Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

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So, the squirrels are saying it's THAT time of year again. Hope all you kids had fun last night and used condoms, and if you don't know why I said that, well, you'll find out.

School actually had classes despite the fact it was the day of Prom and the last day of classes, and I promise you, not one kid gave a shit about school. Practical Diplomacy students had to take an international flight on United Airlines for their final, in case you had any doubts left that Anakin and Obi-Wan are shit-stirrers. Discovering Earth, on the other hand, got to go to Hawai'i.

In town, Dante was at Groovy Tunes during the day trying out effects pedals with the guitar and humming Fleetwood Mac. Later on in the evening, Raven was on the roof of Luke's Diner while prom is happening and Ringo nearly runs over her while out on an AT ride. She's a little out of sorts, and they talk about nightmares and the ethics of killing. Because this fucking island. And Prom may be happening, but Allie's still at the Devil's Nest to help out non-prom legal-types who can have booze without having to rely on spiked punch and hidden flasks:

Speaking of prom, the decor this year is themed around glittery animal-monster hybrids, though no rabbits, thank fuck. People arrived in some variety of style. Dante was in his usual club-hild style, which Ada appreciated, and then they talked about getting the spiked punch going and planning a party. Kathy also appreciated Dante's coat. Squirrels say there is a "looooot of flirting" going on, and Kathy says she'd be cool with it if Dante and Anders have post-prom plans even if she's Anders's date, and you know what? These kids make me feel fucking old sometimes. Anders tells Dante the decorations are going to give people nightmares, and he's not wrong. Hyacinthe shows up ready to party, and makes plans to take pictures with Ada before making out might threaten to derail that idea. Teenagers. Dante and Hyacinthe compliment each other's sartorial choices, catch up on what they've been up to, and discuss their families a bit. Isabela's dress did not leave much to the imagination, and Dante apologized to her for not bringing her a present before the inevitable innuendo and booze.

Isabela and Ada hit the dance floor and expressed surprise about how Dante suggested to both of them that they should room together this summer. Aaaaaand llama!Kuzco was dancing, which I'm sure was horrifying.

This year's suckers-- I mean chaperones were keeping a close eye on things, I'm sure. Kanan dragged Hera along so she can experience the glitter. Oh god, the glitter. You're an asshole, Kanan. She's dubious about this whole dance thing but thinks they're not getting shot at, at least. They also decide they could actually go for some monotony after how weird the last week was. Hannibal and Jono were all dressed up and talking about whether Jono would have expected to show up at prom the way he is now, back when he was a student. Eliot's dressed a little more casually, and Kathy wants to know what exactly chaperones do at dances. He teased her about how he didn't get enough pictures of her and Anders, and they talked about their families, and Hardison was in a suit and giving Eliot a hard time about his outfit:

Zoe announced prom court! Dante and Hyacinthe tied for junior king, Ahsoka won junior queen, and Anders and Ada won prom king and queen.

All the kids stayed out way too late, I'm assuming, before retreating for a typical prom night, and Kathy accompanied Anders and Dante back to the dorms after prom. Bravo to you, kids.

That's it, I'm off to hide and pray this year didn't hit me. John Constantine signing off, and remember, safe sex is best.


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