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Faithful: "For the last time, good evening Fandom!"

Aly: "Because by next week, our friend will be back home. Are you looking forward to it?"

Faithful: "Yes, absolutely. No more crazy students or events, no more people willing to give me large amounts of good food, and no more television. Of course I'm looking forward to going home."

Aly: "Good to know you're looking forward to your leaving just as much as I am."

Faithful: "Oh yes. So what happened on this island today?"

Aly: "There was a party on a cruise ship."

Faithful: "Why wasn't I invited?"

Aly: "Because you aren't a teacher."

Faithful: "Harumph!"

Aly: "But there was probably some other stuff going on. Let's check the notes."

I've got nothing, you? )
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Aly: "Hi everybody! So this Aly and this black cat totally dragged me into the radio station because apparently everyone wants to hear from me. So hi!"

Faithful: "This is Faithful. Apparently, I'm as insane as my owner and decided to drag a total stranger to do radio with me."

Aly: "You're really cute though. For a cat. Are you sure you're not a demon?"

Faithful: "...Positive. Where are you from again?"

Aly: "LA."

Faithful: "LA...LA...LA." *snort* "That explains a lot."

Aly: *LONG pause* "What exactly are you implying?"

Faithful: "You know? Even I'm not that sure." *another long pause* "So who exactly did you grow up with?"

Aly: "Angel and Logan. Nosy like a cat too. Come on now, how do we do this? I went to this school, but only nerds did radio." *pause* "Umm, I mean..."

Faithful: "I'm going to pretend you didn't say that. Just read the pretty notes the squirrels left you and make up random stuff about people."

Today, in Fandom, the world turned orange. )

Aly: "Mmm, sugar. I could use more sugar. It'd be fun." *flips through notes* "Wait, we're done? Yes! Okay, crazy people of Fandom, you're all nuts. Cute boys? Look me up."

Faithful: "Room 326. Alcohol. Brain bleach. Shrimp."

Aly: "That's the cat. Not me. Just to be clear."

Faithful: "Exactly. Night Fandom!"

Aly: "Don't let the bedbugs bite! Or the gnarl demons, ick."
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Faithful: "Evening Fandom!"

Aly: "Friday evening even. Which makes it the weekend before finals."

Faithful: "Mwahahahaha!"

Aly: *laughing* "Those are the laughs of person and cat who don't have to take them."

Faithful: "We mock you. Hear us mock."

Aly: "Mockity, mock, mock. Should we read the notes or is the mocking enough?"

Faithful: "Can we just mock? I like mocking."

Aly: "Could mock the notes."

And lo, in the west, the mockery appeared. )
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Faithful: "It's Thursday evening and my human co-host is nowhere to be seen. What to do, what to do? Wait for her and waste your valuable - ha! - time with chatter and music or just start without her? I don't feel like wasting my time, so I'll just annoy you all with my take on the news. Enjoy!

Guitar presents on heroes. Someone just ran into the door. Artifacts talks about Atlantis. Someone is now hitting the door. There's a debate about the existance of Atlantis. IT'S OPEN you idiot! Oh hey, who are you?"

Oh look, a change in the program. )

Faithful: "So why don't you make them?"

Marco: "Because most people, not cats, are intelligent enough to realize the joke themselves and laugh without needing me to point out the obvious."

Faithful: "I think we've already prooven who's the most intelligent here."

Marco: "I control the can opener."

Faithful: "I control you."

Marco: "No you don't."

Faithful: "Yes, yes I do. So there. Good night Fandom!"

Marco: "Wha-oh. Good ni-"
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Faithful: "Good evening. This is just a reminder that WTFH is a serious newstation that only announces serious news."

Aly: "Evening all. This is just a reminder that Faithful's apparently on crack."

Faithful: "I do not do crack. I'm a cat. It would kill me, and I'm too pretty to die."

Aly: "Mmm, I love the smell of hubris in the evening."

Faithful: "Like chicken. No, wait, that's taste. Can I have some chicken? I don't think I've had any in a while."

Aly: "Maybe when we're done, I'll get you some chicken."

Faithful: "So let's get started! We'll get done quicker and I'll get chicken quicker. I hope nothing happened today."

Aly: *laughter* "Honey, you missed out."

Faithful: "Did you just call me honey?"

Aly: "Clean your ears out."

Faithful: "...Who are you and what have you done with Aly?"

Aly: "What, does it annoy you?"

Fandom High. We know drama. )
Faithful: "..."

Aly: "What? Time for you to earn your chicken."

Faithful: "I get my chicken now?"

Aly: "It's not chicken from a student."

Faithful: "But is it chicken?"

Aly: "Yes. It's chicken. Do we have to keep talking about it?"."

