Sunday, February 26th, 2017

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--yes, I know how to work everything, don't worry. Oh, good morning. This is Zoe Winchester, and I've been hijacked--very nicely hijacked, but hijacked nonetheless--by the squirrels to give you all the news from yesterday.

It looks like the school and dorms were quiet, but the town was plenty busy. The stereo at Groovy Tunes was playing a lot of instrumental music, no matter what Jono did, and Peter made breakfast for Kanan and Hera, and got to know Hera a little better, along with her history with Kanan. John Constantine was surprised by how many people were up and talking, but Kanan fed him and that seemed to help. Jessica spent some time dying her hair and texting people to let them know she was back in town, and Tamsin came by to talk to her, since they hadn't chatted in a while. Finally, the school trip neared its end, which means this broadcast will likely be a lot more lively next week. For now, have a wonderful week everyone!

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