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Hello and welcome to the last day before the new kids show up...so in other words, graduates: it's movin' day. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, don't get eaten by a giant squid, see you back here for Homecoming, yada yada yada.

There was nothing going on at the school, obviously, so we'll just skip straight to the dorm. Joker was taking a break from living at the flight simulator by hanging out in his room, and Eleanor was surprised to find him at home. They talked about whether he could pilot a submarine and what Barry has been up to these days. Isabelle was in the third floor common room trying to recover from...whatever she was sick with, I guess, and I don't think eating your weight in the donuts that arrived would probably help with that. Unless you're recovering from a break-up, in which case, go to town. Flick showed up to flirt and stayed to wonder how many donuts he could eat without puking and kid, you're flirting wrong. Korra was ready to leave but Naga decided to take a quick snooze first, so they were out on the deck for a while before heading for home.

In town, Atton moved into his new apartment that Derek hooked him up with and got set up on a phone date with Anakin's kid Luke or something. Speaking of things I'm uncomfortable reporting about, Derek and Stiles had a last date before Stiles headed off for college. Barry was being weird in his warehouse and Rikku came in to talk to him about his gremlin vaccine. Oh God. And Kathy was warned that he wasn't wearing any pants. WEAR PANTS, BARRY. Hatter's moved onto a park bench as a home or something, since he had tea and most of his belongings--


The squirrels say you can't live in their tree when it starts raining. Sorry, man. And finally, Ichabod had trouble with the books at Book Haven. Poor Ichabod. And not just because of his name, though that can't help.

That's all I've got! See you at the picnic tomorrow, folks.
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Morning, everyone. The Perk is selling lamprey pie today, which seems really, really suspect.


No, I don't think it'll taste any better than the anchovies did in rum. What is wrong with you guys?


Anyway, this is Josh and I'm here for the news of yesterday, so hold onto your hats and stuff.

In classes, we'll start out with Doctoring. Oh God. The kids partnered up and then figured out how they could kill each other or...yeah, I'm not reading that but it's Navaan's class, so take a shot in the dark what their other option was. They could also opt for darts and drinking, which is what Ichabod and Celia did. Ben let his Chemistry class play with bacta--pretend I know what that is--and Cara had her kids brave the lamprey rain to get to the onsen for their final class.

The dorms were quiet--no one wanted to go out in an attack of lampreys, I guess--and in town, Ichabod was having a non-traumatic day of work at Book Haven, Hatter wasn't going out at Cafe Fina due to lampreys--good call--and found the wine cellar--even better! Aeryn was at JGOB watching the lampreys squish down--eww--and met a familiar face in Stark in an unexpected place. Stark told her that pretty much everyone else they knew had come through town at one time or another and yeah, welcome to Fandom. Bo took one look outside and decided staying in and making waffles was a better plan, which Kenzi appreciated. They ate delicious breakfast foods and talked about the weirdness of the weekend, which is very emotionally healthy.

Finally, Jack threw a going away part for Kaidan over on Apocalypse Avenue and really, do we just ask for trouble with street names like that? There's arriving and commiserating between Jack and Allie about how much they'll miss Kaidan. Jack also catches up with Emma, who came bearing pizza, but not lamprey pizza because no. Jack also caught up with Eponine, where the conversation was also lamprey themed because really, lamprey. Then Jack showed the Citizen Kane of our time: Sharknado. Jack tried to get Kaidan not to overthink the science--or amazing lack thereof--and admitted how much he'd miss him, aww--and Jack and Dean reminisced back to the days when Tara Reid wasn't a hot mess. Then everyone said goodbye: Emma wanted to be sure Kaidan would be safe and keep sending her movies, Dean encouraged Kaidan to drink more to make Sharknado make more sense, Allie and Kaidan were awkward about goodbyes, and Eponine wanted to know if he'd miss the place.

It was raining lamprey. I'm going with "not that much."

Anyway, it's not raining any form of sea life today. Go on out and enjoy the Friday, kids, and bon voyage, Kaidan.
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Good morning, Fandom! That cotton candy smell from last night? Is a carnival in the park! God, I love summer. Let's get through these notes: there's some junk food and an overpriced lemonade calling my name.

