Monday, May 29th, 2017

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Hey, Fandom. Kanan Jarrus here once again with a bunch of drunk squirrels and what can only be described as a frosting hangover. Apparently there's an upper limit to how much of the stuff I can eat without crashing. Who knew?

Anyway, there are squirrels, so there are notes. Starting with the - dammit - the dorms. Where Shiemi was doing some maintenance in the garden. Something about colorful pillows? I'm torn between being relieved this wasn't a sex note, and wondering why the hell there are pillows in the garden.


... The squirrels are telling me that they grow there. On a tree. I worry about you guys, I really do.

In town, Doctor Lecter went to break up a catfight in his home, but found out the hard way that one of the cats involved was actually a gremlin. Which really explains so kriffing much. Jughead was at the Perk, trying to figure out what to write - the squirrels would like you commend you for attempting to use drinking to assist, but recommend Caritas for writer's block around here - when Dr. Lecter rode his bike through the place. Summer wasn't riding a bike, but she did nod hello to Jughead. Which hopefully helped with that writing block.

At the Magic Box, Anders was hard at work cleaning out the storage room, which meant that he missed when Dr. Lecter rode through on his bike. Lecter hit Demon Marcus too, while Sparkle was dealing with a surplus of rompers that he apparently hadn't ordered in. At Luke's, the kitchen staff was making cakes out of pancakes, and I might never eat cake again, when Lecter rode his bike across the kriffing counter. I cleaned up after him, don't worry. Then Summer stopped by to order the traditional weekend sandwich.

Jono was hosting some kind of jam... band audition thing... at the Boards. Peebee stopped in and chatted with Jono for a while before auditioning. Lecter rode through there, too, much to Jono and Peebee's bemusement. And then Dante stopped in for the jam and to see if anybody else had stopped in to play. Don't look at me, I can't carry a tune for love or credits.

And, finally, Atton was loudly playing something called Metallica at Caritas, to the zombies' dismay, but that didn't mean he missed the opportunity to film Lecter as he hit both the stage and the bark with that bike of his.

Anyway, that's all the notes I've got. Try to keep out of trouble, Fandom. If you see a gremlin, avoid it. If you see Dr. Lecter, take away his karking bike.
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What the -- hey!

*door slamming*

Really? Really, we're going to do this? You're kidding me, right? No, I'm not going to -- ow! Ugh, fine. If I read your weird, creepy notes will you let me leave?


Fine. Whatever. Congratulations on making sure I never change my mind and think you're cute, because that is not going to happen now. Nope. So let me get this over with. Starting with school, where Getting to Know Your Own Backyard took a trip to Jupiter and its five billion moons. Really? Talk about overcompensation. Steve was back this week for Advanced Takeout, which was covering how to do a barbecue without actually cooking since yesterday was apparently a holiday here. Summer said she was going to bring a Jello mold with beans in it, aaaaaaaaaand there's a squirrel retching in the corner. Look, if I have to know about it, so do you. And finally in my weird, weird Science class, we were talking about chemistry. Except the people kind, not the actual science kind. There were rulers, it was weird, I tried to get Isabela to help me out with the assignment, do people really need to know about all of this?


OKAY ALREADY. Over in town Alluka was eating cookies and looking through a catalog instead of dealing with the rompers they had in stock. Rompers? What are --

*electronic beeping noises*

Oh. No. Those are -- no. Anyway. Shiemi was apparently really busy at Covent Garden for once, because of the holiday, especially since one guy ordered two hundred poppies. Anne was in the park, doing something the squirrels tell me is called tai chi.

*more beeping*

Well, that looks interesting. And apparently it was a good night for faculty to mope around at home? Sarah was binge-watching vids on Netflix. She invited Tony over and said he was easy, so you can fill in the blanks from there. Steve was drinking to deal with the holiday, but at least Tony tried to make him eat something.

Seriously, you little furballs, you have weird hobbies, with the creeping and the note-taking and -- wait, are you done shoving little pieces of paper at me? Finally! Later, Fandom, this is Peebee and I am outta here.

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