Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

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Good morning, Fandom and welcome to...whatever this is. I'm Kuzco, these are squirrels, and if that worries you in any way, you must be suuuuper new.

In class, Adulting learned about this thing called a supermark--which is apparently where you're supposed to pay for food. No thanks. I'll keep eating out of the dorm fridges, thanks.


What do you mean that's not all for me?

The War class got to watch an instructional video about circuses or something, Shooting class ran around and shot fake things, and in the library, Tip was being followed around by a book singing political folk songs. That sounds horrifying.

The dorms were quiet, which I suspect means people are plotting against me, and in town, Alluka was dancing with the formal attire because that's normal, Shiemi was listening to a long rant from the dahlias at the flower shop, and footballs were throwing themselves around the diner.

And that's all I have this week, people, places, and things. Try to be less weird next week, okay? Okay.

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