In classes, Doctoring...oh God. We're going to get sued. They dressed up in costume to interrogate other people into revealing their secrets--


I KNOW WHAT IT SAYS. I'm just not saying that. The kids made costumes, and Elsa freezes up--not literally, I'm guessing--until Eleanor came by to help her out, or mock her, or both. Eleanor also teased Celia before they all had to present their outfits. Joker really liked Eleanor's outfit and I am not touching that at ALL. In less disturbing news, Ben Skywalker's Chemistry class made gummi bears explode, and Cara's class had to give heroic speeches. Probably not about exploding gummi bears. In office hours news, Kate was playing Fruit Ninja, which seems incredibly productive.

The dorms were quiet, but in town, Barry was being kept from important sciencing by the Bollywood movie Elsa and Kathy were watching, but then he turned into a dog, so he's got worse problems. Ichabod's shift at Book Haven got frustrating when all of the books jumped off the shelves, Eliot was selling a microbrew called Thief Juice at Luke's, and Ender was brooding over coffee and cake at the Perk.

And that's all I've got! See you at the carnival!
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Hey everyone! Josh Lyman here, and CJ would be so impressed at my run on the radio without managing to complete humiliate myself or the entire US government. Or the planet Earth, I suppose, since we're super inclusive around here.

Anyway. Classes. If you noticed a weird amount of fog from the beach yesterday, that was Ben Skywalker's Chemistry class experimenting with liquid nitrogen. Doctoring has a movie--oh God--instead of the normal round of trauma. But since the movie is basicallymaking out for science--that's a thing?--


I'm not sure how much people really learned here. In Cara's class, she chased off a squirrel--

*angrier chittering*

but they managed to get the entire class anyway, so there. The class teamed up with someone called Kahlan the Confessor. It started with a nice walk full of dead bodies, and then a member of your party disappeared and Kahlan's powers didn't work, so they tried to cheer themselves up by flirting with some guy before arriving at a town that's run by an evil clone Kahlan--was she wearing leather pants or did she have a mustache? That's normally how you can tell. There's fighting to put the two Kahlans back together again--with superglue, I suppose--and Surreal was there to tease Cara about how this was her life, apparently.

In town, Kitty was drinking coffee and Irene came by to assure her that Clint's arms were everything they'd been advertised as. I think I'm about 7 percent gay-er for having reported that.


No, they're great arms. All...stuck to his shoulders and ripply and stuff. At Luke's, Priestly passed the ownership papers over to Eliot, then called Dinah to tell her he was ready to move to New Gotham for school. And Surreal and Cara went out on a date. With knives. As you do.

That's all for today. I'm heading home to watch that shark sequel because it's an American classic in the making. Have a good weekend, everyone!
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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the last Friday in July. Terrifying, isn't it?

Before you get depressed about all the nothing you haven't gotten up to yet this summer, let's move on to the news, okay? Okay. In classes, Ben Skywalker made his chemistry class ice cream using liquid nitrogen. That sounds prety cool, actually. Was it any good?

*squirrelly chittering*

And of course you'd know. Ew. Ben and Barry talked about other applications of liquid nitrogen, like dropping it into the ocean, oh God, and then Barry and Kathy talked about his radio broadcast and how weirdly happy he'd been yesterday. Check for gremlin bites.

Navaan in this session's class most likely to give me an ulcer was was teaching her students about shapeshifters in Doctoring. She demonstrated on armless shapeshifting by...shoving an acorn into his empty socket. Wow. That's...some kind of doctoring. She didn't approve of what Anders was doing--can't imagine it was worse than what she tried--and there were supplies and stuff at her house if you kids were crazy enough to go in there. Please don't be that crazy. And in more "wow, how did they hire most of you" news, Cara had her class answer the question of "would you tell your friends if you were turned into a zombie?"