Faithful: "Yay, I get chicken! Take that Jaime the Yapper! Ha! And remember kids, WTFH, a news source you can trust. No copyright infrigment meant."

Aly: "...you're officially insane. Night all!"

Faithful: "Night!"
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Before anyone says anything, I should tell you I hear there's a monster on the roof. Go check it out.

Other than that, you just have me tonight. I hope no one is too terribly disappointed. If you are? Go find that monster.

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Nadia: Hello Fandom! This is Nadia Santos, once again on Pirate Radio, and joined by a bit of a strange crew to bring you the news this evening.

Brian: Greetings Fandom! This is Brian Slade and I've been kidnapped by a crazed fan. (Help!)

Nadia: *smacking sound* You have not. And you didn't seem to be complaining last night.

Brian: Ow! I said I'm not like that!

Liam: Get off me you little demon rats! *sounds of chittering* Demon squirrels then!

Wilson: I was enjoying a walk in the park you little fur brained rodents! *sound of chittering* No my Hippocratic Oath does not cover emergency broadcasting for the ... oh forget it, where's the rum?

Salem: Rum? This job comes with rum, let's me see what everyone is doing, and make of fun of them for it?

Nadia: It's the best job ever. And I'm guessing you're not Faithful, since he's done it before. We're sharing that rum, right?

Salem: Faithful? What kind of a pathetic name is that? I'm Salem Saberhagen.

Liam: The cat is talking! I'm surrounded by demon beasts.

Brian: The cat is talking? Did you put something in my drink, Nadia?

Wilson: Try teaching classes here, Irish.

Salem: Of course the cat talks. Mortals. Oooh, tuna.

Nadia: Give me that bottle. Are we going to talk about the news, or are we going to sit here and double-u tee eff about the talking cat all night?

Liam: A talking demon cat is news, lass!

Brian: Unless it's just a bit of pharmacology, and then it's old hat. Fun. But old hat.

Nadia: The cat talks, it's not a demon, it's not that weird for Fandom, and I don't think I want to share my rum with you two any more. Dr. Wilson, would it be unethical to drug them all and just do this radio broadcast by ourselves?

Wilson: Probably and besides, this is Fandom, we don't need recreational pharmacology, we generate our own quite nicely. Are these the notes for tonight? *Sound of rustling paper* And these....and these...and...oh dear Lord.

Salem: Unethical? Nah. But then there'd be a lot less emberrassment tomorrow morning. Let's get to it!

Dorms: Sanity not needed )

Liam: Oh thank the Lord. I could kiss each and every one of you.

*alarmed chittering*

*sound of something heavy hitting a thick Irish skull*

*drunken Irish snores until the radio cuts out*

[I crawl off to die now. Much, much, love to my fellow radioers [livejournal.com profile] dr_jwilsonmd, [livejournal.com profile] nadiathesaint, [livejournal.com profile] threeweapons, and [livejournal.com profile] walter_n_wires]
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Faithful: "Good evening Fandom. I have been abandoned by my co-host."

Alanna: "Which would be how I got into this gig."

Faithful: "I need someone with thumbs!"

Alanna: "Good to know that's all I'm good for."

Faithful: "You work a can-opener well."

Alanna: "You can't tell, but I'm rolling my eyes here."

Faithful: "I'm being abused."

Alanna: "Ugh, can we just get on to the news?"

Faithful: "That we can."

School. Where there is learning
Alanna: "So today, Media looked at stereotypes. There are none for talking cats that I can think of. Sad. Interstellar Relations asks and answers questions."

Faithful: "Always a good activity. Pop Culture reviews. Joxer finds out that the Macarena is unpopular culture. They should have a class on that. Cross Species Communication works on their final projects. Sure. And Spanish watches a movie. Boring."

Alanna: "Everything is always boring for you."

Faithful: "Not everything."

Alanna: "Fine, almost everything. Prophecy talks about self-fulfiling prophecies. Those always make my head hurt. Marty tells Pippi what he did to Bel. ... Dirty? Dean smuggles something in his jacket. I used to do that, but then you started talking too loudly. However, I doubt Dean has a kitten in there. Also in that class, Wilson sends Nadia to the clinic. Oh Nadia. Not again."

Faithful: "And here I thought only cats had nine lives. World History reviews by playing 20 questions and hangman. Heh. Various teachers had office hours. As did the principal and vice-principal. Jack and Isabel visited the first and Parker the second."

Alanna: "The library was vaguely busy today. I'm kind of worried, since Angela and Parker use it to plan revenge. Just uh...don't do anything that might have an effect on oh, me in the next week, okay? And uh, Chad looks for a book on muscles. I don't want to know. Angela! Shame on you, eating in the library!"

