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Ghanima: Good evening, Fandom. I hope you all had fun last night, as your vacation comes to a close. My radio partner and I will be headed off tomorrow morning to pick up your new classmates from the Portalocity terminal at BWI to start off a new year.

Deadpool: Bitches better recognize.

Ghanima: Dear one, with your fashion sense, we can recognize you anywhere.

Deadpool: ...It's a trademark.
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Ghanima: Good evening, Fandom. I am rather sure there are only three of us on the entire island, and I only came back from Dune for tonight. And of course, it appears my date stood me up. So we'll go straight to the notes. Bruce Wayne was reading the dictionary in his room, and Jaina Solo had Caritas open, and was trying out different types of alcohol in eggnog.

Ghanima: I don't think my portal has even closed yet, so I'll be going back to a planet with sane weather, thank you. Enjoy your break, Fandom, and try not to work too hard.
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Deadpool: I’m here this time! Honest! No boozin’ or watchin’ my Disney overlord.

Ghanima: You owe me for last week, Wade.

Deadpool: Is this where I offer you my firstborn?

Ghanima: No, I won't babysit Jan for free, nice try.

I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids! )
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Ghanima: I spend the last two days lost in some walls, and now you expect me to read notes? Charming. Where is my cohost?

*nervous squirrel chittering*

Ghanima: I have no idea why you're talking about the fourth wall and his meta needs, but fine, give the notes here. Wade, you owe me.

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Deadpool: Ah, another slow Saturday night.

Ghanima: I'm beginning to think everyone hibernates on the weekends. In weather like this, it is only logical.

Deadpool: Huh. Woulda thought it was more active on the weekend.

I lost my arm in the last Cupcake War. Uncool, Food Network. Uncool )
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Deadpool: Holy crap, people are still in town? Really? Are we sure these aren't, like, life model decoys? I hear Fury uses them all the time. Yup. All. The. Time. Take that as you will.

Ghanima: I'd rather not, since I'm rather sure I know what you want us to think.

Cut for the funsies )
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Deadpool: Wow, I don't think I've ever seen so few notes. Should... should we make shit up?

Ghanima We could, but I'd rather just read them off, and then we're free to go our own ways.

Deadpool: ...that's boring.

Elvis is in the house )
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Deadpool: I better get booze for all my work here. I could be... elsewhere. Doin’ important stuff. And things.

Ghanima: Like singing the Dora songs?

...Don’t make me stab you. )

Deadpool: And that’s all they wrote, folks! Remember to tip your waitress!
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Ghanima: Good evening, Fandom. It's Saturday, again, and so we're here to bring you what little news there is.

With little to no singing or dancing! )

Deadpool: At least it wasn't Dora songs. Again.

Ghanima: I like Dora, Wade. But goodnight, Fandom, and sweet dreams.

Deadpool: Not when it's sung at 5 in the morning by a hyper three year old. NIGHT!
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Deadpool: Aww, you guys piled up alcohol for us! You’re so kind.


Deadpool: Oh, that’s for you? Well, that’s not very nice. Teasin’ people with free booze and acorn themed cups. Uncool, guys.

Ghanima: It's probably the spiked punch from the dance. We don't want that anyway; you don't know what's in it.

Deadpool: I love spiked punch. It’s classy.

Dance of doooom )

Deadpool: Aaaand that’s it, folks.

Ghanima: Sleep well, wherever you are, and enjoy the rest of your Homecoming Weekend.

Deadpool: G’niiight!
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Ghanima: Yes, I'm calling him, please don't wave those notes at me so impatiently. I came back from Arakkis early for this, and you had best be appropriately grateful.

Deadpool: This better be good, I was about to get into the hottub. Hottub. Say it with me now... hottub.

Ghanima: Hottub. Fantastic. There's probably small rodents on their way to you now, with your section of the notes, so don't get them wet.

Deadpool: And here they are! ...aren't we on vacation? Shouldn't, like, those people who never do radio and we never interact with for some reason possibly having to do with the people at the laptops... be doing this?

Ghanima: Considering I never use my school-issued staff computer, I don't understand what laptops have to do with this. It'll take five minutes, and then you can go back to spoiling your little red-headed step-child.

Deadpool: You got so much ginger hate in you, woman.

Ghanima: Again, you speak in riddles that make no sense.

School's got nothing. Nothing at all. )
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Ghanima: My, I've never seen so few of the squirrlish staff in here. Are you all on vacation or something?


Ghanima: Ah, quiet night, then. Well, that means you can drink their share of the rum

Deadpool: Hey, I called dibs on that!

Ghanima: Rum does not go with pizza, which is what I brought us for dinner. Make them go pick us up beer.

Deadpool: You brought me food? You win!

Ghanima: Of course, dear one.
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Deadpool: Huh. Looks like I'm alone tonight.


Deadpool: And that is how you properly use a comic book sound effect. Moving on!

*More crashing*

Ghanima: I refuse to use my crysknife on an unworthy opponent like a vegetable. I’m sure there’s more heavy things in here I can use to crush the life from your bodies, so the next non-warm-blooded thing to open its mouth is going to find out if I can electrocute it.

Deadpool: Are they judging you too? I think Humphrey and an onion got busy.

Ghanima: “Your family takes dysfunctional to new levels,” “You are the same as your aunt...” Nothing I haven’t heard before, but nothing that is worth listening to.


Deadpool: Hell yeah! That’s all we got tonight, folks! Have a good night!

Ghanima: And remember, fried onions are rather tasty.
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Deadpool: Whoa whoa whoa. What's this about whores?

Ghanima: It was three minute date night, Wade. That doesn't mean there's whores. Just lots of people ordering lots of drinks and making Miss Solo's life difficult.

Deadpool: Huh. I thought someone mentioned whores. That's pretty weird.

Ghanima: Well, Loki will do anything for some nice yarn, apparently, so maybe you should speak with him if it's companionship you want...good evening, Fandom. Once again, this is Vice Principal Deadpool and Lady Ghanima, and our squirrlish minions, bringing you any gossip that's fit to air.

Deadpool: I love me some gossip.

In which lesbians are tooootally different. Everyone knows that. )

Ghanima: Congratulations to all our new student council members, and to anyone who found a connection at Caritas tonight. We'll drink to your health and continued good luck. Good night, Fandom, and I hope to hear about those of you doing the walk of shame on tomorrow night's broadcast.

Deadpool: Walk it with style. Walk it with style. And no singing.
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Deadpool: Hey! I’m back here. Again. God, I never escape this place, do I? No, no. Don’t answer that you adorable lil’ ball of gossip and rage.


Deadpool: You brought me cake? That’s so swee--wait, is this crap poisoned? I swear to god, if I get poisoned by one more rodent, I’mma just scream.

*Door slams*

Ghanima: This is highly unnecessary, you know. You needn’t brandish those little notebooks at me as if I’m a delinquent student. You could have just asked.

Deadpool: But, they have cake that might be poisoned!

Ghanima: ....Wade, wouldn’t you heal from poison anyway? We both would recover easily. We’ll simply eat the cake and read the notes, and then perhaps the little busy-bodies will let us go home.

Deadpool: ...yeah, you got me there.


Ghanima: I think that’s everything.

Deadpool: Damn was that a slow day.

Ghanima: I’m almost ashamed of the residents of our fair island.

Deadpool: Yeah, guys. For shame. I mean, sure it’s a holiday and crap, but still. Get on doin’ stuff so we can ramble about you and make wild allegations.

Ghanima: Or completely valid allegations that are equally entertaining. Good night, Fandom. We’re off to eat cake and borrow some of the station’s rum.

Deadpool: Good night, folks!

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