Sorry, a baneling. Which is apparently a certain kind of zombie. Everything's complicated because you're the only one in your party who knows where the hostages are, which was why you were out there before the whole, "surprise, you're a zombie" thing. Then they had to figure out if you eat a bad guy or travel to a town that might have a cure for the whole zombie thing. But if you went to the town it didn't matter because the cure was destroyed, so...sucks to be you. Hypothetically. Everyone confused? Yay, me too.

You were quiet in the dorms, which I thank you for because wow do I not need to read about teenagers and their love lives, and in town, Herc had to process some pink, zebra-striped crowbars at Freedom Arms, which I'm sure will come in extremely handy for...something. Barry finished up his gremlin cage at his not remotely secret lair, and Kaidan caught Jack up on worrisome stuff happening back home. I hate it when it's worrisome stuff.

...that's kind of a downer to end the show on, but I'm out of notes. Have a good weekend, everyone.
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Good moning, everyone, and welcome to another Friday with me, Josh Lyman, telling you all about yesterday before I go get another coffee, so let's get to it, okay?

In classes, Navaan's terrifying Doctoring class was even more terrifying than usual, where instead of having the students diagnose her favorite monks--I'm not even touching that--she got distracted by a circus instead. There were rides and drinks and a Wheel of Swearing, which sounds kind of awesome. There's food too, and alcohol--Navaan--which got one of her wee students drunk, much to his girlfriend's annoyance. In other "how are you people considered teachers" news, Ben Skywalker taught his chemistry students how to make 2,000 ping pong balls go absolutely everywhere using liquid nitrogen. Then they come up with other uses for liquid nitrogen that presumably aren't weapons but this is Fandom so I might just be optimistic there. Still Want to be a Hero featured a lot of crossdressing as everyone in the class had to become a princess in order to rescue a friend from some dude named Margrave of Rothenburg. They put on pretty dresses, try to make a good first impression, dance, recite poetry and embroider--which goes about as successfully as you can imagine, given our student population--so fortunately they get to try to kill things instead before dragging off the guy for a romantic dinner than involved punching and rescuing the friend that already rescued herself. Sorry, gang.

The creepy mansion was either quiet yesterday or the squirrels just didn't feel like taking the ferry--

*sheepish chittering*


And in town, in a different, less creepy mansion, Derek and Stiles got into a huge fight...and now everyone else knows about it. Sorry about that, guys. Ichabod was still a little drunk on his shift at the book shop thanks to Navaan's stellar teaching skills...and that's all I've got for news.

Remember, kids, underage drinking's illegal. Have a good weekend!
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Good morning, all, Josh Lyman here, and it's the summer and most of you don't want to be up early listening to this anyway because it's a Friday, so let's just get down to it, okay? Okay.

In classes, Doctoring learned about leeches because apparently we've all be drop-kicked back to the Middle Ages or something. They get to come out of a swamp because welcome to Fandom, kids, and then they hunt for their own leeches, which they put into jars to take home and oh my God, your poor roommates. Ichabod tried to protest about the way Navaan was treating another student, and that went...less well. Meanwhile, Ben Skywalker taught his chemistry kids how to make thermite explode because science or something, and Still Want to be a Hero students were locked in tombs for their class, which is probably against the law. Electroclash was in her office yelling at her computer--productive--and Hannibal came in to make sure zombies weren't attacking, probably.


Well, maybe if more people bought their t-shirts, the zombies at Caritas wouldn't be so surly, okay? They make me nervous.

The haunted dorm was as quiet as it can get with all of the moaning and slamming of doors and whatever--I'm not going over to see what you kids are dealing with--and in town, Anakin was burying pink stuffed bunnies in the park because he is a disturbed, disturbed man. Cosette stopped by to sing and clang at him...as you do. Barry was working on a gremlin trap in h's secret warehouse that we all know about, Allie got de-puppified and had Jack and Kaidan to explain all of the stuff she'd missed, and Herc spent his day trying to figure out the cash register at Freedom Arms. Hey, my class was just about that if you need any pointers!

