Monday, May 8th, 2017

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Okay, Squirrels, let's make this quick. I've still got diagnostics to run on the Ghost before class, and I should probably at least find out what the name of that planet closest to your sun is.


Mercury. Okay. So you name your home planet after dirt and you name the other planets after metals?


Gods. Okay. Right. Remind me to never talk badly about the god, Dirt.


Just give me those notes. We'll make this as quick and painless as possible, starting with Rufus doing some work and then messing around on his laptop over at the library.

In town, Alluka was getting herself reacquainted with the stock at the Groovy Tunes. Jono was looking at scripts and occasionally playing guitar at the Boards, and Sparkle wasn't wearing his make-up over at Demon Marcus.

Meanwhile, over at Luke's, the kitchen staff was finally over their weird obsession with pancakes, to my immense relief. Summer stopped in - oh, that's her name? - and asked for a raincheck on the milkshake and pie I promised her if she paid a visit, and Dr. Lecter swung by later to talk to me about how to eat kiwi. Apparently you can peel it first. I did not know that.

And that's everything that passes for news around here. I'm taking off before Chopper booby-traps the copilot seat.

Radio Schedule!

Monday, May 8th, 2017 10:24 am
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The summer schedule is up under the friendslock on the radio comm. If you can't see it and should be able to, please apply for community membership and I'll set you up!


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