Saturday, February 25th, 2017

talentforlying: (we all sell our souls sooner or later)
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Isn't it a break? Couldn't you shits have gotten someone on vacation to do this for you?

*urgent chittering*

FINE. Just. Give me the fucking papers and let's get this over with. Morning, Fandom, it's Saturday and you know the drill.

People were actually doing shite in town today. Allie was behind the bar at the Devil's Nest, playing on her phone because nobody's around, Jenkins was at the park, feeding the flamingoes and telling them they're used as croquet mallets in some dimensions -- can we make the squirrels the balls? -- and Hera stopped to gawk at the flamingoes while carrying a load of stuff. Jenkins was startled to meet an alien -- you must be new, mate -- but took the time to ogle her anyway before they talk about both being fairly new to the island, and their impressions of it so far.

Now, for those actually enjoying decent fucking weather on the trip... It was their last full morning there. Oh, poor babies. Atton has no regrets at all about basically living at the pool all week, the lazy arse. Nathan enjoyed the sushi kayak at the pool even though he wondered about people getting cramps from eating and swimming. Kitty's into the sushi kayak too, and promised to make sure he won't drown even if he does get cramps. Also they hadn't met yet so they do that introduction thing. Ahsoka was enjoying the jacuzzi while Sparkle was out at Turtle Beach, lounging in a hammock with lunch. Good choice, Sparkle. And to round out the morning, Isabela was taking advantage of the sailing at the Main Beach.

There were some special trips for everyone's last night there, including a catamaran trip to Eustatia Island, where Cosette was taking pictures of the sunset from one of the hiking trails and Tali was enjoying the music at the Crocodile Pavillion.

That's it, I'm out. Fresh meat, welcome to Fandom, and welcome back you vacationing fucks.


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