But that's all the notes I've got for today, so I'm off to get a muffin and a black coffee. Later, gators.
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*American National Anthem plays because if you thought Josh wasn't going to be super obnoxious today, hah no*

MY FELLOW AMERICANS and also aliens and people from Canada and whatever, it's Josh Lyman today on America's 238th birthday. Which is probably older than most of you, but I'm not positive. And now, time for another song about Ameri-OW

*angry chittering*

Fine. First the news. In school, Doctoring 101 got to look inside Dr. Navaan's doctor bag--that sounds kind of euphemistic

*chittering that sounds suspiciously like 'eh'*

where they then have to make their own doctor bags using completely unhelpful things from Navaan's bag. Kids, I have no idea what's going in this class. It sounds sketchier than Skywalker's and he was trying to kill you. Speaking of Skywalkers, the shorter one is in charge of a chemistry class now and had everyone making fireworks http://fandomhigh.livejournal.com/3648761.html?thread=208225017#t208225017because that's safe. Well, he did give them instructions not to blow themselves up, so I guess that's something. Cara's class on heroes had to talk about their personal hero from their homeland: JFK for me, without a doubt, with Jeb Bartlet a close seond. She's got a kitty running around--bet that used to be a human--and first the kids had to explain why they think heroing is a valid choice for a lifestyle.

All was quiet in your new home across the water, which is great, by the way. It's nice and quiet on the island now and I do not sound like an old man put away the walkers, squirrels--and in town, Ichabod passed another quiet day among the books at Book Haven and Bruce had a help wanted sign out in front of his foundation.

That's all from here! See you at the picnic!

*sounds of "America, Fuck Yeah"*
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Morning, everyone. It's Josh Lyman on this last day of workshops before a week long break where I'm sure you're all going to work on your college applications or change your Tumblr backgrounds or whatever it is kids these days do, but for now, let's just get through the news, okay?

In classes, Thor made ice cream with his class and man, I wish teachers could take other teachers' classes. Reporting on Thor's has made me hungry all summer. He's also the only class that doesn't make me wonder about my fellow teachers and it's the one taught by a freaking god, so know that I'm judging all of your choices a lot, folks. Speaking of judging, Bond taught his Driver's Ed kids how to hotwire a car, so...there's that.


Okay, the squirrels said he only implied it. Heavily. So...do what you do, kids. Try Not to Die goes to Hapes--probably screwed up that name--a planet run by a bunch of women, which doesn't exactly explain the catsuits everyone wore in order to break into the Queen Mother's palace. There was also the choice of princess lessons that involved dancing and kicking people or being a pirate because Hapes is apparently very, very strange. Anyway, Nathan won this round, and Barry made sure to tell Anakin how objectified his catsuit made him feel. Speaking of pirates, Sparkle hijacked Kenzi's class after he got the email she sent and made everyone dress up like pirates and bring her food (orange juice and chicken soup). She wasn't entirely pleased by their efforts because she didn't want them to get sick too, but Raven explained that Sparkle had put this whole thing together, and had brought orange juice for her scurvy.

...arr. Roland was willing to let them have whatever they wanted, but they really just needed directions to Kenzi's room, and Toby got hugs for existing. Cecil was appropriately attired and brought rum--


which the squirrels say you need to bring to the studion on your next shift.

In the dorms, Sia was stuck with a television that would only show "I Love the 2000s", which, frankly, shouldn't be a thing.

In town, Barry chased the squirrels out of his not-so-secret lair using a bottle of Febreze, which kind of explains the smell this morning...and also the really rude drawings of Barry on the rest of the notes. Allie was enjoying the park, and Kaidan heard about the fun she and Nick had been having in Baltimore. Then Nick stopped by too and was invited to visit Allie during her shift at the Devil's Nest. Jono had a new coat at Groovy Tunes because it's almost July, so that makes sense, and there are penguins living in the walk-in at Luke's because of course there are. Roland was playing modern music through the streets, and the books at Book Haven spent Ichabod--really, Ichabod?--anyway, they laughed through his whole first shift, which is pretty mean. Finally, Kaidan helped someone book a portal that had six different layovers because that person is a crazy person.

And that's it! Enjoy your Friday, guys.
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All right, it' Friday the 13th, so let's get through this fast before something terrible happens today.

*vehement chittering*

Why is anything bad going to be my--Right. I tempted the wrath from high atop the thing. I'll be right back. Have to go outside, spin around and spit.

