennessee you might be going in the stew, but –

*frantic chittering*

‘Scuse me?

WELL, then. Hmph.

Hey, y’all, this is Miley Ray coming at you from – what’s this called again?


– WTFH radio, here to bring you the news of the latest stuff goin’ down in this island town, ‘cause… that’ll ward off the frowns! I’ve got a bunch of notes and an empty morning ahead of me, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the morning!

Disney Radio: Totally Appropriate For Islandbabies. Money-Back Guarantee! )

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