Faithful: "You're strange."

Dorms. Where there is living.
Alanna: "Conner doesn't realize that it's not October and is wearing a costume and watching a kids show. Cally thinks he's a crazy fanboy. Conner doesn't help his case when he tells Billy about being thrown into trees."

Faithful: "And apparently the reason for his strange behavior? He made a wish. Smart boy, really. Who then comes out to Chad. Take that as you will. And for reasons unknown to this cat, Z tries to cut Conner out of his uniform. You people are so weird."

Alanna: "That we are. Peter Parker planned something sinister with Sakurazaki who then calls Cally for help. That worries me. Peter and Cally decide to watch TV instead."

Faithful: "Why is it every time I do the news, Bel and Phoebe are snuggly. Do they hate me? Cameron wants to know what Bel did. Don't we all. And a lot of people leave town. Will they come back?"

Alanna: "I hope so, because Peter not Parker, Willow, Bel, Phoebe, Lana, and Zuko are on that list. Jamie can stay away. Conner wakes up in his uniform. Suddenly, the earlier comments make sense. Wilson talks to Marty about Bel. Someday, someone will tell me what happened."

Faithful: "That day is not today. But! Nadia visits Marty. And uh, Billy has a thing with Christmas and radio. Don't tell me. Finally, Lana wakes Jim by packing. I have a feeling a lot of our notes were backwards onight."

Town. Where there is living
Alanna: "Wilson leaves cookies for the Doctors. Isn't he a doctor? I'm confused. Um...this doesn't help. The Doctor talks with Jane about snogging another Doctor. Um...okay. In less odd news, Snarky Repairs is open."

Faithful: "If your snark is broken, go on in! And speaking of open places: Caritas. And the clinic. Both times. Also, Braca has an eyepatch. You don't want to know."

Alanna: "The squirrels are right, I don't. Let's see, what else. Wilson checks out the new health center. Jane checks out the Weasleys. I never, ever needed to know that. Apu is cranky. I can totally relate. Are you going to die on Saturday, too?"

Faithful: "You're not going to die. Chad and Pippi are at Empire Records. They're not going to die either. And it's Argentian Tango Day at Church. This makes the squirrels happy."

Alanna: "Scary, scary squirrels. The Devil's Nest is busy tonight. Wilson is becoming a regular. Dr. Venture shows of his toupee. I've got nothing. Rosette gets a drink and hit on by Dr. Venture and his magical toupee. She's then bouncy at Lucifer. Okay. Lucifer sneaks up on Wilson at the pool table."

Faithful: "And that's all for us for tonight!"

Alanna: "Stay crazy Fandom! And if I don't come back? Know that where ever I am, I am thinking of you all and desperately wishing I was back. Stay safe."
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FAITHFUL: "I can't believe I got talked into this."

DAWN: *whispers* "I can. Thanks for coming. I owe you tuna." *louder* "Hi, Fandom! You get replacement people tonight, because Weiss is off being Elvis and eating fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches in front of the adoring Vegas masses. Never fear, though, because Faithful and I are here to make sure no one suddenly gets lost in the confusion that was...oh, right, very little happening today."

FAITHFUL: "I would like to point out that this is the third time in the past week that I've done radio. I would also like to point out that I don't shed!"

DAWN: "So the cat hair all over the broadcasting equipment is from...what, exactly?"

FAITHFUL: "That's not cair hat! Cat hair!"

DAWN: "Then the squirrels really need haircuts. All I'm saying."

FAITHFUL: "Exactly!"

DAWN: "And now I'm imagining a little squirrel barber chair...awww."

FAITHFUL: "With a little orange sauce on the side...."

DAWN: "Ewwwwww."

FAITHFUL: "What?" This is why cats and Dawns shouldn't do radio together )

FAITHFUL: "Of course not. And I'm not rolling my eyes. Are we done?"

DAWN: "Yes, we're done. And if you're not careful, they'll stick that way. Good night, Fandom!"

FAITHFUL: "Night Fandom!"

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Saturday, May 20th, 2006 12:27 am
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FAITHFUL: Good evening! To take a break from all the boring human announcers, I'll be doing your radio tonight. For those of you who don't get it: I'm a cat. Meow. New students, neither you or I are insane. Well, you might be insane, I'm just a talking cat.

BEL: And I'm a demon. Just for anyone who didn't know.

FAITHFUL: Right, news. Screeeeech. Note to self: Claws on microphone are bad.

BEL: Don't break anything. Veronica will kill us.

FAITHFUL: It's her fault for forgetting to get a replacement before she went out of town.

BEL: She had other things on her mind. Like what she's doing to Archie now. *snicker*

FAITHFUL: ... Yuck.

And now for the ... news )

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