*dead air*

Okay, I'm back now. This is Josh Lyman with yesterday's news. In classes, Thor taught his cooking students about s'mores, and if anyone says that the marshmallow should not be set on fire, they are wrong. But, um, blow it out before you eat it, okay? Molten sugar is no one's friend. Driver's Ed drove hovercrafts, and now I feel like my class is extremely boring, and he even explained how they worked before the kids got to try 'em out. Try Not to Die went to Naboo--anyone else think that Skywalker is just leaning on a keyboard to make these planets up?--where they had to swim through a swamp and then either read a foreign alphabet to learn about a queen or dress up in her outfits. Most went for the outfits and the squirrels are giving big thumbs up--if they had thumbs--for how you all looked. Alana won the day, so buy her a Coke. And in Give Josh a Heart Attack class, Kenzi taught her kids how to dance before they launched a flash mob onto an unsuspecting public.

...and then the cops came. Because of course they did.

In the dorms, Celia was resting up in her room and was worrisome enough to damper her roomie Alana's triumphant win in Skywalker's class. Rinoa also stopped by to

In town, Mary was telling Gunther about the women's prison she visited. Is that a euphemism for "was incarcerated at?" Because that's how it sounds to me. Buffy was at the Devil's Nest using the World Cup for what the squirrels assure me is its God-intended purpose: ogling the sweaty men who are playing. And Barry was in the secret lair the squirrels have found, rocking an amazing headdress, apparently, when he was interrupted in his work by Social Justice Warrior.

Seriously? People, you've got to get better names.

And with that, I'm out of here.
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Good morning! This is Josh Lyman over at the radio station and if you see any squirrels in little World War II uniforms today, well, it turns out they're reenacting D-Day today and they're taking it very seriously.

*sounds of bugles*

This is weird, even for here. Anyway, in classes, Thor taught his class how to make mac and cheese--one of the staples of my life, even now--Driver's Ed learned how to ride motorbikes, and Bond even taught them how to brake first, which was really nice of him. They also had to wear safety equipment before going on their ride. Anakin's class had to wear helmets too, but they were on a different planet because Anakin Skywalker is a special, special person. This time the planet was really a moon called Endor and the kids either had to fly a glider and drop stuff or make a tree-based trap before not dying on the speeder bike things. Andros was first, so buy him a Coke. Choose Your Own Adventure had a quiet day full of things to do when it rains. They could lounge around or play a game or, if you were Cecil and Kenzi, watch a terrible movie about space, or sing karaoke with Sparkle.

The dorms were quiet, but in town, Barry worked in his secret warehouse lab that the squirrels can apparently find. Raven could find him too, and Barry tried to impress her by showing her the Space Battles lightsaber he built. Okay, I'm impressed. Are you a Jedi, Barry? And Ben and Ender are de-animaled and there was a lot of being naked and sorry, kids who take their classes. There was also an important discussion about not eating leftovers that have been around for a week since you turned into animals. Finally, Priestly was talking to Dinah on the phone while working at Luke's and was apparently talking her out of a life of crime. Excellent. When he's done there, he should start on Kenzi.

That's all I've got today, gang. Have a good weekend.
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Good morning, everyone, it's Josh--or Mr. Lyman to about half of you--here with the news of yesterday, which is mostly class stuff, so that's good. I feel a little weird knowing too much about your personal lives.

In classes, Thor has his class watch a movie about chocolate--can't fault him there, chocolate is awesome, and the kids get to eat chocolate and talk to Thor if they're so inclined. Bond's class had a movie day, too, this time about cars--


I'm not sure the "homoerotic tension" is supposed to be there, guys, but I'll add it anyway. Jalian's pretty confused about the concept of movies in general--there's one of those kids in every newbie crowd--so hopefully she talked to Bond and got that figured out. In Anakin Skywalker's class of wrongness, he takes the kids to a planet that starts with B and looks kind of like a sneeze where they had to sneak around like spies, then either sell weird alien pets or trim up a garden. Edward was the winner this week, and Jessica was just happy Anakin wasn't plotting to kill everyonethis week and bury them on a weird alien planet. Finally in Kenzi's class devoted to giving me a heart attack, her class learned how to sneak into a concert for free. Kaylin ran into a guard and Cecil was way too bouncy for for a guy trying to attempt someting illegal.

