Thursday, March 9th, 2017

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Hey Fandom, this is Hardison, bringin' you all the news that could fit on a...cocktail napkin, apparently. Which is roughly the same length as the note Eliot left me'n Parker before bailin' on Tuesday.


Naw, I ain't mad. Seriously. Yo, he left a note. There were details an' everythin'! I'm actually kinda proud.

But anyway, stuff happened on the island. School had Urban Survival an' a very pissed off Sparkle, talkin' 'bout the bullshit that is the idea that poor folks aren't allowed to have anythin' nice because if you ain't livin' the life of a Dickensian urchin, then you must not 'really be poor' at least to some short-sighted assholes out there. The class discussed "necessary luxuries" like phones, fridges, changes of clothin', stuff like that. An' in the Library, Peridot noticed the books written by men were takin' a step back an' lettin' the lady-authored ones step up. The books in our library are now more gender-conscious than our elected officials, just take a sec to think about that.

An' in Town, Lucille got her revenge on the Silence by playin' keyboards at Groovy Tunes cause it stole her sandwich.

Hey now. Unfounded accusations about sandwich-theft just hurt people. An' with that plea for harmony, Hardison out.
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o I even want to know why you've dyed the rum... stupid question, of course I don't.

Up at the School, it was raining in the Library, sucks to be Khadgar, Training Wheels raced pods ...what? And Home Ec was cancelled, but they still had to clean their rooms as homework.

The Dorms were quiet, while in Town, Zack was happy to get a hamster at Furnado...not touching that one, Hera tried the coffee at the Perk while Nathan went on about tea. Eponine dealt with annoying phone customers at the Post Office which was probably less boring that Kathy's Dite's paperwork, but more so than Raven's gremlin avoidance at Groovy Tunes.

Finally at Caritas, Kitty offered all the free coffee, which unsurprisingly summoned Tony. I have a bad feeling about this.

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