Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Fandom Radio, May 25th

Thursday, May 25th, 2017 12:35 am
wrongkindofsith: (Like some kind of note-taking ninja)
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Do I want to know why Leroy is covered in glitter?


Thought not. Moving on.

Up at the School, there were classes. Archaeology went down. Heh. Show and Tell played with toys, and Try Not To Die went to Estonia despite Anakin not knowing where that is. Let's hope he counted the students before coming back.

The Dorms were quiet, again, and over in Town, Zack built a chicken coop at Furnado, and Philomena asked if you needed a rooster to get eggs, no that's how you end up with baby chickens, honestly you people. Summer cleaned at Needful Things, Nathan ignored dragons at that store, there were lots of cats at Groovy Tunes, and the Merchant of Miracles wrote notes at Turtle and Canary, probably to do with all the wildlife. Taako opened Fantasy Costco only to have Magnus complain about a lack of adventure, next time the island goes insane, blame it on him, while Jenkins wanted to know about mockingbird gum. Ew. Eponine had copier issues at the Post Office, and had to deal with the Miracle Peddler wanting to send mail. Very Important Mail.

Also, everything was terrible during Kitty's Caritas shift. Because Tino was there, probably.
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*Loud sneeze*

'Sup Fandom? This is Hardison, hatin' on every tree an' plant on the island right now. My allergies got allergies, yo. So let's get through these notes real quick cause I got a bottle of Claritan with my name on it.

School did its thing, with Resolvin' Conflict Without Violence talked about the difference between directly hurtin' folks an' standin' idly by while folks were hurt. Sounds pretty heavy. Unlike where I laughed my way through Iron Fandom at all the Eliot clones. The secret ingredient was bread this week an' Eric won. Good job, Eric! Xanthippe was in charge of Arts an' Crafts cause Deadpool bailed, an' so it was googly-eyes day. Sounds legit. An' in the Library, the books were misbehavin', but only when Peridot wasn't lookin'. Books are gaslightin' rocks an' this island just keeps bein' weird.

Just one note in Dorms, Summer was tryna bribe her brother for information about their Grandpa. That sounds like an interestin' family dynamic there.

Over in Town, Tali was at Stark Industries fixin' a vaccum robot. Was it in a knife fight? Anders was lookin' up non-eating options for chickens at Furnado. There are some? Ow ow! Stop throwin' acorns at me! An' the flowers were alive at Covent Garden. Ain't they supposed to be? Would be a terrible flower store if they weren't.


Oh! The snapdragons were sentient. Makes more sense.


Wait, no it doesn't. Anyway, that's it for the notes. Hardison out.

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