The dorms were quiet, and in town, Buffy was eating the tropical fruit for drinks at the Devil's Nest--ooh, any mango?--and Kaidan could finally see out the window at Portalocity thanks to making a dent in all of the paperwork that had stacked up.

And that's it! Thanks for the slow news day, guys. I"m heading back to bed.
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Morning, everyone! This is Josh Lyman and today I was smart enough to bring two muffins with me, so they squirrels are happy and I'm not slowly starving to death before doing the radio.


They are the finest muffins in the land. Thank you for noticing.

In classes, Basic Cookery attempted to make a grilled cheese sandwich, Driver's Ed read the driving manual on this, the third week of classes and that seems like it maybe should've come first but Bond scares me so pay no attention to me. Then they took a test on what they'd learned and got to drive if they passed. Try Not to Die went to Tatooine--I'm sure I pronounced that wrong--but not before putting on what were presumably very attractive ponchos. Then they had the choice of flying ships too fast for humans or singing a song about eating someone in front of aliens before they had to pull water out of the desert air. Damn. Who peed in the Dean's Cheerios yesterday? Kaylin came in first and Anakin apparently tried to make the rest of them cry. And in Making Terrible Decisions class, Kenzi took the kids to the tattoo parlor. Raven and Cecil talked about how Cecil wants to get eyes tattooed on his arm, which seems confusing, Kenzi tried to get Cosette to get sparkly earrings and Toby to get a tattoo, and Sparkle puts a hole through his lip. God, I'm ancient. That just doesn't sound like fun. Kenzi asked for ideas for next week and something illegal with music came up and oh God, no. Just..no.

In more sane news, Cara spent her office hours fortifying her office in case of invasion--does she know something the rest of us don't?

In the dorms, Sia was dancing in her room with her puppy. Sparkle was in the second floor common room watching cartoons and admiring his new piercings. Sia was super excited to be watching cartoons for the very first time, and I'm starting to think there might be something a little wrong with Sia. Maybe try cutting back on the caffeine today or something? Jessica came in worried first that there was a party without her, and then that Skywalker was going to kill someone. I've always kind of wondered about that myself, gotta say.

And in town, Jono was in a lousy mood at Groovy Tunes, and that mood sadly wasn't improved when Raven popped by for a visit. She realized his mood wasn't exactly his own doing, but she couldn't magic it away.

...the things that have become normal to say. Rinoa was in the Magic Box in an amazing mood and Anders came by to see what they sell. I'm guessing magic boxes because I don't actually go in there. Clint woke up at home with a case of the jitters, which Kitty was able to calm down by being extremely mellow. If that's an euphemism for 'she was smoking weed', well...you do you, Kitty. Derek was brooding in the shower--seriously, guys? You had to go into the shower to learn that!

*defensive chittering*

THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO SEE HIS ABS. Anyway, then he and Stiles did things I am totally not making explicit for the rest of you perverts. Hannibal's arrived to stay in town for a few days, and Aeryn was at home watching Smile Time--

*pause for extended laughter*

Oh, God, if this is the same girl that was one of the scariest students I've ever seen, that is priceless. And that's too good to not end the broadcast on. Have a good weekend, guys.
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Morning, Fandom, Josh Lyman here with coffee and a banana muffin that I'm pretty sure used to have nuts in it before someone got his little paws on it.


You know what, just take it. I'll get another.

