Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

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Good morning, everyone. Or mediocre morning. Whatever you're feeling.

In classes yesterday, Adulting planned parties: you're all invited to mine to commemorate me being amazing. Gifts are expected. In Shooting Stuff, they shot arrows. Nothing from the clinic, so I'm guessing that means everyone has all the eyeballs they started the day with. In Civil War, they talked about how someone...wait. Someone killed their president? THAT IS A TERRIBLE IDEA.


Yes, they should've turned him into a llama instead. Shut up. Tip was reading black female poets in the library.

In town, Shiemi was in the florist shop again and Dante checked in to make sure she was okay, and she checked to make sure he was okay.

...I'm fine, in case this was some kind of massive check-in thing?


These notes are all about what Sparkle was doing? Do I even know Sparkle? He sounds like a small, yappy dog. Anyway, Sparkle drank with Atton in their apartment so I guess that mostly rules out him being a dog and talked about maybe the smallest bit of arson he might have committed while in Canada, and then he texted with Minako too. How close were you to this guy?

*guilty chittering*

Weird, furry stalkers...and speaking of stalking, they also report that Sparkle then cried all over Hannibal before going to get very drunk at Caritas. In non-Sparkle news, Eliot was at Luke's doing taxes--too bad for you, I just don't do 'em because I'm in charge--and Verity had a quiet night at the Devil's Nest.

And that's it for me. Here's hoping for a less emotionally fraught Tuesday, mmkay?

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