Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

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It's the first of June today. The year is half over an'--ow!

*Squirrely chittering*

Apparently, I ain't supposed to mention how fast this year is flyin' b--ow!

A'ight, a'ight, I'mma just jump to the news, just to escape these damn violent squirrels. Classes started with Resolving Conflict Without Violence, talked about when it was okay to just walk away. An', if I may be so bold, there are also times to just run away, too. Can't do nothin' if you're so beat you're hospitalized. An' in Iron Fandom, Parker was the special guest judge--aww, that's sweet--an' the secret ingredient was choco--DAMMIT, TA! We ain't gonna get her off the ceiling for a week.

Movin' on to Dorms, Ada was out on the deck, enjoyin' the weather with a blanket an' a book. Dante suggested a day trip out to the city to help her feel less cooped up. Jalian complained about the rainy weather, an' Summer sends a video of her eating cereal to her brother an' Ada suggests better ways to blackmail someone.

I love it when Fandom students come together.

Jalian doesn't understand the point of the video--I ain't sure the point either, but I just kinda shrug an assume it's what all the kids are doing these days--an' Summer just offers her cereal. Kay.

Last we got Town where Starks had a Tali workin' air conditioners an' Coven Garden had a Peter lecturin' the flowers about playin' nicely with everyone else. Yo, Peter, you wanna come give that lecture to the staff at Luke's, too?

A'ight, I'm out! Have a good first of June!

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