Anyway, on with the show. In classes, Basic Cookery learned how to microwave frozen dinners. That's my kind of cooking! I'm wondering if next week's gonna be about ordering Chinese food and the delicate balance of getting enough leftovers without getting rice that turns into a block in your fridge...anyway, the class talked a bit about the wonder of the microwave--someone should teach 'em about Peep jousting--and Thor was around if anyone needed help pushing buttons. Which I'm really, really hoping they didn't. In Flirting With Lawsuits, Anakin sent his class off to a planet full of giant furry aliens that'll rip your arms off and beat you with them. Seriously. What's wrong with this guy? He was pretty Hot Topic as a kid, too. Speaking of kids, he had to answer some questions from the students before any of them went through the portal to zipline through a jungle, fix a spaceship or learn to cook weird food. Andros won yesterday, so buy him a Coke and check to make sure he still has both arms, okay? Driver's Ed had everyone on the track at the same time yesterday and that could only end well...

*squirrelly snickers*

They drove luxury cars that had bumper car abilities to bounce off each other when the students inevitably crashed into each other, and Bond, James Bond--no idea why I needed to do that, watched them very calmly, which is why he teaches that class and I don't. Finally in that other class that gave me heart problems last week, Kenzi didn't seem to be teaching her kids anything illegal in Choose Your Own Adventure. They head to Baltimore to go to the Graffiti Warehouse, which I didn't know was a thing, and then get to experiment with bodypaint and spraypaint warehouses. Sounds wholesome.

Electroclash was in her office today hiding behind a giant pyramid of oranges but the squirrels saw her anyway, and Bo was distracted from spying on all of us because of an ugly new upgrade on an online journaling site. New guy Vic--


New girl Vic stopped by to get a lowdown on the police situation here and got an earful about goat fetishism instead. I'm just gonna....move on.

In the dorms, Edward was hanging around shirtless because he's a teenaged guy and that's the easiest way to meet women if you have the abs for it. I do.


I did. And look at that! He got two girls to stop by. Well played, Edward. Isabelle started with the flirting before revealing she's a total badass. Edward, if you're new here, just assume all the women can kick your ass. It's mostly true. Karina also stopped by to ogle and then offer financial advice about how he could afford more than one shirt, which is either completely depressing or one of the smoothest excuses I've ever heard for not wearing clothing. In other shirtless news, Nathan went outside to enjoy the sunset and let some of his "sweet tattoos" show --direct quote, so I'm gonna guess the squirrels licked them to convirm their sweetness and sorry, Nathan,--and drew the attention of another girl: Jalian. If there's an epidemic of pasty teenagers with sunburn this week, blame Edward and Nathan for starting the shirtless trend.

Finally, in town, Derek made coffee at his house and waited for guy Jack to show up, which he did, thus making my sentence make sense, so thanks for that, Jack. They talked about the full moon and the last time Stiles and Derek went back to their home town. Since we're here, I'm gonna assume it was something traumatic. Over at the Devil's Nest, Buffy was eating cherries and didn't share with the squirrels--

*angry grumbling*

--Jono was listening to accidental steampunk at Groovy Tunes until Hannibal came by to talk about how his intervention about Atton had gone less well with the Dean, and Rosalind was in the park looking at a neat looking bracer that I'm gonna pretend I know all about, and Kaylin came over to say that it was hers and showed her how it worked.

And that's all I have for today! Enjoy your Friday folks. I'm off to find a non-squirrel destroyed muffin.
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Hello everyone, this is Josh Lyman and apparently I do this now? Okay then.

We'll start with classes, because learning is fundamental, and the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way--


Whitney who? That was all me. Anyway, Thor shows his Basic Cookery class how to microwave popcorn. Did he tell them about the popcorn button? Because that thing is a --


Wow, he did? Go Thor. First they share their names and their favorite foods because it's the first week of class and that's how most people roll, and then they microwave popcorn, which Thor eats. I like your style. I'm terrified of your arms, but I like your style. James Bond introduces his Drivers Ed class to his fancy car--is it sentient or something?--and again, the things I have learned to ask here...and then the class introduces themselves and talks about their driving experience. Please, please have some driving experience. Then, after Bond explained how cars work, especially the brake pedal I'm guessing, they drove around the track in the Danger Shop full of safety devices, so that makes me feel better. Anakin Skywalker took his Try Not to Die class--cheery name--to an entirely different planet because liability insurance premiums here aren't high enough or something. The class freaks out a little--as they should--before they explore Coruscant, a name I have probably butchered, and are forced to eat slug stew and something alive, then either fix bikes or deliver messages. I'm still stuck on eating something alive, gotta tell you. What is wrong with you, Skywalker? Anyway, Emma won the race this week, so congratulate her and give her a hamburger or something not disgusting to celebrate. Kenzi's teaching Choose Your Own Adventure this summer and her class's first job was to mingle and make fake IDs.

