Saturday, April 29th, 2017

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Saturday, April 29th, 2017 11:20 pm
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What do you mean I should 'keep it clean, there's company'? Fuck that. This is John Fucking Constantine, and if you want my fucking news, you'll cope.

School was quite since there weren't classes. At the library, Lucille was reading a book while a bunch of smaller books chased each other around and she ignored them.

Town was a bit livelier. Dante was busy at Groovy Tunes, digging through the music selection. Though apparently he had an ultieror motive... since in the evening, Dante threw a party in one of the warehouses.
Lots of people showed up to indulge in some fun the night before graduation. Ada showed up extra glittery and shared some of her spare glitter with Dante, and Anders got a hug and she helped him glitter-up. Ahsoka's there and takes Dante up on his offer of a drink, opting for the sparkly super hard stuff. Rhys talked to Ahsoka all insistent that the place is a death trap and she pointed out there's no robots trying to kill you here. Point. Today. Peridot appeared to have second thoughts about showing up, and Dante's impressed that she did. She discovers she likes being glittered up, and he gave her a crash course in human dancing via YouTube.

Tali showed up, and Dante wanted to know if she ever takes the helmet off, or if she can even drink with it on. Tali didn't care, she just appreciated that he threw a party because there's dancing. Ada's glad to see Tali and they talk about going scavenging in the junkyard before dancing. Tali remembered Rhys from the whole thing with HAL in the Danger Shop, and they wonder about whether someone is going to drunkenly fall off the trampoline. Hell, that's half the fun.

Rhys is not at ALL convinced this is safe -- probably because this is Fandom -- and Dante gets him a bottle of glittery, fruity booze to calm him. Rhys also insisted to Anders that the booze and trampoline are a recipe for disaster, and somewhat convolutedly explained to Anders how he's not actually his normal age here. Kuzco wanted to know who invited Rhys, and this devolves about as well as you'd expect into an argument about whether llamas can drink alcohol and whether drunk llama emperors should go to the vet.

Kathy was lurking in the shadows with fruity booze and Dante offered to show her around since she doesn't know most of the people there.
Hyacinthe is there in glitter and tight tight leather pants; the alternate Fandom High uniform for men, I hear. Dante offers him glitter booze, and he enjoyed it, after being surprised at how sweet it is. Anders arrived with extra booze and was kind of sad about this being his last party as a student. Dante told him not to worry, he's gonna get laid so it can't end badly.

There was food and drinks for the party, and that's where Isabela was hanging out. She and Dante agree they're not going to be sober for graduation, and how her grad plans definitely involve Zevran and nudity. Anders wants to know when she's heading home, and she says she's planning on sticking around for the summer.

And because this is Fandom, and you might as well do dumb shite the night before graduation, there was a trampoline. Ada and Isabela bounce on the trampoline, agree that Dante had some ulterior motives in including it for the party, and wonder how many people they can fit on it. When Dante asks, Ada approved of his evil brilliance and got him to come join her instead of just looking up her skirt. Kathy wasn't sure about the trampoline, but Anders convinces her to join him on it.
Kuzco got on the trampoline and was regretting it. Probably because Rhys was filming him.

There were upstairs areas to hang out in for private-ish stuff, though Rhys was mostly just concerned about the mattresses being covered in venereal diseases. Mate, you know shite doesn't transfer that way, right? You might need another term of sex-ed.

That's it, Fandom. I'm going back to bed until graduation.


[WTF sorry guys I had no idea this post hadn't gone through before I left for work. My bad.]

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