...I'm gonna pretend I didn't read that. Then they went to a casino with those things I didn't read about and I think I'm going to just move onto the next section of notes before the part of me who spent years in law school and government has a heart attack.

The dorms were quiet, and thank you for that because a teacher reading about your personal lives is kinda creepy, but in town Flash was ready for the football draft with a big Jets sign on his door. Really, it's time for the Jets again? I'm already a Mets fan and a Democrat. I'm not sure how much more constant disappointment I can take over the course of the year. Priestly was dealing with paperwork at Luke's because of the whole Gert thing, which sucks beyond the telling of it, and Bay came by. Priestly promised her any kind of comfort food she wanted in case that would make her feel better. Buffy was at the Devil's Nest and Sam stopped in and they commisserated about how Fandom wasn't like what they'd expected. There is no way to anticipate this island. None.

And that's all I've got today. I'm off to grab coffee and the finest muffin in all the land. Later, guys.
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OwowowOW you didn't even bring me coffee? It's vacation! Why am I up this early? Why am I here? What happened to the judgmental kid?


She moved to Canada, huh? Are there acorn-throwing squirrels there? I might immigrate.



Fine, I'll read. Then you better be getting me coffee. We're in the last day of break, so there wasn't anything going on up at the school. In the dorms, Bay got back from LA with Old Lace and made a call: to Evan, I'm guessing, since he showed up right afterwards. She filled him in on what happened, which sounds...fairly ominous. I don't like ominous on Fridays, it has the feel of burying bad news because it's almost a weekend and no one will notice. Jim was packed up in his room, ready to head out and Jessica stopped in to talk about their plans for the summer. Going out on a limb and saying that Jim's plans included leaving yesterday.

In town, Derek came back to his house with food for a still sleeping Stiles and then--yeah, I didn't need to know that. NO ONE needs to know that. Put your flags away. In non "wow will the next faculty meeting be awkard" news, Anna was waiting to catch her portal in the preserve and Kenzi wandered over to say goodbye. The book store was too normal and it was creeping Rosalind out a bit, Priestly was swamped by paperwork--literally?--


Just metaphorically--at the cafe, and was glad to be interrupted with a phone call from Dinah. Clint had paperwork at the gym, too, and was happy to be distracted a bit when Kitty stopped by to talk about her fight with Derek. Flash--really, he's going by Flash?--stopped in and recognized Clint, though Clint had no idea who he was, so welcome to Fandom, Flash, that happens a lot. Clint gave him a job even though he didn't know him. Sarah returned from a trip overseas and celebrated with coffee and a donut. My kind of girl. Jono was also back but he didn't celebrate with a donut because of the whole...mouth...thing, so he listened to music about outdoor....yeah, I'm not telling people that either. It's a May Day thing, ask your friends. And at Android's Dungeon, Squall discovered that his clerk--we have a Tino and a Tiny, so let's go with calling him Tinu--anyway, Tinu rejected the furniture order and so there's nowhere to game in the Dungeon.

And on that sad note, I'm off to find coffee. And maybe a donut. Thanks for the idea, Sarah!
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Barbossa: This be yer favorite pirate, bringin' ye the highs 'n lows, the goods, the bads, and everythin' else on this quiet Sunday in Fandom. T' make things a mite more interestin' I be bringin' along a friend t' help.

Anakin: I'm not your friend.

Barbossa: Ye can be quiet. I be not talkin' about ye.

Josh: I'm your friend, huh? I'm honored. Um, I guess. Have we actually met?

A Jedi, a pirate and a political operative fight over the microphone. This can only end well. )

That be all from the Crow's Nest fer tonight! Keep an eye out fer Matey-wit'-the-Hat...

Anakin: Especially if he's in a golf cart...

Barbossa: ...and have a good night!

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